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NRG Aiden @AidenSPhan Los Angeles, CA

Lead Content for @NRGgg Valorant | Post Production | Videographer / Photographer | Editor for @s0mcs

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@sen_ebooks You deserve the rest for that task. Took a lot of willpower @hoajuu @jdtdot1 @kinamp4 Sorry I dont have a silver elo account @lovisualz Agree to disagree. X and Miz are big enough to be found naturally imo. This is why I don't like dislikin… @milkyvitamin "Bro you get no pussy for doing this" "You're a simp I dont want to hear it" it's always the same thi… @lovisualz It's a problem when it's a clip that people want to post and you'll never know if they are or not. That'… @kinamp4 @jdtdot1 3 stack in plat since I haven't played valorant in 10 days? @merqxevamedia GOOD STUFF @jdtdot1 Smart on TNL but bad on everyone else @juwiaspam I love, pls more because you deserve all of our loveOne thing I’d hate to see is (as much as I hate disliking someone’s ‘grind’) channels like “TNL” getting rewarded f… @kazeius “Totally not streaming at late night” type tweets @jdtdot1 Otw ? @juwiaspam Lets go julia?! GRIND TIMEGonna start streaming more often starting tonight @kinamp4 That is indeed the face of “Analysis solve failed” @featHarman Its a slow grind brother, you’ll have your highs and lows. Just keep going at it ! Congrats on the milestones 💯 @okidenni Sry i just woke up
My life all 30 hours of the day.
Retweeted by NRG Aiden @NRGgg @acesu Goated tweet @jdtdot1 @ahad Bro wtf are yall on LOLBack home but was working like I never left 😛 @BadEmperor_ @NRGgg Fire @1j0seph bow is goated
Retweeted by NRG AidenI'm friends with batman bro no cap LOL @milkmadoka @Jupscy Clean asf @aloneinaboyband I listen to J Cole’s sideline story through KOD in order at least once a month @apazo_ I once had an enemy team look up my twitter round 2 (i didnt even say anything) and proceed to call me raci…
@pondolini Thanks pondI can't wait to go back home tomorrow after a vacation to lock in a sentinel first game 🥰 @iiTzTimmy Dude you are SO GOOD @satannikaa Lets go annika!!!
I went kayaking with friends and saw someone that looked like @Nokokopuffs_, I mention it to my friends to realize… @Mirak624 @Kyrokana LMAOOOO @NRGbikeage Omg she can go crazy there, congrats on the move 😄 @NRGbikeage Can you send a pic of Russell in the backyard :D @BadEmperor_ My bad bro my fish needed to be walked @bunnykyxo Vibes are immaculate @Turnup2ez No chair? You really bout to be a demon standing on these fools @Strafesh0t_ @DrifterShoots @withFND @MidsCentral @YPHoustonTX @NikonUSA Fking beautiful @JoePokrzywa Joe @yoojpls Tell em ! 🗣📢 @theFareoh Shit was sick bro, was fun dropping in and vibing @Maineyxc You are goofy bro LOL @LuluLuvely LETS GOOO, Lulu 📈🔛🔝 @theFareoh @404Haven Looks so fire, you fr getting lit in there @aikyuna
New original video!! Special guest being the big @zayt 😈 check it out on “NRG Valorant” youtube @bumpaah @1j0seph @agmFPS This man been running wild with his facecams lately @anxrchyx bro what is the correlation here @Strafesh0t_ @Basilio_nino69 @NRGgg K @NRGgg Lol fans @Strafesh0t_ Strafe, this does not answer my question you monkey @hoajuu Teach me how to not wear black and white for once @DekyFPS You dialed in on faer? @aikyuna Wait battlepass?! wtf is a battlepass for tbc? All I saw was when prepatch and gates were opening LOLyo what server is popping for TBC??? Tryna run some karazhan with the homies, pls reply @issfanfan @Nokokopuffs_ @Apidaez “When im shitting on a bitch ass viewer” i fking love this energy LMAOO @apazo_ @beehhive Yo... imma need that nrg insta login real quick to snoop myself .. out now prod. @michaelbao_ video soon :) ☆
Retweeted by NRG Aiden @muffin_youtube @NRGgg @NRGbikeage @GradyRains We’re not just editors and thats on god 😤 @1j0seph 4th day of streaming and youre playing with xQc?! @adinross $aidensphan @ethoz Happy birthday mama ethos! Hope you bless his healthy relationship with Flex 🙏
@shadeiol This was clean asf @Nokokopuffs_ Bro what?!! OUT THE SKY? @xtamago_ Pathfinder @NRGgg @s0mcs OkAYYYY FAM @NRGHypeman 7'2 @jdtdot1 @hoajuu @n0tseth @issfanfan You are down horrendous @Shanks_TTV Happy bday g 🙏 @ripeliz Happy birthday !!! @Its_JSTN Take your time and come back stronger, we believe in you ❤️ @hoajuu
@baekariibae Not the first time twitter f’d me over on cropping/thumbnail 🙄 @bigfoom Ty ty @1j0seph You sent tweet on this? @BadEmperor_ @jdtdot1 @s0mcs its been that long since you hit a raze ult huh @BadEmperor_ @jdtdot1 @ehallzmusic Mans forgot im a dark skinned asian like @jdtdot1 Bro that is not me LOLWTimeline crop is gone? 🏝🌤🌊 @jpthecreator Wait when did this happen? @milkyvitamin No way? @Kyrokana @WedidOfficial I see what's bout to go down @Kyrokana @WedidOfficial He's talking about do you shake a lot of ass on caffeine really @StableRonaldo @NRGgg @amiller @john ABOUT DAMN TIMEWanted to capture everything great about lulu in this quick announcement video! Happy to have her re-sign with the… @LuluLuvely LETS GOOOOO!! ALWAYS #NRGFam !!! ♥️♥️I'm so excited to announce that I'm RE-SIGNING with NRG! It's been one hell of a ride and I can't wait to accomplis…
Retweeted by NRG Aiden @NRGgg @acesu Yea you see this guy in your lobby, you might as well just exit desktop and uninstall @1j0seph That boy cookin fr 🥚🔪🍽️ @baekariibae those plans end up being the best @merqxevamedia Its always a great feeling man and you deserve it all ❤️
@sheebT_T @GreshyPoo @TijnDenH @beehhive Always for the #NRGFam person to steal a @beehhive tweet gonna hear from my glizzys no cyap 🤬😡