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Stealing tweets is cool and shit but ffs don’t make 70% of your tweets stolen @weafv2 🌽🏀 activity @weafv2 😭 @yosoyIuna BroYou’re a sick man if you say waifu irl @Koii_nova Stay safe brodie
The gang in question: @DaysB4Neon for my boy @Asta_5leaf why he’s that attracted to drawings’t trust someone who can’t sing Lil Wayne’s verse on I’m on One @Sadcrib😭 when i see my dog
Retweeted by Aiden … (Wano Szn)I love SoundCloud but I will never buy SoundCloud Go @g5briela SoundCloud and Spotify @HoodieGoneJosh @Ajsbelowground Yea @kon_body He said something dumb again @N0ZARASHll Deactivated for nowThat JT dude says the dumbest shit possibleWhy is this a question afternoon naps are chill asl until you sleep for too much time @finralnation I saw this yesterday and it got me really intrigued so I’d say Luck x Sally @Sadcrib Especially on FraudT&TNew lyric card cream trucks be slow asl until you want some ice cream @KayTheyhate @blackktar @caminhiding Look at this Harvard graduate over hereWelcome To Sin City! ❤️‍🔥 The 25th
Retweeted by Aiden … (Wano Szn)If you got more than 1k and you decide to priv it’s practically useless because the people you don’t like are probably thereWhen will people realize that not everyone says these things the same way @caminhiding Feed your children @Iunawuna What he do now?mfs will say “money over hoes” and have neither @finralnation @finralnation My priv is called Zoro2GoodHappy Father’s Day to all the dads, but also to the older siblings who stepped up @haa_jazzy Gm jaz and I did @ihatelebronjam Ga brodie @yunusvsthewrld Gm @NeedNamiToPegMe Gm @Koii_nova GmGm team @tydwassusdagain Gn ty @noorthern “Look at this, I had E-Sex with this”-TwinsWithDemons @cactialtszn3 Also rq the priv @cactialtszn3 Gn goat @uzivertworld Gn @tricksync GnGn team @liccdizz @heyimxay A #FreakazoidEveryone is either a #Freakazoid or a #Freakazoid in hiding @liccdizz @heyimxay #everyoneiseitheraproudfreakazoidorafreakazoidinhiding @yosoyIuna We not doing this on the TLY’all will announce that you’re gone for good just to be back in an hour @yosoyIuna You are thatBug Catcher Asta challenges you to a battle!
Retweeted by Aiden … (Wano Szn) @NixkSempai 😭 @ltzNotJayy @caminhiding #freakyfreaky @yosoyIuna You are that girl @yosoyIuna I’m referring to you but I’ll take this LI rather see horny tweets at 3 am then at 3 pm#2OPThoughtsNeed a girl to pull an Ash Kaash on my dickGOD I NEED MY DICK FUCKING GOBBLED ON
Retweeted by Aiden … (Wano Szn) @caminhiding #realshitI just remember those Krabby Patty candiesTrying to prove someone wrong, is being a 7/10 mean that you’re unattractive? @huhmetro @TomanYuki This is his original tattoo @huhmetro @TomanYuki Nah that’s Japanese Kanji but it does look like a lot like that, that’s why shows like One Pie… @huhmetro @TomanYuki Tokyo Revengers Manji I think @TheJitNextDoor @caminhiding Apex is good rn @huhmetro “Tell her to make more gangbangs” @un13iasedguy Imagine millions of people knowing what your mom’s ass looks likeLana Rhodes’s kid is gonna have a rough middle and high schoolReal ones watched PBS Kids growing up @NixkSempai is one day of the whole year, not a month @yunusvsthewrld GnWe need to un-normalize tagging people in mutual circlesI was getting tired of those Meg and DaBaby songs @annhoele @DodoEri @ZOLDYCKGFS @XavierBandz17 @dayasflower @sugakilll @mangomitsurii @akiiking_ @RinahMacharia @emmanzfashanu NiceRetweets appreciatedJoe Harris and Andre Drummond on the Shanghai Sharks next year: should Joe Harris go 🤔 @bluefaceniloc Giannis the whole game: trying to come up with bangers after that game: streets of Brooklyn rn @noonesye Nets lostRespect to Kevin Durant for doing all of this after being injured last yearThe Hawks and Sixers don’t deserve to be in that Conference Finals as much as the Nets do but respect to Brooklyn for almost winning that series @hulkgamerxx RoR fans punching the air rnRegardless of the result of the last minute, this is one of the coldest shots I’ve ever seen’s the Bucks ballThe refs got beef with Tucker or sumBrook Lopez in Shanghai: