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AJ Feuerman @ajfeuerman Los Angeles, CA.

💻: Freelance PR & Social Media, Consultant @pmk_bnc; Writer, @laist / 🍽 on insta: hollywoodbrunch / ❤️: Superheroes, Boy bands, Golden Girls / 💡: My own.

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@JessicaGottlieb Oh, if I pull down I can see it - thank you.In iOS 13, I can't find a way to show the actual battery percentage in the upper right corner. You used to be able… @Greeblehaus @Apple @AppleSupport Wow, I cannot believe how easy setting up the new phone was. That was crazy easy.
@Greeblehaus Mine is loading data right now. Can't wait!!!Thinking about seeing a movie this weekend? The @HWPicNews team breaks down the trailers: @Skwess @NBCSunnyside @WillAndGrace @nbc @kalpenn Thank you! I did see and I gotta check it out there.Aw, that's a shame. I'm enjoying this show, @nbc. #bluffcitylaw @misflix Agreed.Sigh.
John Krasinski and @VancityReynolds co-starring in a comedy? Sign me up. @Greeblehaus @SugarJones Look, @amandarykoff - irony still dead. @Greeblehaus @SugarJones Wait. Wait. Wait. Did Pence clear this celebratory songfest with Mother? guys. Found the fancy hot chocolate maker in the new office. Also has various chocolate, white chocolate and ca… tweeters needing a laugh -- Comedy Central is mid-streaming 24 straight hrs of stand-up specials on YouTube. the trailer for @femalepleasure_, doc directed by Barbara Miller: "....follows 5 female activists working in… @sadmonsters! I hope everyone watches!!! Potter fans can spend $75 a year on a new subscription service - who'd do this? Genuinely curious. mean... POT? KETTLE? COME ON. @shopeatsleep I was only half-kidding. I mean... I love gummy bears.Will someone please remind me which party's ticket she's running on? And maybe remind her.... @Clairetastic I feel like we could play this and also turn it into a holiday drinking game... I have CABLE back. I am SO HAPPY. I missed you, dependably ol' thing. @thejennybloom Yes, please. @DudeOfTheHouse I’m thinking more like one kid in middle school, one in elementary, etc.No, no I don’t think they do. You tool. convo today with @30for30 director @MicahBrownFilm -Creation & execution of the doc -Explosion of the…
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Journalism at its finest? "Get Six Pounds of Gummy Bears For $9, Because Why Not?" @Clairetastic @andylassner Sorry, Andy, but I cannot wait. LOLIf you do NOT have Apple TV, are you going to pay for it now OR get the app to watch their orig. content?He forgot his P.S. of "send this letter to six people or else bad luck will befall us all." @ucla_roycehall I don't know if you read your Ticketmaster event feedback and I felt you should see this event revi… @RalphGarman Bieber feuding w/ Jojo Siwa? It’s the end times. Who does one side with here? @JessicaGottlieb I’d love for kids to get more sleep but I just remember my parents frantic mornings with my school… is one of those things that seems great in theory but sucks in execution. It screws working parents. Especiall… Ferrell is now launching his own comedy podcast network:'s got old LEGOS lying around? @LorenElliott? @rdt156? Anyway, LEGO is now offering to pay for you to ship your… @HotRodd01 A little butter and some creme fraiche. @freudianfoodie Yes, on the side. @rorycoyle But didn’t he just tweet he “100%” solved Isis? 🙄🙄🙄 @JessicaGottlieb @HenryWi37274136 Thank you. He was following me. @Serena @bilal_kaiser No one dances like Serena. Just here to share the facts.Puppo likes hash browns. 🤷🏻‍♀️ @bilal_kaiser @Serena You won a PRISM?! Amazing!!! mean, look how absolutely gorgeous my scrambled eggs are. I’ve mastered this. Is. So. Good. #TheXFastClub 😂😂😂 woman in America understands that Biden just tried to take credit for @SenWarren’s bill. Go home joe. It’s…
Retweeted by AJ Feuerman @Mkr512 @trulycherish"Police violence is also gun violence and we need to address that." -- upon which I gave @JulianCastro a standing o…
Retweeted by AJ FeuermanWhat’s the hot term in the #DemocraticDebate? “Let me be clear....” meaning almost always a total lack of clarity.
