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I ain’t no rapper but I speak that real shit😊

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Honey lemon salmon, cream spinach, green beans & mash toniteee.It’s one thing to admire others gains in the market, but when you finally start seein ya own? I really did this in my sleep? Yea let’s go🙌🏿I like me better with my guard up because don’t shit hurt my feelings.
Retweeted by amiLet me take my ass to PTI be telling y’all stop bidding on celebs, cuz when you they pick it don’t look good😭😂 so me lol (I know my friends wouldn’t do this) but if someone playin too much ima spazz 😭😂 this really gonna go to $1?
Retweeted by amiI’m staying away from this demon @sharonbmills Ok I have liberty mutualIf a nigga keep tellin you he ain’t shit, you should run right? @FatMermaid_ Lmaooo got it😭😂 @jessamyn1x Wow what insurance?? @sharonbmills Yes!Essay I hit a deer, what do I tell my insurance? Lol pls helpY’all keep going on saweetie😢Iont do cheap niggas sorry lmaoI turned into a cold stone heart rock lmao I don’t feel shit no more 😭😂 @Ripkevo914 Yea ima prolly get them off there thx😇Fellas, where do y’all get ya wife beaters from?I got love for you but I’m not in love.Some girls are just mean and nastySong for my LOML❤️💪🏿 watching my crypto portfolio:
Retweeted by amiok I jus made a lil stock market money 😇
@SncerlyMeh You deserve it!!Selling So Kate Red Bottoms, 10.5 HMU before I post on one them sites 💓Canva is not playing! You can now schedule IG posts from their PRO version. Just logged in to my account and saw 😮
Retweeted by amiNo man can ever keep up 🤦🏿‍♀️🥱My music taste is so random but it only caters to me. DONT pass me the mf aux😭
Retweeted by amiRebel Sixx- Lit 🔥I try to make everyday better than yesterday.Life’s just so unpredictable, it’s heartbreaking
Retweeted by amiI love a mf who study me. Pays attention to every detail. Takes the time to learn me.
Retweeted by amiBoss bitch and king energy🥰
Adding Coinbase to my M1 generational wealth pie. Dollar cost average. Buy and hold 🔥
Retweeted by amiStarting to realize, these niggas chase EVERYBODY. Don’t feel special lol.
Retweeted by amiI’m dressing so skimpy this summer. Ain’t gon make no sense.It’s always “let me take you out to eat” never “let me pay for your hair, nails and wax” leave me alone 😭😂
Retweeted by ami @planetTOBI_ Literally being lazy to get the second doseAs I go on, Guide & Protect me Oh LordIdk why ppl went for it anyways. It’s the newest out of the others and In the past years J&J has had so many lawsui… manager got the J&J vaccine and is going through it right nowI need this shit up $4 by May lolThe whole world is watching this Coinbase IPO. History in the making. $COIN
Retweeted by amiI’m the last person to assume you gone be linkin with lol
Retweeted by amithe way yall bitches be fucking with a nigga that got a girl for years... even when he not with her no more and he…
Retweeted by amiI ain’t gon hold y’all. There ain’t a bone in my body that made me think taking a vaccine from Johnson & Johnson was the wave
Retweeted by amiMaxwell lifetime is the theme song for this weekI got my own life own family own friends own everything ion gotta kick it with no birds bitch ima EAGLE 🦅
Retweeted by amiGrind to make life better and easier for your family. Wake up with a real purpose every morning
Retweeted by amiLet me live my mf life 🙏🏿I love my own life by what I want to do and honestly sometimes I don’t want to talk. Might just have too much on my… wish people wouldn’t hound me to talk to them, or respond, or give more of my time. I don’t want to. I don’t choose to. I don’t have the mood to get my pussy ate while i smoke & ash on top of my nigga head
Retweeted by amijohnson & johnson still fighting claims on baby powder & y’all using they vaccine 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by amiBeen a long ass week & it’s only Tuesday
Retweeted by amiI love friends that mind their business because people think that friends need to know every single thing and I’m not like that
Retweeted by amiCops can’t go to jail or something likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?????????
Retweeted by ami#Libra is kind & cool, but if irritated with rudeness or stupidity then they will show you they are annoyed.
Retweeted by amican’t wait to get this process over with bc i see bigger opportunities coming my way once im done, i pray on it everyday.
Retweeted by amiStop sneakdissin because when we in person you on your best behavior😉
Retweeted by amiI like bitches that’s bout they business and that be getting money!! we too old to be keeping up with drama and tal…
Retweeted by ami
I can let my life pass me by or I can down and try!Stay positive, work hard, make it happen.
Retweeted by amiI had a dream I met uzi & JT and we took a pic and me and JT hung out and she helped me with my business venture. Lol it felt so real😭Cooking for someone will always be an act of love to me. Especially when the food be good. A lot of effort goes into cooking.
Retweeted by amiFellas we approach women so don’t approach IF yo cheese low. That’s like trying to kill a lion with a kitchen knife…
Retweeted by amiIt wasn’t rejection it was redirection.
Retweeted by amiI been stressed & overwhelmed all day 😭Girl. Outside is expensive. Lock us back up!
Retweeted by amiMy head is killing me.
@1AyeBenny Thank you 💪🏿❤️💯 @1AyeBenny Smh you right lemme stop crying and toughen up and try again 😕 @1AyeBenny Yes you’re right I need to just keep working harder 😔 @1AyeBenny Yea it’s like I found 100 ways to do it wrong but not one way to do it right😔😔What do you do when you try to do well at something but keep failing?? Like ??? 😔😔😔😔
im the friend that’ll take ur pictures til you like them bc ik how that shit be when you look good 😂 we will not move!
Retweeted by amiHaving a partner in life should feel like just that. A partner. You both vs. the world, not you vs. them. You shoul…
Retweeted by amiDon’t sing crazy story louder then me in the club cause ima think you wanna fight 🤷🏽‍♀️
Retweeted by amiI’m really big on letting go. I don’t wanna stay nowhere I’m not valued
Retweeted by amiOutside of joking, I don’t talk about people. I don’t call people broke because there were times I was down bad, li…
Retweeted by amiThis workout Killin me...I’m boutta vomit lordddToo hot to not get a drink from Starbucks...I wanna cut my hair so baddo what makes you happy , you never know when it’s your time to go and bitch I wanna be able to say I had A BLAST
Retweeted by amiNo gangster feverSalone guys are way cooler friends than salone females
I don’t kno about y’all but I had the WHOLE Natasha Beddingfield album and it’s on my Apple Music. I been in love w… relationships includes uncomfortable conversations sometimes
Retweeted by amiReady for the heat so I can rack up on some white tank tops in small and xs😛trynna travel, see shit, and fck in every state with my shawty.
Retweeted by amiWanna find a quiet spot to read and eat sushi today. Enjoy the sunWhen I pop out with a Partner TRUST I’m being treated accordingly
Retweeted by amiu lucky you look good 🙄🙄
2021 @BitchIim_SoRAW Lol I no de lieeeMy rock playlist on Apple Music is fucking phenomenal. I’m so proud of myself lol.Without knowin my soft spots ppl insults suck