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noon| pls dont mind my broken english|ocs ❤️|PLEASE DO NOT REPOST OR USING MY ART WITHOUT PERMISSION 📧

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boobs-- #wip @kungeegee เดี๋ยวบอกคูมแม่ให้😳😳 @Jadopato Thank you waffle!! @Meeda_ Thanks meeda😳😳!
อยากกินชา 😭😭😭 @reine_beammer ตอนแม่สาวๆรูปเท่ๆเยอะมาก งงใจMy rosacea is getting better after I stop drinking coffee, tea, alcohol and go to bed at 10pm oh and drink tons of… draw my mom but I didn't do her justice, sorry mom 😂🙏🏼
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Retweeted by noon @reine_beammer ชอบวลีไม่มีดวงแต่มีเงิน555555 @Mheeratif aww thank you! @go_go_pohia thank you! @ajuyikes ahh thank you min! @Unoxwashere thank you! @zureiil thank you jin😳 @lttlemenace ahh thank you! @masobutt brooo asldfhasfdhkjfsd thank you👁👄👁💕 @nappingbitch aww thanks! I'm glad I did here justice 😭 @drpaladiknight thank you so much! @Vladokaza thank you😭🙏🏼 @kagaguhan_draws thank you! @Walther_Stopie aww thank you lou! @Ashfaz_Elvek thank you so much! @hisokasecret awww thanks xae! @1010arts thank you tenten! I tried to make it look like oil painting but it's too hard lol @Nano_Colors ahhh thank you nano! ☺️Thanks for the kind comments, my mom is really happy 🥺
@Dewjar_art มรั่ยดรั้ยนะ พูดแล้วห้ามคืนคำ อาฟเตอร์นุ่นคนสวยของพิ่ดิว @Dewjar_art ตายละเขินHxh postcards
Retweeted by noon @Dewjar_art กุหน้าคล้ายแม่แต่สวยไม่เท่า /ปาดนั้มตา @bloodlustedbast thank you! @pearlbayy_ awww thanks! @khudeejuh my mom would be so happy to hear that X-D @ErisofC thank you so much eris!I thought it looks okay until I post it side by side daughter is too lazy to draw hand 😂I draw my mom but I didn't do her justice, sorry mom 😂🙏🏼 !!! I’m socially awkward and only manage to answer to kind comments with a simple « thank you » :/ But your su…
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@afternoontm This is basically me
Retweeted by noon @auroratejeda123 me too 😳 @Jadopato g-- girls are beawtifuwl 😳 @afternoontm All I gotta say noon... 🥺
Retweeted by noon @jorlerx สวัสดีค่ารบกวนเปิดเดมหน่อยนะคะ จะแจ้งรายละเอียดคอมมิชชั่นค่า ☺️ @gntkgr awwww I'm so glad you love my badass ladies X-D @Nook_tomato ขอบคุณค่าาา/////// @honnari_hannya 😳😳🙏🏼 @narubuni aww thanks naru!!! @aymkcap here we gooooo ❤️🤲🏼 @Danaxd_07 awww I miss drawing all my queens too 😳 @Nano_Colors hehe thanks for the support nano! I love these ladies so much 😭[oc] I'm weak for women wearing suits 😭✊🏼 my alpha female 😳
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@ObiiWanShiinobi thank you! @pantieschan 😳😳😭🙏🏼tbh I have 3 female alpha ocs but I gotta go to bed 😭[oc] I'm weak for women wearing suits 😭✊🏼 my alpha female 😳 will contact my commissioner by tomorrow ( 16 Jan ) Thank you so much 😭🙏🏼 @reine_beammer ธุรกิจครัวเรือน ขอบคุณที่อุดหนุนค้าบบ 😳 @1010arts thank you tenten!!! @NinGeko_Art nin... you are soo sooooooo sweeet omg I'm so flattered 😭🙏🏼 thank you for your support!The personal commission is closed for now but for commercial commission is still open, you can send me an inquiry t…✨RTs appreciated ✨ Commission is open, you can send in the brief on this google form! For… @infinityjules_ yes, I do 2 character commissions too☺️ @Giggle_Galaxy_ ohh I see lol X-D at where I live it's 10 am now. next time I will keep in mind about the different timezone 😳 @Lostboysdontcry here's the price list X-D thank you ! @whimsisaurus aww thank you😳 @artbyvalence I---I'm not sure about it but thank you so much lance X-D @ThatLostAsian awwww it's okay! I'm super glad to hear you want to commission me 😳🙏🏼 hope to work with you in the future x-DI'm nervous asdfjklasfI mean in 2 hours loly'allllll it's today!!!!! I will open commission sooon
@Marchentale แบบนี้ต้องให้มาสหอมค่ะ 👁👄👁 @Marchentale น้องไมคคค์ 😳ตอบน่ารักมากขอหอมหัวซักทีค้าบ---- @Marchentale คูมอัยยยยยยยยยย ต้าวมาสเองค่ะ ไม่ได้วาดนานแล้วลืมๆว่าวาดยังไง นี่เปลี่ยนทรงผมไปเรื่อยเลยค่ะ555555
@ajuyikes Aw thank you 🥺 @Lostboysdontcry Tysm 😭 @ErisofC Thank you 🥺
self protrait WIP no I'm not blushing it's a rosacea 😢
I just wanna go back
Retweeted by noon @hisokasecret I'm glad you notice xae 😳 it's quite subtle so many ppl don't notice X-D
@nnniph ขอบคุณน้าา ดีใจที่ชอบจ้าา 😳ทวิตเตอร์แกช่วยแคปสวยๆหน่อยได้มั้ยอะ55555#สวัสดีสายผลิต นุ่นค่า จริงๆแล้วสายออริแต่ช่วงนี้หนีไปวาดแฟนอาร์ตบ้างค่า😳
@auroratejeda123 you are so sweeeeet aurora 😳🙏🏼 @Danaxd_07 awwwww thank youuuu 😳😳💕im happy whenever I receive comments like " I miss your ocs" 😳2021🤠
Retweeted by noon @ryosannn_ hehe I'm glad to hear that! 💕 @auroratejeda123 😳🙏🏼 @soleilunie I use round, air and hard round brushes
just a head-up, I will open comms on 15th Jan 👀✨ @ErisofC thank you !Note to the media: This is not a "protest." Do not describe it as a protest. This is an insurrection, an attempted…
Retweeted by noon @Lostboysdontcry it depends on the complexity of the artwork. it can be 1.5 hr( rough bust) to 3-4 days( full cg ).[oc] haneul 👓 @Lostboysdontcry thank you ☺️ @Inez666_ thank you! @MinMinmin312312 ชื่อดันย่าค่าา ขอบคุณค่า X-D @Danaxd_07 thank you!