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DJ / Producer from LDN 🇵🇰 Co-founder of @moretimerecords ⏰ Resident on @bbcasiannetwork @balamii 📻 Throw parties @boilerroomtv @no_id_ldn 🕺🏼

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don't know why but i just remembered this set, probs one of my faves ever. @Butterz at Cable, still undefeated 💛 @okwilliams_ 2020 stays being weird 😂locked in to @snowflkz on @RinseFM 🔆
Retweeted by ahadadreamthey should really just let this rock until 3AM
Retweeted by ahadadream☝🏽 @El_Tel__ LOOOLLLL this has been the absolute bestahahahahah
Eid Mubarak 🧡
“Earthquake (feat. De Grandi)” by Ahadadream #nowplaying #6music
Retweeted by ahadadreamMy new EP Internal Sunshine is finally out now. Go support any way you can.
Retweeted by ahadadream.@Dazed mix + feature out now 🤠 that's it that's the tweet
Retweeted by ahadadream💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿
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It's been a while since I dropped a mix, but I'm back with a big one for @DJmag! 💥💣 It's a fusion of my typical afr…
Retweeted by ahadadreamwords in this from myself 😇 bangers by @ahadadream/@yunganz_/@atbamz/@BFTTyco/@breakamusic/@client_03/@giuliaTESS/…
Retweeted by ahadadreamBig s/o to @SheisFNT @colby11ate @doggylikewoody @ahadadream @ry0_n4 @YvngboiP @ankokushinwa @addisongroove
Retweeted by ahadadreamahadadreamかかって音量2億倍にしてる
Retweeted by ahadadream仙狐さん「Ahadadreamは最高なのじゃ」
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We’re on @ReprezentRadio today at 4 pm for the workout hour with @LilC95 @RemiBurgz @HighClassFilter @TheHIITman_
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How long until times have been strange so long that we don’t need to call them strange times every day 😹Now Playing Ahadadream, De Grandi - Earthquake #ahadadream, @DeGrandi94120
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@DjFirestarr bro im so sorry - sending love + prayers 🧡unruly!
Retweeted by ahadadreamdibidibidbidaaeefucksake this one making me sad to be indoors CONTROLAAAAAAAA @radioraheim_ can't forget Eltonaahahahaa of the lights! @ninalasvegas @snowflkz @moretimerecords Thank you Nina 🧡🧡🧡Day 54 - @Ahadadream & @snowflkz - Hydration This guys never disappoint and their new colla…
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New @beatport chart up. Tracks inc @razzlerman @ahadadream @Tsvisions @17stepsmusic @addisongroove + more
Retweeted by ahadadream @Funkystepz Yes please 🙏🏽
@noanunoparty @NTSlive 😍May's edition of my @NetilRadio show is now live on @mixcloud , filled with stuff from @zonae__ @itsFAUZIA
Retweeted by ahadadream @Just_Lola_So @NetilRadio @mixcloud @zonae__ @itsFAUZIA @LCY__________ @mrmitchmusic @SamBingaMusic @fixate_uk @Bandcamp THANK YOU! X🧡 @ACertainAbbie @kexp thanks!Ahadadream - KOYAL - In Order To Care (2020)
Retweeted by ahadadreambig up @Gafacci @boilerroomtv @dahlingage1 @gasmillawins @GuiltyBeatz @flexfabmusic @M3B8Music @RealLazee GAF THE GOATPSA!! Finally. I Broke my @boilerroomtv cherry.🤯 Link : Feat music by @dahlingage1
Retweeted by ahadadream @okwilliams_ happy bdayyyyy!! x
ICYMI, i chatted w @ScratchaDVA for @Polymer_Zine this week we chatted about memories of Purple E3, @Hyperdub, Scr…
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@MorganKeyz 😂another dad approved show ✅ latest ep on @bbcasiannetwork w a 🔥guest mix from lisbon’s Nídia @sukulbembe ! tracks…
Retweeted by ahadadream @noanunoparty Thanks for the play 🙏🏽🧡To all my other self-employed / freelance people stressing out - the COVID-19 self-employment grant is letting peop…
Retweeted by ahadadreamLink just dropped for my Amapiano mix on BBC Radio 🥳🤩 thank You for the opportunity @ahadadream 🛸:
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Big double header on @bbcasiannetwork tonight — joined by two Gs on the show 📻 ⁣ ⁣ @dj_doowap came through with 30⁣…
Retweeted by ahadadream🚲Henrie said don’t need no hateration, holleration in this dancery
Retweeted by ahadadreamHALFTIME HITS 🔇 #NS10v10 An exclusive from @m1llionz < Look out for that one! @unknwnt9 - Squeeze & Buss…
Retweeted by ahadadreamjeeeeez what a spot to get your tune played in. M1llionz getting to drop to 80k new ears
Retweeted by ahadadream @DJ_PMontana 😂SHE TELL MI SHE NUH LET GOOOOO
Retweeted by ahadadream @LickshotLippy 😂Sorry kana, I love u but nah let go beats u hands down lolKana 🙏🏽Lol Tory lanez was wondering why his views were a bit low tonight 😂I’m gonna lose my head. WHAT IS GOING ON?
