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SOBS @tinyjimmysea thats so cute @tinyjimmysea ohhhis there a deeper meaning behind this idk i didnt watch atots 😭😭😭???why did he suddenly faint??????😭 IS SO FUCKING REAL #OurSkyyxBadBuddy @kelponsea someone needs to edit palmnueng to that trend fr @paImdiao i've been saying nlmg is literally a comedypriDEMONth pridEMOnth're coming home today oh my inkpaa written by lana del rey
god every scene from nlmg is so pretty tadadahhNever let me go (2022)'s my palmnueng's so pretty yall sick pls drop some spoilers tho🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺this how i would sleep too knowing the of script about to traumatize their entire fanbase @lesbaincass right rightttcomfort character pran coming home tomorrow with palmnueng @OnlyFriendsTH hurry up mf @yucilsa i need it and i need it very FAST!!!! this call @leohpptt wishing you speedy recovery💗 @XieXie06633454 they were so silly and fun we miss u morkpi
dont ask me the color of anything @nonnonily number one 😇😇 @utsukares oh its bad for youpalm about to ask is this how couples kiss? and nueng gonna look at him with his coochie eyes and the rest is histo… picture you can hear @paImdiao im just gonna skip you actually @hearthsuns BAHHAHAHAHHAHA @paImdiaomoots reply with your pfp was so dead set on bothering pi he kinda made historyvery morkpi coded @phuponds me and sai together ongpatpran dynamic is serious to me @linos4thsibling ?i feel a little dizzythe way nueng looks at palm @yokapologistt HELPKJSKKDhmph
this pic is sickening me and alan in a room and give me a hair tie ill change himif bad why sexy it feels asking "is it gay?" kinda crusty, lets just say i was going for thatpalm from never let me go (2022) @phuponds 😇the urge to flood the qrts with pi its srs for mepi pattawee @nuengspalm they dont like womenhow about instead of turning bl actors into idols we let the actual idol group (sizzy) perform?he's my sonits him @nonnonily thats literally my mom @paImdiao wym she's literally alivee ???my family (real)😕😕 netflix adaption
2023 @presagiando he girlbossed too hard @yunpalm it was so funnyyyythis scene is so funny like why did he run 7 whole ass laps @yunpalm if nlmg only got 2 fans, its us @yunpalm its bad for us... @chinzhilla_bb thank youuu💗 @paImdiao been begging these 2 oomfs to watch nlmg for WEEKS and they keep putting it off it feels asking oomf if they watched the show you recommended a philosophy lover myself, this got me so bad like tell me they werent insane for this, WHAT SHOW GOT ANYTHING ON THEMMMnothing more romantic than beach date with boyfriend talking about the orgins of love by plato… pannakorn moved on but i stayed delicate.
Retweeted by afnuengdiao and his emotional support malewife cat nueng and golden retriever palm version [#PALMNUENG #NeverLetMeGoSeries]
Retweeted by af @lovewinan PLSKSKKS @paImdiao @yohanswon @JojoTichakorn i want one too plshe's soooo dreamyyi'm in love