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Hi, I'm V. She/Her. Brown trans girl fighting in A2. Previously: GEO 3550. Currently: We The People MI. Solidarity forever.

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VOTE LABOUR, BUN THE COSERVATIES😂😂😂 @King_Damari1 Votes tomorrow
Retweeted by autogyroscopeFun facts time! Did you know most confederate monuments were erected around the time of Jim Crow and made with the…
Retweeted by autogyroscopemy man just swiped a treat from his dog on national tv
Retweeted by autogyroscopey’all ever think abt how like, 50 years ago or even 500 years ago some ladies were quietly finding soulmates and li…
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Boyfriends can have a little of your fancy face wash, as a treat
Retweeted by autogyroscopetrans girls: i think i’ll call myself samantha trans guys, wearing Victorian boy clothes: i want to be called duke…
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AITA for kissing the homies goodnight?
Retweeted by autogyroscope @lopez_wd Get ittttt @IgnatzHaderach Hell yeah
@elleschand We can actually do this if we want. Idk if we've talked mental health much @ work @elleschand I'm getting knuckle tats so this whole sitch is a mood @elleschand hell yeahmy stupid ass boyfriend got an email from his professor that said "danke" and he thought it said "dank" instead of…
Retweeted by autogyroscopei made an inspirational video
Retweeted by autogyroscopeGrad students at UCSC are going on a wildcat strike! They will withhold grades until a cost of living adjustment ($…
Retweeted by autogyroscopeThis is my Twitter Moment of the Decade I’ve had this pinned on my priv twitter since first witnessing it
Retweeted by autogyroscopeI feel like in the past decade we have all evolved to our final form; this farmer.
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"what is the unique smell that is 'chumbastank'"? -@oneofthebadonesfriend: "do you remember the last time you cried?" me, having vivid flashbacks of watching the Chimera Ant arc: "no"
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checking in on r/punk
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Phrases I’ve told my teenage students were common slang in the 90s: - What’s hop-ennin’, frogmeister? - My wrong, h…
Retweeted by autogyroscopei'm stressed
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This has to be parody right? @friggin_rad HELL YES SIGN ME UPI’ve seen a lot of people calling Pete Buttigieg “a feckless gnome unable to cum except when tickled by investment…
Retweeted by autogyroscopeit gives me no pleasure to report this, but very similar energy
Retweeted by autogyroscope @etescetera Love youthis is why i don’t delete facebook
Retweeted by autogyroscope🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 @cassius_a @incommensurati It is now. Also found this thing in which he suggests that children who identify with th…
@cassius_a Something something "one is not born a sex haver" @cassius_a i also hate that social media just consumes things that needn't be capital-D Discourse and turns them in… @cassius_a i mean, we all use scripts heuristically all the time. i'm not against the concept. but none of the scri… at chipotle i asked a man “What kind of meat for this bowl” And he responded “Do you guys have hot dogs”…
Retweeted by autogyroscopeShe’s a dropout? Arrest her parents
Retweeted by autogyroscopeRemember when the brother of a rape victim threatened the rapist on live television and then someone auto tuned it…
Retweeted by autogyroscopeI've decided to become a shitty optimistic climate change fatalist motivational speaker. My catch phrase: Birds are…
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Retweeted by autogyroscopeBrb vomiting @lizzyinthedark Oooh @genderspy Love you, lmk if i can help you in any wayvery obsessed with this review for an Indian restaurant where the guy believes it is a mystical magical Indian cust…
Retweeted by autogyroscopewhen i was 22, my father, stumbling drunk and suicidal, fell and hit his head. he died instantly. that’s when i rea…
Retweeted by autogyroscopeIs this pussy in the right pap space for something that could hurt it?This is the funniest video to ever be on this website. God tier. I laugh just THINKING about it.
Retweeted by autogyroscope소리 들어야한다 소리.. 이건 소리를 ..
Retweeted by autogyroscopeKids on tik tok really doing what the education system in western counties refuse to do
Retweeted by autogyroscopeI was blackout last night and posted a video to my story of me following an animal down the street yelling ”what ar…
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When tracks randomly have old movie dialogue- what’s that genre of music even called? #lofi? #vaporwave? Idk.
