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Ch + Ad Psychiatrist. Author of #BeingWithAndSayingGoodbye. Karnac 2016. Opinions, not advice. #TherapeuticAttitude #NatureOfEvidence #Improvisation

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Boris Johnson's dad says he's in 'cloud cuckoo land' over Brexit trade deal
Retweeted by Andrew WestMaking UK government Covid advice/rules fun.
I am so happy to be playing in this with my OI friends today! 💙
Retweeted by Andrew WestThat's my pal Phil on the right. I wonder how many people he has effectively mentored in #FreeMusicalImprovisation!!! Includes a piece I have devised.
Retweeted by Andrew WestAll these tweets, "is there anyone else out there who....?" The answer is Yes. @agirlwakingup Angry might be one answer
@riverthistle Desk bound work is the cause of so much physical and emotional stress. Makes me miss my waitressing d…
Retweeted by Andrew West @riverthistle @TheShr1nk John Berger would have something to say about that. eg. "All false ideologies rely upon a… @riverthistle @TheShr1nk The maturity is welcome, certainly, but it seems to be mainly needed to manage things of w… @TheShr1nk When it comes, I'll bet it's an illusion. I'll be suspicious anyway.
Oddly enough, this is same kind of double bind communication that Gregory Bateson identified as contributor to psyc…
Retweeted by Andrew WestThis is logic we're now seeing everywhere. Deny something even exists by speaking of it as if it were something els…
Retweeted by Andrew West @JenniferLeahMD ...and actually, still to be one, to an extent. @JenniferLeahMD I think it helps to have BEEN a child.So it begins.
Retweeted by Andrew WestSomeone has just flown a figure of 8 over the #JohnRadcliffeHosp in a Spitfire with "Thank U NHS" painted underneat… @OmPhoenix Yes, absolutely. It was probably from your tweets that I first became aware. But my interest here is th… guidance, dated 16th July but just published today: NERVTAG: Assessment of transmission of COVID-19 through mu…
Retweeted by Andrew WestParticularly intrigued by the "lung flute" - an FDA approved medical device that uses an internal reed to generate…"We are all aware that life fills our bodies with meaning" ~ John Berger. Art And Revolution. I love bold statemen…
Let's hope bicycling Boris can do something more for #cycling I am tired of these cycle tracks that veer off into…"gestures shaping abstraction into object and sound" #sculpture #music"Not stupidity. Greed" is no 'zero risk' in easing travel restrictions, WHO says Look, there is never any… @HelenRSalisbury Indeed. But this isn't about the quality of healthcare. What he and the Tories understand perfectl…
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@KesiaDecote @onformsculpture Ah yes. There is quite a contrast between a #sculpture and a piece of #music, isn't t…
Here is a lovely generous idea. When live #music is in such short supply due to you-know-what. Your own exclusiv… @KesiaDecote Hi Kesia. Your 1min #improvisations remind me of this exhibition I saw a while ago (actually a sub-set… @lynne_drummond I expect you will. Good luck with the next phase!A quick reminder that (IMHO) the best ever (and funniest) depiction of therapy in action is by @ninaconti
Retweeted by Andrew WestPollinator declines are already reducing crop yields in North America @riverthistle Perfectly understandably. Absolutely fine.
@JohnLauner Decades of practice. @mairi_wickens Very evocative photos! Hope you feel reconnected.I had a joke about music therapy telehealth, but y’all are always a beat behind.
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Switching an entire practice to remote services is challenging. In music, we are often asked to "modulate" in order…
Retweeted by Andrew West @davecurtis314 @SamShem2 You forgot 3. Everyone is differentSaturday 01 August, I would like to offer you 1 minute of live music, delivered on your hands - on your phone. Book…
Retweeted by Andrew WestOne week from tonight @OxTweets . More free #musical #improv from the #OxfordImprovisers collective, live streamin… week from tonight @OxTweets More free #musical #improv from @OX_Improvisers live-streaming on Youtube. + Pie… week from tonight @OxTweets More free #musical #improv from the @OX_Improvisers live-streaming on Youtube.… week from tonight @OxTweets. More free #musical #improv from the #OxfordImprovisers collective, live streaming…"That in person interaction is crucial to the success of therapy." #BeingWith #BWSG
12/ Everything I just mentioned is gone now. Mid-pandemic, here's what face-to-face schools look like: 1⃣ kids una…
Retweeted by Andrew West @riverthistle Depends if it has been made with too much sugar or not.Chlorine-washed chicken & hormone-fed beef here in the UK? NO NO NO. Support @whichuk's campaign to…
Retweeted by Andrew West @doc_bipolar @PookyH @AutisticDoctor It does make a difference, but it's the opposite of what most people who use "…
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@riverthistle thought I'd say hello. (See, I can remember stuff from this morning.)A properly functioning and resourced public health system is vital. If we learn one thing here, it's that the publ…
Retweeted by Andrew WestWhen @IndependentSage say that something is encouraging, I feel encouraged. @Cathy_Creswell In the presence of such powerful drivers, I would want to be more cautious about about conclusions… @Cathy_Creswell So there is too little known, in my view. My hunch is that universal schooling acts as a leveller (… @Cathy_Creswell I did not mean to sound patronising. I genuinely see the work that went into this. But I think tha…, this woman is fine.
