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@KyleOrl to be honest it's not an obscure secret and the simpsons were full of very smart people. @KyleOrl It's really not like an eerie prediction. the color purple for women is a thing in politics, same as pearl… @MikeOlbinski Right? lol @ohnoitscass is it just like two hours of gay people dying of AIDS while reagan sells arms to Iran @lyssmariem Alyssa.Haaaaa, thanks @TheOperaGeek
Retweeted by TinsleyI. Am. Dead. Lololololol.
Retweeted by TinsleyAP: Biden issues late-night executive order banning new Bernie memes as of 12:01 EST Thursday; tells Americans to g…
Retweeted by TinsleyPosting this for no reason other than I miss her so much and it was good to see her today along with that belt. the excuse “I was too innocent and too gay” to explain why I didn’t do the dishes for the third night in a row
Retweeted by TinsleyA police department in the Austrian Alps shared this video of one of their K9s diving into the snow, saying, "Those…
Retweeted by Tinsley @ZombaeKillz Reporting this tweet for violenceOh my god stop 😭 @glaad HOUR ONE. Trump, America had to stand in line for toilet paper and 400,000 died because the state lied about a disease.…
Retweeted by Tinsley
2021 @Kranzl Like as someone in any management position this should be inspirational. Something to aspire to. Hold on a… @sierragodfrey He’s swearing them in. I’m sure it will be archived as a video on cnn today. @sierragodfrey CNNWow listening to President Biden talk to his staff in the last bit of his talk to them is wholly inspiring. @SWprayerCircle (It’s satire lol) @TheMikeRobles This is a perfect tweetI am once again, asking for your bread.
Retweeted by TinsleyBeginning all my complaints with "I am too innocent and too GAY" from now on.
Retweeted by TinsleyBullies typically turn into cowards when confronted Now the racists can go back into hiding where they belong…
Retweeted by Tinsley @MSNBC @lawanda50 honestly all i can think is "jesus i hope they switched out pens and wiped down that desk...."Magic. Harpoon. Fighting. @LEBassett Wholesome tweet @SWprayerCircle @VP she was so cute just now. i have it playing in the background at work. @MckKirk @duckvalentine Sure. Will send.
Retweeted by TinsleyThe final count. Never would have believed this number was possible when we started four years ago.…
Retweeted by Tinsley @WillJPowers @A_Webster stop.No orange loooooooooool @rawrsnacks someone just pointed out there's no orange loooooooooooooooooooooooooolOfficer Goodman, promoted to Acting Deputy Senate Sergeant at Arms, escorting our new VP. #InaugurationDay  How it…
Retweeted by Tinsley @rawrsnacks tbh maybeI for one am psyched that this afternoon is turning out to be one of the most boring days in political history of the last four years.Biden to rescind Trump's '1776 Commission' #FoxNewsWaiting for the Whirlygig to end so I can restart my run in Fall Guys.
Retweeted by Tinsley @AlexQRyan @AdamSessler "goign to be"And to be clear: I am 100% about protesting and opposition voicing concerns. What was planned and what happened at… Guys LP or gtfo explosions. No protests. No show of force from opposition. Deplatforming works.They’re asking for their money, Joe
Retweeted by Tinsley @bcolayco @RussellHaythorn @DenverChannel @DenverPolice lol what a sad loser @duckvalentine it's a super good site, I like their articles, but they break embargoes a lot and that makes me sad. @RussellHaythorn @DenverChannel @DenverPolice has anyone started to gather?Our man Michael Wilson from Metal Wolf Chaos tops @WashingtonPost’s ‘Best Video Game Presidents’ list!…
Retweeted by Tinsley @mikethomas22 not knowing the plan is part of the plannnnnnUno de los mejores memes en EEUU hoy.
Retweeted by Tinsley @ZwiezenZ As Obama found out, sadly. (Last six years he had divided houses.)Ron Watkins, the former 8kun admin who helped keep QAnon afloat for years (and who some suspected of being Q himsel…
Retweeted by TinsleyMike Pence, as tradition has it, being escorted out by Kamala Harris in a formal transition of power. QAnon heads absolutely exploding. @majorboredom @grim1011 @GoneOffDeeper we are having socially distanced outdoor celebratory neighborhood drinks later. @grim1011 @GoneOffDeeper i'm relieved and exhausted.Breaking: meteorologists concerned that the global sigh of relief expected at 12pm Washington DC time may cause fre…
Retweeted by Tinsley @philrowen feels weirdCall me snooty but poetry at the inauguration is better than Kid Rock shotgunning a beer and going "BLRLEEEIUGGFH"
Retweeted by TinsleyD.C National Guard
Retweeted by TinsleyAlso, I understand that most of us aren't trying to hear about unity right now, but I sure as shit would rather hav…
Retweeted by TinsleyBoooosh. scene. @TheHashtag0nist @POTUS God I wishYou have just left...The Twilight Zone.
Retweeted by Tinsley @PerLeeGates counterpoint: she's a sorceress.Jennifer Lopez doesn't age and it's not fair. @majorboredom @Danielleri my entire office has shut down until this is over.i stand corrected. germanotta you will never be famous GAGA HAS ENTEREDNo Space Force flag, eh @AdamSessler @dannyodwyer that's twitter's wholeass mission statement @dannyodwyer a whole lotta shittiness in my timeline and a lot of unfollowing for me today.I had to
Retweeted by Tinsleyi truly do wish they had two empty seats among the ex-presidents where Orange Mussolini and his wife Be Best would have been sitting.🔥
Retweeted by TinsleyJill Biden is dressed like Business Elsa and it is awesome.
Retweeted by Tinsley @erikkain wasn't there supposed to be some massive armed march in DC today?If you're one of those folks online today lamenting about how Everything Is Still Awful, and can't take a moment's… Clintons have arrived
Retweeted by Tinsley @ChrisxMoyse @lizardcube That @BenFiquet is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @ElisaRockDoc @Danielleri Oh my god this is everythingLet’s be honest it might be January 20th but my offer to fist fight Betsy DeVos still stands.’s a new day in America.
Retweeted by TinsleyJesus fuck just let people be happy this morning what’s wrong with you @Snowden I’d rather have you have both. @SWprayerCircle 😂 @justinofclark But like no one is saying that @nicolearcher IncredibleThe cleaning crews at the White House rn