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I just read the tea leaves. Director. Voluntary Cold Case Investigator. Owned By: @Rubiesb4swine Own: @socintuk #WeDeserveBetter

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A fascinating study in how to Google bomb the term “no deal” and change its meaning is the best way to look at current events.
Retweeted by James @CharlieMW123 @AngelaMarston It’s doing what it needs to do within Labour. E.g. @cashandcarrots @ElliotElinor It’ll be down to privacy settings when logged in.They really did build a blue wall. Around the Northern Powerhouse. @chriostoir_g @GuyDorrellEsq It’s designed to make a display out of Labour on a couple of fronts. @AngelaMarston Like. @digitas_media I do try to take a pause now and again and take it all in. It's a long way from "having food" as a milestone. @faolie Put the suggestion in. They're an open minded lot. @digitas_media In fairness, my company is doing okay. A couple of years back it would have been a nice thing to have. @digitas_media I sometimes wonder why I don't have the security services budget. Or a job.People always say political parties never listen, so it's good to see Renew stepping up. They've launched a new sur…
Retweeted by JamesA bit of an encore for #AlternativeWar, all of this...
@raquelster69 @AngelaMarston I will soon. Just been waiting some key dates. Also see pinned. 😊It’s okay to have the tactic of “flooding the zone with shit” until the zone realises you are the shit flooding it. @AngelaMarston They are all going to leg it. @JFRitte Done it as an actual professional 😂 @JFRitte I’m a stage hand. 😉All the self-awareness of cabbage soup. to get to the genuinely exciting bit on the Cold Case project now... @randomovine 😂 @randomovine Quirks of the interwebs. @randomovine Looks like a random SSL blip in your browser. @tfoale @RoboScorpion Yep. RTFQ @RoboScorpion @tfoale It’s clearly optional with very clear terms. @lindy_lou077 @GuyDorrellEsq @AngryRemainer @LizzywLizzy @GuyDorrellEsq @AngryRemainer @AngryRemainer @GuyDorrellEsq Don’t confuse the world we live in with my personality. @GuyDorrellEsq @AngryRemainer 😂 @davies_juliet Thanks lovely. Xx @rEUnion_PartyUK The MPs aren’t what matters.Have the best Monday circumstances will allow. Be safe. @FalexanderFiona That’s why nothing changes. @thegavinharris Quite clear that there’s no obligation to provide it and what it’s used for if you do choose to provide it.People always say political parties never listen, so it's good to see Renew stepping up. They've launched a new sur… @Vickyvbrexit @FunkyDung @pghsciencenerd Nailed it Vic, you’ve listened to every word 😉 @ali__samson That’s part of the problem: people applying their own logic and standards rather than just looking at what’s there.
And no, nuance doesn’t really matter. That’s not how narrative messaging works.*typo couple of tweets up: doesn’t [matter] what’s true...sorry, making a pudding while tweeting about a bunch of them.Not saying this for any reason but this is how their narrative strategies work and you can see the bow tied to this… yes, the government might even get to play the hero card and trash Burnham too. If deaths increase in Manchest… it makes the government look moderate, trying desperately to strike a balance in the face of two extreme… feeds the narrative that Starmer has no control and also neatly folds in with the recent highlighting of Corby…’s allowed the government to position themselves between Starmer who wants to shut it all down and a mayor who wa… whole Andy Burnham thing... @janeygeego @GuyDorrellEsq No way... @AlarmistUK I find the dismissal of it as “toy soldiers” as a alarming as the video. @DanDanSardines No other word for it. No difference between this and any of the other training videos. @adrianadastra Not convinced the car matters, if I’m honest... @missjensa @politcalhound1 @LadyMuckStyle You absolutely are. We have all helped others within and beyond our means…
@Lifelandlady Scary isn’t it?Terrorists. Just terrorists. know what I’d love to see? If every ex pat northerner who could spare a tenner sent the money home to boost bus…
Retweeted by James @happymargy 😂 @AngelaMarston I’ve seen a few documents which don’t appear to support that but are being misinterpreted. Not that any of it matters now. @Campsy73 90% @Campsy73 Used to get all the jobs like that... @Campsy73 Reverse!Don’t do drugs you can make at home, folks.’t ask the British public what constitutes “monging.”“Herd Immunity”
Retweeted by JamesWord of the day toilet paper clearly featured “abrogation” for some of the Twitterati recently, I see. @virvikram Honk your nose on the way out and don’t forget to polish your big shoes. @virvikram You appear to be talking about the other clown train. @adrianadastra @reidoflemanst @SimonFrost3 Don’t even know where to start with that 😂 @AngelaMarston That a thing now is it?But dogging is fine... Can we get off the clown train yet? @GuyDorrellEsq @RubiesB4Swine 😉 @RubiesB4Swine @GuyDorrellEsq I know nothing useful. @Vickyvbrexit @mwardm @joolz_mc @GuyDorrellEsq Resilience doesn’t care about how you vote. @Iskandar64 Seem to remember doing some really specific stuff which nobody else did. Am loving the hindsight party by lots of people though.
@Michelle3Words Make me. @footiestatsman Did my best to warn and share credible information it arose. Thank you for hearing it. @replacementacc 😂 @Saintchris13 You and me bothSo many people need to separate themselves from so much make believe. On all sides. @ErdmuteD @SandraDunn1955 My daughter is a type 1 diabetic. I’m well aware. @missjensa @LadyMuckStyle Aww, thank you!!Zero fucks given, and rightly so. Britain has committed auto-brexitic asphyxiation and deserves everything it get… @timmycb5 A lot of absolutely deranged fantasy out there right now. @PompeyHutch @timmycb5 That’s all you can do.What’s actually important right now? Get your house in order for a rough winter into a grim spring. That’s it. W… few route changes along the way (that’s life) but the destination was always known:
Retweeted by James @timmycb5 Sunlit upsidedown vehicle lands @SynthAndStrings Yes! @timmycb5 Well, at the slow motion car crash is over.Walking away while blaming the EU for intransigence, anyone? @Sportydoodle Agree @saftycyclist SighThis country is going to get rinsed.
Retweeted by James“A deal is still the most likely outcome” is the funniest thing I’ve heard for weeks. 😂
Retweeted by James @margarance Right oh. @OscarNMFranklin @GuyDorrellEsq @simondowser @peoptog Pleasure! @Vickyvbrexit @barculator @GuyDorrellEsq 😂 @simondowser Pinned tweet @peoptogDon’t look back anymore. Eyes up. Move forwards. Find your way through.With winter coming and the risks of a resurgence in COVID19, mass redundancies, and no deal Brexit coming all at on…
Retweeted by James @LizzywLizzy @timmycb5 Did our best. @Chairforce1 Sensible. @timmycb5 Keep a rat biting at your confidence at all times.