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I judge harshly and often.

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@danblackroyd @snackvampire There are so many (how can I put this nicely? OK I can’t) stupid people though. If it t… @BenjySarlin @joshtpm Just one poll/it’s early/no likely voter screen caveats aside, if Biden were really up 6 pts… @SykesCharlie Just one poll/early/no likely voter screen caveats aside, if Biden were really up 6 pts in FLORIDA, the race would be over. @xenocryptsite When this horrible era is finally over the last thing most of us will want to see is a film about it.
@jbarro This has always been the problem with Aaron Sorkin scripts. Not only do his characters all speak as if they… @theferocity Any film where people congregate is now a period piece. @awards_watch and they’re both nude @rilaws If it was released in 2009 though no way was she beating Sandy. @theferocity @nathanielr @mavericksmovies Yeah I’d bet hard on Glory, which managed to win THREE Oscars even without a Best Picture nomination. @TyeGrr87 @JAMNPP There's no man bun in the Tom Holland video. The common theme here is incredible backs. @ForecasterEnten “Let‘s get after it?” I think Chris Cuomo is rubbing off on you. 😋 @neeratanden The Safdie Brothers, for all the anxiety
@realjoshkoenig @ebruenig @maxberger @mattyglesias The national polls were actually better/more accurate than the state polls FWIW. @JAMNPP And of course, he’s wearing it in Italy 😬
@SamuelAAdams @adamjmoussa Can SO relate to that feeling of trying to look like you’re not looking while being consumed by lust. @Knibbs @clairemcnear OK super late quarantine reaction to this but KATE WAS 100% CORRECT. 😋 Smooth put Santana/ Su… Safdie Brothers, for all the anxiety
@NextBestPicture Arrest him @RosieGray @marcatracy BSB were first, sold more records, were more famous internationally, and I Want It That Way… @RafiDAngelo Defending myself to the unemployment officer @JAMNPP It would be such a great public service during these difficult times. @AsiaChloeBrown Backstreet Boys DID mop the floor with NSYNC. @JAMNPP They should just fuck and let all of us watch. @jacksonisaacson @AsInMarx A whole meal @lindaholmes @gwiss @saxetniniltiac Looking back, it so should’ve won the Oscar.
@_jarking The kink in the North! @jbouie What happens to the entire Pre-Crime project when the three pre-cogs die? @geoffreyvs @joshtpm @JohnJHarwood Correction: it's 51% approval on handling coronavirus, but his overall job approval is 48%. @KFILE Rich Lowry will now tweet laughable praise for De Santis for doing this. @mattyglesias @byHeatherLong Trump/the GOP not caring at all about seniors (with these checks, with saying that old… heart is fucking broken
Retweeted by Akash Nikolas @ForecasterEnten @TylerDinucci Gets less attention but the congressional ballot polls have been great for Dems for… @TheAcademy
Ridge Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful (1990 - 1999) @ztsamudzi There are SO many hot/shirtless scenes with him on Riverdale.If only there was some kind of role in society, some sort of profession, whose role it was to determine the facts o…
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@awards_watch you have done the lord's work 🙏 @awards_watch @zak_brigman WHERE is this from? @nataliesurely For someone with Trevor Donovan’s body, it is. @Thirdmanmovies @MarkHarrisNYCGen Z will NEVER understand how good the previous generation of boy bands were
Retweeted by Akash Nikolas @gelliottmorris It’s so interesting that Rasmussen (of all places!) never showed a bump. @StuPolitics @SeanTrende WOW 👀 @MollyJongFast @joshtpm How the hell is it *still* March? @michaelbd @MelindaTaub This was the last great Malick film. SO much better than The Tree of Life.
