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Your very strong Mom Friend. "Sun-Daughters, Sea-Daughters" forthcoming in 2021 from @Tordotcom. Co-editor @TranslunarTL. Bi; she/her. #VP22

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@lchanwrites why so much bath, father
@Wiswell I love her
@clpolk oh my gosh I LOVE THIS @sillysyntax Hope you are too, ma'am 💜 @ECthetwit @scribofelidae @finstergrrrl @effies @aidan_doyle @katsudonburi @invisibleinkie @outseide @FoxesandRoses
@HollyLynWalrath ToC-mates! :)With writing from @adamtroycastro @M_L_Clark @SarinaDorie @JayWerkheiser @Aimee_Ogden @Stephenspower @MarySoonLee
Retweeted by Aimee Ogden @AlixEHarrow Verrry mixed results for "diverse" depending on which part of the city you're in, but Madison WI is pr… day is a good day to buy Premee’s book tbh
@jayxwolf Take care, Jay. 💜uhhhhhhhhh Harrow the Ninth comes out tomorrow? Uhhhhhhhhhhh last day to preorder, you could start reading at midni…
Retweeted by Aimee Ogden @weredawgz L i t e r a l l y went OH SHIT and preordered right before bed last night @BillCorbett graphic design and being a bootlicker are my passionsI adored this strange, gothic, gorgeous book
Retweeted by Aimee Ogden @ninocipri Happy birthday!!
@weredawgz @Wiswell I looked at the pile of MORE Dune books behind the first one and almost lost the ability to read AT ALL @KateLechler I can't be mad I could EASILY have invoked this curse myself.As one of the living NZ authors, this was undeniably disappointing. However, it gives me an excuse to talk about al…
Retweeted by Aimee Ogden @Wiswell "Oh sure I like epic fantasy, I'm just not smart enough to read Foundation or Dune or whatever." @Wiswell I read a Ted Chiang story for the first time in college and I was like HOLY SHIT SHORT FICTION CAN BE LIKE… I have started a very self-indulgent newsletter with a look into what I'm writing, a bit of a diary, and some…
Retweeted by Aimee Ogden @see_starling That’s gorgeous!!If the Hugo Awards committee was going to go for a long, drawn-out ceremony, they should have included the the SJV…
Retweeted by Aimee Ogden @laineislaine 😍 @sillysyntax Cute and spooky: a difficult to pull off combination! @intelligentwat noooOOOOOPE
@endriaraa My kids just finished watching it for the first time and once again I was like “it’s ... it’s over already??” ;_;This, but on the other hand, the work will be done imo when non-white writers start winning and getting nominated f…
Retweeted by Aimee Ogden @sillysyntax YESSS!!Oh I'm here! "Her Voice, Unmasked"
Retweeted by Aimee Ogden @endorphinique Congrats! (For the lease AND those perfect looking cinnamon rolls!)Ah yes the mutual and definitely extremely equivalent follies of “being a disrespectful self-aggrandizing sexist ra… please The presenter at last night’s prestigious Hugo Awards mispronounced the name of @fiyahlitmag . If you’re from…
Retweeted by Aimee OgdenI'm SO excited for all the wonderful, worthy Hugo winners this year and SO disappointed that yet again a certain in… @ClarkeDoty Oh gosh what a difficult and important thing 💜Thank you again--that means so much to me. @LinaRather I will bring Wisconsin beer and premixed old-fashioneds 🍺
@ClarkeDoty Clarke, thank you so much!(1/3) This whole anthology A Quiet Afternoon is filled with poignant stories, and @Aimee_Ogden’s piece squeezed my…
Retweeted by Aimee Ogden @effies @ECthetwit @scribofelidae @finstergrrrl @aidan_doyle @katsudonburi @invisibleinkie @outseide @FoxesandRoses Lit Reviews! A Quiet Afternoon we sink into this chill anthology with stories by @Aimee_Ogden Stephanie…
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@ZaliaChimera 🙃🙃🙃
@steber Ahh thank you Steven! That's lovely company to be in. :)teri.zin PKA Zin E. Rocklyn @intelligentwat is a 2017 VONA, 2018 Viable Paradise(22)& 2020 @ClarionWest student. He…
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@aidan_doyle @ECthetwit @AuthorGaylord @RachaelKJones @finstergrrrl @sillysyntax @Ms_ColeJackson @KateLechler
@crashwong Happy birthday!! @FoxesandRoses @sillysyntax @writerunyoga @AnnakaKalton Happy to say that whoever it was seems to have come back la… @According2Robyn They came back and fixed it when we weren’t looking! Or possibly our neighborhood has some helpful… afternoon to everyone especially people who quietly come back later and fix the mailbox they hecked up and dis… morning to everyone except people who back over other people’s mailboxes!!’re thrilled, too!
