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Ophthalmologist. Cricket. Chelsea, PG Wodehouse, Beatles, INC. Rum and wheat beer. And in the end, it doesn’t really matter...

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@Schandillia Maybe U2’s The Joshua Tree was the start of it. How well planned- seduce us with music and then convert everyone! @nazmaaman Nutters everywhere @itgotworse @cricketwallah 😀 super! @gsurya Absolutely @LavanyaBallal @RahulGandhi @INCKerala @KeralaPMC @IYCKerala @RGWayanadOffice Nice! More than anything, it’s lovely… @vkmagus @citizenbolario @nazmaaman Exactly @nazmaaman @sibinmohan Everything in a cartoon is generalised. It’s time men introspected about this rather than ge… @citizenbolario @nazmaaman Exactly. Brilliant cartoon. Nothing to get offended, lots to introspect @prempanicker From thali to Diya to words- it’s all wizardry. @ovshake42 @samrat_ch @CodeNamedSarvo @iShO_o Oh my word! That’s why it wasn’t considered- fascinating @ovshake42 @samrat_ch @CodeNamedSarvo @iShO_o What happened there- the 4th test was added on later or something? @samrat_ch @CodeNamedSarvo @ovshake42 @iShO_o At least both teams played on the same surface @prakash65872273 @PenguinUKBooks Yes- that’s one of my favourites! @Sanginamby True. The bar is set very low anyway... @Sanginamby Wow- I actually never thought of it that way. Set up impossible standards of behavior... @Sanginamby @sharmarekha And she claims only the tweet on Modi came from a hacked account- which means she hasn’t even disowned the rubbish! @Sanginamby @nazmaaman Yes- it isn’t cute at all. To see pre teens dancing to “Sheela ki jawani” and all that @robelinda2 How wonderful. Thanks a ton- priceless footage! @stylistanu Was kidding- I meant that’s what she would claimAccount must have been hacked, no? @Sanginamby @sharmarekha @NCWIndia And now Deepika R is being trolled and facing physical threats for that cartoon.… @MudrasRajesh @yadavtejashwi It isn’t over till it’s over @mrgnk I think it still does- it has to, where people are so intertwined together to earn a living. This secularism was never under doubt @kunfaaya @Sanginamby It will make a difference in public perception and it’s important for the opposition to highlight these things. @Sanginamby @kunfaaya I really hope the opposition takes this up and makes it an issue @Sanginamby Remarkable crowds- quite electrifying. There might be a nasty surprise waiting for the BJPWhy are people asking #RekhaSharmaResign It can and should only be #SackRekhaSharma Disgusting unworthy woman can n…
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Some of @sharmarekha’s old tweets are horrifying. It shows a misogynistic and twisted mindset. That such a person i… KXIP playing like I always expected them to. Such a fun team to watch @Sanginamby @NCWIndia My dad’s favourite derogatory phrase- works so well here! @Sanginamby @NCWIndia Absolutely disgusting. This kind of sick “humour” belongs in the guttersChairperson, @NCWIndia talks like this? Utterly unworthy of the post. Shameful specimen. Sack her!
