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Hiking. Tennis. Weather. Photography. Fluent in 6 million forms of communication. Proud Soldier in #RenasArmy. Video Game Comms & Consultant @ Tinsley.

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@jmrivera02 Josh.Sludge Life is free for a year, and you shouldn't sleep on it
Retweeted by stephanie Just Following Up tinsleyGet tagging, nerds.“If you start up the game, load up the first level, and then just take the controller and set it down, the first th…
Retweeted by stephanie Just Following Up tinsley @AlongsideWild I'm telling you. Start telling people garter and gophers are straight up poison death.Gonna bet there's more places in every city and small town in America to get a cupcake than there are places to go… @grrlaction Become as terrible as the dawn. @rrza @Freakonomics HahahaWoke up to the photos of the Minneapolis riots so here’s my last Instagram post for here, too. @kthorjensen @Twitter @jack *content @kthorjensen @Twitter @jack That’s why they’re doing it - to prove the continent regulation doesn’t work.So let me get this straight, Trump wants to remove regulation protections for content moderation on social media. H… @GravityPixel Like, ever. @GravityPixel I haven’t checked slack yet but now I’m just not going to. @GravityPixel🔥 @WillJPowers Never change, Powers.Loving this spring shower over my house this afternoon. Big thunder, fat rain. review of the Amazon rain forest.
@nickchester It’s really just evergreen @michaelpachter He 100% did not write this.I’m so grossed out by this last week in America.With this next generation of gaming consoles, my new overall PR approach gon' be like @Dr_CorbinCWong @RenasArmyFans @Venuseswilliams @serenawilliams @alexisohanian @jsmoll @likethemovie19 @K_Thorp @sethmacy Next time just say “hello ladies. Shots of tequila in the Devolver lot” and then y’all come find me.Backer since day 1. Seriously - go support these ladies! is the kind of content that makes @Danielleri sit up and take notice.
Retweeted by stephanie Just Following Up tinsley @K_Thorp I feel that way about <enter public space here> @grim1011 lol what? @BiancaCiotti @JeffGrubb @Donski3 Holy jeez the moths right now. @shellymonstr is losing her mind with all of them. @mejenwalton
@ZhenghuaYang Dude. Yeah. Wait til you have two. @lucyjamesgames Also idk where the name came from. All I know is I came upstairs and all of a sudden Lucy was the b… is dead can never die. Lucy the Piñata is no more. @lucyjamesgames What’s done is done. What is dead cannot die. just hit Lucy the piñata a few times and was asked to stop so she could hug her. I’m a fucking monster. update: shes now sitting down unwrapping Lucy like a present took an early day to begin the celebrations this afternoon for Ursa’s birthday and she’s very concerned about Luc… kids, this is what it's like launching a game - watch this video step by step and think about all the things th… @Topfluffer oh nooooThis is exactly how to do it. Amy Cooper: media, please dont push this narrative that "the man in question is a harvard graduate and a… @Danielleri Double buttholes are automatically GOTY material. It's the law. @Danielleri INCORRECT. This was a design choice integral to the story and created from the heart from Dose and Terr… Wasteland 3 digital issue is now live
Retweeted by stephanie Just Following Up tinsley @PinaCocoTweets We had to move this little paw patrol figurine off the table so Chubbles over there didn’t eat it.… @PinaCocoTweets So far so good. years ago the most magical moment of my entire life happened and I fell madly in love with a tiny 6 pound lit…, we tested like nine people this week so good job America’m sobbing @michaelpachter @dunkman @stshank hey mother of the year here to report my son just fell asleep in the bouncer ring.Whoa baby. Bacon wrapped jalapeño scallops, copper river salmon, chicken sausages and corn. Give it to me.
And here we see the elusive Babue and Smash Man, genus toddlerus and smashominus in their native habitat. ride ❤️ in America we honor those who have served, fought & paid the ultimate price on behalf of the United States by… @_pem_pem Amy also hates LA like many other New Yorkers out of weird location-based insecurity that maybe, just may… @ctopherd Omg you’re living your best life in this quarantine. Aside from the hearing aids thing tho. :/ @DaveOshry @AutomaticZen This tweet belongs in a museum. @DaGiltyMan That gif is incredible, sir. @DaGiltyMan Cash money baby @HumanityPlague Where in Michigan? I’ve been in and around Plymouth in the spring and thought it was so pretty. @AmandaFarough Seriously. Probs see you next pax East at this point. @HumanityPlague Ahhh yeah. U near that dam? @HumanityPlague Where are you? @itsdehprey Bruhhhh. I know. I shot a bunch last time I was out but nothing spectacular. Check out the kswx hashtag… @HumanityPlague I mean, how’s anyone doing rn. My kids are <relatively> healthy (one is on the mend with a non-covi… @noreasonspec No, local course pros.Oh hey everybody’s asleep but I’m too tired to clean anymore and instead shot some Jameson AMAMy father and brother were/are golf pros so this content is A+ and yaaas. did not see that coming. @MikeWehner I mean technically you’re only spending 10-20% of that not the whole thing🔥
Thanks for y’all’s texts and IMs about Smash. I’m sure after what he went though in Dec he’s on the “oh shit” radar… @KyleOrl @haydencd @AmandaFarough He’s sweating crazy. @JeffGrubb ClassicHe’s snoring the tiniest snore. So glad he’s getting good rest this morning. Poor Smash man. one of them ‘Gordon Ramsey?’ @JeffGrubb So gross.Nearly half 'reopen America' Twitter posts are from bots. @amycup❤️ @majorboredom Thank youuuu. He’s ok for the most part - it was largely preventative bc of his lung infection from D… @majorboredom No. Sigh. He’s out. Will know in two days.Anyway not a long stay - I’m told theyre getting ready to be discharged but we will know in two days if we are an antibody family 🥳🍹😖😷 @AmandaFarough Thx bb we are ok this was super precautionary but michele totally backed a meal and an overnight bag… @Futterish Thanks Mike. He’s fine they just didn’t like his respiratory rate and the ongoing fever but he’s in much… @JeffGrubb so I’m in the parking lot of the ER while The Babue is asleep and Smash is getting tested for COVID-19 anywa…
@MorganRPark For the Fields Medal.Imagine being owned by Alyssa Milano lol @The_CSJR You can mail my Fields Medal to my office for my mathematical genius. @GravityPixel Jesus Saves in this case Taco Bell is terrible.Jack in the Box tacos > everything on the Taco Bell menu. I will not be taking questions at this time.Only in America.