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Lesbian and gay kissing along with showing deep affection for the same sex is absolutely beautiful.
Retweeted by 📷Aidy In The 80's📷 @spoody556 Deadpool!WE DID IT!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!! YOU DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH THIS MEANS TO ME!!!!!💖💜🖤💙🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 #GlitchTechs #Nickelodeon #Nicktoons Techs got an official release date in February 21st NOW... WE WAIT.
Retweeted by 📷Aidy In The 80's📷miko's got the moves!👾🎮 be sure to catch the first 10 episodes of Glitch Techs on Netflix Feb. 21! #GlitchTechs
Retweeted by 📷Aidy In The 80's📷Bro......this was smooth af
Retweeted by 📷Aidy In The 80's📷 @Sajybakka Indeed it is!!👾🎮We're so close!!!! a length of delays and push backs, Nickelodeon and Netflix have finally announced when Glitch Techs will prem…
Retweeted by 📷Aidy In The 80's📷 @DanMilano & @LegitEricRobles, Sonic's world is in danger! Who better to call then the Glitch Techs? Techs is coming on February 21!! Y'all know what that means right? #GlitchTechs #SonicTheHedgehog #Nicktoons @persepolizz Ok thanks! I hope you'll have a fast recovery!! @persepolizz Anytime!!Please show your love for her. She got blisters on her hand. I'm hoping she has a fast recovery! @persepolizz You'll be okay!! Damn typeos @persepolizz *hugs you* I'll be okay! You'll feel better in no time!!My #NewProfilePic is Biard The Hedgehog, My OC. I just wanted to try something new. The SpongeBob SquarePants pic w… you know someone from the DisneyParks who worked on the Animatronics helped make these? #DisneyWorld #Disney @on_mision Thank you so much!!! @spoody556 Oh dear...Here's a some sneak peeks of my 100 followers gift for you all!! can we get @aidylight to 100 followers do it for my cat will
Retweeted by 📷Aidy In The 80's📷 @crazyduckzxc Destory the entire house. @crazyduckzxc Well then, you know what to do! Here is a little sneak peek 👀 more away from 100 peeps! One I reach 100, you're going to get the surprise of your lives! reminder: 🔮 The Crystal Maze premieres Friday at 7p/6c 🔮
Retweeted by 📷Aidy In The 80's📷I wish the world was a happier place.
Retweeted by 📷Aidy In The 80's📷I decided to do a cover of the BFDI theme on my new strat. Hope you enjoy!! 🎸🎸
Retweeted by 📷Aidy In The 80's📷 @WavesOfRed1 I love it!!
@CaspianHa @WavesOfRed1 Why thank you! @FelixInDaFuture That one episode he worte made me want to puke my head of. It was gross!Here's mine! 1 - Spider-Verse 2 - Muppets In Space 3 - Ratatouille have been assembled. #Nickelodeon #Nicktoons #SpongeBob #Madagascar #LegendOfKorra #TheLoudHouse
Retweeted by 📷Aidy In The 80's📷Please show some love to @WDonut04. They're a cool person that talks about very interesting topics like PBS Kids, w…
Retweeted by 📷Aidy In The 80's📷The video is now on YouTube!! Share the video all around!! Let people know that this reference is safe and is being… @imbenzj It's just a suggestion. You don't have to cover it if you don't want to. @imbenzj Ok then! What about this? Nick is treating It's Pony very well on the main & the support must not end so t… @imbenzj I've got something you can make a video on @Mrsmiley186 @SJHanna3 @BouncyTheBoi @lavender_di & @sunset_crush, enjoy your suprise!! @Awkweirder @TDeanwright1 @KateFerrandino @Devian141 @PinkFunk2004 @WhoisLucatho @WDonut04 @spoody556 @persepolizz @WavesOfRed1 Anytime Red! Anything for a friend! @crazyduckzxc Thanks! I keeping this for as long as I can. @crazyduckzxc Oh okay! That makes sense! Thanks for informing me. @crazyduckzxc Yeah I'm sorry about that. I'm actually going to get it fixed soon for future Twitter videos. But wha… @Mrsmiley186 Well I found something badass. You can share this if you'd like. You don't have to if you don't want t… in advance for the buzzing sound. I exported like that every time I recorded. So I cut out some parts that mi… @TDeanwright1 @johne1998 @Awkweirder @iStan3000__ @TxZ1872 @Darkling_Kira @spoody556 @crazyduckzxc @NowhereMan0207 @Awkweirder Just be yourself! Kind, Funny, & Likeable!