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Host/producer/writer of comedy nonsense. I make shows, podcasts & videos at IGN. Comedy Button & Weird Heat on the side. I also produce music. Stay busy.

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@PatAD @DMC_Ryan Of course not. But I’ll play my third party games on the console where they perform best, and Game… @SherlockJones94 @DMC_Ryan PS2 was less powerful than Xbox and most recently the PS4 Pro was less powerful than the… @DMC_Ryan I’m buying both but I honestly can’t see PlayStation 5 matching this power. I think Sony will launch a mo… @ScottWamplerBMD @JGDillard Fuck yeah, that’s a nice surprise! I just watched Sweetheart for the first time the oth…
@SteveKamb @fromsoftware_pr I'll have to double-check but a great place to grind is in the "Research Hall" section… @lomyhre YAY!! That rules! Glad you enjoyed it! I love that place so much! @waltdwilliams These are my go to pre-made BBQ sauces that are completely paleo/Whole30 and contain zero sugar or a…
@ArtofNP That Metroid jacket!!Peter has been making incredible art for years now (including my most recent album cover!) and it’s absolutely awes… @Bloodedfury @fromsoftware_pr I actually interviewed that dude once and it looked like the two Spider-Mans pointing meme 😂 @Durrtydoesit I got the theme, but what's the Mist Cloak? @MogOneill @fromsoftware_pr Bigger than 65”? @NicholasAlkire @fromsoftware_pr Sphero! @nintendallie @theyetee Very true! I cannot wait for that game :D @matt_evon @theyetee I used mine as a shot glass once 😬Shout out to @theyetee for making this amazing Samus sweatshirt to keep me cozy as I wait years and years and years…
@FusRoDoc @fromsoftware_pr HELL YEAH!!! That's the look of PURE JOY! @Pitt_Viper_ Don't open your oven multiple times during the bake and don't over sauce it even if it looks like you should! @dany156 THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I DID 😂 @mistermegative @fromsoftware_pr Beat the hell out of one and then use Shaman Blade on the other so they fight each… @ryan_camryan719 Yup! @jkokoll @NVIDIAGeForce LET’S DO IT! @maulana_pcfre @fromsoftware_pr Yeah the final boss of those dungeons was stupid easy in comparison to the stuff leading up to it @xXcftdoyleXx @PhilipYount Daaaaamn @JRPyznar @Kahjahkins @PlaystationBrah What the actual fuck. AMAZING work. @Gamerinthehive @KBABZonTV @fromsoftware_pr 65 @FrostbiteSlash @David__Jetta @fromsoftware_pr No I bailed after twenty hours and will never go back. Not for me. @The_Kunka @fromsoftware_pr It’s regularly on sale under $20 @grantjones86 @fromsoftware_pr Yup. I have that game memorized to absurd levels. I’ve probably beaten it twenty times. @maxvalarezo Awww man, THANK YOU!! @JumpWithWoody @fromsoftware_pr Never really been a Call of Duty guy but I did 100% Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. @balasiel @fromsoftware_pr I honestly don’t know. That feels like asking somebody when they’re gonna have kids on their wedding day. @GameOverGreggy @NicolasVerge @fromsoftware_pr Greg did you know that the 50 Cent Blood On The Sand Platinum trophy… @andrew1229 @fromsoftware_pr When random ass enemies started one hit killing me I was like “oh so it’s gonna be like THAT” @Jack_Septic_Eye @fromsoftware_pr I’m gonna send your tweet to my high school guidance counselor so he knows he nev… @AC_Lyle @ACPocketNews This is phenomenal. @crippledbox @fromsoftware_pr I got that tweet tattooed across my chest backwards so I could read it in a mirror as I beat Bloodborne. @Afropimp719 @fromsoftware_pr They felt like horror-tinged, hard as hell dungeons from the first NES Zelda game’s s… 2020 we’re taking pictures of ourselves in front of our TV’s when we get tough trophies and achievements in vide… @briangaar @fromsoftware_pr 🙌🙌🙌 @neo_aoshi @fromsoftware_pr I GOT GUD @GameOverGreggy @fromsoftware_pr You are my spirit animal, Greg.I FINALLY GOT THE PLATINUM TROPHY IN BLOODBORNE! This was one of the toughest, most intense, and most fun video ga… @ACPocketNews Mr. RIPsettiI made this short Animal Crossing video for work today
Retweeted by Brian Altano @cymrogav @Luceobrien “I loved the movie where a a poor person with unvetted access to guns snapped and became a ki… @Luceobrien He’s probably just upset it isn’t from North Korea because then he’d be praising it up and down.
