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Personal Twitter of AGD: UI/UX Staff Designer @ Bungie, motorcyclist, board/video gamer, comic fan. Comments here are my own.

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I think this is a REALLY REALLY big one. A strategy that counts on young people voting is asking for a loss. Bernie…
Retweeted by Andrew G DavisI’m so excited to listen to this. Prince of Egypt is one of my favorite musicals ever. @loserboy @kexp Excellent. Who knew Space Ghost would have multiple songs still relevant today.Noooo! (Though, not surprised.) @NailbunnyPD @BenKuchera I came to the comments to add Crane Wife, and Airplane Over the Sea. …I’m upset this is t… @khmr33 @BenKuchera Deep cut. Excellent! @KristopherLake Who? The Bernie supporters literally calling centrist dems worse than Republicans?Blows my mind that leftists would rather have Trump than Biden.I suppose opening up the switch box in the garage would give me a little more info to go on.Twitter is the perfect place for this advice, I know.I need to cut (& eventually replace) the electric to our garage. This is what I see in the junction box. I thought…
Wait…is The Weeknd pronounced like “The Weak-ind” and not “The Week End”?Landlord #1, international management co. worth $69 billion: No rent forgiveness or reduction, will explore deferme…
Retweeted by Andrew G DavisSounds like a good day to stay off Twitter.Fuck, I was just looking for all the Wednesday shows that should have recorded on my DVR. @smcglauser I still need to figure out how to get the blue point-nose… thing under the starting dock without getting eaten by the shark. @smcglauser Just got to the pirate cove. It’s early. @smcglauser Still not used to having to do multi-button combo-moves in a game like this.My kid saw some Banjo Kazooie YouTube video and started cracking up, so I’m playing that now. As a fan of classic… @EcnaEcna Yes, it’s a pant leg.
i feel like tech guys watch "2001" the same way you hear that stock broker dudes love "the wolf of wall street" & i…
Retweeted by Andrew G Davis @drcandland Seemed pre-recorded and edited to look like video conferencing to me.I wrote an essay about how "Parents Are Not Ok." Check it out. #ParentingInAPandemic
Retweeted by Andrew G Davis @pparsons I’m trying my best. 😉oh my god it’s🙎‍♀️ #wip #illustration #art #digitalart #fantasyart
Retweeted by Andrew G Davis @vacatedmonkey (He says lovingly.) @vacatedmonkey I guess what’s why we had both good investment testers and good UI testers?(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
These are all excellent. You should check them out. @catlikesbridges Probably more fun than trying to cut our kids bangs. @rstevens I’m 50/50 split on which I’d be.I mean, $10,000 for a puzzle box?’m never going to buy (or solve) a custom machined $3000 puzzle, so I don’t mind having the solution spoiled.I’ve become addicted to watching Chris Ramsay solve really high end custom expensive puzzles on Facebook.
@Josh_Hamrick @vacatedmonkey Human-led rapture. Or something. @cherryrae We should send him some WA State Convention Center & Freeway Park photos. @therealcliffyb @Josh_Hamrick Yavin Bass may be where I learned to love it.I know Boston’s City Hall has been named one of the 10 Ugliest Buildings in the world, but man it’s awesome.’ve always appreciated the boldness and vision of Brutalism, but this thread is right, surrounded by nature is whe… PANDEMIC EXPOSES EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN LIE. A THREAD.
Retweeted by Andrew G DavisHas else noticed a plane flying overhead and thought, “We’re saved!” or is it just me? haven’t played it, but I know the feeling. these wise words from Irulan: Mmm mmpmppmfmmffppmff mffmm mmm fpmmpppffffm mpmmppmfmffmmfmmfmpmpp fmpmffpp…
Retweeted by Andrew G DavisGreat list! I’ll take it! keep thinking how fortunate my timing was, getting my last haircut a week before lock-down. I would have definite… out our nice new faucet won’t let me connect my wort chiller. I’m debating running a garden hose through the house.Cobra B.A.T.S. from 1986.