@StuPolitics @SeanTrende And Cuomo @danblackroyd The worst was how she got into Yale but chose to go to -- I wanna say Beverly Hills U? -- because all… @RadioFreeTom @JosVildsola1 @Rschooley She pours the box wine over her cereal @JAMNPP There was that younger guy Blanche thought she was dating @chrisvfeil CAMERON DIAZ YES. I‘ve always felt that As Good As It Gets got all the Oscar love that should’ve gone t…
@mattliguori YES. Though you can stop after Season 2. @jeffyadar @Splurge24 Bon Appétit @howatdk Why Not The Best, directed by Marielle Heller The Peanut Farmer, directed by Morten Tyldem Carter, directed by Jay Roach @mavericksmovies @RichHoulzy1991 Mostly that it's irrelevant. It hasn't really influenced other films in any meanin… @mavericksmovies @RichHoulzy1991 Titanic has aged well. LA Confidential (the "critics favorite" and its Oscar count… @AmandaMarcotte If a Dem president was doing this to an important swing state amidst a pandemic in an election year… @ZaidJilani @shadihamid The coronavirus crisis may make Biden an even stronger candidate but it‘s not what decided… @YNB @RepThomasMassie You mean this guy? @MarkHarrisNYC @TerryTeachout1 Remember how in the 90s people complained about Frasier winning Emmys year after yea… @mavericksmovies If the game involves breaking my jaw, it’s Cary Fukunaga. @NextBestPicture And still the best Cuaron film.
@alex_abads but marines should totally do this too, just saying. @OneLuckyGay @robcesternino @stephenfishbach @AmanAdwin @ArmstrongTaran To this day when I see Wendell, I think of… @tomandlorenzo This looks UH MAZING. Why is Apple TV making us wait a month for it? We’re all trapped in our homes:… @MatthewACherry When I was a kid, this was one of the rare crossover videos that could be playing on MTV, VH1 and B…
@Redistrict @MonmouthPoll @Gallup Exactly. And if there IS a showdown between Trump and governors in terms of telli… Collins always looks like she’s a cashier at a store where some Black kids who aren’t doing anything wrong ju…
Retweeted by Akash Nikolas @Asymetricalhomo @rshuffandstuff @danblackroyd “911 responder, what’s your emerg...oh, hi Susan.”I would argue that the president is now murdering people in the middle of Fifth Avenue
Retweeted by Akash Nikolas @fawfulfan To be fair, none of those have broken into the mainstream media coverage (understandably given the crisis). @atk825 @jbouie Did you miss the part where he said "for no other reason than it would keep them in office?" He did…
@yeselson @PatrickIber It would 100% be Cuomo.Just let Andrew Cuomo be president and let his brother be Secretary of my interior. @nhannahjones @TrevonDLogan "Slavery is capitalism with its clothes off." — Orlando Patterson @ChadPergram WRONG! It‘s a beacon of Gondor. @Rschooley Now every time someone says “Imagine” I expect to see celebrities without makeup. @Thirdmanmovies I love this tweet so much @angiecthomas It's a great song for Social Distancing: No, I don't want your number No, I don't wanna give you min…
@awards_watch @colormejorge @mavericksmovies @NextBestPicture Will Mavity: @jbarro and every European has a balcony @ezraklein Excellent thread. And of course this inability to anticipate/forestall future disaster because we can’t… has made it very clear how many people would have absolutely justified slavery because “the economy”
Retweeted by Akash Nikolas"My new quarantine coworker is so needy, I can't get anything done" (ginny_the_woof / IG)
Retweeted by Akash Nikolas @Thirdmanmovies I often think about how on The Simpsons, a meeting of Springfield Republicans always took place in… @Thirdmanmovies I’ve been wondering this too! Even if Republicans won‘t prioritize human life or respect science, y…
@Yair_Rosenberg And yet every time he swing back to “This is serious and I always knew it was”, the media amplifies… @SamTorres5 @JillFilipovic Oh, I don’t want them to treat me “well” at all.Spain is deploying its army to help manage their coronavirus outbreak and not to be insensitive at an anxiety-induc…
Retweeted by Akash Nikolas @RaminSetoodeh @kyletblaine This is what the 1989 Best Song Oscar lineup should’ve been: Kiss the Girl — The Littl…
I just can’t stop watching
Retweeted by Akash Nikolas @israelizreal They should do Robin Hood next. @danblackroyd Seriously it’s a multi billion dollar industry that traffics in snake oil and fosters eating disorder… quarantine seems to be hitting us all hard
Retweeted by Akash Nikolas @Rschooley And the GOP would NOT have been OK with the stimulus and other spending bills they are considering now.…
@IamGMJohnson @chick_in_kiev ”a whole ass dummy” 😂The utter insanity of watching a failed casino owner argue with a doctor live on TV about the possible effectivenes…
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