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@_ghostgirl74 Sorry...AITA for telling my boyfriend not to spit in our food? next one is disgusting but people keep sending it to me, so here you go @DonutInterns Some of these are pretty tough.AITA for refusing to lie to my mother's husband about how I met my husband? for throwing away my wife’s skincare things? for accidentally letting a child into the monster world through an activated door, then hiding her and bringin…
@emily_murnane @redditships donate or at least share the gofundme linked below, my partner has been in a dangerous work and home situati…
Retweeted by Am I the Asshole? @redditships This sounds exhaustingcw: Romani slur AITA for banning my husband’s female friend from our house? for not acknowledging my son in public? @nedostup
AITA for photoshopping my sisters tattoo out of our wedding photo? pregnancy loss AITA for refusing to give my boyfriend parental rights over my children if we marry?… @ThaWhiteMLK @HoosierTwin @toronodon Folks please @redditships He just...*talked to her about it.* @redditships For taking back the car I “bought” for my (now ex) girlfriend?
AITA for hiding my finances from future MIL? @redditships for locking my wife out of my office because she won't stop bothering me?
AITA for not telling someone I can read lips? if i failed a Juniors probation period because he's reported me several times to the bosses?… @redditships Oh noAITA for calling out my (24F) FIL (55M) and his VERY inappropriate relationship with my cousin(26F)?… @TimWright1488 @_PhoenixFlame_ for Sabotaging My Friend’s Engagement Plans? [Removed]
@Lenniesaurus for telling my sister-in-law she's not getting a dime of my brother's inheritance? @redditships Me sitting down to read the replies about never jeopardizing the beans for not paying for my daughters wedding? for blaming my fiancee for infecting others with COVID-19? For being upset that my fiance spent only $140 of my engagement ring? for letting my stepson call me "dad"?
@inhellwithyou Fair @AsynYall In a similar genre @Sealphant @graylego1 @intrestellar for telling my husband he can’t masturbate in the shower?'m sorry in advance @HRHAuroraofNYC @DonutInterns I understand that follows =/= endorsement, but I don't understand why you would follo… @DonutInterns @HRHAuroraofNYC "Salty barnacle" @DonutInterns I also do not get paid. if I took almost all the money my son earned at his summer job? @JustNoMIL1 for telling my boyfriend's mother she raised a fucking sociopath who needs to be in a facility?…
@DonutInterns @redditships for shredding my fiancé's prom picture? for ruining my brother in law's day with a purposeful fart?
@BradyMojitsu @DonutInterns Boxers! 💚 @doogal11 Did you find them?AITA for not allowing my friend to bring her service animal (guide dog) to my wedding? bolting through a backyard gate left open by a maintenance person and exploring the neighborhood on my own? @redditships for getting my family to do a "swear tax" after my dad told me off for swearing? (My dad and brothers cuss lik… For logging into my friends email account and declining her university's offer of admission?…
@many_bells_down @jlhginger This also killed me @jlhginger OMG my spouse just showed me this and I am @menwritewomen This is one of the many reasons I need a drink today.AITA for asking my ex to stop paying our son $15 to shower? @incredditable @DonutInterns I'm really surprised there's not more in the fake camp on this one. @TheDuckMane I just thought it would be funnier. I thought about waiting a few hours to post it, but why not just t… @Obeluss I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it was the same shitposter. @SimonJadis This is correctGood morning For refusing to give back the donations after cancelling my wedding?
AITA for "using my children as leverage "? @BreannaConlon @J03stradamus @feathers_flight Folks please for using "my roof, my rules" on my mum? for changing the package pickup each time someone uses my email for orders?
@Ejoelhenry @LzSeishi @redditships I'm also the parent of a small child and I worked with dogs (including "aggressi… @Ejoelhenry @LzSeishi @redditships The statement "growling isn't necessarily aggressive" was general & not specific… @WholeManDispose @RosesBrain This is greatAITA for ruining my girlfriends blanket that she worked on for 6 months? @MatislavBel @LuckyCat12901 @SimonJadis Folks please for exposing a family secret and making my mom cry? @LzSeishi @redditships Because I understand that growling isn't necessarily aggressive? @redditships Growling isn't a bad thing. It's communication. Brother is way out of line.UPDATE for possibly making my parents homeless?
Aita for changing my swimsuit after feeling uncomfortable at a pool party, and than “embarrassing” people when I wa… for not taking my girlfriend to the hospital for her broken arm straight away? @slopringly An attempt was madeI honestly had no idea @redditships had also just posted about body fluids. I'd been sitting on this one for a few… alternative use for body fluids AITA for constantly making my sister 'insecure' about her periods?… @redditships My first instinct is to say no, but because I took all the leftover homes after a work party? For going to a massage parlor and complaining about how costly the tip was? you slap your friends with invoices for a fun weekend at the cottage? Urban Diplomat's answer:…
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@minytrash But I'm fine. Thanks for asking! @minytrash They're not usually this violent @Promblematic1 No idea @Promblematic1 I often respond to messages, even negative ones but in this case, there's really no response to that.AITA for taking back the beer I bought for a party from which I was uninvited? they're not a fan? for getting a waitress fired from her job because she left me her phone number? a lot of requests for that last one so...enjoyAITA for "babying my wife at the expense of my children"?