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Dear Community, dear guests! From now on the AB Social Media Team doesn`t reply to any tweeds. For inquiries, check:, arrival of AB6210 #MUC-#TXL. GOODBYE all fans and guests! 😢🖖♥️#HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39 #airberlin
2015, 💪#HardWork for Santa, pulling #airberlin #christmas aircraft. 🎅👼🎄#Forever39 #HistoryOfairberlin #HoHoHo, #airberlinCrew and former CEO Stefan Pichler presented the #airdüsseldorf aircraft. #HistoryOfairberlin, #airberlin #christmas livery. 🎅👼#Forever39 #HistoryOfairberlin #HoHoHo #SantaClausCameToAirberlin, anniversary flight: 20 years #FortMyers. 🍾🎉🇺🇸 #HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39 #airberlin #RSW, #airberlin #christmas livery. ✈️🎄🎅#Forever39 #HistoryOfairberlin #HoHoHo #SantaClausCameToAirberlin, #airberlin became a part of the #oneWorld alliance.🤝🌍✈️#Forever39 #HistoryOfairberlin, #airberlin #christmas livery. 🎨😍#Forever39 #HistoryOfairberlin #HoHoHo #SantaClausCameToAirberlin of our @Boeing honeys: #Boeing 737-800, D-ABKC. #HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39 #airberlin @BoeingAirplanes, #airberlinCrew arriving at home base. #HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39 #airberlin #Crewlife #A321-200 D-AVZC ✈️amazing #aircraft type❣️#HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39 #airberlin #AirbusLovers, anniversary flight: 30 years #PalmaDeMallorca. 🍾🎉🇪🇸 #HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39 #airberlin #PMI #airberlin group ainlines! #HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39, #airberlinCrew with new uniforms. #HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39 #Crewlife, our beloved #Airbus 320. 😍✈️💗#HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39 #airberlin #A320 #AirbusLovers, #airberlin hub #PalmaDeMallorca. 🇪🇸🇪🇸 #HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39 #airberlin #PMI, Air Berlin Crew. #HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39 #airberlin, Air Berlin Crew together with Joachim Hunold. #HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39 #airberlin, #Boeing 737-400. #HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39 #airberlin #BoeingLovers, AB crew prepares for take-off in a newly liveried aircraft and new uniforms. #HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39 16th March 1992,the German 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪 Air Berlin is born!👶 #HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39 #airberlin, 10 Jahre Air Berlin. 🍾🎉 #HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39 #airberlin Berlin`s flight pioneer: founder Kim Lundgren with son Shane in the cockpit of a #Boeing 737-400.…, #Boeing 737-222. #HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39 #airberlin, service with a smile!? 😜😝😛#HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39 #Crewlife #airberlin📸Amazing shot of our #Boeing 737-200. ✈️✈️#HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39 #airberlin #HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39 #Crewlife #airberlin, ready for take off! #HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39 #Crewlife #airberlin of 1979. 👍💋 #HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39 members and guests from the Air Berlin start-up period. #HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39 took nine months to train the pilots and cabin crew for the #Boeing 707-331. #HistoryOfairberlin #Forever39 four-engine #Boeing 707-331 is one of the best-looking jets ever!♥️✈️178 passengers joined the 1. flight.… 28th April 1979 the Air Berlin #Boeing 707-331, chartered by Berliner Flugring took off from Belin-Tegel.… on 23rd April 1979 Kim Lundgren was presented with an operating licence for „Air Berlin Inc.”… A red-white era comes to an end. The last #airberlin flight takes off today and we take you on journey…
@discharmingirl which route have you booked and for which date have you booked? Best, Miriam
@sqeezyyysavage All flights after 15th of Oct won't take place. Pls go to for your request. Best
@mira_miziii I guess there are even more requests by mail then by phone... @mira_miziii Name change only for typing error or marriage, no other person allowed. 75€ for Short/medium, 130€ long haul. @MoreRupertGrint Hi, if only one leg of your booking is cancelled, the other one should be fine. Have you checked "My Booking" online? @mira_miziii Hi, name change is possible within the limits of the chosen tariff, but this cannot be done on twitter, only service center @erzhlmal, Andrang ist auch da extrem. Allg: gebucht vor 15/08=Insolvenztabelle, danach refund. Keine Umbuchung @ppkorevaar You will be informed;if booked before 15/08 full refund,else insolvency law applies. No rebboking to other airlines. Last: 15/10 @MicHillberger Letzter Flug am 15.10.; falls Ausfall: Da nach Insolvenzantrag gebucht, voller Refund und Schadensersatz möglich @tessarapa insolvency law states that we must not pay for claims before 08/15, you will receive new claim form when insolvencyprocess starts @kahara HEL has not been cancelled. Generally:Refund for booking after 15/08, insolvency law if booked earlyier