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And now here’s a video of my cat running into my room to say “I love you” and then not being able to handle the emo…
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Ben Affleck really fucked up
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a thing i think about a lot is how the conservatives and their enablers dont understand that at this point a corbyn…
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Retweeted by autogyroscopeVisit for super low Black Friday deals 😏
Retweeted by autogyroscopeOh, so when other ppl call their pets "fur baby" its fine but when I call a kid a "skin dog" somehow I'm "disgustin…
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one of my greatest claims to fame is that I was in the crowd and watched this happen as a child. a cop ran forward…
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A person is white if society treats and racializes them as white. Whiteness as a race and experience is different f…
Retweeted by autogyroscope @Faux_Wren Wren.trying to explain to the youth that this picture, which looks like a neanderthal woman foraging for edible berries…
Retweeted by autogyroscopeone time i shut myself in my room and listened to linkin park while crying because a girl told me she wouldn't be a…
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Retweeted by autogyroscope150 straight non conference home wins but yes, I’m sure the school named “Stephen F Austin” will be the ones to sna…
Retweeted by autogyroscope @GrimKim Partner 1 i met at her bday party. We ran in the same activist circles and i asked her about birds, it was… generally function as tax havens for the wealthy and get by through siphoning gov't grant $ into the (a…
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Retweeted by autogyroscopebringing this back almost exactly one year later
Retweeted by autogyroscopewatching this 900 times in a row
Retweeted by autogyroscopeCholos For Trans Rights
Retweeted by autogyroscopepastor: now please pray me: - closes my hands in prayer - me: - starts doing naruto handseals- pastor: oh shit he bout to do it
Retweeted by autogyroscopewalkin' buds. Secret Panel HERE 🐧
Retweeted by autogyroscopeif you get it in your mind to stroll over to the ice cream maker with a bowl full of ingredients in the dessert rou…
Retweeted by autogyroscopePapa John looks like the guy in a zombie movie that gets bit and tries to hide it from the rest of the group
Retweeted by autogyroscopeI'm the guy who responds *jedi hugs* to someone with a chronic illness requiring a marrow transplant
Y'all remember the internet? bitch haven't seen your ass since 2000 how's shit
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not a fare in sight, just people living in the moment
Retweeted by autogyroscopedisney is removing this image from the internet for copyright reasons, pirate it now
Retweeted by autogyroscopethis is so much better with sound
Retweeted by autogyroscopeis he quitting music :(
Retweeted by autogyroscope @socialistdogmom Sending you all the love friend @AMCarbonaro @aliallam927 @sunriseannarbor If your theory of change is limited to unity and signatures i think you… @AMCarbonaro @aliallam927 My point was that she could not listen to anyone (which we both agree is largely her inte…
Retweeted by autogyroscopeOkay but we all know birds aren't real but no candidate is brave enough to expose the corruption and collusion betw… to cop TRANS FOLKS! Do you love tattoos? My pal who is a brilliant tattoo artist is tattooing trans folks at a m…
Retweeted by autogyroscopethe dogs fuckin found out about religion, call the cops. no not the regular cops
Retweeted by autogyroscopeI left the groceries for ONE MINUTE so I could pee and he took a bite out of every single tortilla. I hate him I ha…
Retweeted by autogyroscope @cassius_a I'm going through so much adhd processing and learning and therapy and i haaaate it
Retweeted by autogyroscope @DivestHarvard @FossilFreeYale The Harvard captain is spot on: "Harvard & Yale can’t claim to truly promote knowle…
Retweeted by autogyroscope“Newsflash buddy”
Retweeted by autogyroscope @elleschand Invite me next time lmaoIt's called the labor movement?
Retweeted by autogyroscope @elleschand I'm jealoussss, i keep missing these opps
To be clear, they're just setting precedent for dealing with protests on topics they want to talk about even less,… my 4 year old nephew asked me to draw him Harry Potter, he then excitedly shouted “I’LL DO THE LEGS!!!!”
Retweeted by autogyroscopeFun with history: John McCain did this to a whistleblower who revealed that John was using the Navy to fund all his…
Retweeted by autogyroscopePeople in power remain the strongest allies in organizing against people in power i guess ¯\(◉‿◉)/¯