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Aja Mercury @AjaMercury Carson City, NV

19~ Legal Courtesan @ KitKat Ranch I'm a kinky but gentle Pansexual with a wealth of knowledge and passion. Sexworker/Artist/Student

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Auf wiedersehen Texas! @KitKatBrothel @bunnyranch @LoveRanchNorth @sagebrushranch class, all pink. catch me @KitKatBrothel starting Wednesday. @sagebrushranch @bunnyranch @LoveRanchNorth
@KrukeyMike aw thanks hun! We'll have to see if someones signed up for either role, but I'll definitely be on as a guest at the very least.Strawberry moon tonight! I'm not superstitious but I'm taking it as a good omen for my last night before returning…
@ambiensaint @queerfull Is the climax song Glenn Miller- In The Mood? cause it should be.Hey folks im late for follow Friday but these are some cool buds!! @pussii_boii @imrileywest @missbunniebutt
Retweeted by Aja Mercury @queerfull @pussii_boii @imrileywest @missbunniebutt @Aoifes_Glade @deepdiscourse @Mommaslittlebb @CuteKinkyKris serve 🍦 👼🏽
Retweeted by Aja Mercuryyou are my moonlight
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Retweeted by Aja MercuryI would rather see her lovely step and the motion of light on her face than chariots of Lydians or ranks of footsoldiers in arms
Retweeted by Aja MercuryI apologize now if any of the pronunciation subtleties got messed up. Marlene Dietrich slurs/mumbles for sultriness… Seductive German Siren? Just call me Lorelei 😘
So the friend I went out with last night didn't know how buffets work, and thought our group paid for us; skipping… @IMjustKhris8 @KitKatBrothel "Existence is Pain!"By Gustav Klimt (1862 – 1918)
Retweeted by Aja MercuryWhen you try to discourage me or say I can't succeed, or generally put me down, it just makes me work that much har…, I'll post this shit when I'm home and sober. I see y'all shady bitches saying nah, but Yea so sayeth the majority!I'm such a slut for frozen blueberries. Come visit and see what this tongue do. @KitKatBrothel is such an underrated form of intimacy, and it's so sexy? Not like... Clowns and stuff. But silly faces,…
Retweeted by Aja MercuryHaving a night out to unwind after finals (and before work). I'll be available again starting Wednesday.… Planet Venus (1882) Art by Spanish painter Luis Ricardo Falero (1851-1896)
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with Ceramic you get a functional piece of art, be it a sextoy, cup or jewelry. with every thing, person, and animal: I'll be sure to post Weather-witch vibes laterThis huge thunderstorm just hit, and I freaking love a big storm."I hope that's not too far out." It's never too early to schedule an appointment. I've made appointments in the pas…
got a wig just to mix it up. Book with me today. @KitKatBrothel @LoveRanchNorth @bunnyranch @sagebrushranch you guys want to hear me sing a Marlene Dietrich song? in full German of course. @IMjustKhris8 @KitKatBrothel @sagebrushranch @LoveRanchNorth @bunnyranch Sasquatch at home, Dolphin at work.🐒➡️🐬 Who's the most famous elephant ever? Ella Phants-gerald #music #voice #Siren @grizzly_1829 appreciate it hun. Taking the practice exam tonight so I'll know if I'm gonna do ok.2 days till finals, My GPA and Honors Society membership is 10/10 at risk. Big oof mood this week.
2019 does not a brand make. Changing your hair doesn't mean your last 'look' was "unsuccessful," or that you're cop… @queerfull Impale me now you beautiful birthday slut. 🗡️😩🤗🔪🙆‍♀️5'6'', 106lbs. I Speak German and English, and am a Musician and Ceramics artist. Who said hot women can't be smart… even. Can't wait till this muscle adds weight. #fitness #health #weightloss #petite by the @KitKatBrothel and we can take a steamy shower together. Be back June 19th, make your appointment now. make an appointment with me or be ⏹
You will not erase us You will not censor us. And we will interupt any message and any system that oppresses us and…
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Having trouble sleeping? come fall asleep in my arms while I stroke your head ☺️ (sorry for the mic quality)… to share this masterpiece taken by @Aria_quinn4. Book with me @KitKatBrothel. @bunnyranch
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My body-scrub creates really pretty effects on my skin. Two more (better than these even) photos are waiting for yo… told that I make someone feel accepted, safe, seen and like they can embrace themselves is why I do this. Th…
Retweeted by Aja MercuryGetting my hair cut and dyed Tuesday. I really am in love with this bob but I don't know if I can do bangs again. W… Birthday, you slippery seal! @grizzly_1829 Ballsy, ignorant, and disrespectful to say the least, but I'm a pretty tough lady. I've heard worse in my time.Asking a woman clearly earning a living in Sex Work, why she wants payment for Sex Work is insulting. You don't ex…
broke: Genuinely trying and failing woke: writing a 5 page philosophical paper on Winnie the Pooh on your math fin… @shuftee71 if I have one skill for sure it's Reading/Writing; all grammatical errors are in keeping with the jokes…
