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I work in video games. Hiking. Tennis. Weather. Photography. Fluent in 6 million forms of communication. stephanie at tinsley-pr dot com. Soldier in #RenasArmy.

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It’s been a long time since I took NyQuil and the dosage is crazy - 30ml??? Anyway goodnight forever. has got to be the leader in the sh*t talked/wins category.
Retweeted by salacious b. tinsleyHello! This year I am looking for reliable freelancers able to turn around good copy quickly based on instructed pa…
Retweeted by salacious b. tinsley @grmartin Are you telling me the British Bulldogs weren’t roommatesOmg they had cameras inside Andy Murray’s hip surgery ahhhhhhhhhh #resurfacing @shellymonstr and Tubbles Jones earlier this morning. She doesn’t often come up on the bed but when she does she gives big lov… @EvolveTom Yes. @jacquicollins_ But you can order all this and then watch whatever you want and there’s no fight with a two year ol… Friday Take Out Night!
@fazor3d I emailed my accountant to ask how badly she needs this form bc I don’t have it in me to do this againIf anyone needs me I’ll be lighting myself on fire @Bazjf @BBCSport Still has 23 more slams than you broWhere does this leave Serena Williams now? It leaves her with 23 Grand Slam titles. **Unrelated: Maria Sharapova h…
Retweeted by salacious b. tinsleyAfter exactly 107 fucking minutes on hold, I got through to the IRS and she DISCONNECTED FROM ME @Topfluffer need a copy of a 'non-urgent but required form' from the IRS so I called them and my wait time is currently betwe… @WTATea @all_serena oh pliskobot for SURE. She had two match points, ankle twist or not she lost five games _in a row_. @AutomaticZen Needed to read this. Thanks.Sick today. I’m such a baby when I’m sick. This is awful. I didn’t get up for this. YAY COCO!!!! finished joker tonight. Why did you all hate it? Brilliant film. Incredibly disturbing. Strong direction, narrati… doesn’t understand geography, a three part story. @JahaanIsGreat That’s my life strategy in general lolDoes my computer desktop stress you out
Retweeted by salacious b. tinsleyThank you, Woz ❤️ Great career, incredible player on and off the court. You will be missed! #Wozniacki #ausopen @WorldofJoel I stopped watching.See y’all at Roland Garros is the first opponent in the last two tournaments who’s shown up as someone who’s ready for a fight and when S… showed up with nothing to lose bc she can’t be beaten worse than she did last time. She is playing like it & i… @likethemovie19 Right? Because her own singles career was so great shut upCmon. And not in the “kamaaan” way. #ausopen #serenawilliams @likethemovie19 HahahahaDrop shot Rena what did you think was going to happen? @godfree @CheddarEsports Dude! You’re on fire lately.Business bun time
Retweeted by salacious b. tinsley @likethemovie19 Went from “cmon” to “cmon now” over here Convert-Rena show up? #AusOpen
Retweeted by salacious b. tinsleyWell that’s not how you win matches. Gotta convert those break points... Halep, Keys, Osaka aren’t going to give yo… @PinaCocoTweets Oh is it him!!! Maybe I’ll logon instead of watching on tv @PinaCocoTweets There’s a basketball game on tv so tennis channel has it until they switch @PinaCocoTweets It’s on tennis channel if that’s helps @alextotheandru Thank you - but you should realllly see her peak tantrum lol“What do we say?” “We say ‘Go Serena!’” “Move your feet!” “Stay calm!” #serenawilliams #ausopen @likethemovie19 Strange but tennis is on fire there - totally being supported by federations and government funding… @JeffGrubb I laughed maybe unreasonably hard at this @bradgallaway Brad.[redacted] @bradgallaway WhatMy sore throat has just been getting worse all day and now I’m drinking mint lemon honey tea. More on this story as…
@AlongsideWild Damage? Let people think eating snakes are bad. Then they’ll stop eating them. @Calisker @GabrielNDresden Gabriel and Dresden are ❤️🔥 @nickchester @majorboredom @grrlaction Either, now that you ask. I hate all of you. @WTATea dOeS mE SuPpOrTinG mY KkK unClE MeaN iM bAd @majorboredom @grrlaction @nickchester I CLEARLY AM NOT INVITED @grrlaction @majorboredom @nickchester It’s clear I’m not invited so SURE ILL BREAK DOWN THE LOTThis is going to be on loop on my desktop for the rest of the day. @RealBenGilbert Also they don’t occasionally attack humans - healthy strong ones with good food sources run from hu… @RealBenGilbert Yes - they become predators of only humans because it’s such an easy kill. @thaiguy84 @PinaCocoTweets AWESOME. now I know what I’m doing at lunch. @RealBenGilbert Unfortunately when lions learn humans can be food instead of running away they are put down. Reloca… @thaiguy84 @PinaCocoTweets I missed the match!!! Was it theatrical? I’ll have to look up highlights.WOW to see it. #ausopen @godfree @Xbox @XboxP3 @gamertagradio Epic. @sdesatoff Thanks Sam!I’m listening to an audio book that is such a great story but I can’t stand the narrator. This is my struggle, this is my struggle. @RKRigney @SusanArendt The LCS ad campaign is 🔥 @therachelweber Same. @WTATea NO ONE CARES WHERE HENIN IS NO ONE CARES WHERE HENIN IS NO ONE CARES WHERE HENIN IS @gankstrr Gen cmon. This is the price of being great.I got the maps up tonight! One of them slightly overlaps on the smaller wall but I can fix it once I get a sharp ra… @Resist4Lyfe I would give my life savings. @CassMoneyLive Idk! Before kids, 730/8/9 was the jam. @EvolveTom Bro I’m in bed by 8 😂 @ntheweird I don’t think game writing and movie writing are interchangeable tho. It has to fit the format. @ntheweird I agree with all of this.That turkey we bought after thanksgiving and made into soup - defrosting the frozen servings for dinner tonight wit… The magazine literally about capitalism
@samred @SeattlePD @ericacbarnett o.O @DrTeflon we are!ScourgeBringer cleaning house on Steam Early Access early next month @PinaCocoTweets have you seen the people who treat their dolls like real babies thoWindjammers forever. @dotemu and Young Souls, two incredible games coming from @TheArcadeCrew are on this list and deservedly so: Words gets a new trailer at the New York Video Game Awards "It's the coldest night in two years; we're worried about people experiencing homelessness, damage to cro…
Retweeted by salacious b. tinsley @Calisker I honestly found it to be 1000x easier and was able to navigate it so much better than mailchimp. I’m pre… @ctopherd time. Serena, at the net, taking a ball out of the air instead of letting it bounce. @ctopherd Union was on strike. He was down on his luck.Grigor Dmitriov has to be devastated. I remember when folks were calling him the “next Federer” - what an upset. Wow. #ausopen @ctopherd Amazing!!!!! Worth getting up just for that lol @ctopherd Hahahaha seems like a great match! Go USA!Oh god. I got up at 1am and it’s John and Chrissie @PepAggie @rrza The Bible or whateverTeam, imma be honest. I’ve got a killer day tomorrow and I don’t know that I can rally for a 1am match. @WTATea Tennys “third rounder” Sandgren. He’ll be gone soon enough.