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BLM!!! @ajessilee San Francisco, California

Video games/Memes @Twitter. Before: Sex, Comics, + IGN. I'd love to stay here and be normal, but then it's just so over rated. queer af (opinions = my own)🍞 🌹

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Y’all spent half a year reducing Breonna Taylor to memes, TikToks and merchandise. Using her name for RT/likes. Eac…
Retweeted by BLM!!!NOW is the time to give to the Louisville Community Bail Fund if you haven't already, to support protesters on the…
Retweeted by BLM!!!The system continues to fail us. There was no #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor today 💔
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Retweeted by BLM!!! @jannazagari @whichwitch143 Miss her too 😭 @lorimerstreet Lmao noooomy new favorite place on tiktok is Middle Aged White Dudes mansplaining music from their record collectionsSocial media is one of a few careers I can think of where the expectation is you’re on 24/7, everyone can see and c…
Retweeted by BLM!!! @ActualGnome DO IT AND GET THE BRIDGEX-pert gamer. I loved it so much and was part of the message boards and got to know some of the editors. As a 14 yr… @mat_h_w Bb you can have some of my weed
“And I don’t really care” 🎶 @carlyraejepsen's Dedicated was a good idea @Miss_Martin007 It’s been a whole ass week/weekend last week @whichwitch143 I always feel like my face looks too weird for them idk lol I like being hidden by my glassesShould I get contacts 🤓 @DennisChars Hahaha I’m always on twitter so jokes on me! I’m depressed lolwho knew getting a full night's sleep after getting 3 hours in 48 over the weekend feels so good. I'm so refreshed! A pep in my step. @KyleThatKyle I heard that twitter place is a good hobbyI still can’t believe I’m being gifted a ps5 lololDare I say I look like Julia from cowboy bebop??? first credit on @archerfxx, from the premiere last week!
Retweeted by BLM!!! @amiawerewolfyet 🥴
@RahulKohli13 More like foreplay or sexting 🤷‍♀️ @tamoorh drop the filter name lol @tamoorh @lucyjamesgames HELP LMAOare u blocked by these accounts too?
Retweeted by BLM!!! @MXAGhost Wow! Thank you that means so much! I love music and want to continue sharing it on here :) tytytyif anything for the line “I have emotional motion sickness” by Phoebe Bridgers as it’s excellent and how I’m feeling 🥴yes @shiraz ☹️☹️☹️I made a mix of all my little feelings. You might like it idk @shiraz Ebay? @whichwitch143 I’m so sorry.dystopia @cymrogav Omg y’all are so cute ♥️ @Amarisse ♥️♥️♥️
Retweeted by BLM!!!this morning I was *SHAMED* for my beautiful humming rendition of The-Notes-of-The-Chorus of September by Earth, Wi… @ActualGnome Congrats sweetie @ActualGnome I’m a fucking Carrie UGH @chilldude22 like he’ll actually reach out lmao @chilldude22 don’t block me I love you @chilldude22 I would love to be invited to this to celebrate you. A birthday, enhancedYou have reached MessyJessi twitter😷“Split ends” is whats going on that tiny cremation tin of mine when I diewhat I say @ackimakescomics I stayed up all night long last night and yet my brain is acting like I have energy left 🙃 @itsskylartaylor I finally found it but omg! I’m never living in these placeswhy do new build SF apartments have like 42 light switches? Why have I been searching for twenty minutes to turn the kitchen light off?i hope u never have to share ur favorite songs with the wrong person ever again
Retweeted by BLM!!! @FitzTheReporter 🙈🥺 @sashaperigo fuckHappy birthday to the goose! Untitled Goose Game was released a year ago today. Thank you so much to everyone who…
Retweeted by BLM!!! @roobots but my childhood 🥺Depression got hands not gonna lie
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Y’all get two photos because I’m incredibly vain, but hey im not perfect - split ends☹️ @roobots“So you can be a hippie” @AJamyjones This is magical ✨“Spilt ends” binch I haven’t had a haircut since FEBRUARYI would like to report the announcer guy to football’s manager please @sashanofilter Also sorry for making your nice thing into a bad thing about me!! Im so happy for you @sashanofilter Hahahaha yeahhhh m*n 🙃 @sashanofilter I meant to write no and yeah but you got it lol 🙃 @sashanofilter Yeah yeah it’s all fun and games until you completely lose your mind and break up with them but what do I know lol @microwavedbagel 🥺 👉👈 @tbreisacher @faiqus Watch before 90 days before starting on 90day. It’s bonkers and *chefs kiss* good trash televisionWatching football is great because I still don’t know what’s going on even after being explained over & over. Go niners!have i even slept?change out of your clothes that you were wearing last night challenge @microwavedbagel 🙈full of ✨ secrets ✨ @SteveNiles Thank goodness! I’m happy you and yours are safe and sound ♥️Last Saturday. @dicksquadvevo -5.5 & -6.5 here and sameThis is an actual felony in all states.
Retweeted by BLM!!! @whichwitch143 Omg that’s so embarrassing. Assuming they didn’t have the proper time to idk proofread lol this was a v rushed processI mean
Retweeted by BLM!!! @emmaruthless LMAO @mvddm Oh hello! You should post more :) @lucyjamesgames N Othe ceremonial changing of the name in your contacts to “No”
tell me how pretty I am @Lilah01 -6 over here. This is why i Velma when I can’t find my glasses (which is all the time which is why I have so many pairs) @undeux Yes, that too lol♥️ @undeux Can this week just reset?am i going to find the will to get out of my bed today? remains to be seenevery day is uniquely terrifying
Retweeted by BLM!!!heavyhaha, im sad
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Champion Of Gender Equality, Dies At 87
Retweeted by BLM!!! @tamoorh Tam, PLEASE
don't date a reply guy lmao @goldengateblond 💗 @lorimerstreet yesall men are bad
Retweeted by BLM!!! @princessology I’ll take your skills on four wheels and one vibe pls🙏If there’s anything I’ve learned being alive on this planet for thirty some odd years: know your worth