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@LordBalvin running back fallen order. forgot how beautiful and fun this game ispost an OOC frame of animation that seems fine, but with context will emotionally wreck a person… any womanIt was such a blast. Super grateful to @AOC @hasanthehun and all the amazing gamers for a fun night. Poggers (am…
Retweeted by ajkacey musgraves do you want meclare sucks
this is the worst thing to happen ever statement from grand juror in #BreonnaTaylor case
Retweeted by aj @Rhabby_V no more she’s quiet or overstepping ☹️☹️☹️.@USPS says you should give mail in ballots at least 14 days round trip. No guarantees. So if you plan to vote by…
Retweeted by ajThe next chapter begins. Start streaming the new season of #TheMandalorian Oct. 30 on #DisneyPlus.
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@JackWilliamRtF all viral food videos now are produced by xzibit and the rest of the pimp my ride crew @BeefedUpStud dont sleep on Jpop either
@pienar no more jokes all we want is beverage checksirritationally angry at the moment you guys think she’ll give me a chance?
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@JackWilliamRtF this is the worst news i’ve heard all month
Retweeted by ajthe kids should’ve jumped and robbed her
Retweeted by aj @ChrisBarnewall why did the ncaa refuse to approve those off-season transfers miss
Retweeted by aj @big_business_ what is wrong with you man @TylerIAm we gotta see what jordan love about too 👀 @TylerIAm “i’ll have you know; if things were completely different, things would be different”
@jbfan911 @howiemandel are the biggest dork of all time @BigTucsonDad SCHRODINGER????
@callmeshitto the coworkers lunch thread would get him on some talk shows and a door dash sponsorship @arbyhasthemeats ur welcome ✨ @ratatatnatnat thank u i was nervousi have decided to switch avis, i hope this is ok @callmeshitto thinking about the numbers tombrodude would do in today’s ageon email talking to Obama about this whole troop situation. wow
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Retweeted by aj @big_business_ that derozan photoshop is FOUL @rudy_betrayed @glickzac peanuts @glickzac @rudy_betrayed hepisdudeeeeeeeeeeee this is freaking EPIC 👍 such a total frat move here
the only good jokes left are “i hardly know her” jokes @michaelmorr_s AINT THAT RIGHT @michaelmorr_s add chipotle add steak @SweetBabyTayz hey do you want to play with jack and i @crocfanpage absolutely what gives you the right @JackWilliamRtF WOOOO CHAMP YEAHi would be the hottest bachelor contestant ever @ridgemiller_ already woulda been clocked out @SweetBabyTayz ❄️bachelorette szn
@anjelica_rs people love overdoing cheese for no reasonokay this is a thread to try to give just the facts of what is going on with the now deactivated account BeansHype,…
Retweeted by ajyou got it mike 👍 @kendraaaleighh hi miss @LordBalvin on top of this jeremy conrad just dropped that the MCU has found their miles but no clue who it ishow are you even supposed to hold this @matchu_chutrain don’t listen to them bb @pissboymcgee yooodudes rock just having a little sex bro, she gonna text you back no worries
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Retweeted by aj @BigTucsonDad @BigTucsonDad PLUMBER?????they all suck 👍 his greatness while he's here. @KingJames 👑
Retweeted by aj @itsfuckinchewy TIME TO CELEBRATE BRON RING 4LeBron James FaceTimes his mother Gloria after winning his fourth title: “Everything that you had been through, eve…
Retweeted by aj @mariokartdwi thank youLeBron is the first player in NBA history to win a Finals MVP with three different franchises 💪 #NBAFinals
Retweeted by aj2020 NBA Finals Bill Russell MVP: LeBron James.
Retweeted by ajContinuing to move the game forward @KingJames. Much respect my brother 💪🏾 #33644
Retweeted by ajLebron James is the GOAT
Retweeted by ajlol JR had the shirt off by the time the clock hit zeroes
Retweeted by ajthe return of shirtless J.R.!
Retweeted by ajTWO-TIME (2x) NBA Champion J.R. Smith. NBA Champion Dion Waiters.
Retweeted by aj35 years old Year 17 10 Finals appearances Four championships And still no end in sight for LeBron James. His stor…
Retweeted by aj4 chips. 4 MVPs. 3 teams. 👑
Retweeted by ajJust a reminder for you guys tomorrow! 😊
Retweeted by aj @BigTucsonDad WWWWWWWtheir first dance was to the six flags song 🥺🥰
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folks the cleveland browns are 4-1 @big_business_ driveway highlights??? covid)me pulling up to the club in this fit??????? is my favourite video ever made i think
Retweeted by aj @l3avem3alone WWWWW @matchu_chutrain put men on the phone 😡 @biboofficial literally any pasta @itsmattfred say hi quinn
MARK JACKSON: To me, bleu cheese does not belong in cereal. MIKE BREEN: Timeout, Cleveland.
Retweeted by aji’d prefer to never eat spaghetti again @glickzac i can get behind fries slander but i draw the line at tater tots and mashed potatoes slander
so he watched slavery happen and did nothing?
Retweeted by aj @gonewiththemilk yo 😳micah jorn