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On my @SkyNews podcast today I chat to @gerardtubb about fears #BritishSteel could collapse & the impact #Brexit ha…
Retweeted by Alexander J. MartinFirst signal from Nokia that the problems facing Huawei could offer an advantage. Up until now Nokia and Ericsson h… @CCLeicsPolice @gmhales Notably this only covers your custody suite use of NeoFace and not real-time events, for wh… @CCLeicsPolice @gmhales I’m familiar with the PCC report, it’s very good - I’m not sure it addresses the national i… @CCLeicsPolice @gmhales Simon, you've been great at engaging people about the force's work - including myself as a… @jcase @Pornhub @nutakugames Was this a Pornhub RCE? @jcase @Pornhub @nutakugames Wait whatMMS: Jim Humble, YouTube hyped bleach as autism cure, reached millions - Business Insider v…
Retweeted by Alexander J. Martin @Scotty_Martian Because there is a court case in Cardiff beginning today, it’s the first time AFR has been taken to… @Scotty_Martian It was a problem back then too, which is why I broke the story: @kentindell I couldn’t agree more. I’m trying to figure out where we disagreed now. Terminology? That’s something p… @kentindell I’m sure you’re used to reading beneath the headline for details on tech stories Ken. They can’t be aim… @kentindell Sure, but Ken the differences you’ve mentioned aren’t different meanings for the phrase “facial recogni… @kentindell I meant that the technology is identical. @kentindell I disagree, I think it's fine as long as we're aware we're talking about biometrics. Your cases 2 and 3… for the thread) 🚨 A lot of claims about accuracy ratings for facial recognition technology are mistaking ho…
Retweeted by Alexander J. MartinThese are the standards for DNA and fingerprint biometrics and it makes sense to see them extended to other forms o… proper questions are: How legitimate is it for the police to input someone's image into the system, and how leg…👏 More fundamentally, accuracy is a poor standard to measure the privacy impact of the technology. Regardless of wh… you are searching for 😅 and the algorithm returns this list: 😊 - 94% 😅 - 93% 😗 - 86% 🤑 - 82% 🤗 - 72% 🤔 - 72% 🤐… for the thread) 🚨 A lot of claims about accuracy ratings for facial recognition technology are mistaking ho… police are being taken to court in Wales by a man whose image was captured by a facial recognition system as he…“Magic: The Gathering” is making computer scientists rethink their ideas about games.
Retweeted by Alexander J. Martin @gerardtubb Might be worth getting in touch with @LDNRentersUnion @garethniblett Your profile picture is pretty much spot on 🤔Could do with an update - which is why @RowlsManthorpe is heading to Cardiff. Make sure you’re following his tweets…
🇺🇸 💻 🇨🇳 “China also has the ability to disrupt the supply chain on which external industrial forces rely.” Very… @joonian How much for a coffee?!!?! @skynewsniall There were maybe two good scenes in the entire episode. What a waste of a season.A glaring Facebook loophole in their political ads approach, just a week prior to the #EP2019 via @MotherJones
Retweeted by Alexander J. MartinHundreds of patients at a dental surgery have been told to take HIV tests over fears unclean equipment was used on…
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EXCL: Ministry of Defence accused of developing a secret policy on torture that allows ministers to sign off intell…
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Holy shit @Google, I _definitely_ did not give you permission to scrape my email for purchases. What the fuck.
Retweeted by Alexander J. MartinIt is much more important to listen to women (every woman) than to me on the topic of abortion law, but I feel unco… @tom_watson Well done Tom! You’re an inspiration!
London Bridge attack: Kirsty Boden killed trying to save another victim
Retweeted by Alexander J. MartinGreat piece by @IsayenHG: How Venezuela's grip on the internet leaves citizens in the dark. “If it were not for soc…
Though my all-time favourite John McAfee story was when he prank called me.
Retweeted by Alexander J. MartinThough my all-time favourite John McAfee story was when he prank called me. here. time John McAfee went on the run he live-blogged it, including details of his disguises. My favourite was when… @thameswater I can't log in to my account because you are sending the activation email to the wrong email address.…
@SkyNewsEditor It was always a pleasure working with you in the office Paul! Congratulations on the move and the ve…
MPs will vote on the Withdrawal Agreement Bill in the week beginning 3 June. Our chief political correspondent…
Retweeted by Alexander J. MartinThis may be why a British general was lined up to brief the press. No senior American officer wanted to contradict…
Retweeted by Alexander J. MartinTop British General in Iraq, Christopher Ghika: "No there's been no increased threat from Iranian-backed forces in Iraq and Syria."