I can be your angle...or yuor devil a lazy morning of studying and chores. Can't wait for finals to be over and to be back @KitKatBrothel Get r… @grizzly_1829 I'm similar, and I had a reaction to both the sedative drip and blood-swallowing. Uncontrollably puki…
@grizzly_1829 I've been there, it's definitely far from pleasant. Hopefully you're not feeling too sick, and the pa… you know the first civilians to fly a hot air balloon alone were a couple, who were reported to have been the f… out to shy men, men who stutter, short men, men with acne, men who struggle to get hard, men with stretch mar…
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You ever wonder what specials, discounts, and deals I offer? Need Ideas for a party that I'd be passionate about? T… Goth Baby is eating good tonight. Can't wait to be back @KitKatBrothel for you to spoil rotten. @KrukeyMike I tend to shoot right-handed, but can and will shoot lefty. It's always good to practice with your non-dominate hand.Might be getting out of the house and having a nice dinner. Dressing up ⬆️👆& eating out👉➡️ You could have a nice m…
Zelda Wynn Valdes (1905 -2001) was an African-American fashion designer and costumer. She is the creator of the ori…
Retweeted by Aja MercuryPrint by Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827)
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Getting that bread
Retweeted by Aja Mercury“A popular courtesan” by Stephane Baron (1830–1921)
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@IMjustKhris8 The wigs were promptly sacrificed to The Gay Agenda, the glitter is naturally excreted by all gays, and maybe.Birthday appointment are also being accepted (Aug 1st), come in and pamper me for my 20th with a champagne party an…'ll be offering Pride specials for the month of June, as well as an Outdate special July 27th for Reno Pride. I of… DATES CONFIRMED!! All dates are subject to change. June 19th- July 3rd July 17th - Aug. 7th (GAY PRIDE/BIRTHD… @grizzly_1829 @KitKatBrothel @sagebrushranch @LoveRanchNorth @bunnyranch @HBOCathouse Those might work, I just know… thought my days of confused math tears were over. They're never over. Beware the numbers: They only seek to bewi… a ribbon on my box cause this pussy gifted!!! 😘😝❤️🎁🎀@KitKatBrothel @LoveRanchNorth @sagebrushranch @bunnyranch
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Retweeted by Aja MercuryMe, the minute it's June. Literally was up late with friends last night and said "oh happy pride month" at midnight pride month!!!
Retweeted by Aja Mercury @grizzly_1829 @KitKatBrothel @sagebrushranch @LoveRanchNorth @bunnyranch @HBOCathouse I've handled glocks before an…
some men say an army of ships is the most beautiful thing on the black earth. But I say it is what you love.
Retweeted by Aja MercuryI keep trying to update my profile pic on the message-boards, but it won't let me. Guess it's Easter forever now.… out, Guns out. This baby had a lot of buck, but we got the scope calibrated perfectly. If you wanna take me on… lesbian
Retweeted by Aja MercurySo Fettuccine Alfredo is proof of martian life. I always knew the space Italians would show themselves.... 👩‍🍳👩‍🚀… @grizzly_1829 @sagebrushranch @NatashaStarSBR @JadeJasperSBR @Abby0Avery @IamMarilynBaker @bunnyranch I wish you lu… @lilcamkofficial I'd love to be a model for this, I submited a photo for your last offer for SWs that was pretty "Venus-on-a-half-shell"
I will not casually discuss any man’s masturbation habits, sex life or lack there of, or penis for free. Ever. You…
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when people say sex shouldnt be sold, it means “bodies, particularly womens, have been commodified and sold forcib…
Retweeted by Aja Mercury @AjaMercury @KitKatBrothel @BunnyRanchNetwk So when the Greeks do it they're respectable but when I do it folks are…
Retweeted by Aja Mercury @milkiesuccubus your pics are always amazing.😻 I'd look at classic art and statues for really good/classic poses if… me I’m crazy again, bitch.
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It still blows me away how talented of an engineer AND artist @queerfull is. Glad to be your pal everyday bud. your dress matches your panties..... #WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayMorning #WednesdayMotivation Want me to be th… love these ancient Phoenician glass pendants: Bronze Age Muppets.
Retweeted by Aja MercuryClay Sculptures from 2018🌿
Retweeted by Aja MercuryGymnologize: to argue/debate whilst naked. From the Greek gymnos(naked) and logos(reason), literally translates to… say I have been a strong lover
Retweeted by Aja MercuryCan anyone handle us together?? Gem comes back to KitKat in June!
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Retweeted by Aja MercuryEnjoying the lovely weather and my new robe this morning. Went shooting to celebrate. I'll be back June 20th, just… but my hair is so soft and giant right now. Makes me look like a total 80s babe. maybe tomorrow I'll do a… memorial day everyone! Did you know I offer military discounts year round? Such a stressful job requires res… @KrukeyMike I'll be back next month, can't wait!😻