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Paloma @AgentPaloma Brooklyn, NY

Associate Agent at @Einstein_Lit, opinions are my own, 🇦🇷, ENG/ESP, icon by @avery_helm 💛 Live to make life better, abolish prisons and the police!

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design by @avery_helm Illustrations by @ehetja written with help from @cathygjohnReposting this pamphlet I made with some others from the summer. Another Black man, Walter Wallace Jr. in Philadelp… killed a mentally ill black man in Philly today. In cold blood. Protests are happening now. Please donate if y…
Retweeted by Paloma @Catcoconutart Oh wow! I’ve been a huge fan of your work for a while, I would love love love to hear more abt this! @Kecky415 RIGHT???? @callmekitto It’s an.... evocative explorationProposed Scavenger Hunt List: -Cat -Grease Barbie -Surfs Up board game -Subway cup -tiny buddha statue -emoji pillo… @abellehayford Get a doctor (or even just a clinic in a CVS) to prescribe antibiotics and ear drops! I tried to jus… @jarrardwrites No worries! The submissions page has the details, but standard query+ first 10 pages is perf!
@giadraws your coloring style!!!! 😭💕 So good! @shaunduke @weredawgz Thank you for this resource! @beth_phelan @HNewlevant Thanks for the clarification, Beth! @HNewlevant Yeah! honestly it happens a lot w graphic novels because people dont know how or that they should query… @HNewlevant Why? a lot of people dislike doing too much professional work on twitter (me included) and agents are u… @writersyndrome I know right? and the painting! @HNewlevant It’s also not like portfolio day, it’s very specifically for getting people a very clear signal as to w… @HNewlevant the concept behind it is actually letting ppl who don’t have the algoritm or a platform on their side a… @safifesse YES @weredawgz WOWIE ZOWIE...Hi #DVpit ! If I ❤️ your tweet, that means I’d love for you to send me your pitch! Send your pitch to submissions@e… @nuditosciegos I wish i could be down there celebrating with y’all!! I love you!!Honestly tho, I am so happy beyond words for all my Chilean friends, and for all the people putting themselves in d… @estroboscopios Que se anda a la puta que le parió!CIA REALLY IN THEIR FLOP ERA!!!
But i also am not too much of a pure horror lover, i like it when it’s mashed into other genre’s, like sf/f (or romance >:3) @jo_nyaa omg of course! Any time tesoro!I think more people should he comfortable with leaving things unexplained! However, I do like having a “mythos” for… night before, Paloma (@AgentPaloma) & I will play some "The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo" and other spooky twin…
Retweeted by Paloma @jo_nyaa :O!!! Good luck!! that is so exciting, i’m so happy for you! @jo_nyaa WHAT... WHEN @weredawgz Hi these are my OCs J.N. Terrie and Roger Stephanson, they are two turn of the century fantasy writers w… @clementeworks -swirls my wine around in a glass, takes a sip, and nods- Chainsaw Man @weredawgz THIS DEVELOPMENT...... @boycameron HEE HEE >:) @hirosemaryhello You are friend!!! You are friend :)My friend a week ago: It’s great to give gifts to people that are important but not useful Me, with an online shopp…
@fairchart Your sebtelly love fuels me like no other, thank you @nervanaofficial It’s an official clown egg, from the clown egg make up register lot of times i’ll just save a photo cause i’ll think “i want to look at this again”
@CyberBrandogg i had a friend in high school who called it a “titlegasm” and regrettably that’s this the word i use @jo_nyaa this feels rightWhoever did this come through, i’d like to venmo you $20 @HetreaSky York!!!!!!My favorite line in Escaflowne