WeWork could hand control to SoftBank as part of rescue package... They apparently lost $1.9B in 2018 and burned th… this brand. Go BOGO! wish this wasn't a one-night-only the week of Thanksgiving but I'm gonna try to make the time. I love this movie.… find going to a physical movie theater less and less enjoyable these days. I don't know if theaters are what's ru… @xeniaporvida @OriginalFunko Did I miss this?!The "Oprah" era of streaming... YOU GET CONTENT! and YOU GET CONTENT! It continues.... recipe: Cheesy Herb Beignets. YES. cc @rdt156 (as you love the fried dough.)Jeepers. Four prominent Beverly Hills restaurants - Grill on the Alley, Il Fornaio, Gratitude, and Tempura Endo - w… all saw this movie already right? We know this ends with a battle at Cyberdyne.... keep thinking about how I met @CiaoSamin last night and she has this incredible spirit. And a terrific laugh. Wha… @jennyyangtv Let's not get our hopes up..... Happy he's been charged but I have to manage my expectations these days.... @NickLaBran @realDonaldTrump 100%?! WOW! Great job, buddy. @SHODesusAndMero and I could not be happier.That is super cool. And I am super jealous. @Skwess @kalpenn @daxshepard @ArmchairExpPod @NBCSunnyside @BlessThisMessTV I enjoy, BTW, that you and I are like TV soulmates. LOL @Skwess @kalpenn @daxshepard @ArmchairExpPod @NBCSunnyside @BlessThisMessTV I didn't even know Kal had a new show t… to go, @MicahBrownFilm! #ChuckandTito @xeniaporvida @OriginalFunko See also @Mkr512 @kfernandez66 @xeniaporvida @OriginalFunko Bless you.I must tell you all, I have always been a super fan of @kalpenn (fun fact - have worked on two of his films and hav…
Here's my serious question. They are suing because they feel the film shamed their technique -- a technique that WR… @klept0r !!!! QUACK QUACK QUACK !!! pure. ❤️🧡💛💚💙 Chapman just went 101 MPH in back to back pitches....
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In case your Saturday isn’t as exciting as mine, please also enjoy this debate about public defecation on @Nextdoor:❗️URGENT❗️West Valley shelter is taking in all the displaced animals from the Saddleridge Fire. 😢 If you can adopt…
Retweeted by AJ FeuermanI love this thread. Also, I just put all of @GrantGinder's books in my @goodreads queue. #NationalComingOutDay was such a cool guy. So talented. May he rest in peace.“I hate shaving my legs, tho.” just had an event try to sell me a ticket at a too-high price point because “it includes photo opportunities.” 🙄🙄🙄 @tomopants @cvspharmacy Still one of my all time favorite Halloween costumes.
I'll read just about anything #SharkTank related but I always love anything retrospective the most. Here's the late… the poor girl on duty is getting yelled at by some angry, mean customers. So maybe @cvspharmacy doesn’t care ab…’m in a line at @cvspharmacy, seven people deep, with one person on duty, to pick up a prescription it took a comb… of the new movies really pleasantly surprised me... aaaand some did not. interview with @adamcarolla @AdamCarollaShow @ChuckLiddell @titoortiz #ChuckandTito #30for30
Retweeted by AJ Feuerman @RamasScreen I think this is an excellent point. People say “never forget” as this trendy mantra now but it’s really rather meaningless.If you don’t know who Irena Sandler is, google her. She’s a hero. Anna Paquin actually starred as her in a TV biopi…’m bummed. I’ll miss your hoe cake the most, @barrelandashes. @cvspharmacy Thanks. I still have to call and order my friggin’ refill and hope I can get a human being on the g.d. phone soon. @gamingangel I think you hit the nail on the head right there. @cvspharmacy 4744 Lankershim, North Hollywood location.It's like when someone says "you're fired" and you shout back, "you can't fire me because I quit!" <3 Chasten. So hard. @AlaiaWilliams @Toridwn @nbcsvu This is my new favorite IG acct, too.Worth watching. What he’s doing is so important. He’s already winning in my book. @JessicaGottlieb Was that event live streamed anywhere? I’d love to go back and watch.A question was posed to @ewarren about what she'll say to someone who believes marriage is between 1 man and 1 woma… @shuggilippo 🤮🤮🤮 @Clairetastic @TaskRabbit @morgangendel Seriously. With all the crap I see on Shark Tank, that is a worthy startup idea.