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Broadcaster, Genius, Rated #1 in female focus groups | #x1MOB • @ashiibun

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@GlONNl yoidk if its my internet or dual pc but imma test out the single pc stream again tn @Pikaclicks yea @Froste u got me with a steak dinner when u win? @_dault yessir then 5 more after that @aheartout perhaps ill see what i can do @aheartout @cch0_val i am indeed @aheartout @cch0_val cuz im that guy @_routers fr @MyBadMatthew @KB24NFT @HeauxNFTs need bolis media nfts fr @ashIyne *starts breakdancing* @ashiibun send me the money ill try for u @MyBadMatthew yea. @ashiibun whats maple @gurshVE they be doin their dances over zoom bruh @neffury bro @neffury IM THE RICH GUY IN AMERICA LMAOOOOO @TorseFPS hi @neffury its my plan Z bc im not tryna cuff someone just so they can get a greencard @waifuouo cant imagine ur dm requests after this …. @neffury i already have offers lmao @ZoSZNx GOOD MORNING MR ZO @gucci_pilowcase pussy ass excuses man, bad day? dont queue ranked, not competitive? dont queue competitive modes.… @Governor_Val bet @Governor_Val raw input buffer is the new setting its under ur sens in general settings and thanks for the info 😮‍💨good morning ☀️ @Governor_Val ok lemme ask some questions > do u play on fiber > raw input buffer on/off > breakfast ? > redbull… @Governor_Val drop the routine gimme tips i need help @Governor_Val holy fucking shit @gucci_pilowcase no, i keep a perfectly level head in ranked. but when im 2 games away from radiant, or attempting… @benjyfishy u got any games on ya phone @ShawnBM_ its never worth it bro. @falcowitz with how fast life moves these days, its hard to keep in touch @Slastt u and me @cch0_val @aheartout hah get owned im on the inside @Keeoh holy shit @AyeeTrain ur so fucking good man LMFAO @vinitciv ill try mah best @wippiecs i agree @ctrrlz thanks babe... @ctrrlz SHUT UP EVERYONE CARES IM GOING TO KEEP CRYING FUCK YOU @ilyshae fr need it so badThe last few streams have been so good, not sure what im doing differently but blessed to have improved from before… when......... @aryjawn @rust1n LOL ya but i have rustin notis on :) @rust1n is that real LOLmy stream PC restarted ?????? back now tho @AsiaVsTheWorld damn u ok lol @ashiibun W @Aaviate my 1 joint with u was one to remember we gotta run it up again @rachellibun @ashiibun but my bio is so clean 🥲 @ashiibun cuz my bio is so good? do u not like it? @ashiibun idk a week or a month @ashiibun why only 1 day @ashiibun dub how long do i got the spot @1EDEN_ @ashiibun LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @vickypalami dm me!! @_mayelenaa_ fr no matter how much weight i lose my ass still fat @vickypalami hmm, want me to take a look at ur OBS settings? i stream at 5500 and mine looks crispy also are u dual PC or single ? @_mayelenaa_ relatable @C9AryaJan @nateschanker can we all get lunch this weekend @ashiibun yea sure @neffury hes right fr @gorboob @hailewhy oh no @_dault @rxmissis @WhoIeshnack lemme get the 2 large 2 topping combo with the cheesy bread, and a 2 liter of diet coke↓ LIVE ↓ #ahadszn ladies tap in 📲📲📲 @RyuLLKN down @ilyeeet yes ma'm just setting up my camera again :p @ilyeeet im playing this . @DarnelApelu why DO YOU HAVE THIS ON STAND BYabout to stream need a start stream song who got me tap in in 10 @WhoIeshnack @rxmissis johnny lemme get 2 large cheese and a side of breadsticks mah boy @ZoSZNx let me just upload this tiktok and ill be good to go .... are u on ezback cord @ZoSZNx sorry bro i am streaming RIGHT NOW!!! @ashIyne i hated it at first but its kinda nice ngl- hour 1 is whenever i wakeup and i just work out, eat, start gr… @Reck___ SEND ME A PIC OF THE KEYBOARD I WANT FROM U @ashIyne i tried fixing my sleep schedule a few times, now i just have a weird cycle of waking up and sleeping when… @Reck___ send me a pic of that board and wire rq @MxjdTV i’m tryna win bruh @WedidOfficial @777eeiu doesnt aceu alrdy stream?
@aheartout @HollywoodQQ weather is noice today @aheartout @HollywoodQQ yall…… @dominoprix u are exempt from this tweet apex queen ur doing great @LilSpaceMermaid perhaps @rqcamilla he really sits on that shit bro 😭😭the guy who owns this setup hit immortal on 3 different accounts i dont wanna hear ANY EXCUSES from you gold stuck… @LilSpaceMermaid its grey sweatshort szn @ZoSZNx paint em @ezbak3lovin @ZoSZNx CAN U GUYS JOIN EZBAKE CORD NEED TO PEER PRESSURE RECK @Reck___ cord? @Reck___ wyd @magnetbrain if u think thats sick bro, killua and gon both do some crazy shit later on. Hope u enjoy! One of my absolute FAVORITE animes :D @minhhtea 🤨 @ClassifyAlt lemme hit @avriladc the delta variant @Class @MxjdTV outta pocket LMFAO @Justinovah i just use those questions as an excuse to flex how good my pc is and how i have 0 issues with valorant @juliaaiis @Glorinsz @careertwitch @WedidOfficial @PlayVALORANT if u know u know @Justinovah my valorant will not open when i open it how do i fix that @benjyfishy yo.