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Ride of Valkyries @evilniamh Was so grim @evilniamh Just remembered the video of him being creepy with that woman*THIS DOES NOT ONLY APPLY TO THE CORONAVIRUS* @evilniamh He’s uselessIt’s a weird flex that they are discussing that some people may not be able to isolate themselves if they have the…, it’s Lindsay Hoyle here, for your nightly bout of self loathing @1983Jackhancock Funnily enough someone at work said that of me today and I was like errrWhen you are trying to sleep, and a random thought from something you did four years ago decides to visit you @colinwmd Not yetI feel like Hancock wouldn’t be good in a crisisOh my god, the coronavirus is the new Brexit, see you in three years @Nibus We always knew he was only interested in ferries @Nibus I felt like things went downhill when Grayling decided to pursue a solo career“Excess death contingency planning”, strong first album, but was never able to resuscitate that success with the se… @Nicovel0 I also wasn’t being seriousBeastie Boys- Sabotage
Retweeted by •𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗔• @opheliasbrother No Simon, those are the statistics including ‘seeing the bus coming’The BBC: 4/5 people will get mild symptoms Also the BBC don’t know who needs to hear this but you are more likely to die by getting hit by a bus than from the coronavirus, calm the fuck downI see eugenics is still kicking about I die suddenly, please can someone delete my browser history so that none of my loved ones have to experience th…
Retweeted by •𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗔• @guardian You missed off: drug takerPeople get funded for stuff and campaigns, if the fact the TPA, IEA are still going is anything to go by, don’t was… a British person’s biggest lie “No worries”
Retweeted by •𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗔•dinner is 3 minutes late. here's my bowl karen, incase you forgot (marutheshiba IG)
Retweeted by •𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗔• @cam_sf Not sure what’s worse the rumours or the “oh, haha she’s hit him” takesAnd it’s perfectly plausible, the man went missing during the floods, because he’s just a grade A weapon who doesn’t give a shit about it @SimonFRCox Apparently she’s pregnant and hit him, gave him a black eye and hence why he’s not been around...absolute state of itStarting rumours about domestic violence is poor, as is making jokes about it because you don’t like the guyI hate Boris Johnson, but let’s not go down the road of starting rumours that his girlfriend hit him, and let’s not… @zombiwombat Violence is never acceptable regardless of his personal life, this tweet is abhorrent @kevinmarks @LetsPlayJen @Luiseach Those are courgette fries @Luiseach @AD828321 @kevinmarks and sour cream and chive @kevinmarks @LetsPlayJen @Luiseach mate, pringles are actually made from potatoes @UKGastroDr not sure what you mean, and it was a joke about the woman tweeting Yorkshire tea abusethere is someone in my mentions arguing with me about what constitutes a 'crisp' and I think I may have to delete m… @kevinmarks @Luiseach I am pretty sure, only you think of them that waymay tweet walkers and pringles abuse now for lols @Luiseach @kevinmarks potato based snack...normally crisps, sold in the crisps' section at the supermarket @kevinmarks pretty sure they are ,Kevinthis has ruined crisps for me, and as such, my life @TheStuffOfMemes fuck's sake Sue @Nibus twitter?I have no idea what is going on, tbfpeople tweeting about tea, well, we all know coffee is better @Nibus My life flashed before my eyes @EmuHp And I notice the wheelchair access door is always difficult to useI nearly died this morning, I hate people in front of you who push the revolving doors with an almighty push totally disregarding who is be… @AudreyAurus1 His tiny smile!!!Erm what?! Police minister Kit Malthouse says of todgergate MP James Grundy: "I'm sure there are lots of things peo…
Retweeted by •𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗔• @Coldwar_Steve Dying
Retweeted by •𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗔• @craiguito Going to make a pancake stock for the rest of the week @craiguito Pancake curry @marcmenem NoSo, Tenable hasn’t been on for me to watch before bed for a while
@andymac2 That’s not really what happened when they have his lawyer on saying women a manipulators the day after he… it goes to freedom and a new life - hopefully helping someone who has genuine need for it
Retweeted by •𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗔• @ScottTsukuru They know what they are doing, and the contents of interview technique are irrelevant, people see som… @andymac2 Not really and things like Weinstein don’t deserve balanceBasically, people are going to hear what they want to hear, striving for ‘balance’ is futile @James_Bird01 @JimMFelton No, youIt was the same as the Glinner thing, the week they aired the interview, Twitter was rife with transphobia...even t… @JimMFelton You go get them, Hog, find your brothers and sistersI appreciate #newsnight think they are being edgy airing these hard-hitting, car crash interviews, all they are doi… @JimMFelton I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT SO MUCHAdded rom-com chase through the airport music
Retweeted by •𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗔• @SamWhyte Am easily led @SamWhyte May have to just make some and load then with cheese on the weekend @SamWhyte No, couldn’t be arsed, we had some at work with Nutella (shop bought) @SamWhyte Nice, I love savoury pancakes you feel when you accidentally follow through @SamWhyte Oh the savoury ones look nice, what is in them @BBCNewsnight @maitlis @BBCTwo You guys are gross to be honest, suppose you don’t give a crap about the victims of… @milliedilly @BBCNewsnight @maitlis @BBCTwo Yes @seery_o @mojos55 @MailOnline @pitchfork Nooooooo @EwaSR Love it thoughThe replies are of the ilk you would expect from people who follow GrimesWe don’t have that kind of time, galaxy brain
Retweeted by •𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗔• @EwaSR You actually made the best video even bettersound on
Retweeted by •𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗔•Snow White was buried in a glass box because the dwarves perceived her as their Lenin
Retweeted by •𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗔• @benoobrown I endorse this @LeeKevlee2112 LOLON HEREAt bars/pubs, at the gym, literally everywherewill say this again, the only times in my life I have felt sexually threatened or made to feel uncomfortable becaus… in society, yes,but when women committing violent and sexual crimes against men or other women reaches the s… @jennby__ You need to find out @ALWAYSHONEST10 @jennby__ Why don’t you know?!Not so free speech then, right Toby? may think it’s innocuous, but sometimes, it’s just too muchA lot of you need to hear this, incessant replying to tweets really isn’t cool, I liken it to someone poking you in…