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I identify as an extraterrestrial being, and sometimes an albino. #Nature #Travel #Cars #Art #Eclectic🚩 FB/IG/Snapchat:@Afrofarian Ff @Takashiegang #MUFC

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@unitedfanatic13 @TheUtdEnd @ManUtd True that @Phantom_Akoey i am d +1 @Elikem93 okay @Phantom_Akoey hehe u will take me to d cinema @Elikem93 We could wait, getting him still wouldn't win us anythn lol @unitedfanatic13 @TheUtdEnd @ManUtd I agree, for Shaw i use to give him the benefit of doubt because he broke his l… @unitedfanatic13 @TheUtdEnd @ManUtd okay then, at least its an improvement from Shaw lol @unitedfanatic13 @TheUtdEnd @ManUtd Which players bro? Martial and Rashford? @jnr_kid haha oh yea, Shaw de3 he shaa @jnr_kid You like him? @jnr_kid Not at all. His strong quality is crossing the ball into the box. As it stands, none of our forwards are… @TheUtdEnd @ManUtd Well since Lukaku wouldn't be around to head the balls, he can go to PSGWhy do we need this guy? PSG kindly be snappy and take him away. your age someone's sexual life is your problem? He is a hoe, she is a slut Have you even dewormed this year?
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍When Roy Keane and Patrice Evra discussed former Portugal boss Carlos Queiroz 👀
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍Patrice: "I will never lie to any person who loves this club because I think some people who work for this club are…
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍Patrice Evra: "I sacrificed my life to succeed for this club and that's what I want people to do. The players, the…
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍Well done @Evra 👏👏 Need more ex players to come out and tell it like it is instead of turning a blind eye!!!…
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍Evra: "When Ferguson and Gill came to see me in Monaco it was like an interview by the CIA or FBI, now I get calls…
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍Patrice Evra on former players not speaking up about United: “I know some people are scared to speak up about becau…
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍 @GilbertMugagga @utdreport Thiago was still training with Bayern when he came, he went through pre-season and is still sharp.DOUBLE BACK FLIP 😱 (IG/tannerwitt)
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍 @_maame_darkoa cedis @Bruce_Almyty yea brohehe oh nice nice best to ever do it here and that’s on period.
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍You people thing Ghana is Accra eh ? Boys wore Supra and put chains on their belt holes to interco but it’s bosom p…
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍Dr. UN is taking stray bullets - dem dey destroy the soul inside him. of you were just pained about how this Kumerica trend was flying around and it shows 🤣 #Asakaa @_maame_darkoa u owe me hundreds...i should have kept receipts b4 my phone spoilt @iamfiidonkoh s3 wo de3 woy3 special case @iamfiidonkoh oh may3 assessment bi ...ewor low rough 😭 @Sarkodie_Mufc formula no dey broThis life ankasa you go blow aa eno get formula. Herh. Dem sey some of these boys are trotro mates den things.. But see them now.
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍 @BurnWalz hehe ei ...wo kita high power over therE? i see lol @geviva yes please @geviva yes o..low low kraa @OK_Racheal we move!Each person should have separate days for both occasions and then thanksgiving day to thank God for blessing the na…
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍 @SuzyLastino @I_swear_down @MzPrIm_N_PrOpa 👌Low libido is not good o 🌚 @SuzyLastino @I_swear_down @MzPrIm_N_PrOpa madam gyae, u know some of your colleagues, trash ankasa. Like someone forced them to be nurses. @I_swear_down @MzPrIm_N_PrOpa @SuzyLastino 🌚🌚 @SuzyLastino @I_swear_down @MzPrIm_N_PrOpa lol but if u are part i will say it @I_swear_down haha same people bro!...Same people will come and tell us about bullying online. It's funny. These are human beings and their dreams and ac…
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍 @I_swear_down @MzPrIm_N_PrOpa @SuzyLastino also not part lool Nana, what are you trying to do?😅 @I_swear_down @MzPrIm_N_PrOpa haha she's not partAsaaka is independently making waves and getting the hype it finally deserves and y’all wanna sneak in La meme? Onua k) p3 baabi da.
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍See flow herh😍😍 Kumerica 🔥
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍 @KojoMcKenzie hehe ...🎶Maybach Curtains - @MeekMill "Yeah, it was all a dream On the corner servin' all them fiends Me and a bunch of m… of you think Accra represents the whole Ghana and it shows.
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍How are we comparing Kumericans to La Meme? Just enjoy which ever genre you like, no need to cause friction or hate. @NaaNorkor5 sure thing @NaaNorkor5 lol ah, but that has been so since since?Thiago Alcantara breaks the Premier League record for the most passes (75) in 45 minutes on his Liverpool debut 😎
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍 @NaaNorkor5 society bia ...chop money errdayMusic makes my world go round 🎶🎶🎶"It's the job of a man to provide." 😅😅😅Ghana nurses ankasa, bad treatment of patients, and now they are on strike? If you do go to the gov't hospital now… @Blaqgal_Romy @Mr__Woode that guy be drinking just alchohol and u too, the advise is to drink water, not to bath i… @utdreport @TelegraphDucker Get him and offload later eh lol @Bruce_Almyty u baarb! @Bruce_Almyty haha perfect plan ..cos ei, cos of ur series u will wake me up ? @TruElectro for chop beatings eihahahahaha broo!! @Unkle_King @iamEfuaPerkins 😅✌️ @iamEfuaPerkins ...or watching a biopic. epic >>>There's something happening in Kumasi musically and I'm happy to see it. I pray it grows to its full potential.
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍 @Mr__Woode @Blaqgal_Romy Drink water, not alcohol. @Naa_Sei Yes, it will too @Blaqgal_Romy @Mr__Woode See o 😁 @iamfiidonkoh You should @Blaqgal_Romy @Mr__Woode Drink water ah wose bathing lolWater is underrated.And you play for who again ?😂🥴
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍Cristiano Ronaldo 🗣 “I'm glad i have a fan like Zlatan Ibrahimovic. I don't even follow what he does in his career…
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍Bron is here for THE CARUSHOW 😤
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍 @Jemmygh hahaha @Jemmygh hehe scene recorded too @Jemmygh I diid @meister_kwame 😭...agbenaa!wowolo 🤣😭 @Jemmygh it's the momo u didn't send @nana_samk hehe yoo @nana_samk u for do sweet things too @nana_samk haha yes please @blackbeltbentum haha u n Ole be one @nana_samk hehe we no send Nkrumah make ehn old boy n girl do "jigi jigi" loool @blackbeltbentum haha ur matter big @nana_samk yahman
@blackbeltbentum ...wey where u dey go? lol @ShaunGaKill 🔥🔥🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍 @ShaunGaKill This one by @Romeo_swaG_GH is crazy too damn🇬🇭
Retweeted by 👑Kynng K.O.N.G🦍 @ShaunGaKill You missed the best part, jhaybad's part he sounds like pop smoke. Rest in power Barakah💙🕊
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