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Aja Mercury @AjaMercury Carson City, NV

20~ Legal Courtesan @ KitKat Ranch I'm a kinky but gentle Pansexual with a wealth of knowledge and passion. Sexworker/Artist/Student

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lesbian unsurprisingly
Retweeted by Aja Mercurymy mom: u can’t have dessert until u finish ur vegetables me: u shouldn’t have had me before u finished college…
Retweeted by Aja MercuryBeauty in the Mirror France, 1920s.
Retweeted by Aja MercuryLast night with my floppy fur baby, Teddy Mac. Catch me Friday though @KitKatBrothel . #WednesdayMotivation #dogmom Companions keep you married.
Retweeted by Aja MercuryBatman: I don’t kill people Mugger: You broke my legs and I don’t have insurance please kill me this city is run by capitalist billionaires
Retweeted by Aja MercuryDreams and Desires Art by American artist Joseph Lorusso (b.1966)
Retweeted by Aja MercuryAny ideas you have for me and this beautiful being to do together? We'll be making some artistic ass shit come the… you're gay as sin, but are dead set on being shot into space to avoid socialization and the responsibilities o… @queerfull I'll be there in like a week, would you calm down. @sexyjess40 @PhotogReno Relating to the work of Dickens. Think work-houses, orphans, and tuberculosis in early industrial-era London.
I cannot stop thinking about this
Retweeted by Aja Mercuryme checking my homies pocket for the missing lighter
Retweeted by Aja MercuryGame devs be like "gay rights!" then not give any of their male characters an ass.
Retweeted by Aja Mercury“Do you really let your dog sleep in the bed with you??” Me:
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Retweeted by Aja Mercuryabsolutely no one: anime swordsmen:
Retweeted by Aja Mercurygirls be like “I’m a sapiosexual” and it’s like ehhhhhhhh I’ve met your boyfriend
Retweeted by Aja MercuryI get told I cough hella dramatic, like a dickensian orphan boy.👀 Not sick, just dank as always.🌳🌿🌬️ 🛸🍑🦄🏩💒 you really need to stop apologizing for everything me: [vibrating with the need to apologize for apologizing so much] k
Retweeted by Aja Mercurymy ex once told me that i only have guy friends bc they want to fuck me and i honestly think about it all the time…
Retweeted by Aja Mercuryhow girls flirt: this picture of these monkeys i sent you who are snuggling that’s you and me you are the big monke…
Retweeted by Aja MercuryLa Femme Damnée (1859) Art by French painter Octave Tassaert (1800-1874)
Retweeted by Aja MercuryGod I love finding LGBTQ+ people irl, it's like an instant common understanding and being able to talk about termin…
Retweeted by Aja Mercurylesbian wellread
Retweeted by Aja MercuryThese replies have taught me that there are no such things as "doctors", just liars in lab coats who only vaguely k…
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What the fuck is wrong with this world?!?!
Retweeted by Aja MercuryWhat in the fucking fuck am I going to be for Halloween. I'm wildly unprepared as usual.Final Fantasy but all the female summons are monstrous with jagged teeth and claws but all the male summons are all…
Retweeted by Aja Mercury @callmeithaca I used to have fangs, but my orthodontist insisted I wasn't worthy.Władysław Czachórski, hands details.
Retweeted by Aja MercuryWho wants to get spoiled like this with me? An outdate with me could entail all this and more, but you haven't rea…
Living in loving luxury. Waiting for the best meal I've had in years. #Seattle #sam #art #waterfront #Luxury
Such a goofy but Dom action shot of me. I don't compromise the softer parts of my personality to obtain a dominant…
Gratitude tostadas in the making. talking shit about different rope materials Hemp is ICONIC Jute is SEXY POSH is STRONG Silk is LUXURIOUS…
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@DNoizes The biggest dick Dom energy though, is never talking or bragging about your big dick Dom energy.Weeping willow on riverbank, who made you cry? Here, this is for you.
Retweeted by Aja MercuryWhere was this when I was a strip club waitress. The number of times I've needed a salad or something hearty at lik… power and my boobs grow with every passing day
Retweeted by Aja MercuryAnd in it a horse meadow has come into bloom with spring flowers and breezes like honey are blowing
Retweeted by Aja MercuryMercury and Psyche (1878) Marble sculpture by German sculptor Reinhold Begas (1831-1911)
Retweeted by Aja Mercury @Ten50681950 @TheKitKatRanch @sagebrushranch @LoveRanchNorth @bunnyranch It's never too early to arrange an appoint… amount of gay dating app ads I've suddenly started getting tells me that Google finally deduced that I'm a ragi… 23rd- October 2nd November- 7th-20th December- 4th-18th(?) To guarantee my availability in the slower w… @KitKatBrothel @sagebrushranch @bunnyranch @LoveRanchNorth Could extraterrestrials obtain sheriff's cards without t… I guess I'm arriving back to test just in time for the raid boys. This time, two weeks from now, I'll be waitin… 20th is just around the corner whose ready to find their bad bitch alien ?? #area51
Retweeted by Aja MercuryDaywalker didn’t wanna leave bed today..
