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"Be real with yourself" - @RonRamboKim Check out all his advice in our interview πŸ‘‰ @aplsed2003 Just do it bro @mcneemem @fl0mtv This guy gets it πŸ‘Œ @keyfragz @fl0mtv Wait. Why am I single then? 😳 @mmattbtw @Mendo πŸ˜‚βœ… @j_shOnTwitch @fl0mtv Damn sonWow 60% of players see better results when using @fl0mtv's skin in Aim Lab 🀯 @furia Bem-vindos ao laboratΓ³rio, @FURIA πŸ‘Š Bora botar a galera pra treinar a mira que esse Major nΓ£o vem sozinho 😜πŸ₯‡We're running a couple of Valorant tourneys tmrw! Make sure to get involved 🎯 πŸ‘‰ @MasonWMiles @NASA NOOOO I think maybe? @CathyyyTV @NASA Look I did some research into this: @FoxA_R6 What was it this time? πŸ₯Ί Was it about me again? πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ @jordanr @NASA why doeThat's the spirit πŸ‘Š @jordanr @NASA whoME WAKING UP AT 4 AM LIKE WHAT'S THE CRACK WITH THE MOON @NASA ????
Who else has been practicing Wall Peek? πŸ‘€ @RealSmallYeetus Same innitGet good. Stay hydrated πŸ’§ Fuel that 🧠 @DarkZeroGG @R6Mint Did you just call me a πŸ₯”? @fl0mtv AHHHHHHHHHHH SAME it here πŸ‘‡πŸŽ… heads like @fl0mtv with this super slick skin πŸ”₯ Available now on Steam πŸ‘Š our newest #aimlabpartner FURIA πŸ”₯
THEY'VE HIT 100K ON THE MOON πŸ™€ to the team @Ethoz #aimlabpartner πŸ’™'all too wholesome! πŸ’™ Love to see Mendo's skin in action though πŸ”₯ @ApocalypseKevs Yes @soulcas_ Love to see it! @KAYshell_YT #blessed @JACKS0NS_ 😑 @yayazuk12 @izzNovaTV I played myself haven't I @AstroIoxy Nice! Enjoy the rest of your day! @FoxA_R6 πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ erm awkward I had a dream about you too @Spookywarior103 I was good until you pulled that "s" on me @MrHydros @geardownbaby I'd like to formally apologize @yayazuk12 Hallo wie geht's? @gaming_saiko I can dont @RqzvE May you get everything you've wished for πŸ‚ @RealSmallYeetus It's rectangle day every day @AstroIoxy Gooood! How is yours? @redbullgaming Nooo it's XMAS!!! πŸŽ…βœ¨ Happy Friday everyone ✨ @RealSmallYeetus YUP @SwegLord17 Eyyyy close πŸ˜‚ @fl0mtv WHAT IS IT!?
@HSELesports Can't wait πŸ‘Š @JayquanSHIELDS1 @JayquanSHIELDS1 Yes but no @Excavism No but yes @kbandieet tmrw πŸ‘€ Guesses? πŸ‘‡'t no surprise that Number 1 on the leaderboard is @TenZ_CS! #aimlabpartner πŸ‘Š mode! Those kills from behind while they're running are not always going that well... 😜 Shoutout to @aimlab…
Retweeted by Aim Lab @_1Shy Hey at least I didn't tag you @CarlosR Don't we love to see it! Keep smashing it πŸ‘ŠThe group of water bottles in my room when I bring in another @jordanr Why tho? πŸ˜­πŸ’™ Love you too JORDANR πŸ₯°Morning exercise to warm up for the day πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ @Gunskn Don't I love to see it πŸ’™ @RealSmallYeetus We are already very proud of you 😭 @elemintz @KingAlfredo_ 100K club soon! It's inevitable πŸ‘Š @heymitchh Niiiice! Let's get it πŸ”₯ @ruvatel Ohhh good luck papi! This week is the one! @MasterOrigamist Let's get it πŸ‘Š @mem_ry We are working on Rogue Company. Hopefully not much longer :)
@AOC First you get your aim straight. Then you go into Among Us. You can't jump the gun like that. Practice first o… @andbox_official @Renegades @nerdstgamers @Immortals Love to see it πŸ”₯ @RealSmallYeetus Obviously where else would I have gotten the pic from? @PaJuniqr @HyperUwO Fixed @HyperUwO Dude why does his hand look like that? Yo did someone bit him?Feeling blessed
How to Aim Lab with @acesu πŸ”₯ Check out his full routine on YouTube πŸ‘Š new PB's did you hit this week? What's your goal for next week?
What's your all-time best gaming clip? Post it πŸ‘‡
It's time to play @luckeRRR_'s Valorant Playlist in Aim Lab! πŸ‘‰ "Valorant WarmUp luckeRRR""Thomas shut up @CalvinLit is trying to clutch" πŸ˜‚ Tag a team mate that talks too much πŸ’¬ @youyou4631 I like your style! Good luck in your exams πŸ’™ @DanielEnjoys Amazing. Make sure to link it to us πŸ™‚ @jake_pask Eyyyyy you can stay! @HyperUwO This is the right answer!Do you use TikTok? @renanplatz Glad we can help <3 @762squishy @Txkoii I will allow it! That set up is πŸ”₯ @Oscar_klppr @SwegLord17 Thank you πŸ’™ @redbullgaming @Oscar_klppr @SwegLord17 yea papi @kaitmadera @TenZ_CS Stay excited! 70K is awesome! It's not about the scores but about your daily improvementπŸ”₯ @CuteNoob_18 @TenZ_CS Keep at it πŸ’™ @JG__co @EmanRca @TenZ_CS Well check you out! That improvement is πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ @AnorakDT @TenZ_CS You can customize it in the settings @ColossusSpawn @TenZ_CS haha that's already good! Don't get too hung up on scores. Every day you practice you impro… @SouthCSGO @RealZephyrS Let us know how it goes! @Jezi_Belle haha @luk_gaminggg Not sure what you mean by length of the target? Do you mean the length of the task? @Akurokii You can change it in the settings :)
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