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Just a girl who loves her cat, horror movies, Halloween & everything 80’s #HorrorFam #MutantFam 🎃 #2A 🇺🇸 #MentalHealthMatters 🧠

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bad acting in 80s horror movies is one of my favorite things on earth
Retweeted by olivia @todmartinn I can quote the whole movie 😎 @rural51 I’m definitely going to get one 😁We’re both completely exhausted. I guess it’s bedtime for us ✌🏼 @sadglamour Block that clown. @rural51 I have my eye on a Ruger SR22 @rural51 What kind of gun is that? @StrongBoma Thank you friend!! ❤️ @rural51 Girl, yes!! 👏🏼 @MaybeSomeDude I’m scared too. You can’t beat the first one. @RyanGoPackGo82 AMC @CollinCCollin It’s playing on @AMCFearFest so I’m watching it haha @MaybeSomeDude No but I was planning to tonight! Have you??Now watching @sadglamour @WagnerKnew Agreed. No one’s view is “right”. We all have different morals and beliefs. That’s what mak…
I’m so happy when I receive responses like this from people. MORE PEOPLE LIKE THIS, ALL DAY LONG ❤️🇺🇸💙 @FilmmakerBird @perillomike24 @LordsPrayer6 Thank you friend! I try to be respectful bc it would make me a hypocrit… @HughsonF 🇺🇸❤️👏🏼 @reginadave @m_ritten 😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 @movies_4life @FromPage2Screen Thank you Ian!! The division really is sad isn’t it? @movies_4life @Gruntstyle Sure can! I’ll do it as soon as I get it 😊 @movies_4life @jasonaviles80 It’s exactly what we need for sure. There’s no respect anymore. It’s ok to ask questi… @angiebulkeley It helps me so much. When I can feel a migraine starting I take one and it goes away really fast. It’s saved me!! @ZarnikAnthony Love it!! @gingerdreaming1 People can’t accept differences now. They’d rather call someone a racist or question heir intellig… @SJPFISH I would’ve done more to her than shove that piece of filth onto the ground. Disgusting! @U_Name_It2 Same and idc! I’m done being quiet 🇺🇸❤️Facts 👇🏼 @sadglamour Same girl. But idc. Let them go. They weren’t friends to begin with. And who wants intolerant friends anyways? 🤷🏼‍♀️ @PhiLLy___C @donnabrazile @FoxNews The next 4 years of Trump will fuel the MSM fire, but when he’s out of office in… @realDerekUtley @StaceytheGhost This is what I like to see 👏🏼 @jasonaviles80 🍻 @nizzo1499 Trump handled himself very well this time. The first debate was a bit discouraging, but this one restored my faith. @PhiLLy___C @donnabrazile @FoxNews If they would just give him a chance and actually listen, they’d realize how wro… @BDC1288 @jasonaviles80 Thank you friend! ❤️ @jasonaviles80 Likewise my friend! Keep being you ❤️💙 @angiebulkeley Eletriptan works wonders!! Try it if you never have. @sadglamour I’ve seen that lord of people have been having issues. @nizzo1499 He never did to begin with. I’m on the Trump train. @Megan6663 When he first started out he stood in one spot and wasn’t very animated. His newer stuff is so much better. I’d love to see him. @KaneIreland @jasonaviles80 Thanks love! It’s always nice to meet people who agree with me in the horror fam. I fee… @JordanElizabeth Do what makes you happy. I used to never talk politics on Twitter until recently. I typically keep… @Megan6663 I love him. @ItsAboutTime45 @JoeBiden @realDonaldTrump Dug himself a grave there, eh? RIP Joe 😂😂😂 @ItsAboutTime45 @JoeBiden @realDonaldTrump @todmartinn 😂😂😂 @KaneIreland @jasonaviles80 Thank you! Not a fellow shooter (yet) but very much pro 2A. @Costa19972114 Thank you friend! @PhiLLy___C @donnabrazile @FoxNews It just kills them to see facts. They’d rather bash our POTUS than give him credit where he deserves it @KaneIreland @jasonaviles80 Thank you!! @perillomike24 @LordsPrayer6 Under Biden, his son and other druggies wont go to jail. They'll go to rehab facilities hahahahahaha @realDonaldTrump @JoeBiden A president that always keeps his promises! #Trump2020 🇺🇸😂 @kirstiealley I think she did pretty good.More people like this, please ❤️ @gihorror 🇺🇸❤️👏🏼 @jasonaviles80 I agree whole heartedly! People can agree to disagree and be respectful. I hope one day the entire c… @BDC1288 ❤️❤️❤️ @m_ritten Never. @CorbetWicks @Samurai_Smoke @DanThaSpaceman @BFO5O6 @R3DSPL1FF @Topcat716 @EckCentrick @snoopdemidogg @Glazier84770 @LordsPrayer6 As Trump said repeatedly. Why did you accomplish nothing in 47 years? Why is it any different now? @jasonaviles80 That's your opinion that you're entitled toYou'll never represent me, Joe. @tbaileym84 @KamVTV The cant ever win so cheating it is! @DonaldJTrumpJr Post it again. @warlikefire I literally stood up and clapped when he said it lol @jessicagnarly I was worried, but she's done pretty well. I can respect that! @tbaileym84 @KamVTV They sure do love cheating @KamVTV And the election @Beaveocleave @ACTBrigitte Same! He will absolutely destroy this country. We cant let it happen. @todmartinn Nope! @FromPage2Screen Me either. I don't understand it. People can disagree and still respect somebody and be their frie… @Beaveocleave @ACTBrigitte It'll be a painful death if Biden wins.Who built the cages Joe!?
Retweeted by olivia @Beaveocleave @ACTBrigitte I never cared about politics until Trump. Now I care, bc I love my country. @Beaveocleave @ACTBrigitte I was dreading her, but she's done well. This has been the best debate by far. @RyanAFournier I'm cackling!!!! @Beaveocleave @ACTBrigitte I'm shocked at how respectful shes actually been actually. At least she's letting them talk. @todmartinn Absolute slaughter. I love it. @todmartinn "Come on Joe, you can do better than that" IM DYING!!!!! @MyersMichaela01 @Lisacaines841 I reported that guy. He was absolutely awful to her, and he was nasty to me before… @FromPage2Screen Agreed. I respect your opinion. Everyone's entitled to one. @FromPage2Screen You're entitled to your own opinion, and I'm entitled to mine. @FromPage2Screen Yeah, like Trump. @dantevos95 Right? He knows all about touching kiddies.Serious question - why would anyone want to vote for a guy who wants to keep our country closed? PASS #Debates2020 @cordisbored Dems are running the show now, duh! Gotta baby everyone. @kirstiealley I'M SO PROUD OF HIM @rural51 It'll never happen. Americans are done with this. @cordisbored That'll be the moderator anytime Trump speaks. I'm going to count how many time she does it.This "mute" button is about to be the biggest joke in political history. Only in 2020!
@reginadave @Gruntstyle Awww thank you my friend!All the vibes 😎 @chaingangof1974 @reginadave @Gruntstyle Thanks! I thought it was fitting. @voldude4life Oh my gosh I love them. So so good! @culturesconverg @Gruntstyle 😎🇺🇸 @voldude4life @Gruntstyle 🇺🇸❤️ @todmartinn The good days lol @thomasn61710689 @Gruntstyle I sure will! Thank you! 🇺🇸 @voldude4life @Gruntstyle I plan to order many more from them in the future. I’m glad you know where I stand, and respect it! ❤️ @Beaveocleave @Gruntstyle Thank you friend! @SpaceBard @Gruntstyle 🇺🇸❤️👏🏼