Retweeted by Andrew West @Cathy_Creswell Impressive effort, certainly. But how one draws conclusions and quotes. Here is another: "We do n… @riverthistle You put it well (there's a may get another before the day is out, who knows?). And what… heard on the news that flu jabs will be available for half the population including everyone over 50. We orde…
Retweeted by Andrew West @Cathy_Creswell And yet we remember how everyone in the family gets the bugs when schools go back after holidays, b…
@DrHowardLiu @NDCaputo There you go. First tutorial!Fundamental flaw in American politics. Fact that one party is called the Democratic Party risks half the country be… *any* MP is not angry and active on our behalf and on behalf of the country, they are not representatives; not d…
The British ruling class are dominated by a highly dysfunctional group of care leavers
Retweeted by Andrew West @ElspethWebb Very expensively "looked after children". @riverthistle Ask yourself "What work am I doing right now?" (Includes repair-work, building, etc. You will be doin… @edanaming That is despair-inducing. (activates self-repair cycle...)Good article on nostalgia. I didn't know that nostalgia was once considered a medical condition; interesting that i…
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@LauraDonnellyMD @madyetmia1985 Brief concern perhaps, then put him on first page and sleep in another room. @mariannecrMT Yup!Especially this
Retweeted by Andrew West @helenmallam Well, it wouldn't have quite the same surprise factor, coming from the leader of the opposition. More… you have about three chapters' worth of #BeingWithAndSayingGoodbye seven tweets. I have decided to fee… #HealthTech #healthcare #NHS #DigitalHealth @rcpsych : "The College’s Choose Psychiatry campaign has helped to increase the fill rate from 69% in 2017 to 78% i…"Aides to the prime minister briefed journalists at the time that she may not have made it to the briefing because…"Aides to the prime minister briefed journalists at the time that she may not have made it to the briefing because… look at the numbers of new registrations per week. These are the ones that register with this service. Then th…
Important. There is a while world of experience that never gets any traction in management, professionalism, academ… folks, we've had a technical hitch. New link here Enjoy!
Retweeted by Andrew West @davecurtis314 @rcpsych Does it? @Tony_Robinson Maybe there is a large number of fatuous rich people hanging on his every word. The rich and fatuous
Read the comprehensive Independent SAGE position on face coverings: 1. They play an important role, but not as a su…
Retweeted by Andrew West @dr_shibley Sometimes I think Twitter provides the perfect showcase for Eric Berne's #GamesPeoplePlay Favourites… @PeterYerbury @AgnesAyton @ShaunLintern Is there any point in investigating systematic errors if there is not the s… @ShaunLintern Are planes allowed to fly without sufficient staff?
Retweeted by Andrew WestHow one couple has lived for 29 years on an island they built themselves - CNN. I want to live here!
Retweeted by Andrew West @Foreman1David @wendyburn Or the police.I started writing a column in Hospital Doctor in 1980, and continued into the 21st century in Doctor. I've now pu…
Retweeted by Andrew West @DrNeenaJha Psych is a third of all GP consultations and there is a significant psychological component to most hea…
Retweeted by Andrew West @LiamTaylorWest @noteblower @TheCBSO Me too (or hear it!)Cannot wait to see this! Thank you so much to @noteblower and @TheCBSO brass quintet for putting this all together 🎺
Retweeted by Andrew WestGreat image! #Music copes with #SocialDistance Come to think of it, music is about joining across space. It is a…
@riverthistle Yes, the fact that "it works" (but you don't need to do it if it is to much of a pain or embarrassmen… @riverthistle I think a mask is leakier, so there is less re breathing of air, so less correction of pH/CO2. Might… the risk is death, I highly doubt it.
Retweeted by Andrew WestIs this for real?
Retweeted by Andrew WestOK, well done. Now put your mask on properly. #MaskUp
This year marks 40 years since I became a medical columnist To celebrate this, I'm launching a paperback *today* w…
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This is crucial to understanding #psychotherapy and the problem of evaluating #outcomes in an outcome driven servic… @fairlyunruffled That's a great shame. One can only hope for the enthusiasm and #values to be inspired and nurtured…