😊 @TDeanwright1 Anytime!!😁💖💜🖤💙Fanart for @TDeanwright1!! Spinel in Star Wars. #StevenUniverse #StarWars @Corny42940683 Thanks!!😁💖💜🖤💙Fanart for @WavesOfRed1 & her boyfriend @Corny42940683!! You guys are the best & you'll always be to me, & many oth… it's the only episode I like from the entire series.Also this face makes me laugh every time I see it. are the only episodes from All Grown Up that I legit like from season 4 (yeah it had 5 season's)… animation to my Duck in the water piece ^^
Retweeted by 📷Aidy In The 80's📷 @spoody556 That indeed is total bullshit!! What where they thinking?! @spoody556 What?! @spoody556 Oh boy! What did he say? @persepolizz Thanks!!😊It's been like a day... & I'm already close to 90 followers.... THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!! Y'ALL JUST MADE MY DA… now have a TV Time account!! If you have one, you can follow me if you want! I thank @persepolizz for the idea! we please just talk about how Sonic Unleashed literally made Sonic scared for his life for once and doubting hi…
Retweeted by 📷Aidy In The 80's📷they have been assembled. #Nickelodeon #Nicktoons #SpongeBob #Madagascar #LegendOfKorra #TheLoudHouse never knew the classic thomas episodes discusses problems that society faces today, a big one is judgment of othe…
Retweeted by 📷Aidy In The 80's📷 @Awkweirder I'm glad that you are okay & well Joshua!! I was very concerned from the last tweets you made. Glad to see you back 😊 @persepolizz Okay 👍Thomas Tells a Lie but he actually tells the truth and doesn't causes his best friend to nearly fucking die…
Retweeted by 📷Aidy In The 80's📷 @tm7_erik Nice!I actually feel much better about the whole thing. I now know that I will find a girlfriend one way or another! Tha… first time #ItsPony
Retweeted by 📷Aidy In The 80's📷 @persepolizz I don't have one. Is there a way I can so I can follow you? @TDeanwright1 Maybe. I just don't want to bother him during this stressful time. That's why I deleted a recent twee… @TDeanwright1 Thanks man! Also is Joshua doing okay? I'm really worried about him. @TDeanwright1 Thanks Dean. You guys are the best!! @BananaZim Thanks. @BananaZim I hope so. @persepolizz @amandaonfilm Reminds me of my old gf, who sadly got a new partner. Now I'm left here stuck & heartbro… @TDeanwright1 I need someone in my life. Even though I feel better about this somewhat, I still feel very hurt brok…'m starting to feel better about this. I think all I need is a good night sleep. your friends Support your race Support your LGBT friends Support other people in need Support Australia Su…
Retweeted by 📷Aidy In The 80's📷I just don't what's happening to me. I feel empty. I just miss having a gf so much! I now know my previous one defi…
@tenflake Thanks ten! It really did make me laugh! I really appreciate it!💖💙💜🖤Food Network just approves Pokemon anal porn.
Retweeted by 📷Aidy In The 80's📷 @AndyLee39795215 Yeah I know. It's like that sometimes. @on_mision Thanks😊I feel like shit at the moment. In my school I always try to get a girlfriend. Always without fail they decline & s… @Awkweirder, @TDeanwright1, @Devian141, @KateFerrandino, @spoody556, @PinkFunk2004, @WavesOfRed1, @WDonut04,… Boyega bought his mother and father a house & their reaction... We’re not crying, you are 🥺❤️
Retweeted by 📷Aidy In The 80's📷 @persepolizz @amandaonfilm Me to!!If you make fun of his anxiety, go fuck yourself. I'm not afraid to block you if you're willing to do that.
Retweeted by 📷Aidy In The 80's📷Joaquin has went through so much shit. He dealt with alcoholism; he was in a car crash that could've cost him his…
Retweeted by 📷Aidy In The 80's📷 @amandaonfilm Indeed!! Fuck yourselfs to the max if you're making fun of him! That's NOT okay!! @amandaonfilm That's not right!! I hope Joaquin the best! He deserves better!!!! @lavender_di @SJHanna3 Thanks!!