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22 | F/A IGL + flex valorant player ✧ C9 Alexis vouched for me three times* ✧ @okidenni ⁎⁺˳༚ Business:

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@xoxCheIs @KOLER1337 and that’s all??? LOL @Luna__Fox wot drama :> I’ve been malding in ranked LOL @Luna__Fox tea? :o @jellyfish_val @FloatsPC YES I was hovering astra I think? You said you’re not wasting 3 rr so the yoru can dodge i… @jellyfish_val @FloatsPC wtf where do you live????? Alberta? @FloatsPC @jellyfish_val So far 1-1 for the day, would’ve been a nice 2-0 if yoru didn’t dodge the fracture queue I got in with you guys 🥲 @jellyfish_val @FloatsPC bro cali 1 is the only west server I can play on, otherwise I get 5-10% packet loss on cali 2 val servers suck @FloatsPC @jellyfish_val get off illi servers at least pls <3 lemme get my elo LOLdidn’t realize the jellyfish was Irene, I love her and know she’s a good player. my main issue was my two plat team… @FloatsPC @jellyfish_val I hate u now js 💖 @jellyfish_val @morgeestreams Yeah he was sexist and racist first round then proceeded to try and throw, admitted t… @morgeestreams Girl did you not read what I said, I didn’t say she was a bad player and I told her that in game as… @jellyfish_val Ngl, totally forgot you go by jellyfish I only recognize you as Irene LMAO @morgeestreams Not saying she’s a bad player, literally said she was good but she was queuing with someone on a level 14 accountI love getting two plat3 players in my high diamond/low immortal games. Phoenix was sexist, racist, and admitted to… @clgaming @bungeecsgo @NotAMNESlA Lets go 🥳solo queue solo queue solo queue @arcticsoldier_1 LETS GO ARCTIC 🥳 @slayZon_ no u I’m dog meat @ahad Being sexist isn’t okay but… telling someone to kill themselves isn’t okay either. Yikes :/ you can defend yo… @Purilly YOURE SO GOOD GOD I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU MAKE 🥺🥺🥺🥺 @JoshiAliAndres damn I felt that pain @xRosey99 I love you 🥺 I can’t wait for the day I get to meet you and steal you from crunch 🥰 @froggyve if it was me, if he continues messaging you then I would @marifyy Hot like youuuuu @Pterodactylsftw Gotta be the best cypher for you 🥵 @Kamiunist Nah you were so hot that game @froggyve IM GOING TO KISS YOU AHH DIIDDJSJS 🥺"good for zero" btw 🤓 @Eurazn_ Kiss me
i hit my shots sometimes @dwirsl @morgeestreams oh? @Dielan_nguyen cute like you ✨maybe I finally play ranked? @JaxsenFPS @tupperwareplays Bro it just feels weird to use my pinky I dunno 🥺 @JaxsenFPS @tupperwareplays I don’t use my pinky either, trying to force myself into the habit tho :> @Kamiunist she’s! so! freaking! good! @Dielan_nguyen help I’ve fallen and can’t get up @crunchyyworld @jacobcavern You’re on my to rob list too, I’m tryna steal @xRosey99 from you
@dnosVAL @cch0_val I would die for you bOTH @hirai95 There’s little science backing the fact that blue lights effect your skin like they claim lmao. They also… @RealNovah 🚩🚩🚩 @RealNovah I was reading the replies, and the fact this is a part of the website is… interesting lol love Rae but this seems like such a scam, blue light pollution? Girl what @sfX_x1 Imma smother you in love @sfX_x1 And this is why you’re my #1 homie 🥺 (sorry I can’t offer anything but the homie spot I got nothing special… @sfX_x1 If I’m not on the invite list I don’t want it @1EDEN_ @1EDEN_ I got mine @1KingB_Val Drop the gym location I’ll be there tomorrow 🚗 @Pterodactylsftw @RoninLifts ???? I WANNA GO TO BED BUT IM NOT TIRED SO IM ASKING HIM TO KNOCK ME OUT BRO 😭 @RoninLifts can you knock me out rly quick with those arms so I can sleep ty @alexismarieNY my aim in scrims ≠ my aim in ranked my aim in scrims: 📈 my aim in ranked: 📉 @1KingB_Val be my gym buddy ty ty @1KingB_Val GAINSSSS @kelliesspeck I just love how I have a chicken @arcticsoldier_1 hopmies always <3 ily always @kaaylen_ what wrong 🥺 @bumpaah Just don’t roza ult 4Head @basicallyleaah GOD SHE’S SO SEXY @slayZon_ @slayZon_ Minus u @kaaylen_ Yeah happened with my friend who didn’t play for a week when at imm2. we duo’d, lost, and he “ranked up” back to imm2 @kaaylen_ o you’ll have imm3 back then LOL, just deranks you to imm1 when you haven’t played in awhile. But as soon… @kaaylen_ (even if you lose you get it back btw) @kaaylen_ If you haven’t played comp in a week or two it deranks you by one rank, once you play a game you get your actual rank back <3 @JaxsenFPS @Kamiunist beautiful isn't it? @Pterodactylsftw @Kamiunist wish i was a senior in high school so that could be my senior quote tbhI absolutely love every single person in my corner. I'm so thankful for the people I have met and have in my life.… @JaxsenFPS it is @Kamiunist giving valid points after i said why do I date men when women exist LOL @itsguess_ well…TIME TO TRY IT OUT :D
@battyvee do it @okidenni no youmy aim was better in unrated than it was in scrims @itsguess_ both quality options, what do you feel best with? what makes you feel like a bad bitchlife. by no means am I perfect and saying I made no wrongs. The difference though—I apologized for said wrongs, lea… himself, if you want to be friends with him, go right ahead but you can see yourself out of my life if you ac…’ll say this once; i want nothing to do w/ my ex, I don’t want to hear a single thing about him. He’s someone who… @yueyings_ SHOPPING SPREE TIME? :o @fatLippp Mommy 😩 @okidenni STEP ON ME RN @ahad @ashIyne i hate this but imma like it LOL @basicallyleaah KISS ME RIGHT NOW HOLY @itsjawhn grab it and don’t let go @okidenni You hate me @yueyings_ o dis is awkward >.> I was not expecting that answerunrated w/ angel <3 @okidenni @Angelval2k We’re hated @Angelval2k @okidenni TRUE GET ON @nitr0 @Hiko @ec1s_ I would take jiggling over sitting crouched in a random ass corner @yueyings_ hi can u kindly step on me @iBuhms @cozyjozie @bumpaah NOT YOU TOO LMAO @cozyjozie @bumpaah WAIT AYO THATS YOU @slayZon_ Two large coffees pls I’m dying out here @bumpaah Ayo i’m broke, no confidence, live with my parents, in terrible shape, but I’m 5’5 and kinda funny give me a chance 🤝 @kelliesspeck Send me the photo let’s go @slayZon_ can you bring me some too @AerithReborn o hai friend @PRETTYKlTTEN callie tf did I just read