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Pumpkin Spice Hag. Stories in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Shimmer, Analog, The Dark, Fireside, etc. Co-editor @TranslunarTL. Bi; she/her. #VP22

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@philmargolies Now THAT sounds like a story idea @scribblesassin @jskurella -Deep dish -A rectangle of pizza made of two squares -Extremely delicious crispiness aro… @jskurella DETROIT STYLE PIZZA IS WHERE IT'S AT
He snugg
READ BOOK @beaniezee DANGIT Maureen @avramargariti @Lackingtons Me too! @ZaliaChimera *sends caffeinated tea and hugs*
This short story is amazing please read it.
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@RoanhorseBex Good thoughts coming your way courtesy of Commander Fancypaws here @cyborgyndroid Congratulations!! That’s one adorable tiny human you’ve got there :)Reflecting on the decade, it’s really wild to look at all I’ve gotten to do in the past few years. So a thread of my published work!
Retweeted by Aimee Ogden(This came up later in their set, which, okay, I can hear some Joplininess.) answer: Katzenjammer, who my friend convinced me to see as an opening act at Summerfest years ago: "they're k… let me bless your timeline with the vocals of Miss Ko Ko Louise this morning. Hard Lessons, who started at Michigan State when I was there; I heard of them because one of my dorm neighbors… @disappearinjon oh god I'm the bard 😱
@jayxwolf we've all had our metaphorical cars stuck behind one of those before. If you need me to get out and help push, let me know 💜 @josmiles @oldscout @outseide @4thStFantasy @MarissaLingen @PrinceJvstin @aimeekuzenski @AmandaCook627 @Wiswell @outseide Also more recently when they came home from school telling me that one of their friends had used "an F-wo… @outseide The time when they discovered a tube of sunscreen and painted each other/the floor/the piano bench comes to mind. 😱It's release day for the new Apparition Lit! Issue 9: Experimentation took a ton of blood, sweat, & tears, also a s…
Retweeted by Aimee Ogden @LauraJMG Oof :( I'm sorry Laura, I hope you get some relief today. @outseide @4thStFantasy @MarissaLingen @PrinceJvstin @aimeekuzenski @AmandaCook627 @Wiswell @oldscout Heck yes!Can't wait for @clpolk's STORMSONG? Read an excerpt here:
Retweeted by Aimee Ogden @AnnakaKalton Whoa!! @jayxwolf Hugs, Jay. I hope that spark of joy gets re-lit for you. @LauraJMG 😊 @FoxesandRoses 1. acquire Pineapple Pants of Power (important) 2. stare admiringly at pictures of Annie Thorisdottir 3. ??? 4. STRONGK @lchanwrites I'll let you know exactly what tf, if I survive @lchanwrites Mine get a break for a few days but then ... @sillysyntax Suzan!! *catches you, which I can safely do because of my mighty tree trunk legs* @lchanwrites @jolantru @maysays @CodenameMinaLi @MariaHaskins @TranslunarTL This is why I woke up ravenous today, m… @luna_luminarium Eat a food, drink a water, give yourself a hug, say "no thank you please" to the void 💜 @intelligentwat Do it!! @notmoro *sips coffee, Likes* @lchanwrites The ski erg is in my forecast for today I feel your pain @lchanwrites Nah I see some dead hangs and wrist curls in my future though (you’ll pry cross grip from my cold dead over-under hands) @lchanwrites Seriously though I have GOT to train some grip strength more again, a rowing/kettlebell swing combo th… @lchanwrites Wrist wraps 4 life @lchanwrites THEY ARE. I had to do toes to bar after and my core was like “HA HA wait what really???” @lchanwrites I did indeed get it, if “it” is soreness 😭Weird faces, weird sounds, and weird sartorial combinations are all important parts of a solid lifting routine. (La… @CodenameMinaLi @MariaHaskins @lchanwrites @TranslunarTL I literally bought liverwurst last time I went grocery sho…
@jskurella The worst thing is that every once in a while IT IS and that makes the rest of it like ... well ... wher… you consider yourself a relatively dedicated reader of SF/F, at least somewhat interested in annual awards conve…
