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17 | Don’t put a CIS team as your 0-3

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@Sora_fps1 Lemme see them titties @AarryahCS I love the argument “how do you think esports came to be?” Not from covid limiting your time to one thin… @AarryahCS Literally ex-c9 (former top 20 team) and chaos esports (current top 20 team) are both looking for orgs.… when eu people think they know what is happening in NA. Yeah our scene looks like shit rn, but no way in hell… swole patrol couldn’t find a team in NA’s prime why would you think they’ll find one at its lowest point 🤔 @bobaconan Ayo I’m in need of condomoney @foxwounds @tweissCS is proud of everything you do @doltnn You @foxwounds @tweissCS W
@_Anders1 @Dolanlul @mezidog They should get a consistent awper imo who can make the space s1mple makes. And s1mple… flamie is the cis ChrisJI love how I knew Navi were gonna choke. @scottiyioioioio @furia Congrats scooter @OkinCS_ Lol @MatthewCElmore @piethrouer @fl0mtv @NoahFrench_ next big thing calling it @GizzleCS Liquid has the best players in NA and they still can’t make it work. They aren’t worthy of Junior.arT confirmed to be Furia’s GM is brazil 🇧🇷WTF of my family members am I murdering today @NoahFrench_ @JosiahCSGO Ayo @ArktosCS Weed @scaarCS Nah we winning @_Anders1 He almost has as many kills as S1mple has deaths 💀💀💀 @_Anders1 Flamie life performance @Azirah__ My bad @tweissCS Preach @Azirah__ in 3 q :P @selenica101 @piethrouer @ChaosEC dear @typho0nxv Never did, never willLost about 200 elo in faceit and $200 to a bitch, lifes not looking too good.
@nicx_cs @xCyybers Banger tweet cyybersHeroic could literally say they are LFT and TSM wouldn’t pick them up @SlebbeeN Hi slebben @pennycsgo @RESPAWNProducts @TriumphGamingGG Nice seating erik @_Anders1 + @_Anders1 6v4 every game, flamie made it a 5.5v4.5 this series @_Anders1 Flamie remembered he had a mouse and keyboard @monkeechi Tell him you’re dating gingaa, he’ll back off immediatelyLF 2 players S36 MDL Rts appreciated
Retweeted by Anthony @GizzleCS @Blizsz Sonic would be a better pick tbh, he was main awp on envy and looked clean. Imo he shouldn’t be a rifler. @piethrouer @ryann_cs @_BrianCS @Shakezullah @1juniorcs @pennycsgo @mooseloff rn @GizzleCS @Blizsz Naf is a really good awper, junior has much more to learn if he wants to become a player for liqu… @tweissCS @Twistzz No ur just ffucking toxic triumph fanboy 😾
@foxwounds @tweissCS @foxwounds @tweissCS @luismmira LMFAOOOOO @NoahFrench_ @Flashpoint @flusha Mf needs that +$600 to pay off the taxes. @amnesia_cs Nice stream yesterday @ramuelcs @_Anders1 322? @_Anders1 If ur in the finals let me sub in so I throw @_Anders1 Top 4 in Im? @ghostballss @WhiteRappist I am sober, just got Laine and Bailey mixed for a sec @WhiteRappist @ghostballss Silly me @WhiteRappist @ghostballss why tf I think u were Bailey @WhiteRappist @ghostballss U Wanna get matching pfp’s Bailey 👉👈 @ghostballss I do not @ghostballss This much better @nicx_cs Make a thanksgiving meal instead @nicx_cs Put the camera in the oven so we can see it bakeIf I ever got an egirl gf we would having matching pfps of these two @scottiyioioioio Glad I could help @Thundiee @macindaw37 W**d>n*c*t*n* @nicx_cs Pizza @NotAdamJW Me, literally why I wrote the tweet @NotAdamJW Just didn’t know the law changed @macindaw37 I have it screenshotted @macindaw37 ? @heyitsFlorence Vermont @macindaw37 To ease the painWhen tf did u have to become 21 to smoke @_Anders1 @FACEIT +
@Azirah__ @FACEIT Lost 60 elo today, going back to bed 😴Faceit back to shitty teammates and level 7’s who talk shit. Cu in 1 month @FACEIT make premium 9-10 only. @bannycs Went 9-5 in fplc qualies 🤨 @bannycs There are too many losses for me to screenshotMibr looking strong wtf @NoahFrench_ @AlecSzarek Just lmk when u need another carry, my price is gonna be 10% more if you want rank s @onevoltage Bald @ariessqc @amnesia_cs why I feel so glad that people are shitting on stans again @ariessqc @amnesia_cs Quinn I know 52 ways to kill you while blindfolded @ramuelcs @ariessqc @amnesia_cs I hope when you try and meetup with ram at esl ny and he’s runs you over. @amnesia_cs That dude has never left the basement @amnesia_cs How do you eat a girls ass (I’m a visual learner) @emfroggy Maybe @emfroggy Gingaa every time you force him into a vc @ramuelcs @awhnutss @ChaseyBcs Wtf ram
@piethrouer @NoahFrench_ LMFAOOO @Dishwaasher @gingaaCS aim training @_Anders1 Ahmoar @_Anders1 We’re just too old for this humor @kabooseCS @JackBox Wow I might have to get some @JackBox right now! Thanks kaboose! @ghostballss Girls don’t use discord it’s a myth @NoahFrench_ Let’s go @ghostballss I’m too young for late 20 y/o’s who want to drink wine and fuck on a weekday