@LisaKennelly Please try The line is probably very busy right now. I´m so sorry. I wished I could help! @isa_steinmann Ich weiß von keinem Systemfehler, wie lautet der Fehlercode? @ryanwaddoups Call center US operates 24/7, 917 26 13 165 (local rate) @LisaKennelly Hi Lisa, please go to @my_alzheimers If you have a long haul flight after 15/10, there will be no rebooking to other airlines. @ryanwaddoups Hi, don't have access, sorry. Call Center can rebook to Düsseldorf, if booked before 15/08 +available, else you get refunded @grinsefrog Hi, ich sehe keine Widersprüche, Flug ist im System. Aktualisierung bitte prüfen unter @SophiePNDRGN Die Strecke wird eingestellt, bei Buchung nach dem 15.08. erhalten Sie einen vollen Refund, davor gilt Insolvenzrecht. @olloyd_suntek Hi, this is right. If booked before 15/8 insolvency law applies, otherwise you get refunded. No rebooking to other airlines @LavenderManece Es finden keine Umbuchungen auf andere Airlines statt. Refund bei Buchung ab 15.08., sonst gilt Insolvenzrecht @eskailation Dazu ist uns nichts bekannt, aktuell erfolgt keine Umbuchung auf andere Airlines @ChMenke Findet noch statt und kann gebucht werden, Grüße, Martin @nieuwkasteele Hi, my data tells me that MIA, RSW, SFO and 2x JFK all to DUS have their lasts flights ON 15th, cancelled from 16th. @Ferrnanda Please report to lost&found directly, if you didn't, pls check next steps on @Pris_CoRa You forgot it on the plane or it was not on the belt? For both cases, pls. check process and contacts on @chaneyk06 Yes, it will be refunded, don't need to cancel yourself. You get notification, you can add more claims at @Erikdw7 7431 is LA, this route was cancelled. If booked before 15/08, call center can rebook on SFO if available. Booked later = refund @grinsefrog HI, ich kann nicht umbuchen, aber eventuell habe ich Antworten. Wie kann ich helfen? Martin
@LindaRosink Hi Linda, airberlin will contact you as soon as possible. @DLP_Dreamer Yes, airberlin will need to cease its long-haul flight operations by 15 October 2017
@Nikinho9 I think so, but please keep in mind that some countires require proof of a return ticket to let you in. @aliciasuzanne The route has been cancelled. All passengers will receive notification about the handling, e.g. refund or insolvency process. @matidiot Hi, das richtet sich nach Buchungsdatum, Flugdatum und Alternativen. Alle Passagiere werden bezüglich ihrer Buchung informiert. @ersinkoray No more long haul flights from 16th October, sorry. All passengers will be informed about refund or insolvency procedures. @deathbysequins all long haul flights are cancelled 16th of October. Passengers wil be informed about refund or insolvency process @ChristophKappes Haben Sie die Tracing Nummer vom Lost&Found? Dieser ist in den ersten 5 Tagen verantwortlich für die Suche. @stephnlebow Last flights will be on 15th. All passengers will be contacted about next steps (refund/insolvency process) @KasiaKla Hi Kasia, we announced cancellation of several routes yesterday; for which route and date have you been searching? @Rv_xWijk Refund if flights were booked after 15/08, before that, insolvency regulations apply. @UOteh Hi, it wil be cancelled. You will receive a notification about refunds or insolvency procedures. Martin @liebeserklaerer Von Streichungen betroffene Gäste erhalten eine Benachrichtigung, Datum kann ich leider nicht einsehen. Martin @BLGranucci Hi Benjamin, DUS-JFK will be cancelled from 16th of October. @sacharya JFK-TXL has been cancelled, pls check details on @zoevick Hi, ORD-TXL has been cancelled. Pls check homepage for details about refunds or insolvency regulations. Martin @aliciasuzanne All other long haul (DUS-MIA/JFK/SFO/RSW) will be cancelled from 16th October. Martin @aliciasuzanne Hi, don't know date of notification. All Berlin long hauls are cancelled, Caribbean and Düsseldorf-BOS/Orlando/LAX as well. @matthewsj Hi Jennifer, LAX has been cancelled yesterday, SFO-Berlin as well. SFO - Düsseldorf will fly until 16th October. Martin
@DLP_Dreamer Hi, so far unaffected, if we have any changes we will inform passengers. Martin @jon_fancey All passengers will receive a notification with the information about rebooking or cancellation @jon_fancey Depends on booking date (after 15/08 refund, no rebooking), before rebooking if available, else insolvency law applies. @AugustRadbill If booked after 15.08 you will get refund, if earlier, insolvency law applies; you will receive cancellation notification @jon_fancey These are connecting flights through Düsseldorf, which have not been cancelled. Martin
@Daniel_A_Franz Dear Daniel, due to insolvency law, tickets bought before 15th of August will not be reimbursed. Best Regards, Susanna @juatelse
@chrisdrssrs airberlin will cancel all flights to Cancun as of 25 September 2017.
@mfavalos Please visit or to submit a complaint. Rgds Diana @juliareinstein From where are you calling and which number did you use? Regards, Diana
@KLVNMYKVL Hi Lucian, please contact our service center with your concrete flight details. They will help you along. Thank you, Susanna @anand10856143 Affected passengers have the opportunity to file the claim after the opening of the insolvency proceedings. @anand10856143 Unfortunately no compensations will be paid for flights booked before August 15th, due to effective insolvency regulations @ErinMur11357680 Complaints can be handed in on Some claims cannot be compensated because of insolvency regulations @appleRW Hi, das müsste auch online gehen, die Kollegen im Service Center buchen es jetzt aber aus. @liebeserklaerer 2/2 Nachricht erfolgt nach Reisedatum, nächste zuerst, wir sind noch im Oktober, bitte noch Geduld, Danke!