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tory cunts fuck off 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 RIP MF DOOM

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where you stay at @yungbobatea ayy that means a lot right back. big up man, you’re fucking mad fr ✌️ @Danselflys BIG tune @aguycalledsquid P money - Where and when no?
Retweeted by MF SQUID @Danselflys mate you’re a fucking hero 👏👏👏 nice oneMATE THIS IS SICK??? apparently its silencer - black chains but its not been releasedand just listen bc its mad @yungbobatea OH SHIT AMAZING im gna listen 2 this before bed MAAAAAAATE WHAT. the beat at 7:00?????? anyone have an id lol????wtf???
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@TheVulfmon legend i’ll run this @TheVulfmon oh wait shit can u link me?if u make music / have just dropped smth i haven’t heard , beg u link it here i wanna hear ur shiti listen to billie holiday therefore i’m cool.wav
Retweeted by MF SQUIDSidechaining real life
Retweeted by MF SQUID1st game lol viego is insane @aguycalledsquid 🎶 U NEVER BEEN ON A GLIDE 🎶
Retweeted by MF SQUID @PCPcrazy seriously. loving that beat too @PCPcrazy its too good 😭😭😭MOON WALK,, SLIDE @PCPcrazy mate it’s madi posted this after listening to the first 30 seconds but mate this is unreal 😭😭😭😭😭 that beat wtaf this is rude is viego so sexy??????????????inhale, in hell there’s heaven
Retweeted by MF SQUID @Masqthirty3 @csmalfrost nah it really isn’t that hard at all lol @Warcraft they did the dopest commission of my velf rogue recently. what a legend
Retweeted by MF SQUID @JayTeee_7 hahahahah god no 😭 @boyscoutsamm @JellyRiq @MrNash_10 @Dr_Sweets23 @TakeAShilllPill 😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by MF SQUIDanyway i’m sad that i have such negative memories associated w it but i’m just gna purge them from my mind and move forwardthat part in never meant when the guitar comes back in at 2:15 is just like, some of the most beautiful music i’ve ever heardi remember the first time i heard it i just cried a stupid amountcrazy thing abt the american football s/t is that it’s not overrated at all. it’s just as incredible as everyone says it is uno @wormybel copped ✌️I've released some new merch to go alongside the release of my new EP! super cute t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies and t…
Retweeted by MF SQUID @JayTeee_7 yessss lad 👏 i say this all the time but this is legit my favourite song of all time @JayTeee_7 @pricemusick yeaaaaaaa fam that hook is ridiculously fucking catchy too 😭😭😭 @pricemusick @JayTeee_7 mate it’s so addictive 😭😭😭 @niiishal @MisatosSon @MisatosSon been listenin to this a lot lately big up @aguycalledsquid
Retweeted by MF SQUIDand we love it“TELL ME HOW U FEEL” every 2 minutes this song has been stuck in my head all week i swear to godlil concussion goes hard fricking night idiots @lutomvico 🥺🥺🥺🥺 @lutomvico for me* @lutomvico MYYYYY G. top 3 band of all timeone of the best covers ever
Retweeted by MF SQUID @JVNUSTHEGOD @CrumpetTheUh @swordedingaffa aight good point i look like 4 twiglets stuck together @swordedingaffa one punch and ur dead no question 🤷 @swordedingaffa sleep with one eye open g. @swordedingaffa don’t startthanks man
2021🤷‍♂️ go smoke a zoot in the snow @ponsypansy i’m so happy @swordedingaffa pogged out:ooooo to god i fucking hate all students you’re all rats dfkmget your own food you grebby cuntsome fucking greedy twat has taken our just eat delivery next doori got no free clouted........... 📉 popular loner
Retweeted by MF SQUID @Nevvymore he can interrupt me all he wants he earned that LMAOthis acc made me laugh ffs i’m just trying to give till nothings leftthe bait was too easy, i have no self controlanyone wanna submit me with a rear naked choke found this dope video frm seeing earthgang this album was so good. they r so tight live
Retweeted by MF SQUID @ponsypansy LITERALLY SAME. i’m so bad at expressing things over text tho bc i’m a n idiot moron but i just LOVE talking abt it irl @ponsypansy HAHA UR TOO NICE FOR ME TO DO THAT 2u will be a vessel for me to talk abt my interests tocome hang out with me so i can talk about music and not acknowledge ur presence the entire time @aguycalledsquid YOOO shower freestyles HIT like actually
Retweeted by MF SQUID @K4our301 @ponsypansy see yamakes me feel powerful iclstarted saying goodbye mid conversation , gna see how that works out 4 me
Retweeted by MF SQUID @SimperiaI 😭😭😭 @FUCKINGHAMER @gumisunz
Retweeted by MF SQUIDme and who wow i was rlly not a fan of GINGER but sugar is laaaaargeeeee. bearface >>>>>>so yes My High was definitely the best song of 2020 & i want amine to spit in my mouth