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I got 4 tests tomorrow @finralnation You are 47 @finralnation Not it’s your daughter @finralnation Post yourself or I will make a diss track on you @finralnation The funny thing is you don’t know if I’m joking @finralnation To be as nice as possible you look like you are 37 @finralnation @finralnation Stop using your daughter for your photos @finralnation Wait until they realize you are 48 @finralnation No @finralnation Grandma Rebecca making movesKeep it @katloveskanye Rocky @RedLightning420 Bro took this in the school bathroom @finralnation Old woman @finralnation GrandmaThe graham crackers taste like raw Ass @finralnation @blackktar NoWtf is this lunch they gave us @isthisnoor It’s not @isthisnoor DUDEThis school breakfast is ass and I didn’t even got a straw for the juive team @dazaiosamhoe Gn anjGn team who tf lives in Connecticut
Retweeted by Aiden … (Wano Szn) @annhoele Why not Roger or Oden @reivxz Tar subtweet 👀 @ayedocc Cock watching to another level @PlNKCAR @doodoo_boy Heard someone was a milkman @Statisically I would be relieved if this wasn’t real @finralnation @MikaylaCha He’s more white than black atp @javrawr Gym teachers when they catch a kid wearing slides @burgerk93657140 @doodoo_boy Ratio then95% of women are addicted to cats, astrology or both
@PlNKCAR @Zoro2Good @zeenoverse This is like me saying I have one account @rukiaenthusiast If I had a sick bigger than the size of a monster can I would do the same too @leafbii Bro pulled out the Android for this @jayygayy New copypasta tap inReal ones have PTSD from this one photo @yunusvsthewrld Nah @leafbii People on TikTok have a better chance at breaking this case than the FBI @leafbii Look up Gabby Petito @leafbii It’s the Chris Benoit joke but except what happened to the girl is an ongoing story and the guy is on the run @CamIsClean @leafbii ^Stop caring MJ to Drake MJ did all of the shit he did without social media @bestmane_ Yo @annhoele ?If you are mad at me blame leaf for this @rxkardi And? @theirabyss @isthisnoor @superKONduct GOAT @judaaime @SangenshokuJr gave his 82nd house to a few orphans yesterday! @theirabyss @isthisnoor @superKONduct OWN @isthisnoor @superKONduct UNBELIEVABLE. Today I took my son to Chuck E Cheese for his birthday. He won a game and e… @Gnomenam @superKONduct #Theblueprint @isthisnoor @superKONduct Didn’t ask grandma @allquam @superKONduct Hot takes fr @Gnomenam 🤫 @superKONduct Let me steal this tweet rq @superKONduct Tar>him atp Noor>Noorio @lovew4lk ? @lovew4lk I mean there’s an overpopulation problem going on rn so no one is stopping you @lovew4lk You are being obvious but they aren’t advancing with the moves too @lovew4lk Dyt you aren’t obvious already @lovew4lk Try harder @blackktar @nellielsm_ Real recognize real @nellielsm_ @blackktar You fell off @nellielsm_ Respect @blackktar @nellielsm_ Tar>that gc decker @nellielsm_ Definitely not that fraud @lovew4lk Jesus Christ just make a move on whoever you are talking about😭 @judaaime YbMy school lunch that I could’ve gotten today was a sandwich with a massive block of cheese Chocolate Milk from Cre… @javrawr @Sadcrib @NixkSenpai Needed him gone already @NixkSenpai Thank godDo I get the aux? @cry4em Incoming “proof” in the repliesI got 3 on FridayTeachers need to stop thinking the only day for tests is Friday @finralnation Lebecca @yeaitstrill You eating Deer Ankles @south_corn Autumn FallsThere’s maggots in the school lunch???Gm team team @4PFSukuna Call me Fred Flinstone @_wh0rnie_ It’s either this or the deer ankles “Chicken Nuggets”Top got slandered so hard when it released I saw someone say “This is the worst thing that happened on 9/11” @Zoro2Good @_wh0rnie_ #realgatekeeper @doodoo_boy He did it for 5 hours @young_shounen He did for a whole weekend and fucking moaned in the middle of the space @doodoo_boy Crazy