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a mess like this is easily five to ten years ahead of its time. @rustlang core. webassembler @cloudflare. @rustwasm WG 👷‍♀️🦀. prev @npmjs, @nodejs, @mozilla.

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Execute Program is free for all of April! We have courses on TypeScript, Modern JavaScript, JS Arrays, Regexes, SQL…
Retweeted by ashley williamsHey y’all I’m looking for a new challenge as frontend developer with a focus on CSS, UI/UX, semantic markup, sprink…
Retweeted by ashley williamsI'm seeking new work opportunities (employment or support contracts). I'm an open source developer, focused on the…
Retweeted by ashley williams @MayorAdler how are we supposed to stay home and wash our hands if the city is turning off our water to build a luxury office building? @MayorAdler the construction of a luxury office building (that has been deemed "essential") across the street from…"You are not working from home; you are at your home during a crisis trying to work." I've heard this twice today.…
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@ManishEarth lol right? i have something in mind, but bless if i don't mutter this to myself multiple times every damn day of my lifeyes this is a subtweet."any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice"i’m not too worried, dick wolf knows what he’s doing
Retweeted by ashley williamslike 50% of computer science papers are exactly this
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@casio_juarez ❤️❤️🙏🙏"models are as good as the assumptions we put into them" - closest we'll ever get to the feds quoting George E Box'… it's starting *now*
Retweeted by ashley williamsfree and remote rust meetup in one of the most active cities for awesome rust projects? heck.
Retweeted by ashley williams @1love4real4real @KVUE @KXAN_News i feel like the point here is that wealthy, gentrifying, landlords building luxur… @taylor_atx @KVUE @KXAN_News yeah i filed. though i hear apparently this luxury office building that is rumored to… @communist_wife @KVUE @KXAN_News lots of people need their jobs and have lost them!, but austinites also need to re… not social distancing, still operating commercial construction site @KVUE @KXAN_News @ughitsaaron apologies, i’m posting past my bedtime, nothing good can come of this @ughitsaaron isnt the morbidity of florida... at least partially...... .. class? @ughitsaaron i keep telling steve that tiger king is first and foremost a tale about class
this is a site for a mixed use commercial building and they are just continuing to jack hammer (doesn’t appear to b… @ATX_311 @MayorAdler how do i report a commercial construction site that is not obeying the "stay home - work safe"… @a_hoverbear @steveklabnik 🥰🥰🥰 @a_hoverbear @mgattozzi the mockingbird is winning, by a lot @dok2001 @ispecter this article is riveting, i love it @dok2001 @ispecter i’m certain... i’ve seen it... very close up @BlakeEnloe91 i was trying to keep the bird from landing on my dog and pecking him while he was pooping and i hurt myself 😫 @BlakeEnloe91 it’s a very aggressive territorial bird ... which apparently is a normal thing? mockingbird set up nest where my dog shits and now i have a sprained hip AMA
When I told my 4yo that I’m not a medical doctor, but doctor of philosophy, he retorted with: “is philosophy an illness?”
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@1000hz @steveklabnik amazingi told @steveklabnik this and he replied “bold of him to come after joe biden...”“i’m a big face toucher, don’t know why. my own face... i don’t touch other people’s faces.” most relatable cuomo quote so far imolook at my weird cat
confirm🍟 wrangler 1.8.3 is here! 🚅 Workers Sites optimizations ⚠ fixes for a few messages 👇 Check out the release note…
Retweeted by ashley williams @yeah_dancerruti thankfully it’s safe to just walk ur dog in the middle of the street at this point sidewalks *aren’t* bigger in texas :/ @yeah_dancerruti yes and it makes me furiouscurrent view
@d0iasm @WasmWeekly this is so cool!!! 🥳thank you for sharing 😊I've implemented a RISC-V emulator running in a browser! It's written in #rustlang and compiled to #webassembly by…
Retweeted by ashley williams⚙ I'm looking for my next software engineer job! ⚙ Hire me to make your backends perfect and good✨ I'm looking for…
Retweeted by ashley williamsDid some data visualizations today on a sidewalk.
Retweeted by ashley williams @MylesBorins austin is the same way, construction sites are as active as everI mean, if I were omnipotent, I too would do a finite speed of light because it sure makes shit wild
Retweeted by ashley williamshere have some good mateo energy
Kaiser Permanente is discontinuing routine chloroquine prescriptions for lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and malaria p…
Retweeted by ashley williams @yeah_dancerruti dan
Just found this: - wanna support your favourite small shop in berlin in these tough times?…
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@steveklabnik @d_o_o_m_y marxist in acknowledgement of structure i should add, not in values @steveklabnik @d_o_o_m_y just to confirm it is def real, i watched today. this is the most marxist the state has be… believe that all security teams must additionally function like engineers and build out services that help better…
Retweeted by ashley williamstryna channel this energy from yesterday 💆🏻 @taylor_atx ❤️❤️❤️he took it in stride surprisingly, seemed unaffected, though he had just come back from a long wa…’re fine, our apt is fine, some neighbor can’t cook, but i swear to god the stress of everything is going to kill…
same, also good resources in the thread 🧵👇 @kinggoesgaming yeah haha i was surprised but i guess they are trying to attract business!! if no one comes in - th… @kosamari whoa i hadnt noticed but now my mind is reeling with ideas loljust bought a big order from one of our fave local restaurants- theyre selling off bottles of liquor w/gift of a to… @kosamari i was v inspired by this slide design @cport1 same 🤷‍♀️just got upgraded to first class for my flight to jfk next weekend, which i am certainly not taking @olleolleolle beautiful!!! 😍
Retweeted by ashley williams @chimeracoder i think the efforts towards drugs focused on heading off a cytokine storm are most interesting! will help flu patients too!! @chimeracoder this is nerdy as hell but i actually found it interesting to read about all the related clinical tria…🍜 @yoshuawuyts and I like to make delicious foods. Now that we are home a lot more often, we thought we'd share som…
Retweeted by ashley williams @FloraCatz 🤖❤️ @voteblake right?? im pretty good at mgmt these days but this was surprisingly flat and chilllllll 🥳 @PixelUlu heck yeah!!!! 🎊🥳 and i had some champagne and pancakes with maple syrup for brunch and my biggest accomplishment is my blood s…
Amid COVID-19 fears, Austin Pets Alive! is aiming to get at least 50% of our animals in homes now to be prepared fo…
Retweeted by ashley williams @chimeracoder <3<3<3 @chimeracoder AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH @chimeracoder i figured but just wanted to be surreeeeee miss you <3<3 hope you are hanging in there!!! @chimeracoder ugh, fair! construction should be halted. @chimeracoder (jackhammer sounds are awful and i'm sorry you are dealing with that <3) @chimeracoder i get large jack hammer sounds too, but i draw the line at it flooding my apt (didn't get me this tim… you imagine being asked to stay home and a totally non essential construction site causes your only safe place to FLOOD?a construction site by my building in downtown is causing "water intrusion" to folks' residences in my building, re… everyone we're trying to do our best despite everything that's going on in the world; we released emscripten 1…
Retweeted by ashley williamsdealing with Rxs and insurance right now is way harder than it should be @taylor_atx agree, my work keeps talking about "the stress of WFH" and i'm like, sure, but that's not the primary stress ya'll you'd like to attend RC online and join our community of kind, thoughtful programmers, our first ever remote bat…
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@withoutboats yeah totally agree with all this, the article is def speculative, but i actually really appreciate it… jfc why are the olympics still happening???this is probably the closest article to my current thinking on this
💓Special thanks to our external contributors @noherczeg and @tombyrer 👋😿 And a fond farewell to one of our core ma…
Retweeted by ashley williams🐈 wrangler 1.8.2 is here! 🐈 👷‍♂️ No more downtime when publishing a Workers Site ☣️ Attention grabbing messages a…
Retweeted by ashley williams @casio_juarez <3<3<3(This is what happens when @_developit and I procrastinate in our 1:1s…) 📣Announcing: `importFromWorker()` — It’s…
Retweeted by ashley williams @casio_juarez i just had to call mine haha, likely not the last call i make to them today or this week 😩
We’re excited to announce that @npmjs will be joining GitHub. Millions of JavaScript developers rely on npm, and we…
Retweeted by ashley williamsHuge congrats to workers at @Glitch who won their union! This is a historic step forward for workers organizing i…
Retweeted by ashley williams @kosamari my friend @ritakozlov_ did the same!!