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@TheKupschLife Sounds like it already has 🤮 @collincowart for kicking out my boyfriend because he refuses to fix his feet? @NerdyKris @legaladvice_txt Ah I hadn't seen that part which is obviously way illegal. @GregLynn9418 @legaladvice_txt To fire someone for using a food bank? In America unless you have a contract (rare)… @legaladvice_txt I'm guessing legal but shitty? @AITB_reddit want to find this Nextdoor post. @bestofnextdoor?AITA for firing my children's babysitter for wearing revealing clothes? @HoxtonHill @chick_in_kiev Booo
@HoxtonHill @Emskie247 @jay_tyler Apparently! @jay_tyler @Emskie247 My parents got pissed, hung up on me, and stopped speaking to me for several days because we… @homosupremacy69 @Soyyyybean @NuclearTakes @Soyyyybean @NuclearTakes Ha, I saw the original but not the expanded explanation. I'm still confused. @legaladvice_txt @CAwkward NTA I also have been HAVING A DAY I almost missed this post entirely, but someone sent it to me @LHightalker @a_m_b__ @sparky4698 Same idea @CAwkward In terms of being barred from the venue, do you think they'd be able to push themselves in since they app… @AITA_reddit I am for 1) private ceremony 2) attend party but disinvite parents 3) definitely make the venue deal w…
Retweeted by Am I the Asshole? @e_b0t ALREADY MARRIED ASK OUR PARENTS WHY @redditships Oh no for eloping when the wedding is this weekend? for letting my sisters kids destroy the living room? @badisonmoyd ESH = everyone sucks here (both parties are the asshole) OP = original poster or original post @SocialistThorn Uh...
@vikrambath1 @grand_sophy @a_m_b__ @sparky4698 Applicable to so many situations!AITA for using my roommates face wash cloth to wipe down the bathroom floor, sink and toilet and hanging it back up… @grenade66 @justmerri oh no @MamalehC @TylerAWalton @exfatalist @me_jakobsen @MamalehC @TylerAWalton @exfatalist They did what now? @redditships If it's not possible to go to the bathroom...just apologize? @hearmenerd Fear, Obligation, & Guilt @AITA_reddit Step 1 make lists and gather any evidence (emails n shit) of this happening and/or regarding meetings…
Retweeted by Am I the Asshole?WIBTA for wearing an engagement ring against my boyfriend's wishes in order to avoid harassment?… @pollllllllllly1 "Just refrain from pushing for a minute while I send a quick text." @AITA_reddit They need to add a category when someone is both THE asshole and AN asshole, like, generally.
Retweeted by Am I the Asshole?Hell no. @ep1clord Eh, could very well be fake, but I'd be hard pressed to call it the most fake.AITA for being upset with my wife for leaving me hanging home alone with the kids?
@bounddreamer @L_J_Pfefferminz I've certainly heard of the behavior before but it doesn't seem like a straight copy paste.AITA for ordering 50 trees? for telling my girlfriend she has ‘Waluigi Energy’? for Awfulbrag (obviously the asshole) @legaladvice_txt Send us the fic. Gotta read it to be sure.AITA for insisting that my wife make more specific grocery lists and in units actually sold in the store?… for putting the tip money on the corner of the table for the waitress to see and hopefully make us a priority?… @chaoticstupid91 I hear you, but it's constantly in my mentions so it's still very much in my life!
@ashleymariko_ keep thinking of @KenMarino @AddieHillman1 @Blackfang108 @sarahgundle @redditships @AskAManager Spicy spicy justiceAITA for asking 3 co-workers (all women), to not talk about their periods while I’m eating my lunch in the break ro…
@GoAskAllison @AndiAllOver ESH = everyone sucks here (both parties are the asshole)AITA for telling a resident they could only get condoms if they have sex less loudly? @thatwasnifty @angelajames I'm dead @Future_ssbm @comfywytch This is some real CSI shit @Stonewall_12 @aceragoff @joanalouu @gtombs Welcome to the internet @comfywytch I was confused about this as well @ScottishJenbel @angelajames I thought the same thing!AITA for putting my penis in peanut butter and leaving it in the kitchen? @theyspants Wow
@redditships Are you sure the noises aren't caused by your wife who's locked in the attic?AITA for accidentally ruining a gender reveal? @WoollyBlueCurls I'm glad you didn't but I appreciate the thought!
@tacotako I could get behind that. @whatssheesaid For a second I thought someone else from my table had posted. We have very similar plates @isolinearchick That looks amazing @SrirachaCupcake That sounds really good though! @annamonica711 This is obviously the best choiceThanksgiving turkey haters! Show me your non-turkey mains! I've never had a turkeyless Thanksgiving and I'm curious.AITA for not allowing my father to meet my dying mother at the hospital? @VentiMochaTRex Someone at Shop Rite, I believe.Uh Thanksgiving, potential-asshole enthusiasts!
@themeowsterz @redditships @redditships ...what job would request this? @kristatee @MicaelaMendlow @SamRatcliff87 @SimonJadis Let the puppers read! @insultmoose @amalieskram INFO Was the food good? @redditships for allowing my young daughter to read a “mature” book? for changing husband’s family Thanksgiving family tradition because I’m pregnant?
AITA for wrapping a fake present for my kids? for prioritizing my dog over my family Thanksgiving? @AITB_reddit NTA any port in a stormAITB for shitting into my husband's expensive glass bowl?
Retweeted by Am I the Asshole?Ok this is off topic but everyone needs to see this lady. 🔥 @redditships Oh no
AITA For telling my girlfriend I did not like her new haircut? @redditships YikesAITA for turning my son into the police?
@lowcalhobi @Anna_Melvina216 @redditships Not sure OP knows the difference.AITA for not reacting well when I found out my coworker is dating my ex-husband? @redditships
@SoulCat_NZ Thank you for specifying! I totally know that people aren't talking to me but there are moments where… for revealing to a prospective employer of my former employee that he shares pay information with coworkers, p… for calling drive thru customer a Karen? @Scrinnameless @Araralc @MoonHoneygrove I wasn't talking about fries specifically, just the use of lard in general.
@BrWrecked @redditships Oh, you're asking if the guy is allowed to have female friends with common interests. 100% yes. @BrWrecked @redditships I really don't understand what you're asking. I'm not trying to enter into a Latin-off with… @BrWrecked @redditships I'm so confused by this non sequitor I'm not even sure how to respond. @redditships a) Just say Star Wars b) Let the woman have friends