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Hiking. Tennis. Weather. Photography. Fluent in 6 million forms of communication. Proud Soldier in #RenasArmy. Video Game Comms & Biz Consultant @ Tinsley.

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@mejenwalton @NWSBoulder Oh hey girlFound a little baby cell trying to be a supercell and cams are timelapsin' I'm happy now 😃 work by 3am today and done by 3:30 pm. Been a hell of a day and now there's storms to chase! @Absintheuse Well deserved lady. Well deserved. @Absintheuse @OliverAge24 Oliver's a BOSS. @ParallaxStella @rawrsnacks This is a good tweet. @hood_vic @MikeOlbinski i hate that i just looked all this up but here goes in summary: is cool with n word, doxxed a guy and… @MikeOlbinski I just sighed the longest sigh ever. It started with Ga*merG*ate. We used to actually talk ALL the… @Jeff_Tanton @FallGuysGame @OliverAge24 oh how good is that tasting rn????? I am so happy for you. @MikeOlbinski (Sorry, i know it's the video of Beirut but he's an awful, awful person on this platform and has done… @MikeOlbinski Oh please dont boost his signal. He's not a Nice Person. @erikkain Oh he signed it! YAY! This is so great, sponsored by the Colorado reps and supported across the board. Th… @nickchester I TOLD YOU TO GET OFF THE SERVER AND MAKE ROOM @_ASGT_ pc keys. @imranzomg :(How real games industry people communicate to each other: @FallGuysGame I've never been happier for anyone in my entire life. @seriouslyclara @markiplier @FallGuysGame big.Do I play Fall Guys on my lunch break or do I find rando smaller streamers and drop keys on them in chat? @DanStapleton that's it. That's my best tweet ever right there. @DanStapleton C Poo U @renee @AndyLunique oh noooooo @AndyLunique I think something with marshmellows tbh. I cant be sure what the official foods of Fall Guys are. @FallGuysGame? @SirLarr @pcworld I"ll DM ya ;)Fall Guys Doom-style finishing move when keep the poo air conditioned in Colorado, you guys. most meta game of all has surprise dropped a full-on expansion today: via @pcworld @devolverdigital can we put "pineapple twat" on the Steam page or @johntdrake you gotta be like "yeah, i called that shit" rn right? like amirite? you're a visionary, sir. A VISIONA… a quick break and watching a little @Dansgaming stream Fall Guys @ShaunNorton @FallGuysGame @seriouslyclara almost 500,000 @devolverdigital this is ... this is ... *sobs* it's beau… will forever remember today as the day our friends the @FallGuysGame took over the world, and had over 400 THOUSA…
Retweeted by fall guy tinsley @Faucius NUB PEOPLE YESPC Building Simulator Launches An Esports Expansion Today @WillJPowers you got your key for free stop complaining. @mejenwalton Praying for my day to go 100% smoothly from here on out so that I can make this. *Narrator's voice* It will not go smoothly. @Gidano2 @FallGuysGame @Twitter @TwitterGaming I paid for the tweet tbh @lyssmariem They do that!SURPRISE! PC Building Simulator has dropped a full expansion for the game that puts you in the driver's seat of an… Guys is #1 on Twitch and I c a n n o t you guys! outrageously fun Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout could be gaming's next megahit | PCWorld via @pcworld @Olqavtoras @Mediatonic @FallGuysGame @Jeff_Tanton America isn't even awake yet and 16 here!
Happy Birthday to my irl waifu @shellymonstr! Best mom ever has been keeping the kids healthy, educated and enterta… TINSLEY IS IN EARLY TOMORROW FOR THE LAUNCH OF FALL GUYS ARE YOU READY TO GET YOU SOME CROWNS? @devolverdigital last chance, just sayin'. @shellymonstr I love Destructoid, an essay: Games media: Are video games art also we are serious journalists this is serious… @JesseCox LOL shut up JesseHere's a mod that turns Mechwarrior 5 into an RTS
Retweeted by fall guy tinsley @GameRiotArmy @seriouslyclara is who you want!Can I get internet applause in chat for @seriouslyclara, who (I think) singlehandedly managed stream/YT code reques… @Danilo_Noites Circle of life, bb. Gotta create that playable vertical slice to show it off and get that hype so you can get those deals!Shout out to all those content creators who emailed and DMd me boasting about your 5 million subs and 800 viewer av… @ZackBornstein Bock the Blue?NEW EPISODE OF @The1099Podcast! Carrion game & level designer @KhaloshTweets joins the show to discuss making the…
Retweeted by fall guy tinsley @rusmclaughlin it really seems like it. @Donski3 @nickchester @nickchester Fix Risky Reels bug.Press/Media: We are sending an email about this shortly but if you requested a PS4 code for Fall Guys, you will *no… @HelenBurnill why not both? @corrie206 I meant in-phone. Not a third party app. @HelenBurnill i kind of hate how i can't treat iphone's photos as files and just pull them onto a PC and the way th… so often I switch between android and iphone. I recently got a Galaxy S20. Android hasnt figured out a way to… @FlamingJTM @FallGuysGame this is a quality tweet. @paperbackshelf @tjc05 hahaha yesTOMORROW. @wertwerteo @doseonetweets that's awesome! @devolverdigitalI miss tennis. @derrickgott007 @SpleenZilla Almost done! One beam left (and this one won't be as difficult as the one i did yester… @SpleenZilla I'm living it on Twitter every time I work on the project! You should see my basement man. It's wrecked.The new haul arrived overnight from Amazon. Pancakes and power tools. @nickchester We try. @mejenwalton Getting big cryptkeeper vibes Babue down at 730 in Pete the Cat jams & hair in a bun in neatly made bed. 915 check in: she was passed out wea…
@rcsco there were power cables running through this and I had to tear it all down manually with no power tool… @Dr_CorbinCWong I don't have any really. I knocked a wall down once with my contractors and hung drywall once like we years ago idk*analogue gg phone @DaNanoBiologist It'll be for like, my irrigation system and I won't know for weeks @seriouslyclara @seriouslyclara He knows it tooMe: I will do this surgically. I'll be careful to leave wires alone. Also me: we probably don't need these analog… @seriouslyclara I dontt know what's going on but this made me lol @crecenteb Yeah. I have two in here I have to leave @crecenteb Was gonna cut it down. Just kidding. Its gonna be exposed. Paint it.There's all these horrible little boards in there and a little hidden power cable. Power cables are like Dark Soul… thank you! Aside from electrical im trying to do all this myself. We are making a movie theater [hopefully] so… @ColinDStevens Thanks! That was the boys over at @VigeoConstruct who designed and did the whole thing. They know wh… lads let's fuck up this beam cover @BirdmanDodd She is accepting of our hugs. Not my boy but her, yup.Would you boop yes or no @Luceobrien Right?Tiny noodles here almost got it with the lawnmower! That makes 2 in back, 1 baby in front. Before I trimmed I shooe… @chazmaster2000 I must prepare the alter for ritual sacrifice @marshallhonorof @GRRMspeaking I'm almost done. It reads more like an anthology not a story really. @vicious696 Jfc @FallGuysGame @Birb_Queen Amazing to be tagged in a post in which the poster expresses desire to literally replace you 😶