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Geopolitical issues is my passion. The System is Broken and I Won't Pretend It's OK. Other interests: Clean energy, ending racism, vintage, Progressive.

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@bad_bad_bernie Bravo!Unethical Hillary This is to be sung to the tune of Forgetful Lucy from 50 1st Dates...
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @bad_bad_bernie Love this film!I was just humming "Unethical Hillary" to myself today and then this popped in my head ... Forgetful Lucy
Retweeted by SheriOlivia"When the rich think about the poor, they have poor ideas." Eva #Evita Peron #quote
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @KatSchrodinger @Fredric_Ward @HillaryClinton @thehill As if supplying arms to Saudis had nothing to do with it! She will say anything!.@HillaryClinton Maybe you need to send an email over to @thehill; it's still too early to throw Obama under the bus
Retweeted by SheriOlivia46 #MURDERED BY #EVIL @HillaryClinton #LockHerUp #NeverHillary #CORRUPT #Demexit #FREEDOM
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @ThankYouBernie @jasonizumiKona Since write ins don't count I imagine it has to be Stein. How many states is Green Party on ballot? @AlisonSpalding2 Maybe it's connected to her cough. @bad_bad_bernie @FBI Hillary will claim, twist, distort anything to suit her. Now we can fight back with words. If she's elected maybe not.Here is the text of @FBI Director James Comey's statement with that paragraph:
Retweeted by SheriOliviaSo we are left with the FBI plain words that Hillary's handling of classified materials is simply not that of a reasonable person. #Unfit
Retweeted by SheriOliviaThe @FBI was very clear: Hillary claims she didn't know it was classified FBI says ANY REASONABLE PERSON WOULD KNOW
Retweeted by SheriOliviaPM Off on Two Week Holiday to Switzerland
Retweeted by SheriOliviaAs the dust settles on #Brexit, 500 Partner @matthlerner analyzes the impact on #founders:
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @ThankYouBernie What a service you have done. Thank YOU. @factsrfun @dennis_reichel @4anniereilly @ThankYouBernie
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @factsrfun @dennis_reichel @4anniereilly @ThankYouBernie
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @IrishForBernie @ThankYouBernie @fpturner It is a mourning process. I am finally out of denial. Getting to acceptance. Many tears flowed. @4anniereilly @dennis_reichel @ThankYouBernie That's me. Still sorting and being quiet except for one thing: Hillary must be stopped. @dennis_reichel @ThankYouBernie I think some of us are just sorting, and being a bit quiet. I am still here. #StillSanders #NotMeUs
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @Rosielars67 @mgdahlin Many have switched toGreen but I feel exactly like @ThankYouBernie,fragmented,hoping that things will clear up soon.
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @Rosielars67 Definitely...I consider a lot of his supporters my "twitter family" now. We have to stick together! @mgdahlin @ThankYouBernie
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @Rosielars67 @mgdahlin @ThankYouBernie I'll never vote 4 HRC, even tho am lifelong Dem. Supporting local Dems but now Indy State & na'l levl
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @Rosielars67 @mgdahlin @ThankYouBernie Thank you ALL for such an uplifting thread! It's hard...many days I've broke down crying.
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @bsbafflesbrains @ThankYouBernie 4 Berniecrats WON yesterday bc ppl stayed to fight. #demexit hurts us
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @ThankYouBernie My Pleasure, Im here for you. Were all in same mess. I support you.
Retweeted by SheriOliviaCash Flowed to #ClintonFoundation in Uranium One Deal. Bringing Putin closer to controlling the world uranium supply
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @ThankYouBernie So good it should be entered into indie film festivals in the short film category.Full video and more info at - #UWN @Dahboo7 Support Main Stream deception? Or Citizen jurno
Retweeted by SheriOliviaPlease read @TalkNerdyToMe72's entire thread on this.
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @JohnKStahlUSA It's an old picture. Since taken she has put on much weight. Regardless we need her medical records not guess work. Looks illHRC seems to be walking in a daze. Both Doctor and Cuomo leaning in to figure out why. #tcot #ccot #gop #maga
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @KPhed @CassandraRules You have know idea about Cassandra and the battles she has fought and continues to fight for freedom. @Gater_Mom @sunbeltgirl Because they are supporting Hillary and are in on it! @sunbeltgirl We don't need a global police force in our country. Why aren't our elite GOP big mouths fighting this?AG Lynch shld b impeached
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @JillRyanMSP This is very bad and ties into why Hillary cannot get into the a White House. This has been planned all along. Obvious.This is BAD! AG Lynch Announces Global Police Force Partnership With UN -
Retweeted by SheriOliviaOMG AG Lynch won't permit FBI 2 delve into "pay 4 play" of Clintons. She's n on it! We outside beltway r sunk! @SpeakerRyan @PaulManafort
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @weaselzippers This is what's known as a shadow government and it goes all the way to the top. If Hillary gets in no longer in shadows.Report: AG Loretta Lynch Declined FBI’s Request That They Open Investigation Into Clinton FDN
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @olfashdeb @ggreenwald @FoxNews @realDonaldTrump Seems more like fact Deb. @mitrimm good point. The timing is not. Won't be the DEMS starting the process. Has to be GOP. Will through the election. @ProfessorDNA @ProgresveRebel I had concussion syndrome for 5 years from car accident. It does go away. This is something else. @ProfessorDNA @ProgresveRebel Without her medical records it's just guess work. But she doesn't seem well to me. Not from CPS either.Yes
Retweeted by SheriOliviaThis is really making me curious? Is she sick?