Retweeted by ahadadream @hrhhootiewho lol i need more devicesOne man took it🌚
Retweeted by ahadadream1 MANNNNNNNNNNNN
Retweeted by ahadadreamPlanted a seed to one day be on BBC Radio and today I’m on the airwaves playing strictly local tunes 🇿🇦🙏🏾
Retweeted by ahadadreamBig double header on @bbcasiannetwork tonight — joined by two Gs on the show 📻 ⁣ ⁣ @dj_doowap came through with 30⁣… @DJ_Doowap tonight on @bbcasiannetwork at 11pm with @ahadadream. Tune in! More info here:
Retweeted by ahadadreamMy secret for being productive is that I often doing nothing. Doing nothing is so important as it pushes you to ret…
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Bringing the party into your living-room on @boilerroomtv this evening! Streaming live from isolation - 20:00GMT…
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hello, i manage the @bandcamp support team. this is us today. pray for us / send beer
Retweeted by ahadadreamA mighty R&S compilation to aid the NHS, silky drum'n'bass, essential hip-hop and more: Our 10 favourite new relea…
Retweeted by ahadadreamMade a list of the music played on my last @Balamii show 👇 ft. @pedrodalinha @kidcala & S is raising PPE funds for NHS, featuring bunch of artists i adore including @ahadadream @LCY__________
Retweeted by ahadadream @HighClassFilter @scuffedrecs played some chungo on asian network this sunday 👊🏽In Order To Care: A 41 track compilation of brand new and exclusive music to supply much needed PPE to @NHS workers…
Retweeted by ahadadreamSomeone needs to make a thread of the best threads lol 🌀🌀🌀 + @snowflkz joint EP, 3:33 ⏰ x NHS compilation 💙 everyone’s best of bandcamp lists to go shopping later 😍💸Fun, funky, nimble and banging club trax from @ahadadream & @snowflkz on @moretimerecords here – released just the…
Retweeted by ahadadream @hddldn Love to you both 🧡Ok, actually a few more. @ahadadream x @snowflkz with @moretimerecords 3rd birthday release
Retweeted by ahadadreamAn excellent compilation to add to the list with all money raised will directly supplying much needed PPE to NHS wo…
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some more hard drums released last week 〰️ 3:33 EP for @moretimerecords 3rd bday by @ahadadream & @snowflkz! track…
Retweeted by ahadadream @__freshta @moretimerecords @snowflkz 🙏🏽New & Notable: DJ duo @ahadadream & @snowflkz celebrate three years of More Time Records
Retweeted by ahadadreamthanks @Bandcamp 😍 you for all the support yesterday, now on all platforms! -
Retweeted by ahadadreamgot a tune on this @randsrecords comp coming out tomorrow raising money for @NHSuk 💙 lotta great music inside -- b…
Omg, what a pleasant surprise 🥺 thank you so much @Bandcamp 🤍 this made my day!
Retweeted by ahadadreamNow on 1, @minamusicuk chats with @Champion_DJ & delivers a mix 2000 - 2013 inspirations mix:…
Retweeted by ahadadream3️⃣ years of More Time 3️⃣ tracks from @snowflkz 3️⃣ tracks from @ahadadream Also featuring @Serocee +…
Retweeted by ahadadreamBack on @bbcasiannetwork this Sunday night with more special guests 📻 here's the last one with @Bakongo_ +… Playing Ahadadream - Hydration #ahadadream
Retweeted by ahadadreamNow Playing Ahadadream, De Grandi - Earthquake #ahadadream, @DeGrandi94120
Retweeted by ahadadreamDJmagで昨年来日した Ahadadreamが主催するMore Time Recordsの記事がアップされてた More Time Records|
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thanks for the support @beatport 🙏
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