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@DawnOfSadio it’s right now against wolves u23It’s almost February 2020 and Salah is still taking free kicks for my club... @NabadTG yhHarvey Elliott is so cold @OfficialFPL You mean Mane right?SALAHHHHHHHHH @Shrestha_LFC that’s exactly what i said’s definitely gonna score today btw @SteveEl50421153 i disagree in regards to keita though. his injuries have been far less serious. mainly just little… @so_so_soph yh definitely @OKane_LFC @bubbIxs last season his best spell in the side was in the 8? @SteveEl50421153 the thing is he keeps getting injured before he can build any rhythm. i don’t think he will be sol… @Saucymartial yh he’s had good games this season but that’s not my point @bubbIxs i feel like the like niggles he gets stops him from building a rhythm in this side @OKane_LFC @bubbIxs hendo has been an 8 for his entire careeri’m not saying we should sell him btw. i’m just saying that our style of play has changed massively since 17/18 and… @kotfxo90 he scored goals around october but klopp even said his all round performances weren’t good enough. i don’… @RedFromThe6 @AFCMet do you not think he was more suited to our midfield in 17/18 when we primarily played Counter attacking football? @oxlfc @edenjunex @oxology eden finding the only two Ox stans in the world and bringing them to my mentions @DxnLFC_ i’m not going off one game. i’m talking long term. i don’t think he’ll ever be a nailed on starter for us… @AFCMet i think it’s more to do with our style of play. he’s definitely improved since he came. it’s more long term that i’m thinking. @Nabyllionaire precisely. he perfectly suited our midfield in 17/18. Our style of play has changed since then. @oxology @edenjunex @oxlfc don’t worry g we’ll find you a new @ @kotfxo90 do you see a long term future for him in this side? he’s still not back to 100% and he’s 10 months remove…’m sure a lot of people will disagree but i feel like this current Liverpool side has outgrown Oxlade-Chamberlain @YNWMeIly @LFCVik @alissxnnn @afclyle @Ifcjoseph Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh dub @afclyle @Ifcjoseph You’re taking the piss right? @sobiah_ @ayyxesha your teeth must be made out of vibranium of something @NineRole yh i get why Everton rejected it but for Barcelona to fork up that kind of money on what seems like a panic buy is ridiculous @Riquista i feel like you lots need a proper winger. someone of the neymar mold. richarlison is like a mix between a winger and a striker. @FCBMartyn_ @bilal__7869 @SkySportsNews yh that’s completely different. that’s 110m upfront in one payment. with ri… @Riquista he’s a very streaky player. he’ll look world class for a 2-3 months in the season and be anonymous for the rest. @FCBMartyn_ @bilal__7869 @SkySportsNews it probably did. let’s be honest. it’s a typical barcelona move of late.Watch Barcelona up their bid. Everton have the opportunity to rinse Barcelona here like Liverpool did. @Vito_C_25 @fatboyyjesus good thing you rejected the bid @LifeOfRichyR1 From Everton’s perspective yes @Moldinho88 £50m was including the add ons. most of which he hasn’t met. @bilal__7869 @SkySportsNews i meant Barcelona @Moldinho88 it’s £50m more? they paid £35m @awsety1 no they didn’t. they paid like £35m. the rest was add ons which i doubt he’s met. @SkySportsNews @TomCain1878 @RoryNUFC94 @FootyAccums 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂£85m for Richarlison? The games gone mad @UtdEIIis You’re comparing stats from the portuguese league to the Premier League? Look at his numbers when he play… @cfcnehe 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @SazaFCB 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 @lfcizzi it already is an epidemic? maybe you mean pandemic @oxology where’s the beard? @YNB @rmcfserena @Fxrno @Ifcchriss nah he’s less of a goal scorer than Sadio and a better creator @_mcfc9i 🤢 @cuntygf @byesoph bro? @GlNlUS1 @lfcollie9 in his head he was always striving for normality and that’s how he justified his actions. when… @sanchood 😴😴 @GlNlUS1 @lfcollie9 he still wanted to kill her after she let him free and he only stopped when she told him that s… @nnimxxo @sdolfc - Mane stan btw @GlNlUS1 @lfcollie9 yh but when he was in the cell and he found out what she did you can tell he began to see her d… @AnfieldEdition Grujic is the most likely one to make it at liverpool. Brewster has a chance. @jaksahota @AnfieldEdition lol @IsoRoIe @premierleague man went to the portuguese league to statpad and got a £60m transfer 😭 @IsoRoIe @premierleague 😬 @IsoRoIe @premierleague look at the difference in numbers 😭 @alissxnnn apparently the length of the deal is the sticking point @byesoph 🥱 @IsoRoIe @premierleague man failed at two different serie A clubs and you think he’s gonna succeed in the barclays 😭 @IsoRoIe @premierleague @TheSaItIsHere @3xmor @3xmor we are? @rstar346 @mmichaelkennedy @deanpoal @SkySportsNews 😭😭😭 @GlNlUS1 it feels rushed but it makes sense imo @LeoMalaguista i think he meant a proper conversation @FabrizioRomano Got any news on Coronavirus to UK?Fammmmm 🥺 it’s so sad to see Shaq like this“I haven’t felt a pain that sharp in a while.. it definitely changes me.”’ @SHAQ on the loss of his brother, Kobe.
Retweeted by Ahmed @IeavemeansIeave that’s such an outdated opinion about him. he’s obviously grown in recent years. @nnimxxo It’s obsession. unfortunately it’s an incurable disease. @zcgoss @nnimxxo sure
@CatenaccioIogy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @_carlxtos bro? @EloiseH96 remember me when you’re famous @DDrakeyy it was literally two sets of fans fighting. they ran away after. it was back and forth between both sets… @DDrakeyy do i feel sorry for those who lost their lives? of course i do but calling liverpool fans murderers as if… @DDrakeyy Who’s trying to justify it? i’m providing context which most people don’t. If the stadium wasn’t already… @DDrakeyy that’s a very very brief summary. BOTH sets of fans were fighting before incident happened. Them running… @DDrakeyy You haven’t presented anything that contradicts what i’ve said? @BIock5 You made a false statement. You were given clear evidence as to why it was bullshit and that’s your only response? 😭 @DDrakeyy Liverpool fans pushed them? wtf are you talking about? you’re just making up shit now. both sets of fans… @BIock5 Did you also read about the part where the stadium was literally crumbling already and it wasn’t fit to hos… @DDrakeyy @AnfieldEdition What the fuck is Coady doing there? 😭 @BIock5 Do you even know what happened? Do your research before you chat shit @_carlxtos that’s cold @afclyle Grealish @IsoRoIe You’re a pogba hater? @AkafiAli reason* @_Ifcjay yh lol don’t you remember?