@AdamSessler It isn't an election year in Animal Crossing so it's a great place to be. @Mansfield_Phil_ I didn't! @TheOfficial_ACK I have the career of a thirteen year old, so no.They’re here! @DMC_Ryan Well said! @Raging_Italian Nah I've played like 50+ hours of it this year already. Going for the Platinum trophy :D @TheDazeel Nah just happy living horses with skeletons inside them. @ChaseBG1 Those are both incredibly similar in that they both have been going for a while, have very hardcore audie… @joncomulada 😂😂😂 @Joker13z They both have wolves, crows, interchangeable outfits and consumable items! @Geestargames Fucking awesome photos.The two video games I’m the most obsessed with right now could not be more opposite. @legendof_scott Unfortunately no! Trying to go a little lighter on the travel this year after getting on like fifty… @dragonspit85 @jmdornbush @IGN @Shabatoge Yeah like four years ago! @ACPocketNews It’s a little thing, but playing these games and making it a point to hunt down a leather jacket and…
@robalees @eekeyhole Hey thank you! That means the world to me!NEW VIDEO! 7 Features That Could Make Next-Gen Consoles AWESOME! Also, sorry for the fak… @GrandPOOBear @heyZeustoast Word up to all this. Been playing a ton of Bloodborne this year and you’ve been my spir…
@TheDweeze THANK YOU!! Can’t believe nobody else knew that! @TimGettys
@IGN "Delay it so many times that nobody can review it" @Jack_Septic_Eye am deeply sorry for making this. legitimately think I'm the only idiot who thought of this.
Retweeted by Brian Altano @pettycommajared @PettyCommaAngie I try and do this with my wife and kid every morning/evening because it's a relax… @lucyjamesgames @sydsogood @CardySimon They give you a free kid when you agree to be Batman and you’re allowed to r… @THEmikemitchell @SOLELINKS Fuck yeah! Thanks for lookin out! @THEmikemitchell @SOLELINKS They dropped on the SNKRS app at 7am today and I got 'em :) @FlopOrCop Already copped ‘em! @bobservo @spacecoyotl Whoa her artwork fucking rules. Awesome stuff. @carlythornton You’re definitely having a very hard time with this! @carlythornton There's a gigantic difference between a one-year-old and a two-year-old. That's why people count the…
@carlythornton You measure age in babies up to 24 months. After that get to count years and you can stop putting no… @ACPocketNews Definitely still a living nightmare out of an Ari Aster movie but slightly less so now, so that’s good.
@TheAlanJohnson WOW I need this. That is gorgeous stuff. @jeffgerstmann Yuuuup. @jtylergreene Nah we’re not doing any screen time with her whatsoever for another year or so outside of FaceTiming…
@MilesDompier @Luceobrien “Fuck Is Wrong With You, Man?” @Luceobrien Bonkers was a popular candy here in the 80s. That was my first exposure to it. @NintwndoAmerica I've always been more of a Somy PlayStapson guy myself. @jitraynham @evepeyser Yes, that was the whole joke. You solved it. @TheMattFowler @sethmacy That’s the one. Nothing will ever top “Basically It Stinks” for Basic Instinct @AhhhhDevonn Thought both were excellent but Parasite stuck with me just a bit more. @PHRYNO
@Trindividual @MaxScoville I didn't "give it" anything. I don't review games - or anything - specifically because of people like you. @patrickklepek I've spent most of 2020 replaying Bloodborne and other comfort food games before it gets real crazy… @cruston7 @FerrisWheelPro If you can handle reading every Zelda game, you can handle reading a movie. @paramorphs Almost two, actually. Baby age gets measured in months until they turn two. This is dictated by doctors… @brianxbang Oh cool your plane has "The Ring" as an in-flight movie! @HamillHimself Mark you're gonna make me run out of wall space here 😂 @KyleBarreira I absolutely loved The Lighthouse. Cannot wait to watch it again. @SaulFM_ Uncut GemsYou're never too young to be a Dah Wahs fan. Please hug your 20-month-old daughter for me! Love always, Goop
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