Retweeted by Alexander J. MartinBREAKING - Permission granted by the court for Tommy Robinson to be retried for contempt of Court
Retweeted by Alexander J. Martin @IPCOffice @libertyhq To be fair, the Home Office effectively blocked two key appointments (esp. @e3i5) last year t…
Retweeted by Alexander J. Martin @AlexanderAiken @SotonBusiness @UKCivilService @UKgovcomms Is the GCS still refusing to do media interviews? @imrichardmorris @GazTheJourno @jamesrbuk @GazTheJourno @imrichardmorris @jamesrbuk @imrichardmorris @GazTheJourno @jamesrbuk That's not my work. I can even spell Australian backwards. Nailartsua. Cheque please. @GazTheJourno @jamesrbuk But just 0.134% the membership of the Chinese Communist Party! Maybe the fewer the people… @imrichardmorris @GazTheJourno @jamesrbuk I'm bad at physics... @GazTheJourno @jamesrbuk It's basically the House of Commons 184 times. That's a lot of democracy! It's 184 * (Demo… @GazTheJourno @jamesrbuk Saudi Arabia confirms that 2 of its oil installations were attacked by drones this morning.
Retweeted by Alexander J. Martin @GazTheJourno @jamesrbuk Sure, I don't think the US signal is "We're not prepared and would not commit to war in th… @jamesrbuk Agreed, but the updated plan - and the announcement of it - can also serve a deescalatory function. It’s… @jamesrbuk Jeremy Hunt stated that the risk of war was rising. Simply planning for it is competent, not an indication of intent."It's a chronic and corrosive threat." @NCA_UK director @NCA_LynneOwens tells #Sunrise the threat from organised…
Retweeted by Alexander J. Martin @nmsonline The fix was in an earlier update.This is an incredible event to know nothing about.
👀 went undercover on Jeremy Kyle show in 2008 & found a vulnerable mentally ill young man being bullied & abused. N…
Retweeted by Alexander J. Martin @nickdr92 @MariaZuffova @MeadowsOnMoney @HarryTaylrAre you a #journalist reporting on the UK? Please, share your experience with #FOI requests and #government #data f…
Retweeted by Alexander J. Martin @KateEMcCann @VeryBigNews Hmmm @Ned_Donovan that @AliBunkallSky is a class act who has donated £10 to @MSSocietyUK. 👏 research from @doteveryone into the moral dilemmas facing tech workers. These numbers are.... kind of h…
Retweeted by Alexander J. MartinSwedish prosecutors have announced they are reopening an investigation into a rape allegation against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
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that people want to punish FB because they “disagree with its management” is a straw man
Retweeted by Alexander J. Martinand here he is today in the NYTimes. He’s had a change of heart about the deficiencies of the US approach to antitr…
Retweeted by Alexander J. MartinNick Clegg on monopolies in September 2017 vs Nick Clegg on monopolies in May 2019
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For the 466 million deaf and hard of hearing people around the world, the new version of #AndroidQ will automatical…
Retweeted by Alexander J. MartinWe won the Digiday editorial team of the year award last night (congratulations due to all colleagues @SkyNews) and…'ve asked Google for an explanation of how its Suggestions Actions feature works.In this demo for Android Q, Google reads the preview content of a message sent via Signal on Android to automatical… @alexhern Have you read The Woman in the Dunes by Kobo Abe?
Member of Sophisticated China-Based Hacking Group Indicted for Series of Computer Intrusions, Including 2015 Data B…
Retweeted by Alexander J. MartinAn indictment was unsealed today charging a former intelligence analyst with illegally obtaining classified nationa… @AndrewOrlowski Onwards and upwards! It was a real pleasure working with you while I was at The Reg. It'd be great… is a great journalist, a fiercely independent thinker, and among the best company in a newsroom or pub I've… piece from @BernhardWarner, who argues: "Tech giants are likely to invest more in aggressive machine-lear… light of recent events involving @Huawei , we have decided to hold a one-off evidence session into the UK's tele…
Retweeted by Alexander J. Martin @drkatedevlin Is it all maybe a spectacle for attention? Maybe I wonder that because I don’t know who these people are. @drkatedevlin Isn’t this all very public? @guy_herbert That’s the Scarfolk way!
Full story from our George Osborne interview: Former chancellor urges cabinet to move against Theresa May
Retweeted by Alexander J. MartinAgain, @DCMS_SecOfState states the government has not yet taken a decision of the inclusion or prohibition of… UK has gone a week without burning coal to generate electricity - the longest stretch since the Industrial Revo…
Retweeted by Alexander J. Martin🌍🎉7️⃣ That's it, a full week has passed with the UK not using any coal power!
Retweeted by Alexander J. MartinForeign secretary @Jeremy_Hunt must look at the case of #Loughinisland journalists arrested by armed police in Nort…
Retweeted by Alexander J. Martin's flagship digital ID system Verify "is failing its users and struggling to meet key target…️⃣❗⚡🔌 The UK has now gone six days (!) without burning any coal to generate electricity. It's the longest stret…
Retweeted by Alexander J. Martin'Focus on the implementation of citizens' ideological and moral construction!' Apps on smartphones, loudspeakers in…
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@AliBunkallSKY Is this активные меры? @AliBunkallSKY 👀 🐳 💷 🙌FBI and Israeli authorities have arrested the administrators of Deep Dot Web and seized the website.
Retweeted by Alexander J. MartinUK sets new record for days without coal power
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