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I make @replyall with a bunch of wonderful and talented people. your Mayor Wheat boy.

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@Ianjones717 @ZacktotheFuture @replyall @PJVogt Ninja is popular enough that drake has played fortnite with him on… COURSE Archive Team is going to go after it. We will take a huge-ass snapshot, and people will lose ALL the func…
Retweeted by A GoldmanSo OF COURSE Yahoo! is going to stop allowing use of Yahoo! Groups in exactly one week, and OF COURSE Yahoo! is goi…
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November 5, 2010 I hate the muppets bcuz of the Pig girl, she was disgusting, i hate her with my life, she doesnot leave the lizard alone
Retweeted by A Goldman @MikeIsaac @briankoppelman @DavidLevien @Showtime you are a golden sweet boyBut he fired me, so I guess technically he defeated me. I just like to think I'm having more fun these days.The manager at the vitamin shop I worked at in Texas @NoahStrait I think that means you should buy one @AstroKatie I see you bought a temolo pedal. What if you had two running at once? Why not four? Why not 10? @GayRodney Not you, you're good.Ad tech folks spending billions of dollars a year to follow me from website to website and plaster the matgins with… @NasonexBe calm downMe watching the debates va me not watching the debates it turned out the circus *was* in town. The debates were unrelated. I apologize for the confusion. @travelsandbooks Excellently. They love each other. @travelsandbooks 19 monthsWillow said something about Lee Harvey Oswald's 'little cowboy hat's and I had no idea what she was talking about a…
Retweeted by A Goldman @ohhoe makes me excited to pokemon go to the polls (JK watching videos about circuit bending on YouTube)Hard hitting political commentary from @nickmillermusic the debates are on? Cuz I thought THE CIRCUS WAS IN TOWNI don’t really put them online because I think that’s gross but they are literally the cutest children that were ever born.My kids are so beautiful it’s insane. All I want to do is stare at them, eat hot chip and lie @fvern9 @jiatolentino @sleep_official Everyone
Million dollar idea: a music sommelier that helps you pair books with appropriate music. @jiatolentino’s Trick Mirr… @lesleyinnm hi Lesley, I was hoping to contact you for a story I’m working on. Could you dm, or email @"Wanna know how I got these scarves?" - The Joker in a Land's End advertisement
Retweeted by A Goldman @dantesinfernal I have so many reverb/delay pedals, getting another one is probably against the law @hildesaw Would definitely purchase! @hildesaw Fostex x-12Next big DIY project: install pitch bending knob on my 4-track to make it suitable for tape looping @lsrgk The real crime is how disappointing the new child’s play movie was. But yeah that’s not good! @fungumchum I mean, it’s not a “good” movie, but for sheer insanity it was very very entertaining. I have a soft sp… @fungumchum Venom Spiderverse LoganA thing I heard from people who had previously worked at YouTube while working on the Steven Crowder story was that… definitely do not and have no intention of letting my kids go on YouTube without me personally selecting the vide… unveils 28 horror stories about YouTube’s recommendation algorithm
Retweeted by A GoldmanThere’s all kinds of things to tweet.
Retweeted by A GoldmanIf you ask me this is probably the best site for making tweets
Retweeted by A GoldmanThis tweet is for the people who follow me, but anyone can read it.
Retweeted by A GoldmanI love when tweets of mine get read.
Retweeted by A GoldmanAlright, east coast crew, I'm counting on you all to go to bed right now and not tweet while I'm asleep. @girlinabasement Thank you! @girlinabasement could use plimmingif you ate a saxophone, it would be a snacksophone
Retweeted by A Goldman @UweBollocks The ending is legit terrifying
@UweBollocks I really enjoyed that movie. It’s pretty bizarre.Uzi (pinky ring) is at least as good as anything on enter the wu @trufelman Avery, I’m sorry but the boomers are making this shit for us to consume @omgrusrs ProbablyThinking about making this a cursed images account @TapiocaNaif @Muna_Mire Just out of high school I worked at a video store that rented a bootleg VHS of HM ripped fr… @Hbomberguy *Daou @Hbomberguy Last time I mentioned it, Peter Dani appeared like magic in my menchies @Dannystem79 @MisterJayEm My parents did that @willhardyj Counter point: they were always awesome @emmastory Keep major arteries open for trucks, people with disabilities. Appointment vehicle access to residential streetseveryone's talking about succession, but when are they going to be talking about what I say at the end of every vis… @msramming @brklynmind @bagatelleno12 @Naparstek Except most of the reason they don’t is because cars kill pedestri… 78 into a bike lane into the city. Install grow lights in the ceiling of the Holland Tunnel and turn it into a… cars @Muna_Mire I was reading about the director’s cut and apparently he was intended to be an even BIGGER piece of shit… @Muna_Mire Midsommar is Blue Valentine with murder @Soren_Ltd There's some serious mayor wheat erasure happening here."Wanna know how I got these scarves?" - The Joker in a Land's End advertisement @HeyHeyESJ Eric, thank youBest part of El Camino - Skinny Pete pronouncing Tommy Hilfiger "Tommy Hillfinger"Back when I used Facebook, I used to post "More like Vladimir Poopin' if you ask me!" like once a week. A couple mo… @gracels I'm on record as hating gif responses on twitter, because I think they cheapen conversation, but if there… @gracels I also watched it. Would have rather not!when a video depicting avatars of news outlets getting shot in the head over and over again finds its way online, c… @NickMillerMusic @GayRodney He’s right, I was asking you about the Ricky Gervais series extras @GayRodney What about extrasmy wife told me about the ladies bathroom in the diner and I made her go back and take a picture
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Travis Scott and Michael Scott are brothers and that’s canonSpaceship @VladChituc @PJVogt @kurtomeKids today only know about Fortnite, but we need to be teaching them about four score and seven years ago if you ask me.I was a lot cooler in high school @whiskey_molotov Peter Tosh would be proudAlso of note, we had a third song called “the last two times we told you to shut up, you didn’t. This time, try it.”My high school band had two songs, one called “shut up (shetip)” and one called “shut up (shaddup)” and that naming… Wheat 4: mayor in HollywoodThe viewership metrics were inflated by 150 to 900%. Whole companies shifted their strategy to video. Companies g…
Retweeted by A Goldman @mathowie Weird accessorizing but OkDerek has a tweet that’s a video of him explaining that the dark knight is a movie where the joker teaches you the… think @dril and @eedrk are a couple of the funniest and most joyful accounts on this bad site that have managed t… Know, I Probably Could Be In ‘Stomp’ If I Really Wanted
Retweeted by A Goldman @pedrodirtman @sendrens Incredibly sexy. Super hot and tempting
@MeliThomas It was a breakup movie. But it was not scaryMayor Wheat 3: ding dong! The mayor’s here!!!Mayor Wheat 2: mayor on trackMayor Wheat: Mayor is the World @katienotopoulos NOW @katienotopoulos Invite me to all of them now @katienotopoulos Where are the fun places you hang out on FBCurrently my usage consists of posting things on the Reply all Facebook page and an ongoing messenger conversation…