Retweeted by Aja Mercury, Did you know That it's my last day? See me now, or wait till the 23rd for me to clear again. @TheKitKatRanch 10th of November, in 1793, French revolutionaries installed a 'Goddess of Reason' in Notre Dame Cathedral to rep…
Retweeted by Aja Mercuryfuck the top-bottom dichotomy which of u has a stable job and which of u freelances
Retweeted by Aja MercuryImagine going into work at a time you decided on along with all of your coworkers, being greeted by a manager that…
Retweeted by Aja Mercury @every_lesbian
Retweeted by Aja MercuryMetamorphosis Art by Austrian artist Ludwig Schwarzer (1912–1989)
Retweeted by Aja MercurySometimes I get reminded that this exists. And everything is ok again. "go fuck yourself" - lame - outdated - will make you sound like a peasant saying "youre a coward and hist…
Retweeted by Aja Mercurywhales live underwater and above the law
Retweeted by Aja MercuryI just took a DNA Test t u r n s o u t I’m 100%…
Retweeted by Aja MercuryThe amount of fire nudes I just send to friends/loved-ones is probably weird, but I'm out here normalizing nudity.…
@sexyjess40 @KitKatBrothel @sagebrushranch @bunnyranch @LoveRanchNorth I almost always kept nice nut-filled protein… actually gain weight when I'm fully on a vegan diet. Nothing tastes as good as not being ill feels. @sexyjess40 @KitKatBrothel @sagebrushranch @bunnyranch @LoveRanchNorth Thanks hun. Food is always best when it's not poisoning you.a video game where the classes of the female characters in your party are knight, berserker, paladin, samurai, and…
Retweeted by Aja MercuryWhether you want to take me out, or have me cook for you; let's have a meal together. Food has a special social, fa… accidentally dosed with eggs last night. Overcompensating today with a vegan lunch. Here's to trying to keep my… “I’m not a circus animal, you can’t just pay me to do whatever you want” Also me:
Retweeted by Aja Mercury#StillBisexual #StopBiphobia
Retweeted by Aja MercuryTrans elders exist. Its important for younger people to know that and see that.
Retweeted by Aja MercuryIn case you didn't know, I'm officially off-work the night of the 11th. Email me to ensure availability, as I won't… as a kid I just assumed they were together and didnt even question it or thought it was weird
Retweeted by Aja MercuryFor anyone that has an issue with sex work:
Retweeted by Aja MercuryI think we all crave an excuse to behave like filthy fucking animals.
Retweeted by Aja MercuryBilitis (1900) Art by Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer (1865-1953)
Retweeted by Aja Mercuryme at burning man, in my butterfly wings; cocaine is when a book starts with a map. Love that shit.
Retweeted by Aja Mercurygod i can't wait for an unqueer person to ask me if a word pertaining to queer culture is a slur so i can slam my h…
Retweeted by Aja MercuryA Satyr Art by HasaBattle
Retweeted by Aja MercuryCarton of Ladywet condoms, Japan, 1970 (Wellcome Trust)
Retweeted by Aja MercuryThe existence of the words boyfriend, girlfriend, & best friend imply that the three genders are boy, girl, & best.
Retweeted by Aja Mercurydoes anyone else have a ton of fucking shit going wrong in their life i mean like ur life is literally fucking fall…
Retweeted by Aja Mercury @ZacharyZane_ Wrist brace(s), CBD/THC lotions/oils, baths/soaking(can add oils and salts), and regular breaks/stret… Fantasy Of The Deep (1903) Art by British artist Arthur Hopkins (1848–1930)
Retweeted by Aja Mercuryif we’re dating and I choose not to have sex, that is my right. if you try to kiss me and I suddenly slip out of my…
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I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over my superiority. Now get in your place, and grovel. @KitKatBrothel an artist, these houses are a gallery; Of women, styles, and sheer visuals. @KitKatBrothel @LoveRanchNorth of you subs really think I’m stupid. I graduated cum laude from a top university with degrees in physiology,…
Retweeted by Aja MercuryDo you think these fishnets work with this outfit?
Retweeted by Aja MercuryI conversed with you in a dream
Retweeted by Aja Mercuryburrito sun DNA 🌯 ☀️ 🌯☀️   ☀️  ☀️🌯 ☀️ 🌯 ☀️  🌯 ☀️  🌯 ☀️ 🌯 ☀️🌯   🌯  🌯 ☀️ 🌯  ☀️ 🌯  ☀️ 🌯   ☀️ 🌯  ☀️  🌯☀️ ☀️ ☀️ 🌯
Retweeted by Aja MercuryKing: and you’re sure ALL the horses are helping, right? King’s man: [watching a dozen horses smash eggshells into…
Retweeted by Aja Mercury"There they sit among the rocks, under the silvery pines-- a congregation in the open." Euripedes, The Bacchae Bra…
Retweeted by Aja Mercury“I must be a mermaid...I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” ~ Anais Nin Robe by…
Retweeted by Aja MercuryThe 5 love languages: -when the orange ninja turtle brings pizza (gift-giving) -when the purple turtle fixes a gadg…
Retweeted by Aja MercurySlim-thicc, need to get exercising again now that my body isn't completely destroyed. @KitKatBrothel @bunnyranch party with me is a VIP party in this room. Come in and get a seamless pampering experience today.… @Riverboatjack One is 1000% more scare-rousing. And needed in my life. Dress in PVC and take me on an adventure (I'll bring the dice).Autumn is coming and we the goths are gonna be too powerful 4 u
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Decided to tuck the bangs away a little today. @KitKatBrothel @sagebrushranch @bunnyranch @LoveRanchNorth