@rosiesrambles I REALLY DONT NEED THIS RIGHT NOW @eeeyegee my vision went white when they randomized the layouts!!! Because those aren’t important or anything! Luck of the draw my friend!!! @eeeyegee it is.... SO busted @robochai God....... The demographic of “dudes self publishing their own edgy comics with full confidence at a 200%… @gachahugs if you want them nice, on the cheaper side, and a run of 50+, i suggest! @gachahugs Matters if they are color, what your materials at home are like (printer and long arm stapler, mostly),… @senshiandy A prison!!!! Of your design!!!!! @senshiandy Busts down your door with tears in my eyes!!! andy!!!All NYC voters! A cool nugget learned from the AOC stream is that you can vote for Biden/Harris but under the Work…
@isaac_livengood very lucky to be your friend and have a matching crying selfie to the fraggle rock one
@whoaitsjoan 🥰🥰🥰
@funkyobligation !!!! Joe!!!!!! the last panel made me cry laughing @MimimiCee -menacingly typing- @Nadia_Shammas_ God nadia... One daywhy long/short vowels matter in Kalaallisut, my Indigenous language. nalliunneq - birthday naalliunneq - suffering
Retweeted by Paloma @hirosemaryhello Congratulations bby!!!! @RCMoskowitz LISTEN i am very afraid all the time @remusmaurice YOU RATED YOURSELF A -2 @caswell_ashley YEAH SO WAS I @remusmaurice dude u have no idea. Like i feel like a fool NOW, but at the time? woof @pineappleboyf I AM NOT i just have a problem that whenever i have a thought it must be spoken aloud. But this is very nice thank u @midriffseason 😭😭😭 One day!Everyone out here rating their “how intimidating are you” as like less than 3.... listen here you jokers... I’m int…
@MimimiCee @SebTelephone MIMI!!!!!!!!!!!!now, if a CHARACTER BELIEVES that they deserve some sort of worth from their birthright, that’s fine and cool, but… take for fantasy: No more hereditary/bloodline based plot points. No more of a story hinging on someone being t… @remusmaurice THIS IS SO FUNNY @theyoungdoyler Please. She’s so perfect it’s overwhelmingWe’re going back on siesta in 30 minutes! It’s been an absolutely wild day in like, so many ways. Thank y’all for being here with us 💖
Retweeted by Paloma @nucheki LMAO IM NOT A PLAYLIST GOD I just have to keep making them or i’ll die.... like a shark..... also i think… @nucheki I make v specific playlists and fanmixes like it is my job so pls let me indulge @Aluhnim I DIDNT GET A SHOT OF IT BUT WHEN SEVASTION TELEPHONE WAS INCINERATED!!!!! MY HEART DROPPED TO MY STOMACH!!Incomprehensible Blaseball screenshots that brought me near tears tonight you are a marginalized author with an offer in hand, take it to an agent. You can get a MAJOR improvement on dea…
Retweeted by Paloma @bothpalms I hope you know i’m obsessed with these @Aluhnim CHAN THE SCREAMS I WAS MAKING DURING THIS GAME SPECIFICALLY THINKING ABT JESSICA/JAYLEN.... When Sebastian was incinerated!!!!!!
@xoxobouma its hard to have a brain this big!!!!!every border implies the violence of its maintenance
Retweeted by PalomaCaramelldansen but it's the 15th century,
We were told it wouldn't be possible but it's happening! IRON CARTOONIST RETURNS! Cheer on @raulthe3rd
Retweeted by PalomaHi y'all, I'm a book editor looking for a queer illustrator for a ⚡️special gay project⚡️ related to LGBTQIA+ humor…
Retweeted by PalomaRemember in 2015 when DJ Khaled got lost at sea on a jet ski and snapchatted the whole saga.....Take me back. @isaac_livengood Roma, Milennium Actress, and Only Yesterday!
People who see graphic novels as “book-lite” are the same type of people who think that all paintings should strive…!!!! I’m screaming! Turning pages!! Hell yeah!! Get us!!! @ghoulsengel Ah! It does technically, tho since this specific need is for a friends bday party, I have a mini-entourage attached haha @eeeyegee STILL TEMPTING THO... @no_whit UGH I WISH @Suedeuxnim A realistic fish head statue that, when you wind it up, plays a music box of moon river @cathygjohn Cathy,,,, it is not the food i need, but the EXPERIENCEfor example, i know prospect park has public grills, what about..?? fire pits...? I just need to make a single s’mo…, is there any park/place in Brooklyn that has a bonfire i can use? I need one, my health and wellbeing
@itskindred That’s exactly it @mollybrooks Congratulations!!!
@meyrude a queer icon lost to the culling of quizilla @kevinczap Thank you for push in the right direction 😔