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Alison Herman @aherman2006 Los Angeles, CA

Writer @ringer, alison dot herman at the ringer dot com. Screen queen; streaming motherfucker.

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@neilkleid thanks!!
@lizjacobin oh to be clear by "hand mixer" I meant "an electric mixer I hold in my hand in lieu of standing up" NOT… @lizjacobin not having kitchen space.......... @killakow good luck dude!! HMU if you need tips @lizjacobin I’m a hand mixer girl!!recipe by melissa THEE clark; definitely a project but lol what else are you doing twitter friends: I made babka @AEscaninha see follow up tweetI love when this account subtweets reality @alinebmckenna I'm so sorry for your loss, Aline - it was always dazzling to see how wide the show's songs could range.I would like to apologize for erasing the experience of nocturnal folks who are *both*. you are valued; you are seenthis crisis is really separating the insomniac depressives from the sleeps-for-twelve-hours depressives
@americanamemes inherent vice, blue, nonewhen I'm watching an episode of THE GOOD FIGHT and the credits start 17 minutes in quibi...............good?!?!?? @labuzamovies YES PETERmy local dispensary went live on ig today
@inkookang literally any alison roman recipe @jnetherton lane tho!!it's a pandemic, procrastinate with me: a rock-solid top ten based on my objective, indisputable description of myself, good job me yeah alex garland shows allowedbetween FOSSE/VERDON and MRS. AMERICA I hope FX permanently pivots to just "the 70s" @ambivalent_man @ringer ah thanks!
@vryclvr Yup!probably my favorite, still:'s better known for fountains of wayne, but the work adam schlesinger did on CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND was extraordinar… the best tv characters bracket I wrote about pete campbell, my one true king
Retweeted by Alison HermanCURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM (2020) ode to pete campbell, the snot-nosed whiner in us all:'t get the dua hype until she name dropped john lautner in her album opener @decognizable ty!! @RoushanzamNoir thanks so much!
@rachel_witkin thanks!! @anthonycdemaria that means so much!! thanks for reading :) @schadenfraade what focaccia recipe did you use? I tried the saltie one a while ago and it flopped but the basically one is solid @schadenfraade holy shit @troyleft @ringer if pete were an actual person I'd steer clear and tell everyone I know to do the same. but he's n… @troyleft @ringer that's in the piece, if you read it! @PatrickYWu @MadMenQts thanks for reading! @TheBestCaptainK thanks! @waterloowalrus (check the ringer dot com later this week!) @waterloowalrus they're called QUICK bites noahI have consumed the bites that were on the screener site Forgive me they were so quick and keke palmer was there @tlrhyn thanks!(don't let peggy lose guys)pitting women against each other smh @yellowperilgirl production got suspended :(my rewatch is now 3 eps out from "signal 30" and I am going to SAVOR. IT.Reminder that Whole Foods workers are walking out today, so don't cross that picket line
Retweeted by Alison Herman @johnlevenstein I think the precision with which one maps directly onto the other is a bit uncanny, given their respective tones!for the best tv characters bracket I wrote about pete campbell, my one true king
@minakimes AND?!?! @Reznikov1899 @ringer unfortunately this was out of my hands!! @kathbarbadoro kath I have bills to pay @scott_tobias @JohnGonzalez maybe the problem is that succession just has too many duos? tom and greg, gerri and roman.... @scott_tobias @JohnGonzalez on the other hand I will feel extremely validated in my nomination of tom over him!!I may be a little *too* good at mental wfh boundariesworried whether it was appropriate to wear my weed mom shirt "to work" this morningif WaffleFryGate 2016 proved anything, it's that the collective will of the ringer staff has a mind of its ownto prove I cannot be blamed for this, some personal picks who did NOT make the final bracket: -hot priest -cameron… @FilmBart honestly this is an extremely tough match-up and I respect everyone's decisions @Memles @ringer I think me and @katehalliwell can take responsibility for that 1-seedpolls are in the post and work better on desktop than mobile, for those who'd like to correct this atrocity @MichaelLady2 in the post! try viewing on desktop @PeteTheGreek13 in the post! try viewing on desktop. @Stewcat2006 there will also be social polls later today @Stewcat2006 in the post! try desktop, not mobile? @NorthWoodslee @wyshynski you have a lot of good viewing ahead of you! @killakow I am INDIGNANT on darius's (and nora's) behalf @KevinLaskey I nominated her! @purrshasti sorry but that is neither surprising nor incorrect @Zargon57 we have a post for that! (@katiebakes took my actual pick so I went with tom wambsgans) was a mistake @brofromanother @swen_ryan try not to self parody TOO hard my friend64 TV CHARACTERS ENTER, ONLY ONE CAN LEAVE: @EdgarC_ @minakimes aw this makes me happynow that I've tracked down a six pack of charmin I'm legally a millionairemegan and I are the same age 💀💀💀💀💀
@mckinneykelsey the worst thing about EXERCISE is that it objectively WORKS!!! @glergh it's b/c we all stopped watching halfway through the season lolon track to finish a 9"x13" pan of focaccia in three days. it's important to have goalsI can no longer watch zou bisou bisou without thinking of will forte in the 30 ROCK live show
I wrote about watching "Safe," which is one of the best and most unsettling movies I've ever seen, at this unsettle…
Retweeted by Alison Herman @MAT_the_Third tbc that was facetious lol @TKGore @ringer thanks!I like this game!, I'm Team Carole later, the bit from TIGER KING that's stuck with me is the first date carole baskin spent pointing a gun at her future husbandamazon wanted its own PROJECT RUNWAY. so it bought the original:
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TFW YOUR MENTOR SAYS HIS NEW TROPHY WIFE REMINDS HIM OF YOU LMAO entire lead-up to the megan proposal is like a slow motion horror moviemy landlords posted a note in the common space saying they're "here to help in any way we can" hereby declare carla the possessor of BA's Most Enviable Home Kitchen: would recommend MAKING THE CUT if only to hear tim gunn say the words "next big global brand" with actual tears in his eyes @radniiik @ringer amazon bought fleabag from the bbcbrb self isolating with a serial killer wanted its own PROJECT RUNWAY. so it bought the original: @tomandlorenzo I have a piece going up tomorrow but I cannot WAIT to hear what you guys think!