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WHAT THE FUCK THANK YOU @DerangedNative FOR 100 GIFTED RANKED GAMING @collinlac @loldellzor no idea brotha @Class↓ LIVE ↓ >>> twitchtv/ ahad <<< link in reply or bio (testing this) #ahadszn entry fee: guys: $5 ladies: 5 g… @MJCheen @JustinPistachio @itsSpart sleepin on the curly fry munchy meal @brookestreamz guy like me looks at the ground while ordering a drink @TorseFPS @AdamStone_ @Glorinsz @AeroValorant @VRisingGame cowards. @SkimVal i am going to SCREAM @TorseFPS @AdamStone_ @Glorinsz @AeroValorant @VRisingGame ok are you all ready ? @SkimVal get on lets q @Schovee @frostyZK @Bjorlulu @harmfoo ur mad cuz no one rides ur dick 😭 @frostyZK @Schovee @Bjorlulu @harmfoo BANGGG @frostyZK @mitchedits @Bjorlulu @harmfoo BANGGG @SkimVal what abt ur 🍆 @softaimsuppress @FoMiNiL vouch @softaimsuppress throat goat @softaimsuppress u want another 4 rn ? @softaimsuppress at the same time ? @WasteManOP not u diamond 2 @nishnug If it was happening on obs u just gotta start obs and ur game in admin mode @voddkaah my brother in christ needs to get laid holy @nishnug streamlabs is garb tbh @voddkaah Nope life is good u kno what i meanahahahahahah @neekojulz @pinche_nikki yesss im tryna talk to her @pinche_nikki @neekojulz lol hey @nishnug use window capture or display cap instead @neekojulz nikki cannot spell her most used word *pretends to be shocked* @Boy1drr not u @voddkaah i dont even tell these mfs when im having a bad day 💀btw i am single ladies tap in 🔥 @AdamStone_ @TorseFPS @Glorinsz @AeroValorant @VRisingGame u sound rich bro getcho wallet out @graysn having low vitamind d is a common thing for gamers like us get it checked fs @graysn r u taking vitamin d @TorseFPS @AdamStone_ @Glorinsz @AeroValorant @VRisingGame okok imma go shower rq figure out the numbers and ill go… @TorseFPS @AdamStone_ @Glorinsz @AeroValorant @VRisingGame ight torse lob me the 10 so i can get the match dont let me down bro @AdamStone_ @Glorinsz @TorseFPS @AeroValorant @VRisingGame so what you're saying is that if torse gifts 10 subs, yo… @TicSteel @AdamStone_ @Glorinsz @TorseFPS @AeroValorant @VRisingGame banger @AdamStone_ @Glorinsz @TorseFPS @AeroValorant @VRisingGame alright adam let me hold 10 g… @mars_mood @dopegf LMFAOOOOOOOO OWNED also what did she says i see 2 replies but only see yours @TorseFPS @Glorinsz @AdamStone_ @AeroValorant @VRisingGame torse let me hold 10 gifted bro @Huston_TV i said i would do this verse without mentionin a plane but look at the plane fuck is we sayin #bars @mars_mood @dopegf emily u gon let mars say hes down 2 cheat??? das crazy.... @mars_mood tag her coward @RiotCarrieDunn these pics are colddd, where did yall take them at @not_jack1 @Nurfed he works for wild rift now rofl @mars_mood tag her and let her know that if she catches you aimbotting that means its over @Glorinsz @zandertoo @DavidWu_SB @TorontoSRN me everytime you clutch @Purebunni @sairaspooks what does that mean
@WasteManOP @Glorinsz the 0-6 @WasteManOP @Glorinsz this is yo mans from the 6 @WasteManOP gimme an acc ill come q @vinsconcubine @vinniehacker yea lolzI would cheat on my girl before i cheated in a video game @hailewhy i deadass would cheat on my girl before ever cheating in a game idgaf @florscnt need the sens mouse and mousepad @kneecourts then i am not leaving my house. @shifanacc ratioo @shifanacc u are 5'2 and cry when ppl get loud @vinsconcubine did u know @vinniehacker invented mangoes @kneecourts can u hold one for me ill leave my house rn @heyliljuju i agree 100% ladies tap in @loserboo26 @blank_ahmed1234 LOL @blank_ahmed1234 @loserboo26 u literally tagged me @blank_ahmed1234 @loserboo26 i have no idea what shes sayingL4 new radiant duo @sairaspooks multi tasking @sairaspooks np gremlin↓ LIVE ↓ >>> <<< #ahadszn need the ladies to pop out and gift 5 a piece as entry fees… @will1us nice pussy @pondsnaiI IM AWAKE AND LUCID. @pondsnaiI I SWEAR @BillyRayfe showering @ddoubledom1 bet 5 gifted i go live before midnight @i_icebxrg i swesr @_zamiraj_ i shall ma’am just going to shower rq @_zamiraj_ coward @_zamiraj_ bet 5 gifted @ethoz fosho just shoot me a dm im free on weekendsi will stream. @ethoz i do dual pc setups and cable management tap in my boy @NachoCustomz @TiffaJessi yeah sure! shoot me a DM!
@Class 10 gifted subs and ill leak it idc @silllks yoo @JerkTBE ok @OwenMRoe LMAOOO @OwenMRoe u could lowk wear a red door dash hat and take multiple bags @_aaebiya i put half my bowl into a tortilla lol @zincval omwfeelin kinda freaky rn @juliwaves what kinda cheese @juliwaves waffles? french toast? @Glorinsz @WasteManOP dont worry ur nephew ahad has been frying pros all morning 🔥 @WasteManOP @Glorinsz brotha u were in his lobby 1 time by accident last year @Glorinsz @WasteManOP thats ur boy from the 6 @WasteManOP @Glorinsz LMFAOOOOO @juliwaves where is the pancakes @Elit3TTV @makz vouch @theannihilatr @nosyy_tv if nosy says its coo ill lob in the mousepad 🔥 @glittereggo ratio