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Okay, @airbagged... i’m too tired to even make a joke anymore
Retweeted by daveThinking about how terrifying the children in the new assassin’s creed look Thrower music is goodand they say band livestreams are over @ps4homescreen
Retweeted by dave thoughts head empty @WEARETHEENDBAND @FLOORPUNCHED Me at a party am tired of this world
Retweeted by daveLETS. FUCKIN. GO.
"this is what dave looks like doing his fuser mixes" - @OATMlLKLATTE @lilwastoid Bottom right is blowing up over the past few yearsBlossom, Bubbles and Buttercup get fuzzy psych ward socks @lilwastoid which one is it?damn went from being unemployed to TWO job offers LFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm mostly on twitter for all the Daves.
Retweeted by dave @JarradTX yuuup“Glassjaw sucks and theyre problematic” Their ig story the next day:
Retweeted by dave“How did you know I’m a cancer?” is a war crime @minadelphia @blushpaintbrush @ZakkGarcia @RendertheBooty this absolutely killed meStill dying at how we ended up talking about Yoda’s dick size and if baby yoda shits during my last stream
Retweeted by daveshoutout @blushpaintbrush @ZakkGarcia @RendertheBooty just vibing with our collective 2 brain cells in discord and…
Retweeted by dave @imbabyfr :)i present to you: tall dave @babysharkjoz i was wearing a sweater :(I am tired of this world @MissingxSpaces @babysharkjoz short on short crimecan't stop thinking about buckfast @hyjjus My roommate :( @hyjjus Hey it’s not me @babysharkjoz COME ON2020's most precious moment
Retweeted by dave @firelorddani damn I’m sorry @firelorddani baby that’s your upper lip @Wysman4 😂 @airbagged it's all fun and games til
Retweeted by dave2:30am pickle’m getting absolutely dragged by my “friends” is @airbagged
Retweeted by davefalling off cliffs in genshin w @cumbcore and @babysharkjoz
Retweeted by dave @spleenXpuncher @babysharkjoz @minadelphia @cumbcore tHaNk YoU fOr ThE fOLloW @minadelphia @cumbcore @babysharkjoz You missed the voice mod for you @MissingxSpaces It’s all ppl who get paid $10 for articles about the band “khaki cuffs” or YouTubing one Japanese b… yes and the casual racism. what a time... mean on Twitter is fun, wtf is wrong with y’allTim's Counterattack ~Beyond the Tim~
Retweeted by daveimagine if i get arrested because people in my house are illegally downloading TENET @_artud2_ is the best playlist on Spotify @natexhate Beautiful @954jeffx LMAOlemme guess u like brand new
Retweeted by daveSuper Nintendo World opens in Japan on Feb 4th
Retweeted by davefound this pic of @airbagged while deleting 10,000 photos
Retweeted by daveReminder
Retweeted by dave @airbagged “hows tmobile going”
Retweeted by dave @heliotropix Not someone named ”Casey Frey’s first wife” coming for me when there’s a vine of him saying transphobi… @heliotropix Pop punk kids are rapists do I need to keep rewording it?Whores and gentlemen, we got em @954jeffx Prolly the sound of their own voice just cause they love to hear themselves talk
Retweeted by davewhat the hell pc kids listen to cause they hate everything good
Retweeted by dave @AtYourMercyx Every “own” just makes me laugh @x_Nostromo I.... I can’t rememberYorKE @OATMlLKLATTE I fucking ... knew itlove u...... post my sexy mugshot next I beg you“Haha airbagged looks like Thom Yorker” Ok and @OATMlLKLATTE @misterminsoo The hardcore scene is unwelcoming to the hardcore scene LOLdave this is profoundly racist against italian POC
Retweeted by dave @OATMlLKLATTE They should say it with their chest @JordanXJenkins I’m definitely in the bathroom doing coke and itching to go to the barYou shouldn’t even be allowed To talk about music if you’re an adult actively in a pop band just my two cents
Retweeted by daveGlassjaw this.. Glassjaw that.. why don’t you try to Worship and Tribute some bitches
Retweeted by davewhat they doing in there I think everyone posting dogshit today is Italianhe knew I was going through them tweets to deep fry that ass and gentlemen, Your Pussy of the Year i said pop punk kids are rapists get the fuck over it bro @MasterPeeeeen surprised they got through all the licensingA classic FINALLY joins the Criterion Collection @airbagged
Retweeted by daveok I gotta stop engaging with pop punk twitter cause it’s making me want to tweet reckless shitHot we already roasted “I mass follow women and harass them when they unfollow me” godvfwine into oblivion last… isn’t offensive THIS is offensive: @airbagged
Retweeted by daveok TANNER @airbagged
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