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@aidan_doyle @sillysyntax @ECthetwit @RachaelKJones @FoxesandRoses @finstergrrrl @invisibleinkie @scribofelidae @aidan_doyle @ECthetwit @RachaelKJones @FoxesandRoses @finstergrrrl @invisibleinkie @scribofelidae @KateLechler @valerievaldes With my dog earlier, it was less that he threw himself at me than at the window, so that he could in… @writerunyoga This is why Riker stands by my daughter’s seat at the dinner table 😆 @valerievaldes Ahaha ha hahaha *bangs head on keyboard* @writerunyoga Happy birthday, Loki! NOW EAT YOUR DINNER @aphoebebarton @premeesaurus I can have donuts at home WHENEVER I WANT and now this forbidden knowledge is yours too 🍩 @aphoebebarton @premeesaurus Obvs nothing can compare to the joy of Timbits, but easy homemade donut hack: -Buy a c… @Trollbreath42 in Things That Can Be Sung to the Phrase “Alexander Hamilton”: BUNNY MACARONI LID I found the BUNNY MACARONI… @KateLechler YUP @wtflanksteak CONGRATULATIONS!! This is amazing news!The stories we publish come from the slush pile 100% of the time. We are also delighted to have debut authors in ea…
Retweeted by Aimee Ogden.@SpiralGalaxy recommends ''Bound by Sorrow'' by @MauriceBroaddus, ''The Hummingbird Temple'' by @ccfinlay, and ''N…
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@FoxesandRoses @AuthorGaylord @sillysyntax @RachaelKJones @effies @scribofelidae @katsudonburi @invisibleinkie @sillysyntax This avocado cosplay needs work Suzan @booksofm hard muffin leggy mushroom dawdle boule @writerunyoga Congratulations to her! (And ooh wow, my compliments to your resident mixologist) @sillysyntax hi avocados @jennyrae @AuthorGaylord @sillysyntax @RachaelKJones @effies @FoxesandRoses @scribofelidae @katsudonburi @AuthorGaylord @sillysyntax @RachaelKJones @effies @FoxesandRoses @scribofelidae @katsudonburi @invisibleinkie @arleysorg FIFTY!! Holy shit! I always thought you were a year or two younger than me. Well, congratulations on we… @willowcabins “Would you like to fit a single leg into the entire pair of shorts, or both legs into a single leg-ho… @her_nibsen It looks so cozy!Two Women’s Mediums: An Online Shopping Story @FoxesandRoses @sillysyntax
@Trollbreath42 💜💜💜 @RachaelKJones @AuthorGaylord @aidan_doyle @ECthetwit @sillysyntax @Ms_ColeJackson @KateLechler @invisibleinkie heartfelt, heartwrenching, and yet heartening story from @Trollbreath42 that’s made me cry both times I’ve read i… @aimeekuzenski Oh god Aimee, how awful! I’m so sorry. :( @finstergrrrl @AuthorGaylord @effies @aidan_doyle @ECthetwit @sillysyntax @Ms_ColeJackson @RachaelKJones
@outseide @finstergrrrl Hnnngh those nice big salt flakes 🤤 @BennettNorth Thank you for helping get it on its way!! @wildebrian 😭💜Too much egg, not enough Scotch!! wondering what's up with Robert Silverberg being an issue awarding Hugos? I've got you.…
Retweeted by Aimee Ogden @FoxesandRoses Takes one to know one!! 💜 @MeabhdeBrun Awwww Peebs 🥰 @ApparitionLit 😊💜So thrilled for @Aimee_Ogden! Almost as thrilled as we were to publish her story HIS HEART IS THE HAUNTED HOUSE i…
Retweeted by Aimee Ogden @zettie_geez Thank you! @notmoro @MeabhdeBrun 💜💜💜 @ArturusFJones Thank you!
Exclusive Cover Reveal: Glitter + Ashes: Queer Tales of a World That Wouldn’t Die
Retweeted by Aimee Ogden"Why are my eyes so tired again?" I ask myself, as my reading glasses stare at me balefully from their half-open case.You can now pre-order Sun-Daughters, Sea-Daughters, which I still cannot believe is going to be a real book that I…
A young soldier proves her might in a first glimpse at North Africa-inspired debut fantasy The Unbroken…
Retweeted by Aimee Ogden @writerunyoga @C_L_Clark @orbitbooks @bhvide @Jenni_Hill @TommyArnoldArt !!!! This looks AMAAAAZING