Retweeted by Andrew G Davis
For people saying they don’t know how time works right now:
Retweeted by Andrew G DavisI finally dug out my home brew kit, and found a whole batch of ingredients I bought 3.5 years ago, while on the mar… effort to save the Showbox seem pretty insignificant right about now. @kungfusquirrel Seriously, fuck the Necktie branch right now. @KristopherLake @Tonezorz Ah cool, thanks.AGAIN, THIS IS WHY IM "TOO HARD" ON THIS FUCKER.
Retweeted by Andrew G DavisAs a Batman fan, I hate it. As a fan of re-introducing the rich to the guillotine, I love it. there’s an iOS tool for that, please let me know!Maybe I need to find the parental controls on my phone and see if I can block work apps and emails outside of core hours.Wait are we supposed to think about Easter now?
@ctrldashk I wish I had time for house projects. @ctrldashk No, just had extra wires hanging out from the cabinet to tuck in, and the antenna needed to be run thoug… @ctrldashk Blue boxes = power sockets, orange = low power with smurf tube between. @ctrldashk Ethernet, 2 HDMI up, 1 HDMI down (had to get skinny cables), radio antennae. Power is a socket on the wa… @ctrldashk Yeah that’s what drove me to finally do the final tucks. @drjclau I’m a Peggy Olsen, too. @ctrldashk Had a smurf tube installed in the wall for cabinet to tv connections. Rest of the wires are attached to the back of the cabinet.This almost makes up for “Space Force”. @_mantis_ Oh dear.Finally took care of some wires that were getting on my nerves. No cheats, either. wonder what the Venn diagram looks like for “LEGO bricks” and “jif”.
Then my kid will be like “John who? Is he on Tik Tok?”I mean, I’ve known that for weeks and I’m not even the governor of anything.
Retweeted by Andrew G Davis feel like all TV shows now should start with a disclaimer “Filmed before social distancing and quarantine rules… nothing else, I can tell my kid one day that I was one of John Cleese’s first 800 followers on Instagram. the office every night.
Not an April 1 joke! After severe downtime and a catastrophic database failure, Max Goldberg brought internet fixtu…
Retweeted by Andrew G DavisGoogle, but for finding things you packed and moved with 2 years ago, and now have no idea where it could be.“…the rage was inevitable. You can only exploit people for so long before they snap. COVID-19 may have just moved u…
Retweeted by Andrew G DavisIt’s fascinating, and honestly a little bit beautiful, how different, and at times opposite, all of the “hard parts…"You are not working from home; you are at your home during a crisis trying to work." I've heard this twice today.…
Retweeted by Andrew G DavisDay 95 of March was rough. But just wait until day 1032 of April.Multiple hail storms a day? Sure why not. It’s the apocalypse and all.
@bhsharp 2 weeks worth. Checks out. 👍Going to focus on virtual backgrounds that make me look like I'm in an even worse place than I really am
Retweeted by Andrew G DavisI put it through quite a filtering process. Otherwise 💩 @rexy I’ve broken down during more than one episode. @KristopherLake Ol’ buddy.Someone heard I liked peppers so they put a pepper in my pepper. brew season has officially begun.’s idea was it to have a character named Lando and Mando in the same universe?Immortan Joe @RocketMooses I guess not officially yet. unemployment than the Great Depression. Incredible.
Godzilla In Hell (2015) art by James Stokoe @HeGotGronch
Retweeted by Andrew G Davis @pinotorious Quick! Someone go out and scan everything! Make a million dollars selling 3d models & textures to game companies.Trump openly admitting if we made voting easier in America, Republicans wouldn't win elections Trump: "The things…
Retweeted by Andrew G DavisHeads up for folks in the USA; If you're not having a food emergency, please don't go to the grocery store on Apr…
Retweeted by Andrew G DavisI can listen to this my whole life 💕 Sicilian twins Mirko and Velerio from Agrigento play this Coldplay song while…
Retweeted by Andrew G DavisWesseh Freeman was a street musician from Liberia who performed under the name Weesay. Here he is playing a song on…
Retweeted by Andrew G Davis @BenKuchera Oh good, I didn’t miss today’s tweet. @JaniceChu_89 David Bowman, 2001