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2020 has been shit so far but it's been very eye opening @imellax @priv_ahmed @imellax @priv_ahmed FOR 16 HOURS? @jxxnxq Shops don't exist? @imellax @priv_ahmed and that's the excuse you're pulling with me? @imellax @priv_ahmed ... @imellax @priv_ahmed FOR 16 HOURS I WAS WONDERING WHY DANIELLA DIDNT WANNA TALK TO ME 🥺 @priv_ahmed @imellax Now I've been aired 😔 @PabloGonelismo @ftblNat @CalcioPuro @Aary0uz @JPKZ_87 @__itssara them ones when someone told you to type it in google and click “i’m feeling lucky “ @__itssara i’m hearing a lot of worrying stories from your childhood. Were you “slow” as a child? @Aary0uz I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not? @Aary0uz soon comeHe would know all about not being able to breathe wouldn’t he? This guy looks out of breath from sitting down. @__itssara Yeah people like you stink @__itssara as in your reply time? @afcolivxr best what in the where? @asensiones why? @BCD1879 because i saw someone else had tweeted the same thing 👍🏾 @ftblNat get your tonsils removed 👍🏾 @marni__sc 34
@PaigePrctr @GiniiWijnaldum @cartizarr i’m not sure if you know or not but he isn’t Wijnaldum @PaigePrctr @GiniiWijnaldum @cartizarr Wijnaldum was the one who disrespected you? @GiniiWijnaldum @PaigePrctr @cartizarr I see what you’re saying but it’s fucking stupid. the police are there to up… @PaigePrctr @GiniiWijnaldum @cartizarr aight chill no need to shout @PaigePrctr @GiniiWijnaldum @cartizarr respect Wijnaldum wtf? @GiniiWijnaldum @PaigePrctr @cartizarr it can be more than one thing? @Joel_UTD @dzdznzd any chance this happens? @ashddv @cartizarr and i can say that calling it police brutality when the guy was murdered in the middle of the st… @cartizarr if it’s murder call it murder. if the person is still alive then call it police brutality. it’s not that complicated. @Rayaan85457395 @thfclp__ you know hot beverages @Fan1Oi they’re all dead? @ftblcharIie Finally? I ratio him daily @thfclp__ @lDontKnowww @SublimeSadioV25 @LFC @Dejan06Lovren please body this guy againWhen will they hear our cries? When will they realize they’re hurting us? We are also a part of the human race, and…
Retweeted by Ahmed @PaidLevyBot ...that doesn’t belong to them. shoot me? that’s just murder then. it’s not an apples to apples situat… @PaidLevyBot You’re conflating two things though. Arming yourself to fight against the police and arming yourself t… @_NazMs Skip as well. i might dislike him when he’s talking ball but he’s always on the right side of the debate an… @PaidLevyBot i’m assuming you’re talking about those people who are “defending” those businesses with guns @EFCPaul1878_ is them tears bro? @ftblNat @UberEats Sue them @Barnabyyy_ @RisingRobbo ffs he tweeted it before me as well @AudaciousAuba_ ahhh man you’re too loud @AFC_Carys i did say happy birthday to him in the replies 😁 @GWijnaldum @LFC Love you Gini ❤️ @Ifcjamiev3 @ftblNat Mane slander will not be tolerated. Hidden. @ftblNat All of Liverpool twitter believes in you lots ✊🏾 bring him number 19 for usoh and Happy Birthday @LacazetteAlex 😁shoutout to @AudaciousAuba_ for creating this masterpiece @ftbIswanny no you didn’t just realised that we’re winning the league at Goodison Park because this gunman will take care of City on the 17… @TrentSzn1 @Harry_W25 @RealistGlizzy guess not lol @KTHopkins @Mxrtixl9 One day without a stupid tweet from Martial FC is all i ask @VigoGJ wow that’s not nice @Mxyaaa1_ it’s june 17th but that’s just one game. the rest of the league will restart on the 20th. @RealistGlizzy @ReustIed he knows ballMy Plans: 2020: @MZ8__ thank you @SuperbiaCity he’s salty that no one stood with him. he was expecting more players to refuse to train but when it w… @TheLampardView @Saucymartial OMDS HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @messivisionv9 ? @RealistGlizzy i’m hearing you got ratio’d again @LFCVik2 @Cfcaryan 😭😭😭 @TheCityClout and dipped* @TheCityClout it could be 100 or 1000 either way Liverpool have like 300 million fans globally. you've basically ta… @TheCityClout Exposing? You just made a generalisation about a fanbase based on one person's reply. There's clearly… @TheCityClout Are you THAT desperate for likes?So what you're saying is... Martial has never scored more than 11 goals in the Premier League @Lana_Azad9 @UtdGabee then don't? @UtdChe Tell him to score more than 20 goals in a PL season @Caraglosterx @lukegodfrey19 don't do it. it's a setup. @TonyyyMartial Her dad isn't dead unfortunately @lDontKnowww @GeorgeChr14 @thfclp__ @ftblNat 😭😭 @GeorgeChr14 @thfclp__ @ftblNat @lDontKnowww @BlaszczyGOATski @BassemQ21 @muddu21_ you're polish. back your fellow countryman. @RealistGlizzy @Tmulla0 Your striker also peaked during his debut @SWaveyLostCount 😭😭 @asmadrogooo ? @imellax can I be the 3rd? 🥺 @Aary0uz @metpoliceuk a threat has just been made on my life @RyanHernandez Not from NBA twitter but I'll take that as a compliment 👍🏾 @_HaitianKid_ @lfcxl ? @MikeIOyarzabal Margaret Thatcher is dead bro? @SheikhMendy I meant to say racism @SheikhMendy ffs @MikeIOyarzabal ffs I flopped @nnimxxo "you're invited to the cookout" @nnimxxo "I don't usually like white people but I fuck with you" @_HaitianKid_ he's alive man 😔 @Riddck__ tell him to unblock me real quick @afchxmza @SadVanandre @RiZzyUTD respect van? @RiZzyUTD let's be real you know something dodgy was coming and you looked anyway @J1ordinho I dunno man. I thought it slapped. @J1ordinho everyone was violating it in the comments of my comp 😭 @Tmulla0 King of the French league. Done that. someone actually leaked her address in the hidden replies