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all of my thoughts are in animal crossing villager language pfp by the amazing @Mununununu ♥

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here’s binx thinking he’s slick me once I saw this message except replace mom with boyfriend wlshskdjdjei @AMYLYNNnj IHJGGJGBJGJJ @kayn829 Sjdbdkdjajakshsbakan @Hoooths Sweet, free kidnapping!!!bro I just got this message eye-
@ColourPopCo wisteria ❤️I have to find an article to write a paper on but my brain machine broke @midoerii Ooo no, ty!! I’m going to try now :3c @samiejpg with things for dinner or trying to get my meemaw to try new things and it would take a lot of the guesswork out of it for me lol @samiejpg my boyfriends mom uses blueapron and everything she's made has been really good imo, if you don't like to… @vengefulrebirth @Souvie @serinide Love you so much, you have been so inspirational to me and so supportive 🥺❤️ thank you. 🥺rly hope the bookstore has my order bc I have assignments due on Sunday that I haven’t been able to do because I don’t have my book :)i still haven’t reached my goal and i’m struggling right now financially, please feel free to donate here or share…
Retweeted by hannah @Lycheego every card I get for my bf for any holiday is gonna be David lynch themed and I can’t choose between these 2 omg @Lycheego @xoGlitterTV @xoGlitterTV @Lycheego @Murman0503 @Murman0503 my god I love him @frmthetruenorth Ilysm 🥺❤️I have one class on campus in a few hours, I can make it 😔🤘I started my period and I am in sooooo much pain please kill me @Emotionbean I LOVE YOUUUU @sophiabottt @rinasawayama Omg YES U ARE BEAUTIFUL did my bangs like this v inspired by @rinasawayama today and it felt v cute
2021 this the other day then seeing this today, 4 days before fees are due.. i am hella emotional. i feel so abso…'all my tuition was paid for and i am crying 😭climbed out of bed to do some more classwork and this gremlin climbed in time I get an email from my school I get excited all over againbruh I’m missing another vaccination for which I would have been an infant for I hate it herethis me and my bf when we’re awake til 4am and he keeps telling me that it’s late but I wanna profess my love to him
pray that my tuition assistance goes thru before the 25th plz tythis man told me how proud he was of me like 😭 bruh 😭man my bf has been so reassuring and supportive with my schooling, helping me with applying and keeping me on track… have like 3 mini written assignments left and dassit :3cOmg I got almost all me homework for the week done :3c @NiceGuyHere_ ok I’m sorry 😭I haven’t had a flu shot since I was 8 years old.. I am 24........Y’all ever just get notified by a health record department that you haven’t had a flu shot since 2004 or are u normal
@Souvie Not any worse than my work opening the day after a positive covid case forcing the closers to open and clos… @Kaionias I LOVE UUUU @nekomancer__x thank you ash 🥺❤️ @Souvie NO ONLINE but I do have one in person course ;-;I SAT THRU MY FIRST CLASS TODAY! like WHAT!anyways I gotta buy a laptop I’m stressed I’m too poor 4 this @fuzzyblulights Honestly most of them weren’t so bad ($70-80) but one was like fuckin $140 both from the campus boo… BOOKKIKSKSKSKSKJSHWIEJBRUh my TEXBOOKS WERE $400 what IS THIS SHITI have an ADVISING APPOINTMENT In twENTY MINUTES I’m so EXCITED @vengefulrebirth I can only see you as floof babeys or Abyssinian there is no in between @vengefulrebirth I could 100% see u as a Maine coon, Javanese, a Balinese, or Nebelung @TeanaKitten all in these colors too!!! Orangey, warm brown, or calico colorways I feel like suit u 🥺 @TeanaKitten U would 100% be a somali or Norwegian forest cat or a brown Burmese @iChuuuzeYou I BELIEVE IN U TOO!!!!!! @AMYLYNNnj Yes ma’am on my WAY!!!!!!!!!
@SAEKOSNOWtv YES @Souvie Thank you so much 😭😭😭ok I’m still over the moon about school!!!! never in a fuckin MILLION YEARS did I EVER think I would chase after hi…’m a chef based in AL. I sell plates that range from prices ($10-$20). I sell lot combination plates . I need more…
Retweeted by hannah @kwehzy I have zero complaints tho we stan @kwehzy Dude I click on all of ur fuckin goku tweets and I’m getting dbz ads nowI got a SYLLABUS today for SCHOOL I am so EXCITEDmy bf installed a dishwasher at his house yday and is it weird that’s oddly really attractive, like yessss fix and install things yesssss @hbryster96 YEth! @MuscleBearCx HELL NO LOL @Souvie omg hell no u are an ethereal beautiful human being PLz 😩Ah @Kaionias I LOVE U @bryanisnotok I LOVE U ME. I am FREAKING OUT. I DID THAT!y’all this shit is WILD to me, I have CLASSES and schOOL LIKE WHAT @benk Yeth ofc 🥺 @benk thank you omg 🥺❤️
2021 this song from the new ashnikko album *chefs kiss*awkward moment when I did my residency form after a 9 hour shift after waking up at 4am and sent it in completely b… done w my taxes :) one less thing 2 worry about @NickNMedia im so excited!!!! I START IN TWO DAYS!!!!!! TWOOOOO DAYYYSSSS @dearkevinhansen im dating mine 🥺 5 months and counting 🥺I can file my taxes 😌 here’s to hoping my broke ass doesn’t owe anything 😗✌️I’m serious he moved closer is really into the lion king @MuscleBearCx PLS
@Vaqxinelol @basedxgenius Ur welcome.been reading “don’t fucking panic” by Kelsey Darragh and so far it has been pretty good 😌 do y'all want the people who handle YOUR FOOD to be underpaid?!!!
Retweeted by hannah @uvictsa OMG WE MATCHY MATCH I LVOE IT HERE @basedxgenius Why