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affirmative gospel >side note: people genuinely can’t conceptualize me as a normal human with a passion for music. ppl can’t dissociate…’all don’t understand how much I love this song
2020 lil sum out my personal stash @kdphilo tilla- slow @graphseas i dead thought I texted u this beforethis song really got me thru this year
i jus know michael franks can make a fire ass Italian mealhearing this on shrooms changed my life THIS PAGE IS THE PLAYLIST meer idea of uuuuuuu @WavyPoppins LES TALK ABOUT THAT @healthyFrequenC 😭 @peteshin3 BAG:( my bag. here go sum music is important to meif y’all knew the power of music in african traditional religions yall would be extra careful w what y’all listen t… - cole / enchanted
I get so excited about music i’ll literally be pacing around my house listening to the same song for HOURS done. I guess y’all sleep always slap in the car promise nobody touching my music taste. I ain’t even really put the gems in here yet @uwack23 @JAYVERSACE nobody said this man y’all lack comprehension skills
sending my discord link to a select group of ppl. reply to this tweet with a song and based off what u send will determine if u get addedim glad I have a good ear
aite that’s enough 4 now’m musically horny
2020 @afrotunes2 no fr because all you niggas askin for playlist really do owe this nigga an apology
Retweeted by 🎵say sorry........
@byronnotbrian -_- @byronnotbrian I don’t think y’all understand that it took me a lot to share all this music and this account IS my… i’ve literally posted my entire playlist on this account. it’s almost 200 songs. ......... @AaliyahOdom1 ungrateful ASFnot y’all still asking me for a playlistyup @DE7EN_MUA PLZ DO SO @obamabeatskids ON MEENGAGE BEFORE I DELETE ALL THIS SHIT N1993RSlord took this melody out of my head i swear’all up? @JaisReality FACT ACADEMYYou're not a music lover if you can't accept critique about shit like this. Praising something and then getting mad…
Retweeted by 🎵 @gnsljordan when ur tryna be someone ur definitely being influenced by them tho.
unfollow me yall mindset ? can hear the dilla influence in d’angelos music but they not even comparable @afrotunes2 fr tho the music scene already crowded & over saturated as hell, we dont need multiple niggas making th…
Retweeted by 🎵 @LORDPABLEAUX this proves my point farther!no bitch and lowkey he sounds BETTER. why cause he personalized his Influenced and that helped him find his soundSTEVIE WONDER was inspired by smokey robinson, ray charles and johnny ace. does he sound like them? @afrotunes2 Speak on it!! Rap and music in general is all about being genuine to who you are through expression. Co…
Retweeted by 🎵 U 🤪 are UPSET lmaaaoooo fuck y’all these are my thoughts and my opinions. that’s why I made this pageI DONT listen to it. and this is literally a page where I specifically critique music. eat my shoulder who need to see this but go make a beat @BlackKenshi_ facts @JAVIONBISHOP NIGG3R THIS ONE OF MY FAVORITE ALBUMS IM GLAD I WAS RAISED ON THIS SHITTHIS FUCKING ALBUM @TwampSacShawty DONT KNOW IF IM READY TO GIIIVVVEEEEI BEE ROBBAN DEES NEEGASmy stepdad used to sell lyfe CDs out his trunk. so yes I know every word to every song on this album cover art ? don’t matter how much y’all say “we jus yung ppl influenced by them” that will never change the fact that y’all…