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AJ Feuerman @ajfeuerman Los Angeles, CA.

Unofficial nemesis of @cvspharmacy / 💻: Entertainment PR & Social Media / 🍽 on insta: hollywoodbrunch / ❤️: Superheroes, Boy bands, Golden Girls / #Biden2020

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@trulycherish @Anne_Hogan I’m pretty excited to see this demo reel. I hope there are Teddy and Waffles cameos. @Anne_Hogan @trulycherish Please make this demo regardless. @Anne_Hogan @trulycherish you guys hiring any vampers? 🤣
@cjoanporter ... as I watch Goblet of Fire on SyFy for the 30th time even though I own it ... @ky_tweets I hope someone with the virus licks her face. Honestly.This shutdown saga is exposing who's never been told "no" in their life.
Retweeted by AJ Feuerman👀👀👀 @Anne_Hogan You know that scene in Big when Tom Hanks asks his secretary to get him a tape of a super bowl game and… question: How many times will I flip to The Holiday on @Showtime and watch it all the way through? Should I be watching #Stargirl?! @ForcesOfGeek of might've just convinced me.... @_MeganMcClain @TheCW @cwwhoseline Same. I just like putting it on via my Roku in my bedroom and falling asleep to… @TheCW, please grant me more @cwwhoseline episodes on your app. I need laughs.Trump wants to create a panel that would look into complaints of bias against conservatives on social media and oth…
Tomorrow’s @nytimes front page. #COVID19 #CoronaVirusUpdates @matthewfederman have you seen #UnitedWeFan? Cute doc. Has a whole segment on the Jericho NUTS campaign. @Clairetastic @LauInLA @ChrisHayner @BrandyxPhillips Found here: Who needs this mask? @misflix? @Clairetastic? 😂😂😂 dog is afraid to eat his food because last week I was sneaking pills into his meals. But tonight I deceived him… guess. What is in my 32 oz @HydroFlask tonight? retweet if you are having trouble sleeping at night (going for a million retweets here)
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God, I hope they call it #ChristGate.... FAVORITES – Quarantine Life @quayaustralia, I know we should expect shipping delays but.... 2021? know who’s really gonna suffer during this social distancing? Dudes on dating apps Welcome back to courtshi…
Retweeted by AJ Feuerman @taracoomans It just surprised me! @Clairetastic I watch it all the time and love the score, too. :) @Clairetastic Inception is one of my faves, though. @Clairetastic I probably need to see that again. I don't remember how I felt about it.Motley Crud know, sometimes I think about how Christopher Nolan wrote Interstellar, Inception and Memento. And now he's wri… you just gotta read shit like this to laugh:
Wow! The change is expected to accelerate the momentum of American colleges away from the tests, amid concern that… makes me so sad. So Viacom is licensing @johnkrasinski's heartwarming weekly YouTube series, making a once tot… @capunderstands @PodcastMovement That is just the gift that keeps on giving. @PodcastMovement I always smile from @capunderstands :) @AlaiaWilliams 🚨🚨🚨 vogue, everybody., are they asking for over-hyped cinematic garbage? on a walk.... A stranger to me: Nice cock mask. Me to the stranger: Thanks. I appreciate your misanthropy. M…
She is such a disgrace to her gender. I am so embarrassed. LA City Council today voted to cap app delivery fees for restaurants at 15 percent of the total transaction and… any second: pitch - give @poppymontgomery, @Lala and @Roselyn_Sanchez a talk show or podcast, please. #BlogHer20 @urlgrl I wish they would stop ADDING shit when they have so much that already exists that needs improvement. @DannyDeraney oooooooh @DannyDeraney what's that box in the middle?Best part of #BlogHer20 today - @MsJuneDiane and @caseyrosewilson. Hands down. @urlgrl Isn't that what DM'ing is for?Please enjoy this thread and the ensuing comments. @elonjames "I was the only one not wearing a mask" says it all, right? What a fucking moron.Question -- is this a draw? @matthewfederman @ky_tweets Well, the .jpg was first used in 1992. .doc was invented in 1985. I stand by my statement. @matthewfederman @ky_tweets FWIW, I think a .mov and .mp4 will still be relevant. I think .pdf and .doc also. @matthewfederman @ky_tweets Fine, fine, be sensible. @taylor_curtis Do people want new music from Bon Jovi? I just wanna hear the classics. Let's be honest. @ky_tweets @matthewfederman Morse code.Let us all gather in the cool breeze of Queen Nancy's SHAAAADE..... 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻's more impressive? That @NBCTheVoice has been cranking out pretty high quality shows from home OR that they st…’all, @kellyclarkson sang in HEBREW on #TheVoice tonight with a pretty strong accent and it made my heart happy.You gotta love a Twitter customer service account that offers to help and then tells you because it's only social m… @AskPayPal done. @Anne_Hogan @JessicaGottlieb I made it in slow cooker!!! @JessicaGottlieb @Anne_Hogan Tell me about it. @JessicaGottlieb @Anne_Hogan Mine is like cake. Shall I bring you a piece tomorrow? @PayPal, I wanna apply for a PPP loan but your website isnt working. Pp: Please fill out more forms. Me: YOUR…
The demise of @kroq as most of us knew/loved it was inevitable but surely sped up with the exit of Kevin Weatherly… @RoryGeorge @rdt156 She actually made sure to say that is not the reason.WOW. This was a truly fascinating case study - not to mention an indictment of DoorDash being a scam artist: get for @Spotify. goodness, guys. The new @pattonoswalt special on @netflix is just a delight. Highly recommend it.Cary Grant. Audrey.😂😂😂 questions we should ask about Trump every day from now until November to focus us on the stakes: 1) What has he…
Retweeted by AJ Feuerman @Joyyynpain Fuck. I miss hugging so much. It was my Mom.Sorta bananas -- I saw Sheen do Love Letters when I was a Senior in H.S. Excited to see it again and to support a g… @estarLA @Carolineoncrack Yes!!! Ok, I just saw Erika on TV and was wondering if it was the same person... all makes sense now. TY.Why does she continue to be an utterly horrible person?"Obama or Biden" is trending and the answer is both. I'll take them both, thank you very much.
Retweeted by AJ Feuerman @JessicaGottlieb All I know is now I want to watch Showgirls. @franklinavenue I know four people also looking for this Ube pancake mix... @cjoanporter, Were you one of them? I g… @6Chases @Carolineoncrack @estarLA Do either of you remember back in the day there was a pair of female butchers on Fairfax with a cute name?I made breakfast totchos for dinner and it was quite delicious.Los Angeles. Every time you leave the house, you’re supposed to wear a mask. It’s mandatory. I’m seeing way too man…
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@tomopants would have thought to bake anything in a crockpot but was intrigued by this chocolate chip banana bread recip… @rorycoyle Important content from @franklinavenue: @nytimes @benyt Nothing better to write about these days, eh? Cool, cool.... @SXM_Help OK! Thank you. @justinsimon @LTsurf Chris Campos!Many friends know I’m a @mcuban fan anyway but OMG, this episode of @Recode/Decode is SO GREAT. Highly recommend. G…’all, who else watched #ScandalousFilm on @CNN tonight? a grain of rice down my bra. May never see it again. 🤷🏻‍♀️
A phase of religion I could get behind. @MicahBrownFilm @hankgreen I'm totally a 3.Bloggers, if you have auto-posts and auto-shares and such turned on, rethink that, won't you? #Tonedeaf @jennifermuro Oh, I think that moment is just fine.#Nailedit, of course. @MsNycole @Target Seconded.You’d think Eric Trump would empathize with people who aren’t allowed to hug their father
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