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@halocs_ smhhhh im amazon prime them for you @sodreamXgod yes @sodreamXgod hi @halocs_ bring the tissuescome type in my chat to make my stream look good @ennpiss @heyitsFlorence @megasofer
@sophrivera_ wtf where is thisgmanchew save me @Trailblaze2top we out here @itsBianco wheelchair gang? @ramuelcs @worryie @maxahxo helloyo @akasyns you good bro?
Retweeted by dangmanchew fan club day 3 igor slumping about to put the islanders to sleep brbupcoming synical piece + hoodie version
@MMAFighting @DamonMartin finally giving this man a fight @iBeaturscore 🙏🙏gmanchew fan club day 2 @itsBianco fuck off @Hugo41_ very @Hugo41_ little late to the party big guy @1Mikey_tv @graphitecs that looks like the slide i just bought for my pool :D @dusknr and its all in like Indonesia so shipping is AIDS lmao @dusknr every guy i find is like $140 a piecenerf this 🤭 @nicxCS @gabecs_ @NoahFrench_ WATERblackhawks fucking suck LMAO @ArktosCS please @ArktosCS 🤣👍 @ArktosCS noppeeeeeesynical ig hit 2k like 5 days ago. about to hit 2.5k now, shits crazy. @arcadecs ik they do. @mashup dude people care. i message you constantly. every single time i offer any kind of advice i don't get a resp…
hmu when valorant players decide to use their mics"midnight collection" january 20th 3pm est 🌑
Retweeted by dan @dusknr dude its awful. for some reason i feel guilt too. if i could control it i would.PSA you can't get mad at a brand because USPS is taking a long time to deliver your item. delusional people man... @Drenit_tv micro center is too far from me rip @KingOsyrus LMFAOOOdemon time fan club @midwxstv2 @ttvOmozu @Slender_CS 😭😭 @Slender_CS BRO I HAVEN'T LAUGHED THIS HARD IN A LONG TIME LMFAOOOOO MF HAD A SOUNDBOARD ON HIS BELT LMFAOOOOOOOOODUDE IM FUCKING CRYING is too fun bro. @nicxCS no @iAmLimerence on goddropping a mini collection on the 20th @Drenit_tv yes @GlONNl @dusknr 🧠 @dusknr actually the most frustrating convo to have with someone. @Drenit_tv bind imo
@sophrivera_ 🥶RtthghfhyhyhfdyhjgjuheydhdtwyterghdhghGddghsdehjrurheryeHJfkwuhDhJee
Retweeted by dan @itsBianco damn you a brotha? @LinkyYT @LinkyYT this OMEN FLASH IS 400 BEANSWhen does that $2,000 stimulus check kick in? Omen flashes looking ROUGH.EXCUSE ME? @ramuelcs HAHHAHAHAHH @bobaconan THATS CAP @sodreamXgod LMFAOOOO @worryie TRUEEEEEE @lilbdeluca @scaarCS @Ahmoar ok @nbgee12 @foxwounds @swift_exe W @nbgee12 @foxwounds @nbgee12 @foxwounds @nbgee12 @foxwounds @emfroggy @scaarCS @Ahmoar say less @scaarCS @Ahmoar ON GODme and @scaarCS are otw @Ahmoar @zionxiv okwhy do any of you follow me? @nbgee12 @foxwounds nbgee12 @ArktosCS @ArktosCS nice. feel better toes. @ArktosCS what happened toes? @MMAFighting aka I see money to be made so you know damn well I'm gonna get it. @hyjinxVAL @hyjinxVAL who's songs @1smonk tuff. @brevax ?????? @Ahmoar nope try again @Ahmoar who cares @itsBianco @BL_4Packkk fuck offlol lol lol @xternalTV @uvsect what sens you play on? @swift_exe heat @MMAjunkie they both would need at least 1 more win @NIGHTSIFY @brenmonet starvingValorant should just reset now
@chloe_hime7 @witnessgg @WARDELL416 🤷‍♂️sadly people suck. @chloe_hime7 @witnessgg @WARDELL416 normally they don't make you pay for it. still invasion of privacy though. @worryie god bless you @worryie yo can you link me that mousepad @Juniorcreated good update trust @Juniorcreated max rank you can get off reset is plat 3, only 500 radiants. immortal is top 1% and is only 1 rank.