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @SeanKD @truthchase01 Did Hillary just say ' we are going to raise taxes on the middle class'? I listened twice. @Bernie4People @wikileaks Thanks. I will definitely check it out.or, we could all march on washington and DEMAND justice!
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @_AnonyX_ @OurRevolution2 I can dream. But that's not too productive. @daviday I got your comment about your bio confused with something else. Read bio. Surprised our paths not crossed before. Much in common. @daviday Thanks David. Did not know of hashtag before.Sony has likely pulled the plug on that Ghostbusters sequel
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @SophiaHelwani @ChrisLoesch @TomiLahren The CF does indeed seem like a shadow government which is scary.Osteopathic Neurologist, Dr. Daniel Kassicieh on Hillary's Health Concerns via @YouTube #HillarysHealth
Retweeted by SheriOliviaIf isn't disgusting I don't know what is. Corruption at its finest. #HillaryHealth #HillaryForPrison
Retweeted by SheriOliviaWho Got Us Into These Endless Wars?
Retweeted by SheriOliviaHillary Clinton orchestrated the assassination of Gaddafi and laughed when she found out he was killed by US backed rebels.
Retweeted by SheriOliviaFair question.
Retweeted by SheriOliviaDonald Trump made a threat to Hillary Clinton's life which is ugly, however, Hillary Clinton has assassinated numerous heads of governments
Retweeted by SheriOliviaA rigged nomination from a rigged primary can only lead to a rigged presidency where rules are there to be broken.
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @Bernie4People @wikileaks Not sure what you mean but I get the gist. @wikileaks has provided much ammunition.Alesya von Meer
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @CarolaAnkar @AnonswedenInfo @gumby_24 @anonkenya @Obksure77 Finally some great news for Assange.BREAKING! #Hero #Assange to be quizzed by prosecutors inside embassy #Ecuador @gumby_24 @anonkenya @Obksure77
Retweeted by SheriOliviaSo she's not totally bonkers.
Retweeted by SheriOlivia.@DeFede what kind of "investigative reporter" hosts a 15 min farce? If you're playing a role for DWS, let us know.
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @JPY_Kurdish What difference does it make? The Russians will help Assad put siege back. Just death and more destruction in this proxy war! @daviday You are absolutely fucking right. We are Fighting a shadow govt (Clinton Foundation). How do we unite and fight back? Don't know.Fuck Trump, fuck the #RioOlympics, fuck whatever local bullshit drama is happening in your life, humankind is in an emergency. #linkinbio
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @Griefage @DangergirlHope We know Bernie won. Many sources. Didn't do him much good. We are fighting a shadow govt. Loosing hope. @ThankYouBernie How can anyone be proud of that?TAKE ACTION! @xychelsea faces charges of indefinite solitary confinement for own suicide attempt. Drop charges now!
Retweeted by SheriOliviaBREAKING: Hillary unable to gather enough supporters to hold rallies, turns to holding fundraisers until election.
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @newcecelia @Darren32895836 We need to be saved.I'd say we know now the real purpose of the plane meeting between Bill Clinton and AG Loretta Lynch. Disgusting
Retweeted by SheriOlivia#OurRevolution BBC News - Syria conflict: Aleppo medics appeal to Obama for help
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @neverhillary @sarahcwestwood So now State Dept declares it will take no more questions regarding Hillary or the Foundation. WowSOC Hillary & Clinton Foundation Collusion truths revealed Will...Bring...Current Gov't Officials...ALL...Down…...
Retweeted by SheriOliviaThese States Wanted to Keep Communities of Color From Voting, but the Courts Said No, That’s Discriminatory v@aclu
Retweeted by SheriOlivia$375,000 Deposited To The Khan Law Account From The Clinton Foundation
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @LeeCamp @NewswithEd @jaketapper @TimBartender @TheBpDShow @ShaunKing @NicholsUprising @KatrinaNation #SethRich
Retweeted by SheriOliviaHere's Hillary Clinton endorsing DWS in a controlled environment surrounded only by obedient press.
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @formalcloud @VanhortonM @YoungDems4Trump @MSNBC @GMShivers You are just plain wrong. Not worth debating this. @formalcloud @YoungDems4Trump @MSNBC @GMShivers No. It means pull away. Take it off. Stop airing it.
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @formalcloud @YoungDems4Trump @MSNBC @GMShivers Pull means takes it down now! Been in media forever.Jesus Christ HERE we have DNC directly contacting @MSNBC to cut off Clinton criticism MID SEGMENT #DNCLeaks #DemExit
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @zachhaller @neverhillary Since she took the job.We just further up shit creek every day aint we How long's our DOJ been such an utter farce?
Retweeted by SheriOlivia @Tim_Canova @CassandraRules @DWStweets @DeFede She be scared of you!