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Kenny beats is a farmer Kenny beets @HipHopNumbers I’m about to drop a single just so you can notice itListen to sorry to bother you it’s so fucking good
Retweeted by Airospace †☽ @GeraldJA3 I appreciate you so pushing the agenda so heavily you’re truly doing the lords work💯💯💯
Retweeted by Airospace †☽When I say y’all need to listen to these for your soul I’m really not fucking lying 😫😫😫
Retweeted by Airospace †☽ projects I’ve released within the past year RT for awareness @srslywhitebread @Sprite @LuckySevo Wow @airospvce Its getting wild out here man. Im Tired. #EndSARS Buhari is killing us, and is increasing military on pr…
Retweeted by Airospace †☽Nah we not doing this again I love myself a bit more this time @iamRav Me and the boys don’t want to be distracted. I want this to end. Everywhere.Rest In Peace Marcellis Stinnette. Blessings to his girlfriend Tafarra Williams who was also shot but is currently in the hospital. don’t want to do this anymore @AissaAgave Please let me know when so we can meet up, you know I’m not really in the city much anymoreI’m letting go of everything that isn’t meant to build me or support me My mind is destructive enough @AissaAgave I’m doing much better at that than the last time I saw youIt is the sole reason why I stop communicating openly with people @GeraldJA3 I gotchu fashoSometimes the person you need to talk to the most is up in them clouds...
Retweeted by Airospace †☽Ok back to this music shit cuz I’ll be fucked if I let this shit keep me down @AmishNDAhaus Don’t do thatI’m sick of racism bruh I’m tired of this whole fucking establishment
WHAT?? LOLLLL ain’t drink this much since 2017 @jaden DC niggas finna go off when they see this😌😌😌😌😌 @Atari_Jones Big facts @TheeUnemployed 💕😌Why are you all so funny lmaoooo💃🏾 💃🏾 💃🏾💕🌙😂😂😂😂 at 3998 followers place your bets now @kenziekuss Love you too for you all is really therapeutic frIf you like Black entertainment but hate Black people I am not the artist for youMy time and energy have worth but not my existence okI’m worth fucking but not protecting got itThey kill us in every possible way they can and then have the audacity to expect us to just proceed as normal’m tired of this weight being forced on usFuck Instagram @Wale Please don’t listen to this bro @johnAVERAGE Nope not this time 😩For the real ones with Airo #2 - 10 second Chicken Sandwich
@ConorRaps Bruh ran 3 million miles on snake way talked shit to king Kai got resurrected and STILL was talking shit my man is a menace @dumb_reed And homie was just CHILLIN on his bullshitIf I was chi chi I’d be pissed too frNigga be giving the opps healing beans, leaving his children with the opps, traded in the universe for his own self… is the single most toxic protagonist in anime history this nigga takes no accountability for anything lmaoooooI know your love was made for me @ToucheAmore This is loveGotta keep these vocal cords followers I will scream any sentence of your choosing @imbenbeal There’s a Lofi twitter?? Lmaooo yo what @imbenbeal just want to point out that it’s not just police that are part of this systemic series of violent and oppressive… what we doing now?’s your genre? My genre: @lostsocket @gookcity I was looking for this. I had an 87 crx SI 💕 @Barnsei @gookcity This picture just triggered an entire string of memories I wasn’t prepared for @DynxmicEntry Shit feel like a trap @gookcity @lilvishnya This is the best thread on twitter rnIf you not sincerely looking at yourself to figure ways to learn more and be better I just can’t fuck with youSometimes I think I’m too hard on myself others I think it’s just part of the growth and development processHow you bring me into a fucked up situation and expect me to figure your shit out for you while you avoid doing any… common decency and respect has always felt transactional like why I gotta jump through hoops to get basic shitThis is exactly why I don’t open up to nobodyWhatever it is, I'm 4ready ~
Retweeted by Airospace †☽ @airospvce really got me looking like one of his goons in this video
Retweeted by Airospace †☽
@iamkillbill ☺️☺️☺️ sirrrr @iamRav ❤️❤️❤️ putting on for squaddddIm in so much emotional pain my head hurtsedits: @aerotem mix and master: @IScreamedWolf dir: JL of @CookThuglessWhat was I worth to you?
@Moski1213 Rest well mama
Nah y’all niggas trippin that new Ye bang @neverknovvsbest Cowboy bebop 🌺
@sithexe Miss you tooMore drinking And no eating Took working For less sleeping @madeinthedmv @madeinthedmv The Final Evangelion Anime Film, Evangelion 3.0+1.0, to Finally Be Released On January 23, 2021 ✨More:…
Retweeted by Airospace †☽Jaguar Wright is my heroI just finished one of my favorite verses for a feature this nigga got lucky @kanyewest We can’t begin to heal if we’re constantly being traumatizedPeople from the DMV will listen to the same 3 rappers then go “everybody from here sound the same” @SIREUTHEGR8 Imma text you let’s goooo @OG_Bri MF Doom said it best “emcees is crabs in the barrel pass the old bay” and there’s irony cuz the DMV rap scene is like that @OG_Bri I’m waiting til that time comes cuz a lot of these big “artists” getting exposed for robberyI remember saying this and people called me a hater nah that shit happens often @ElliottWilson @BennyBsf Blessings @SIREUTHEGR8 Aye bro why you playing