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Broadcaster, Genius, Rated #1 in female focus groups | #x1MOB

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↓ LIVE ↓ #ahadszn hello guys @kvnelevn @PlayVALORANT i think overall focus on gunplay and strats is better than heavy utility reliance @PlayVALORANT only complaint left > games still feel 1 sided. U either shit on them or get shit on. only 1 game today was neck and necki gotta say for the first time in a long time i had fun playing VALORANT. alot of fun. rarely felt like i was g…
@jenn69420VAL radiant @NachoCustomz @khangtthai @TeamRazer @KingNeptune1220 @TiffaJessi @Coeiyi thanks for the tag!!! hey Khang!! @KP_fps NOOO still live gaming hit d1 -immortal bound @SippingSemen @skamiotis she dont want me @SippingSemen @skamiotis @HowardTangTV ALMOST THERE↓ LIVE ↓ #ahadszn RADIANT SZN BABY LETS GOOO RT & TAP IN 📲📲📲 this because u cant do this anymore manifesting that run&gun is fixed @LaskiCS @SippingSemen @Hauntterr @skamiotis she is not an object that can be "shared" bro. shes a person @7RIBE1 10x better than peach rings bro deadass @SippingSemen @Hauntterr @skamiotis naw im tryna DM her later @SippingSemen @Hauntterr getcho mans @mcgowannn redbull + sour candy + cocktail peanuts @MxjdTV kill it today @SippingSemen u wanna choke my hands ?> @mcgowannn this is the best combo for ranked redbull + sour candyready for ranked today 😌 @NitesTV thank U @vawkie mannnnnn i need it so bad so i can go to bed and wake up for ranked @vawkie wdymwanted to be a content creator today so i got ready to record an overview of the patchnotes + my thoughts on it an… @AlphaFLy_TV yo @bbnectar how am i supposed to kno anything about u if u just bully me and call me a slut all the time @bbnectar ur latina ????? @MadySmacks vouches wont work for twitch rivals hahaha- but good u signed up im p sure they're bringing in alot of new ppl for this one @conoredits @Adam_byt @IKEAUK wait is that not faze blazei should call her @hailewhy yea @Gavpai is this on netflix ? @PrinceJakarie ye i was just watchin that one. lemme know how you like it! @frostyZK not sure yet, i assume itll be towards noon like usual @fatalex is jojo overhyped? be honest @Jaomock on netflix?Just finished MAGI and oh man it was so good need another anime to watch theres a few 1-2 seasons anime's that i… @gilbertwill15 for a handsome smooth guy like you? common will dub @papashlomo retro-gracing these nuts in ur mouf @DekyFPS @137_IQ 911 id like to report a murder @bbylapras joe wants u @realQuig @ElevateFN @jammyzx they need to put you in a super max
@Klutzzzy @C9AryaJan naw we got beef @C9AryaJan please take my virginity↓ LIVE ↓ ear licking hot tub 3d ASMR yoga ergonomics RT & TAP IN 📲📲📲honestly thist last week been pretty bad imma blame it on marcus retrograce whoever he is @holyFPS man nevermind holy @holyFPS not the vids can u send me the clip? like from yesterday? @holyFPS can u send me the clip ? @SippingSemen @Hauntterr @skamiotis me too @Hauntterr @SippingSemen @skamiotis thank u so much for clearing up his LIES @SippingSemen @Hauntterr @skamiotis no way thats not true @SippingSemen @Hauntterr @skamiotis i believe in haunter supremacy @137Don i been lickin ears for 3 days! @SippingSemen @skamiotis @Hauntterr i am @SippingSemen @skamiotis lol howd u get this pic of @Hauntterrstream soon ^~^ NOT PLAYING VALORANT TONIGHT we are taking a break the night before the new act good vibes + tal… @mintaims @DerekJoon us as in me and derekjoon the guy over the age of 18 @mintaims @DerekJoon it could be us @HasanRana83251 @alvuked @RafiqMasso who r u @9outers DONT REQUEST MONEY FROM ME @9outers $ahadify u got me for the viper ultimate dock @minhhtea what she do sis @vohlii twitter gaming is a cool kids club, they basically get to pick and choose who gets verified and who doesnt… @eboyspit u should start flirting with me too @eboyspit ya thats my chat Lol always flirting with me hahaa @TDB2O yessir. Goal for today is force myself to record, edit, and upload 1 tiktok today! You have any goals for this fine monday? @Cxmaron between ur legsHappy Monday✨ The start of a new week is much like a clean slate. I hope you all crush it 💯👊 @papashlomo i think u will stay around plat tbh, u improved ALOT and i still have more to send usaw her letting another dude carry her on valorant
Retweeted by ahad 😼 @KP_fps @lorrian_ @itnothan_ @qtpanini @flowerful_ @MC_Lelicious @Fullmetal_Val @1dianazzz LFGGG @maddiesuun U ARE SO GOOD HOLY SHIT LETS GO OOOO MADDIE @Huston_TV @oderuscs ;LAKSJDF;LAKJSFALSKDJ @mayuhri_x1 waaaaaaaaaaait ur gross
@maddiesuun MADDIE LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO U ARE INSANE @NoshinOcean @jaesadilla @Rodriguezdagawd @ClawdiaFox LMFAO I THOUGHT IT WAS CLAUDIA TOO @DarnelApelu u should be a model @WajaTheHAT LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JOKES JOKES BHAI U ARE GLOBAL!!! @WajaTheHAT yeh u def silver in both games bruv @TSM hi tsm @nallanoelx u are poggers @C9AryaJan u are so sexy @shotbyangelina u smokin that low pack @MahkFPS im talkin about nick champz 😂😂💀 @TLCoreJJ @dignitas HOLY SHITwhen the ranked gets fixed we're going to see something similar to when CS changed their ranking system "yea im go… @_dault @OniCulture invite me @atlasxzx @JMaldo_x1 @sfX_x1 @witmer ill take my gift in gifted subs @JMaldo_x1 the whole val scene owes you, @sfX_x1 , and @witmer fathers day gifts @laaur @TeamSynergy @SynergyCrest_ make it happen @DekyFPS ❤️↓ LIVE ↓ lickin ears from a hot tub in Canada RT & TAP IN 📲📲📲
Retweeted by ahad 😼back @mintaims @DerekJoon nobody safegoing live again had to end stream bc i forgot my little cousin had a bday party LOL cya in a few mins