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pronounced: "a-hwin-arts" • she/her • tw: body horror/gore/blood • motion graphics+illustration • ㅤㅤ

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@BenamiChan sob @evrythngmachine SAME...... i felt like walking on eggshells, im sorry you went through that... @TheDaveEscape I GUESS THATS WHERE THEY LEARNED FDHFDFFAall the guys who have disrespectfully tried to get into my pants need to pay emotional reparations by subbing to my… @Des_Subari screeches @Trungles this doesn't even feel realdamn did your abuser ever do this thing where they got mad at you for doing something and then got mad at you for n… @JamesPopStar omw to the meeting room w u
they're all hototome game where there are 5 personal fbi agents who have been keeping log of your personal data trying to woo you to pick one of themhelp this man play this video game!!! My friend is streaming resident evil village agaaainn come hang in the chat ✌️
Retweeted by amanda huynh @SprayonBerries i have omori.. . . .i should stream again
@teacup_art i only bought stuff from them cuz i needed something cheap for joke OF post and i thought might as well… @ShaneofMN oh i know i just have no plans rn LOL @KidPsycha i haven't been to the grocery store since we've got instacart cause of the panini FNDOINFDF @teacup_art i actually got it on shein 😭 @nameoftheyear youre onto something @nameoftheyear I WOULD IF MY TITTY WOULDnt flY OUTi bought this top and now i need an excuse to wear it outside
@pop_stick i got you @Tyrophant i sent a message and now i will try to sleep x___xeveryone pray for me for attempting to leave this freelance gig that has been disrespectful from the start but i st… twerk teacher told me that tiktok users always tuck their back too much when they twerk instead of just arching… @CAPSULE_CORNER omggggg“Untitled 4” by Amanda Huynh 🖤
Retweeted by amanda huynh
@nameoftheyear did u see ducks!!!!! @puppiispit SHOW
i have had constantly begged my exes to go to therapy and re: my abusive ex, makes me kinda glad he didn't LMFAO :^)the idea that an abuser can use their therapist as a tool to excuse their abusive tactics is frankly terrifying lolwish i could read it with someone or have someone to talk about it with, seems like interesting discussion for similar situationsDAMN THIS BOOK KINDA TOUGH LMFAOOOborrowing this 🌹
@Tyrophant aw hehe :3 @Odegyn yeah its fun to be invested in something you really like tho, just need to be able to know what your limit is T T @LazyPandaArt IT REALLY IS?? its like lvl 5, lvl 9, and then LVL 13+ LIKE ??? HHAHA @FirebirdEternal that's true! rhythm games usually help w my anxiety cuz i have something to focus on and my dumb b… @_blackmagicpunk not YET @OTAKARAKHATO i'm very grateful the drs community has been nothing but kind to me, thats why i say imposter syndrom… @tranquilword PENNYpeople scrolling twitter on desktop seeing all these tweets abt no crop just be :( @nuwagraph that's fucking so weird wtf im so sorry you have to go through that
@NotATsundereBun but you're right, the more i try to perfect and fc stuff instead of letting myself naturally progr… @NotATsundereBun muse dash definitely has been sucha nice breath of fresh air for me because its just two buttons w… @Spannondorf omg i can never get past using 3 buttons only for guitar hero... theyre fun T__Tif i saw this live i would simply Cry way omoi makes miku sing in teo honestly tears my heart into pieces, it's so fucking good... i can FEEL it @TalonPipes i can understand in the sense that i only play most rhythm games in the public arcade because thats the… @scotchtapetchi yeah that's true, the jump from hard to expert/master can be extremely intense, it's sucha hard learning curve TT @clem_ouioui i think what i like about rhythm games is the more you play, you can see your progress but im a slow l… 4am aka amanda has an existential crisis about being a rhythm gamerthe only game i can play harder levels are is for dancerush because there is literally only two levels so maybe tha…'s kinda embarrassing please tell me i'm not the only person who feels this way?? i really enjoy rhythm games and… have imposter syndrome playing rhythm games because everyone else always excels and all play expert levels but i… sad but i guess i should finally give the arcade cabinets a go T___T...i stopped playing groovecoaster on my switch for months now and after picking it up i remember why!! i need new con… @torpordust joe im gonna beat you upme, going back on desktop :( @NathanToasted wehehehehethe things im going to do to you
Retweeted by amanda huynhNO CROP BUMP!! @MooreKismet_ thank you so much T_T @Amurakills WE CAN THRIVEstimuli
Retweeted by amanda huynhno crop please make this look good on the TLtime to look for non-crop art to post @winton_foulds aw jee thank you hehehe @chillustrates omgg this is gorgeous T Tyay no crop @alzuna ah this is so pretty;3;
@ventriclejuice excuse me @loneliestbara UDNFDF I LOVE THIS SM @vickorano it makes me happi ,, , , reminds me that people like spending time with medo you ever go into your calendar and add in events of when you were with people just to be able to look back at it?
@ZaWizado BLESS im an idiotPLEASE HOW @Sir5000 back to the most degenerate i've beentoday sucked!! it would not have sucked if i played drs!!!! @DPMiles42 damn ngl i was excited someone responded hoping it was actual help lfmaofa @nameoftheyear i will warm up the cabs for ur returncan someone teach me how to do spins like this because i just can't figure it out on my own @nameoftheyear i might try to slip in for a bit friday afternoon during work since it reopens by then zzzzZZZZzzzhead empty just want to improve playing drs @Our_Lord_Helix i dont look smooth T__T @lamekail this is so beautifulmade this out of lonely thoughts #illustration #art #procreate #pencilpack #crybaby
Retweeted by amanda huynh @Our_Lord_Helix me too LOL it looks easier for me to do than shuffling tbhfdfdsfi volunteer to either be hardjump or tecktonikwant a friend group like this
@oryozema happy bday older person!!!!!!!! @puppyparty98 YEAH!!! even as someone who sways demisexual, i still have sexual urges not rooted in people but conc… @puppyparty98 yeah idk ??? i think now that i do SW and know people who are SWers, it's really dehumanizing when i… @plaest2k i think i might like just create more condensed, digestible stuff of my work and hope for the best... als… are good things to put in a tattoo portfolio hm. . . . @LazyPandaArt yeah i feel the same way? not everyone sways demisexual so you can't expect people to be wired that way??? @Sir5000 ok idk if i wanna watch this anymore @SprayonBerries yeah same tbh... esp now that i uh create it LMAO @FirebirdEternal yeah i know i just get weirded out by even wanting it as one cause the implications of it seem odd to me @tsukiyosei_ yeah idk i guess it makes me wonder what their reasoning is? maybe people see it as a form of cheating...