Retweeted by Ajay Kamath @larissafernand That’s the one thing you shouldn’t eat there- so many better dishes! Try the beef chilly fry! @___kaustubh @yadavtejashwi One can hopeThe size of the crowds @yadavtejashwi is drawing is phenomenal- the atmosphere seems electric. Surely something is brewing in Bihar @joybhattacharj The longest purple patch in history? Only a handful of cricketers have scored more in their entire career!Breaking news, no? Until now we were all in the dark @Sanginamby Poor chap- it’s like being deprived of oxygen for usSo- 6 PM today. What more is there to screw up? @VenkatKashrao22 😀👍 @itgotworse @Sanginamby Nope- haven’t ever listened to him, don’t plan to today 😊 @vkmagus @Sanginamby The capital letter is reserved. Only one person gets it and it’s a She. Certainly not him! 😊 @Sanginamby @DerBolshevik Bengali too I think? @DerBolshevik That’s me, Konkani fish eating Brahmin. Also chicken, mutton, beef, pork... @Sanginamby Even he can’t compete with the IPL? That must be the reason! @LOLrakshak This is so awesome! Tight hugs 🥰👍 @Sanginamby True. This is like every other guru/ godman....lining his own pocketsRefusing tribals access to the forests, much like Nestle taking over public water to sell it in plastic bottles in…
Retweeted by Ajay Kamath @rohini_sgh I don’t understand how children this young can even have sexual urges. Very worrying- unrestricted acce… @cricBC It’s not so much Dhoni the captain but Dhoni the batsman who’s the problem. He just isn’t able to consisten… @patanjaliYT05 Sonia has been an Indian citizen since 1983. Long enough? @rajendrakamath @rohini_sgh Agree- or even somebody like Ajay Lallu @iPratyush_ And yet the oft repeated jibe is “Italian dancer” and nonsense like that. That’s my point @GayathriVenu01 Brilliant stuff! @RaySiitansu I have absolutely no problem with anything, except going back to the Italian factor. If she has so man… everywhere- this kind of chauvinism is distressing. Ironically, Murali is a Sri Lankan Tamil and a hero… @mrgnk @rupagulab It’s absolutely amazing that people are falling for this. A few anodyne statements compared to years or bigotry @laradsouzaa @Bhuban64039498 @oldteacher10 As simple as that- good job, Lara! @rohini_sgh These aren’t manufactured crowds. Remarkable! @aayeff1 @BhavikaKapoor5 Exactly! Amazing that people are falling for this nonsense @Dhonis_batman @joybhattacharj We finished 5th in 2008 and 7th in 2009 @Sanginamby 😀👍 too true!
@rupasubramanya Cases are definitely less. At least that’s so in our parts and beds seem to be easily available. Th… @sadsadpanini I fail to see how this is megalomania. It’s just that this standard tripe of “go to Italy” is tiresom… @cricketingview It’s been that way for a while now hasn’t it? @itgotworse @rupagulab Only the Lord knows what his faith is @SaketGokhale I have been saying this for a while. The Polio Plus initiative has been a fantastic success. The same… Sonia Gandhi will forever be an outsider here... @itgotworse @rupagulab And worried about the afterlife where doubtless he will have to pay @rupagulab He’s as wily as a jackal. These are all tactical retreats. @Schandillia Idiots, all. Have to admire that other chap who is trying to have a reasonable dialogue with this idiot @buddhameme @benshapiro What the f is that? Am all for kink and BDSM but this is over the top, no? @sujataanandan @chatukhor @ranjona Well- good to hear!Now children are being detained for talking about air pollution!!! Greta Thunberg was listened to and heard out by…
Retweeted by Ajay Kamath @Sanginamby This is what fascism means. Govt NOT of the people but only of the crony capitalists @aryansrivastav_ In the wrong places. This is not Hindu Muslim unity- it’s a unity of extremists from both sides who always think alike @Sanginamby They will do it to the opposition, maybe.... @Sanginamby Yes!!! Was so waiting whole day for You to say that! 😀 @DearthOfSid @BrandySahni Fair enough @DearthOfSid In my view it’s drama.... time will tell @DrAMSinghvi Lowly tweet. Unworthy of youYediyurappa's Son & Grandson were caught taking bribes for a building contract via 7 Kolkata based shell companies…
Retweeted by Ajay Kamath @RavinderKapur2 I am having trouble even looking at it! @RahulMukherji5 Too true! @deepsealioness Get an x Ray done @Schandillia Many happy returns, mate! Keep going 😊 @KANNU6688 @kunfaaya @GarvSeSecular @rupagulab Absolutely no evidence that it spreads through milk packets or veget… @mrgnk Made aware of that every single day 😊 @SunilKudva ExactlyWho needs education? Mind numbing! @larissafernand Absolutely true what you said. Hypocrisy is a distasteful trait @kunfaaya @GarvSeSecular @rupagulab It’s probably a false positive. If what you say is true there is no other expla… @kunfaaya @GarvSeSecular @rupagulab Maids, guests, sometimes false positives. Happens @kunfaaya @GarvSeSecular @rupagulab It’s definitely less here and in many places but that’s the nature of the pande… @GarvSeSecular @kunfaaya @rupagulab I think we have passed the peak- anecdotal evidence definitely suggests so. But… @sonaliranade It’s the same here, isn’t it... starting with Hindu khatre mein hain. Vote us in or see what happens... @rockyandmayur @SunjayJK True. It’s like wrestling with a pig in mud- we get dirty and the pig loves it!Sorely needed these days! via @PenguinUKBooks @rockyandmayur @SunjayJK And they don’t even see it... or pretend not to! @kunfaaya @rupagulab Until a vaccine is a reality