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@zincval @Imbynova @RiFtCS @ysk1ng @Jasprrx J skdksjs money for airbnb* @Imbynova @RiFtCS @zincval @7xnate Both @ysk1ng @Jasprrx flight for airbnb goes to flight 🫡 @psychowinn YES MAMAS @desiireeanne yes bb!! @ysk1ng October 🫡 @ysk1ng no shit I know that LOL @ysk1ng Vancouver 🤨 @emijuju_ YES @606Ericaa @eevux @lykachu_ @papashlomo OI AT LEAST IM NOT PUTTING THE RANCH ON ANY FOOD I JUST WANT THE KEG THERE @lykachu_ @606Ericaa @papashlomo I am suddenly cancelling my flight
@606Ericaa @lykachu_ @papashlomo I’m not a big dairy fan, yogurt makes me want to throw up low key 🥴 @whyhellostacy omg yes pls sign me up @606Ericaa @lykachu_ @papashlomo you guys are wrong, yogurt is disgusting @whyhellostacy YES YIU WERE THE FIRST ONE I THOUGHT OF WHEN I WOULD BE IN LA @606Ericaa @papashlomo @lykachu_ i think keg of ranch is even better than yogurt pasta tbh @Duvud_ @Ayakawife uhhh i dont know when exactly but in october, ask @J4WZI for specifics 🫡 maybe he’ll know @n0tandreaaa YES PLSSSSSS @606Ericaa @papashlomo gold pure gold @papashlomo @606Ericaa she really doesn’t, would be the best $50 ever spent tho @606Ericaa @papashlomo omg pls there needs to be a keg of ranch at lan @Ayakawife vancouver :D for a week or so! @eevux WOO TORONTO @606Ericaa IM GOING TO TORONTO LAN SO YOULL DEF SEE ME 🥺 WE GET DRINKS OR SOMETHING?So… going to be in Toronto, Vancouver, and LA in the next few months. any friends want to touch grass together? 🫣 @bublaylaz i mean when was the last time i "begged' for money? whereas that's your whole life based on your account. weirdo behavior. @bublaylaz bbg I have a job, stop hating and get a job yourself @MrGrumpychan wait wot 👁👄👁 @EmyyCSGO omg welcome to valorant 💜JONAHP IS DIFFERENT @CarbynVAL this is the right take, always has been always will beFaze members are an L from the looks of all their replies to Twitch’s tweet about masks being required. @kelliekovey @improvyzer Masks and negative tests are required and people aren’t happy @improvyzer Covid health mandates now in placeTwitchcon is just showing all the bigots that have no regard for others and their safety; but hey I get to clear out my following at least 🫡Big twitch streamers stay being idiots I guess. @MisfitsGG @HyperX @equalityfl @splathaircolor @xsnation This sounds so fun @NaniTalent @ItsTanikins WELCOME TANI 🥳💜 @JSUNGv1 @solarbby this was an unlawful movement of jinx, you'll be hearing from us @JSUNGv1 @solarbby i'm jinx's lawyer and i'm here on her behalf to say get your own spot buddy. it's her's; finders keepers. @lykachu_ ok but I just don’t understand how ppl can drink pop so muchJust had a guy call me a bitch then hit me with the “chill mamacita, it was a joke,” once I started talking shit ba…
@DerrekOW what’s the clutch % at though 👀i’ve been saying fuck sentinels, 100t on top 🫡can’t go to philly lan because of work and covid but @Jasprrx is enabling me to go to toronto lan… 🫠 @blisskai_ Valorant? :oi have faith in 100t winning, fuck sentinels @7xnate No you did not @7xnate You never told me this so don’t lie @7xnate YOU QUOTED IT @Jasprrx I lowkey hate this @7xnate NOPE IM INSECURE NOW NATE THANK YOU @MellinaKong Man I have like $300 in credits with AA hopefully it’s better by November so I can use them for my fli… @7xnate this is why I’m going to k*ll myself @LznaGL @mayuhri_x1 my boyfriend is a simp for whistler and is always asking if i would bike so will definitely be making a trip LMAO @junimojumper @st9llar @WillFPS @Sentinels i just choked on my smoothie 💀 @LznaGL @mayuhri_x1 any recs for stuff to do in Vancouver? I'm going in October 🥺 @solarbby @RiotNu @cryptXVAL @karraof mango always hits @zander_fps why not have a girl be your gym partner and motivation 🫡
of course when i’m sick and trolling in unrated is when i get all my mutuals on the enemy team. ignore me going 5/1… @6syfi got to witness this in game 🫡 @ariessqc @zincval as you should king @ariessqc @zincval pay up ty @ariessqc @zincval @ariessqc @fsjared @legad_ @lupe1x if you run viper its def gotta be with viper and astra imo @brookelynn__n the only right answer/takedon’t we play astra on pearl? am i picking the wrong smoke agent @902Creed Ight creed what roster are you building with all the f/a available atm?Due to complications, I am officially a F/A again and looking for trials -Sova, initiator, controller or senti -Exp…
Retweeted by heartamazing player, extremely dedicated and hardworking. someone please give her a home ❤️ @karebearkorner So you’re saying you CANT get me the bubbles vandal in my store? Heartbroken 🥹
@calicayuh THIS!!seeing and meeting the rose again for the first time in four years. much excite 🥹🫶🏻 @brookelynn__n Yea I just remember the first time it happened cause patch day took so long it fucked with start tim… @brookelynn__n This isn’t the first time this happened with Sakura cup, but pretty sure they can only have their to… @emluo save your eyes and don’t do it @cryptXVAL you just had to bring in the bots by saying h*cked LMAO @cryptXVAL bro 🤨 @SimpleAloe @riotgames @valesports_na SCREAMING!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU CONGRATS!! also LOVE that green color on you, so pretty 🥺 @Duvud_ Bro your stomach is gonna hate you @JimmyJamTV @OvertimeGG CONGRATS JIMMY :DI said what I said and I’ll say it again 😮‍💨 @leeleefps omg tall queen, I love
@sevvn well did you follow @GenG @leeleefps @iCarleeFN @JaxsenFPS @hannahhfn @TirayeK @itnothan_ how tall is leelee 👁👄👁 @CrusaderTwitch I WOULDVE BEEN SO UPSET BECAUSE THAT HAPPENED TO ME AT WORK BEFORE. I ordered an açaí bowl for my b… a smoothie to switch it up and it’s not that good. This is what I get for betraying boba. should’ve just got th… @HPforGamers Typically I get mango with some mango jellies and popping boba c: @RiFtCS @Saderrrrrrr I mean you saw that the dog didn’t look right completely soooo your fault @paacoo_ my mom made homemade chicken noodle luv her 🥹 @paacoo_ honestly I should get both at this point I deserve it with the way covid is kicking my ass @_Razur THATS WHAT I WAS THINKING glad someone confirmed my idea 🫡hi pls help what do I get @sullycasts I’m all nice to all girls in ranked till they’re a piece of shit. So I support this 🫡 @pxefps @1yzma @PingfuVAL ^ so hard to control imo @bbystareiia Right! I’ve saw them so many times and it’s always amazing but it’s been years because of covid, they’… @zomigang @pullohs I just wanted to talk about anime and he got me instead 🥹