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@ChrisHewitt @FolaSalako Happy birthday!Good to hear @JoelleMonique on @DailyZeitgeist again.Also, if you want my considered opinion on the Chelsea situation: GIROUD FOR PLAYER MANAGER. That is all.
Retweeted by Leslie Byron Pitt @drjonty @IMDb Possibly 'Dead Already' by Thomas Newman. American Beauty. @JimmyMak1 @bookiesnacksize 😆 @mistergryphon 😆I'm sad. posted a photo @ The Clocktower Studio London @lexy_myranda It's big, silly and melodramatic. I haven't watched it back in years. @lexy_myranda I dig it. Has its moments. @MattCFC90 Energy. Only one of these is amusing tho. 'Tache Energy
#NowWatching I haven't even heard of this one. I am HESITANT. For @FatalAttractPod am destroyed. @civil_giraffe @MattCFC90 @mattmovies That is some of the most down to earth advice I've received on this platform. Simple target stuff great! @_Ash_Clark Head gone @WildBillWellman You also have film writers more interested in their personal brand, cliques and infighting on places like here. @WildBillWellman Think the main problem is still distribution. Interesting films still get made but we're getting p… @Honors_Zombie Think you're also forgetting overlit, slightly washed out streaming film look...😊 @ToxicDeath That the thing. I wouldn't even need to buy new equipment (a such)! I have all the stuff I need because Photography!Know for a fact that mine would be different, less time consuming for the viewer and with a different focus. But pu… think I might have a Youtube idea. Wondering if it's worth starting considering YouTube in 2021. Esp with establi… @WildBillWellman Deep Cover is a great little movie. @WildBillWellman Yep can definitely see that. NJC doesn't even match up aesthetically. Can imagine folks seeing bla… was enjoyable...and quite telling after watching Crack last week have surprisingly gained quite a few new followers in the last 24 hours, which is smashing, thank you! While you’…
Retweeted by Leslie Byron PittWhen you see Superman using the car you’re still making payments on as a weapon:
Retweeted by Leslie Byron Pitt#NowWatching New Jack City. @snorkfr0ken @WordTourney In my head. Rent free. @WordTourney @WordTourney The picture my wife took is superb. Just chipping off at a doggo.Also. Lol. @AndyLonsdale7 Thanks btw. 🙏🏾 @AndyLonsdale7 Andy. For me it's all about pictures of conventionally attractive young people! @joseoutsider @mat4226 It's good stuff. Might need to followDon't usually shoot landscapes but this was fun @ebonrook_film Jesus.Proper mugged him off. Hilarious. @joshstifter Recently did a podcast with @Afrofilmviewer looking at 5 Great Lo-fi, High Concept Sci-fi films includ…
Retweeted by Leslie Byron PittJust missed these guys mugging off a dog. Additional honks supplied by me. @adlow76 LOL @ReggieHiggin @edgarwright Tell him it's grand and it's a travesty that we didn't get a franchise. 😊
@beckygracelea Last thing you see before sleep @flipcritic @Jamellpelle @FatalAttractPod Is Internal Affairs erotic enough? @edgarwright "Lens Cap" @porcelain72 Just straight up blocked. Very pointless.My voice still like that and people hate it. Lol @4DAConsultancy @oldfilmsflicker More than a few.LMFAO WHAT THE HELL
Retweeted by Leslie Byron Pitt @JoelleMonique I literally find any one I can find. 😆 The best pen I ever wrote with was a mid range Parker founta… @compboy1972 Glad you dug it. @RachaelKrishna While I know you're thick skinned, I hope you're ok.Boris Johnson Man City's centre halves 🤝 Failing to shut down Cheltenham during a pandemic
Retweeted by Leslie Byron Pitt @kambolecampbell @TownTattle She's an outrage grifter, mate.LIVE NOW!
Retweeted by Leslie Byron Pitt @MoxieMcMurder Until I get more streaming networks. @RedheadfromMars @MovieKessler Still love that ending. @ThiefCGT Horrific @rosstmiller Something about knights. @faceyouhate 😆 ffs. @MoxieMcMurder Where you watching it?Guesting in just under 3 hours over @blogtalkradio on a special crossover episode of Cathode Ray Mission & Karl's K…
Retweeted by Leslie Byron PittAnd after that, listen to us discuss it last season - find it on your preferred podcast network or app, or click he…
Retweeted by Leslie Byron Pitt @hashtagcc Black Market Dinos costing less than a house in Gerrard's Cross. @hashtagcc Just sat there. Head gone.Talking about Soul. @cheshellen @jazzfm Think you can here! you want to support our growing, clickbait-free website - along with the podcast - then our Patreon is here. Tha…
Retweeted by Leslie Byron Pitt @JordanMBKing Think one or two film writers are too invested in shooting offsnarky twitter barbs at movies. Definit… @redroomrantings That older picture of her is beautiful.#NowWatching @DaveJProbert My grammar is useless.
Retweeted by Leslie Byron Pitt @DaveJProbert I'd rather have my collection as classics. Looking at how streaming appears uninterested older featur… @morningmoneyben "If you say you don’t you are lying." Lol.Interesting thread. mean... the real enemies are the statue pullers... @ThisIsAGoodFilm Wait what!?? @JimGR 😆 @DeadbeatPad They'll be wearing boots! @SarahJoSmiley I think the question is what *wouldn't* I do with ten Raptors... reeling at Fallen Kingdom informing me that I could get Ten Velociraptors for less than the price of one Cris… this is the only discourse I wanna hear in this place. on @KermodeMovie this must be up your alley! 😊 four years of being told that leave voters knew exactly what they were voting for, you condescending remoaner…
Retweeted by Leslie Byron PittIt’s gonna be ugly
Retweeted by Leslie Byron PittJust posted a photo @ Studio88 - Photography Hire Studio at 10:30am! I'm on @jazzfm talking about Soul, Ma Rainy's Black Bottom and La La Land
Retweeted by Leslie Byron PittToday at 10:30am! I'm on @jazzfm talking about Soul, Ma Rainy's Black Bottom and La La Land
@blakemon1 Ah well. @TheGMcConnachie @SongWarmonger Especially after his brother made the god awful Zeroville @TheGMcConnachie I felt all the decisions by the characters worked because it played on emotions. The final moments… @ElmntsofMadness I dug how it was cut!