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Dad. Teacher. Veteran. Gardner. Love to cook. Story teller. #GoHoos

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@heatherEdc Thanks Heather @heatherEdc How do you find that? @DreaCupcake_ I’m sorry Drea. @WhimsicalAf Entertaining value? @TexansLady03 This mouth is on fire 🎶 @TwinkleDisBitch I’ve done some research. Twitter is very popular with people in witness protection. That’s why. 🤷‍♂️😛 @Cuntysaurus_Rex White t shirt. Letter P. Color around one eye black. @cushmanMLB @erinmmg Poor guy!What my brain is going through today.
Retweeted by Latchkey80’skid(Mark) @momtwitreject Happy birthday @HomesteadHoneyG I’m 50. We don’t text. We call and leave voicemails. @rwilley112 In a year, Rick. Don’t be silly. In a row? 🤣 @thebubbleteame Hi @Xtraluv4u @the_panda23_ I was about to say the same thing. What are the odds? 🤷‍♂️🙃 @earthlycreati0n You could pack up a yurt and take it anywhere @VoIP_Tech_34 happy birthday Sean! @TheBratOGEyEZ That look. ❤️ @joeperrysbabe 😳😳😳🙃🐈 @WaveSinatraJr Definitely D. That dude has had a bad day. @tattoogirlkris @RunOldMan That’s important @tattooed_bee Happy birthday to him! @Lisabug74 I don’t even doubt it @GodivaAnnabelle Awe you totally should @TheBratOGEyEZ Score! @txgirl2009 That’s wrong. But true 😢😛 @TwinkleDisBitch Good morning @SassyCruls Why are you sad? @the_panda23_ 🤣🤣🤣🤣killed it!Nailed it!!😂😂
Retweeted by Latchkey80’skid(Mark) @GABRIEL09100817 What’s up, Gabe? Have a great one @rwilley112 That’s about how it went @mexibeauty686 Ours ended up getting divorced. They sold their home for cheap. @MariasWestSide Good morning Maria @middlebrooks But for how long? 🤷‍♂️ @KimberCanada49 Giving us Marks a bad name @sweetnesspena Mine did that too @RexChapman No way. @caffeinechick @tattooed_bee You rock @flagirl0308 Come on Michelle, that was funny @caffeinechick Thank you @sweetnesspena My wife loves hers. It’s $169 and im considering itDoyers getting a little cocky on the home run trots.My Garmin watch died. What’s your favorite? @VuelvoHappy @BWWings Wal mart has a good garlic parm sauce if you ever want to make your own. @SELENAHSNOW Heck yeah! @Reptarro Used that excuse once because we forgot. @Reptarro If their room isn’t clean, the tooth fairy doesn’t come. @saylahachey Boogie boarding @Reptarro We use coins, around $2-3 @Snack_and_Sauce I’m in Virginia but don’t get up to Baltimore that much @Snack_and_Sauce Nope @the_panda23_ Freaking Josh! 🤣🤣 @Mystical441 Life goals @middlebrooks That’s 2 more pitches than I’ve got 🤷‍♂️ @jesswho82 Pods for the dishwasher @HomesteadHoneyG That’s funny @momtwitreject I’m glad to hear that. I was worried @arielb7 We can agree on that! 😛🙌🏻
@momtwitreject Praying now. @queendorklv Fruit snacks @jeni54321Boom That’s cold! @allthepudding Carbon Leaf Album-Indian Summer 2004 @AddictSox Was your psychiatrist.. @DazzlingD009 Stop putting food in your mouth. Dr Zamost @HomesteadHoneyG He was brown. @rwilley112 happy birthday bud @paulexe12 He’s like my 2nd cousin @Roxieagogo1 Hang in there Amy @69hollywood78 Praying for your Dad! @leslie_gatlin Sorry for your loss @SheilaBx2 Way to go @Devona66597696 @mmeans40 this Monica? @tattooed_bee Content. @ADG6767 It’s not green, too, is it? @420Queenlion I did, afterwards 😛I’ve stayed quiet but no more ! The past two days have been hella hard for me & i want nothing more than to have ju…
Retweeted by Latchkey80’skid(Mark) @bbreezyyy090210 I’m so sorry. @JAqello Fruit snacks. @caseyjparker Hungarian 😀 @antwanstaley Watching this game. Dirty hit. Dirty play by Bostic. @joeylinn_ @tiredoftheold That’s heartbreaking. @MellyOreoh You’re such an awesome person. I have no idea how those negative thoughts consume you. I used to be the… @laurab3 Toaster oven @ncprincess252 Rest ice compress and elevate. I do that a lot. Get well @HomesteadHoneyG Stop with the face swap app Gina! 🤣🤣 @strategicplann7 I try to be friendly and positive, minus that tweet about the Cowboys.How bad are the Cowboys? They have negative 3! @kinger79 @_OT__ Or STDs 🤢😳🤣 @ItIsMsJillyBean That place scares me @Nucgirl75 Can’t always have it all 🤷‍♂️😛 @Safe_Haven0419 Shaggy. Maybe Fred. @HomesteadHoneyG 4 sentences and you invited him to kiss your ass? Come on Gina.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @beckyadenton Happy birthday to her @HomesteadHoneyG They don’t let you take the grocery carts outside the store in the hood. @CumberdickB Needs more cheese 😛 @yoonmi420 No wings, but I’m smoking ribs and Turkey legs. @saylahachey Eat more goulash @sister_kristian Hugs friend. 😢❤️Want to stress importance of buying Philly Sports with Giovanni gear. Brawl Network ensures proceeds of these sales…
Retweeted by Latchkey80’skid(Mark) @ConorMylesNFL @realsjsgiovanni @JOEL9ONE Chris, this kid is awesome. Could you retweet this? Thanks brother.