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@KomanderXander What if I’m numb and can’t say how I feel ? I only show actions. @Lbabinz Yerrrr checked out @Lbabinz I wanna pre order not see dog pics damn @Shadaya_Knight Your girl should never consult your friends or her friends when something is wrong in the relations… @beamanforreal When I was 5 years old I took a chocolate bar from a store and never got caught. If you’re looking f… @Lbabinz 10 bucks ? Lol
@trvisXX 🗑 @alpharivelino Looool @GotPickup LOOOOL what is this ? @Gjergjarianiti @alpharivelino Semen retention 🔥 @ladbible Can’t win these days! Snowflakes everywhere, offended over the stupidest shit. @GotPickup I never ask bro I just give my number. Hit me up or not abundance mindset 💪 @WellBuiltStyle Don’t even worry about your height. Be shredded, lean, confident, and dress well. @WellBuiltStyle I wanna get fit enough to wear white shirts. Black rn currently on a fat loss journey lol.
@alpharivelino Toms @GittensRashaad @alpharivelino If she smokes she pokes. @GotPickup Gotta 6 fee or taller,lean, shredded that’s all you need, and have decent game. @alpharivelino I rather be proactive set boundaries, check her if she doesn’t comply simp her.
@GotPickup If she tells you to message her after work and you don’t and she double texts you. 🔥 @alpharivelino Undercover freak @CDNnotify If these had black gums they’d slap @Lbabinz Can’t thank you enough bro shoppers came clutch. @Lbabinz Ty @Lbabinz You think we could pay with optimum points. ? @Lbabinz Thank you so much! I was able to reserve one!
@MobileSyrup Online ? @DrRalphNap Calories in vs out. @Lbabinz Need that preorder link lol. Should I just create a account to get started ? @Lbabinz Online or In store ? @CP24 What about more durable plan to combat gun crime? @CDNnotify Bots at it all! @AidanBball11 @CDNnotify Nike website.
@CP24 Why increase the chances for exposure ? Infect the whole shoppers drug mart 🤡
@Gqaberrr @Shadaya_Knight Yesssir. I am the prize looool @Gqaberrr @Shadaya_Knight @Shadaya_Knight Your interpretations of these messages ? Long story short; I broke up with her cause she bring up d…
@GotPickup Type of message you leave on read. I did the breakup 5 days ago, no longer complying lol. LTR back to a… 5 Showcase broadcasts live this Wednesday at 1pm Pacific Time:
Retweeted by . @EatWeightloss Caloric deficit!
@GotPickup Nah brah post nut clarity hit different
@MidlifeMoves On god bro! Truth! @MidlifeMoves Interesting perspective. I’ve always politely shut it down. @MidlifeMoves Do you entertaining her bitching about her ex? I politely say don’t wanna hear it.
@CP24 Grand Theft Auto - 6ix Wars @Gmetal11 @CP24 Other the 40 other genders 😂 @applegatelogis @TheRedIntrovert Women are emotional people. They love creating drama out of no where just to get a… @TheRedIntrovert Gotta be proactive rather then reactive and do the breakup when she starts giving you headaches and argues over dumb shit
#appleevent OFFICIAL 15 September 2020
Retweeted by . @CP24 What’s the threshold for the ticket ? 1-5km over still ticket ? @Thegreatconque2 @CdwavyBanks @TheRedIntrovert Straight up bro, it’s better to be proactive then reactive. @ComplexSneakers @trvisXX @McDonalds Best price 🤡 @beamanforreal So I broke up with my girl last night cause it was becoming a straight headache. Bitch mad because I… @CdwavyBanks @TheRedIntrovert Straight bro, her lose. I knew she wanted a simp she admitted it lol. Beta provider 😂🥱 @CDNnotify 8pm ? @Jtrock54PR @Complex Yeo 😂 @Complex 🗑 @Gubar8383 @GotPickup Abundance mindset @GotPickup It is what it is. She belongs to the streets @GotPickup I called it quits @TheRedIntrovert Lol I called it quits @TheRedIntrovert Yo my girl just broke up with me cause I don’t send her good morning texts, and tell her my emotions wtf. @GotPickup Yo my girl just broke up with me cause I never send her good morning texted and she can’t read my emotions wtf.
@CP24 Lmao this is a protest ? I think riot is a better suited word. @TheRedIntrovert Ironically; a shoulder to cry on is a dick to ride on 😂 @CP24 Grand Theft Auto - Toronto @GotPickup Also fellas you put yourselves in the friend zone. If you end up there one of the ways to get out is to…
@Himandi13 I’m from Canada, I’ve been there in Cali it’s so nice. @CP24 Open the schools 🤡 @Himandi13 Lmaoo, I personally go to rodeo drive for them single moms 😂 @Himandi13 Lmao Walmart then @Himandi13 I like target and whole foods lol
@UCpaths You politely leave and say it is what it is. Abundance mindset. @Moezyy_H @CDNnotify Lmao 🧢 @CDNnotify How has your luck been with these waiting rooms ?
@oZcQF8HQt5MwuW4 @TheAngry_Ranter @9to5mac @ChanceHMiller Would you recommend running it on primary device ? @oZcQF8HQt5MwuW4 @TheAngry_Ranter @9to5mac @ChanceHMiller How stable is it ?
@TheRedIntrovert Only way that would happen is if she threw the coochie at me and said “fuck me”. I’ll make sure to…
@TheRedIntrovert Examples ? @elitehitman47 Excellent work! How much cardio ? Is protein the only macro you track ? @ChrstianRicardo Dad bod gang lol. #beerbelly @CDNnotify Gimme my L rn @alpharivelino Studs are nice. @alpharivelino Dirty white converse + virgin = unicorn ? @KicksDealsCA @adidasCA CNt catch a w lmao @CP24 Honestly with all the shit going on it feels like GTA
@KicksDealsCA @TheClosetInc Recommendation for sneaker shields ? @danieltrades99 @GotPickup Yes failed miserably. Feel into her frame. Always down play or up play and amplify. Shou… @beamanforreal @FridenJoe @RA26__ @CP24 💀 @TheRedIntrovert No social media. The real me is what you get and I what is expect of you @CP24 Open them schools 😂🤡 @CP24 GTA Heist ? @CP24 Love it creates transparency for the protesters and anti-police/defund the police people. @dannyreid182 @GotPickup “Oh you’re just asking me to come over for sex” then you say “no, I’m just trying to watch…
@TheRedIntrovert No abundance mindset no purpose or mission, letting your emotions control you is the way. @TheRedIntrovert Just talk to one chick lol @GotPickup Gifts once in a while is good reward positive behaviour. Never share your feelings. Show emotions but do… @CP24 Like assaulting a police officer is going to get you want ? What’s next ? Looting stores ? 🤦‍♂️ @CP24 I fail to understand what these protests are accomplishing. If the NBA couldn’t do anything about it what Iis…