Retweeted by Aimee OgdenI am also inclined to think that there are people out there who felt something significant and difficult, perhaps s… this with however many grains of salt you need, coming from someone who has unthinkingly launched a lot of queer nukes of her own)I think this story deployed a nuclear warhead in its title and then assumed everyone in the blast radius would stil… is no universal experience of marginalization. @GentleBronto Four! (you have to drop the first syllable of plantar so that "lady = "-tar fasc-". plan-TERR FASH-ee… @talkwordy I'm just bad to the bone (specifically, the calcaneus) @talkwordy That means a lot to me, coming from Twitter's most notorious Kit-Kat criminal🎶plantar fasciitis bottom of your feet getting solid arch support would be a tree-eeat 🎵DID U KNOW: the phrase "plantar fasciitis" can be sung to the tune of "Lady Madonna"
@notmoro Those sound like good coconut muffins! Mine just had coconut milk in them - most of the coconut flavor was… @KateLechler You can do it!! *throws snacks in after you* @KateLechler If it's one of those things it's not good or bad, just a reminder to step back for a second and lay do… @KateLechler Hmm; does it mean that your conception of magic is either a.) so complicated so that you have to think… @luna_luminarium I saw the other thing too and I know those feels. <3 @luna_luminarium Liking new Gemma story, not the sick part. Fingers crossed! 🤞 @intelligentwat @nomadological *hug* @sethjdickinson Take care, be well, beaming good thoughts your wayGood news, I'm still a boss bitch at jigsaw puzzles and tuna melts (making AND eating) @lswopemitchell A good reminder to keep working harder :) @GentleBronto Good luck!! 🤞
@notmoro Hmm yes I would too but no one would eat SEVEN of these bad boys is the problem I think @notmoro Only because you don’t have to eat coconut muffins I reckonoh and also doing laundry in a timely fashionIn case you're keeping track at home, you can add "baking" to the list of things I suck at this week along with wri… I forgot to buy more powdered sugar so I ran out of frosting partway through. 17 mini cupcakes, 7 weird… @sillysyntax Yes please.Sometimes I think about how much luck and timing factors into this business and then sometimes I get real, real tired.When I was newer to writing, I processed a lot of difficult thoughts vis-a-vis queerness into my stories. I'm lucky… @ZaliaChimera Extreme smooshability not only a ver hamsom boy but also the smartest dog I’ve ever had (by dint of the VERY low bar of “does not… @sillysyntax They are my sworn enemy now. No mercy and no quarter to house centipedes! 🔥🗡️Maybe if you befriend the… @sillysyntax I literally ruined my previous laptop when a house centipede came swarming up out of the couch cushion… @sillysyntax 💜 You are the hug bot that I aspire to be @sillysyntax Ok, if it were house centipedes you might not have a choice, but I support your decision to attempt peaceful coexistence 🕷️*looks back on wreckage of week* do you ever have a week where you think you might be missing the lines of code tha…*REMINDER BEEPS* *INTIATES PROTOCOL TO SLING CREW OUT OF BUNKS* We will be closed to submissions for a short peri…
Retweeted by Aimee Ogden @sillysyntax Sorry about your house but this is the only option now D: @jskurella Of course, when I DO write the idea down in the middle of the night, 10% of the time it's a great idea a… @jskurella nuuuuu :[ @FoxesandRoses I did enjoy 😭That was lovely!!i've made a thing! all the stories are listed in the post, but here lies a thread with everything as well because L…
Retweeted by Aimee Ogden @FoxesandRoses Dulce de leche stout and Eugenia story it's gonna be LIT chez Ogden tonight 🍺👌 @FoxesandRoses AHH I MISSED THAT THIS WAS OUT! Bookmarking to read when the kids are in bed 💜💜💜
Dear body, I would like to request one (1) week free of incapacitating headaches. Please find enclosed ibuprofen an… @clpolk Hard agree on the whole grain bread and butter outside! inside mine there's some top shelf cheddar PLUS som…
@pts -A+ eyeliner game -makes cool music -thoughtful editing -kind twitterpalHey friends!! I’m super excited to be a part of this amazing anthology!! Especially with this great author list!! T…
Retweeted by Aimee OgdenI have one short story eligible for Hugo nomination this year. It’s about Art, Robots, and what it means to be real…
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