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Whatever happened to these two members of Trump's crack legal team?
Retweeted by Akilah Hughes @jduffyrice @prisonculture She’s just a doll. What a cutie pie!!We’re not number 1. We’re not even number 2 😔. big whoop
Retweeted by Akilah Hughes @terrismallfry Because people out here are playin. I went to the pharmacy today and the pharmacist wasn’t wearing a mask. They big stupid. @AuthorNinaPerez So so cute! And man I miss Pascal @JazzRobertson feel like lightly suggesting people do the right thing on Twitter when you have actual power is kinda cringe, dud… @AuthorNinaPerez Omg I’ve never seen the selfie mode @tedcruz the great opportunity to interview Mayor Dinkins for 13TH. He was wonderful and warm and wise. May he rest in p…
Retweeted by Akilah HughesTwitter said enough after Steve Bannon threatened Fauci. Meanwhile he has started posting on @YouTube. Disgraceful.Ed from The Bachelorette looks like Dino Spumoni from Hey Arnold! Thoughts?
Retweeted by Akilah Hughes @DaangMel lol @Joannahausmann @AuthorNinaPerez anyone else just have moments where the full weight of the realization that the federal government has abandon…
Retweeted by Akilah Hughes @bluesfan1972 starting with which one is al?THIS! IS! SPARTA! @annshoket it's almost like we've been told the exact same thing every single day for 10 months
Retweeted by Akilah HughesDot gov status: achieved
Retweeted by Akilah Hughes @elleumuhno These pants are a little too big @mags_iarba @jonfavs Biden Administration will include the first woman to serve as Vice President, Treasury Secretary, Defense Secre…
Retweeted by Akilah HughesStop commenting about all the mouthwash, it’s my housemate’s bathroom and he likes being able to see every single t…
I got something cool todayyyyy 🏀😎 geevs eh FUCK abowt ze creasmas ztuff @madjungcomputer I'm never letting my housemate live this down. @Noxasdetovi @thenickcaruso drag him. @starklyjd I wish I had taken these in my bathroom. My stuff is all different haha @EeepersChoice Audition days make for good lookin mornings @madmcferrin @thenickcaruso It’s my housemate’s bathroom smh he has the best mirror and is not here haha @jshestack @Veronica I’ll strike it from the record (also omg bb!!!) @SteveInRealife If this was my bathroom and not my housemate's there'd be no clutter. You get the extra storage underneath! @SchaubMaryAnn It's Monday November 23rd, I'm Akilah Hughes @JazmineNicolle It worked out! but the humidity doesn't really want it to last haha @feministabulous It's offensive.Goooooooood morning I'll sit on the fact that the president knew the virus was airborne in February for nine months to sell a…
Retweeted by Akilah Hughes @AndrewTaverrite @marinashutup This scene.Me watching restaurants and bars putting up enclosed tents
Retweeted by Akilah HughesOn Jimmy Kimmel, a woman thought she was going to simply hear a segment of Obama’s new book but Jimmy put her on li…
Retweeted by Akilah HughesWe getting an “Imagine” remix for the next bit of lockdown? @Pagnificent Timon is gay so yes. The gay crab from Moana. Actually everyone in Moana. @molly_knight You’d think him being wrong all the time would stop people from supporting him.NEW RESTRICTIONS FOR LA COUNTY Starting Wednesday @ 10pm - No indoor OR outdoor dining - Takeout & delivery allo…
Retweeted by Akilah HughesThere can be no unity with people who think Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero.
Retweeted by Akilah HughesMany of the bodies have not been claimed because their families cannot afford burials, or because next of kin canno…
Retweeted by Akilah Hughes @AmyShigo Should I just drive around and throw it to them? What’s gonna make the most senseTheir whole family Why?
Retweeted by Akilah HughesI have an immense surplus of Halloween candy, how can I get rid of it? Who can I give it to? @birmingheathen It is wild. Uncle John is a trip.
What black people protest and what racist white people protest is mind boggling.
Retweeted by Akilah Hughes @JamesPierce1994 If gerrymandering is addressed and voting rights codified maybe not @sashapursley Trump will be dead by then he’s not in good health. @_ruiz_matty This has nothing to do with my tweet about the future? Also may win the senate after having the senate… she was at the nearly 2-hour press conference w Giuliani and Trump mentioned her in a tweet. Hard to put the too…
Retweeted by Akilah HughesThey can never win again y’all. years ago I was swimming across the Zambezi River and a Tiger Fish bit me. before the teeth marks healed I made t…
Retweeted by Akilah Hughes @dsharden Thank you @chrlslws We listened to completion over the phone and agree @EvelynRBertrand I’ll have him time travel to the 80s to fix this @EvelynRBertrand Lmfaoooo @Vaulkenhoef It’s part of the vibe can’t leave it out @talter Killin it. @mistamonotone 😂 @LuminousEstuary This should be a sound on TikTok @AndradeThat Yes. @rachrose23 I meant the movie! @akilahgreen I have a projector and an outdoor heater. We may have to start a movie club. @ConlinMc “Your hand is in!” Killed me. @Kelby59 Nah I was a couple years later @OmarHolmon You’re spot on. If a bookstore has a chair like this I know they’ll carry some rare and amazing black books. @GodisRivera Look at em go! My mom’s text caption was “y’all couldn’t tell us nothin”The subtle widow’s peak got passed down.My mom and uncle in 1980 were a vibe. @preciousfemio Well they wouldn’t just announce that @mPinoe What is the opposite of a victory lap @jonfavs @GBBranstetter A cultural shiftThe episode of Animaniacs where Snowden helps Pinky and The Brain sneak into the NSA headquarters. What? @soundlyawake @YouTube @YouTubeCreators They sure are! @Dubious11506095 @RhapEclect In the new opening song they point out that being the inevitable @1stMANwasBLK ThoughtsTrump wants a recount...again 🙄
Retweeted by Akilah Hughes @MotherOfKittons @jonfavs @GBBranstetter It was on what a day! @TheoTheKitty @natasharothwell @wyntermitchell It really is. I feel like I understand so much more of my life somehow? Like it’s referenced always.The fiscal conservatives gonna have a hard time explaining why they’d vote for Loeffler or the other loser when the… @NicoleChilders It’s slow motion desperation all the time. Like enough! Go home man. @saucysavi That was my second @NinaLisandrello You 100% must. It is so many perfect things. @PammieJR @rebeccaallen It’s the limping up the stairs for me @SeniorTeenager Well that’s tomorrow night’s plan @burk_kristine Yeah