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Anime tweets & Random things & RT Heavy CR: Tokyo Revengers 👑🧘🏻‍♂️⚔️

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@JoshawottYT Thanks josh appreciate it bro @SugoiSkimpy Well see & I’ll probably won’t use this alt to let everyone knows if I’m back or not @batkaitom Nah fr I don’t really want to say anything here bc I don’t really care about this account but at least j… @SugoiSkimpy To know the full story watch my fleet on my main Alastor @VioletsRailgun Thanks V I will … somehow 💔 @SugoiSkimpy I don’t even know if I’m returning or not A break something happened also they fumbled this fight so bad & I’d recommend just to read this fight inste…
Aired G 💔 morning peeps 🔞❤️ @SugoiSkimpy It better be worth it 🌚❤️ @JustSomeWiseGuy Gn bro @SugoiSkimpy I’ll be sure to RT 🌚🙏🌝 @SugoiSkimpy Gn skimpy also did you post yo 3x3 post ? Twitter for today Gn guys ❤️ @freedomsenpai Do it freedom Natsu is my favorite MC.🔥🐲 (SPOILERS AHEAD AS WELL) Natsu Dragneel is honestly my favorite mainly because he's…
Retweeted by 🖤Akira🖤(Break Arc) @freedomsenpai Make room for her hmmp @freedomsenpai When will you post a darkness Tuesday bro ? @JoshawottYT Rest well bro 🙏🧐 @FalseDreams01 You as well rest well ani ❤️ @SugoiSkimpy Lob 🥸 @SangenshokuJr Yessir 🙏🧐
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Retweeted by 🖤Akira🖤(Break Arc) @freedomsenpai I think I’ll accept it this time @freedomsenpai Maybe 🤔 @SugoiSkimpy Boo boo 🥸👎 @yuujiiiss Gn Lana 😼 @JoshawottYT Gn bro @FalseDreams01 Gn ani 👀❤️ @kohi_jelly You as well 🙏🧐 @kohi_jelly Also why that image tho ? Hmmm @Connorgod4 FrI don’t really care if this account grow or not that’s why I’m putting less energy for it & just retweeting fan art… @Josh_szn2 Hot take超サイヤ人2 孫悟空 #ドラゴンボール
Retweeted by 🖤Akira🖤(Break Arc)“I offer you everything “ ARC 4 Echidna #Reゼロから始める異世界生活 #echidna
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Retweeted by 🖤Akira🖤(Break Arc) @Josh_szn2 Josh is a clout god 🌚
Retweeted by 🖤Akira🖤(Break Arc) @PlumlovesYamato Nice @Connorgod4 Congrats bro 😎Talk to the hand 🤚
Retweeted by 🖤Akira🖤(Break Arc)͏ ͏ Manga vs Anime Source: Hunter x Hunter
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Retweeted by 🖤Akira🖤(Break Arc) @FubukiSupremacy Lmao 🤣Love Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji coloring #DemonSlayer #kimetsunoyaiba
Retweeted by 🖤Akira🖤(Break Arc)Chainsaw man women are all top tier
Retweeted by 🖤Akira🖤(Break Arc)The first episode for these anime had no chill 😭
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Retweeted by 🖤Akira🖤(Break Arc) @kohi_jelly Good morning b-baka ❤️ Back!!!!
Retweeted by 🖤Akira🖤(Break Arc)mfs was calling this mid? thank god i don't listen to twitter mfs 😩
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@VioletsRailgun @boodykun @JoshawottYT @mightbeflamy You as well v ❤️ @boodykun @JoshawottYT @VioletsRailgun @mightbeflamy You as well 😼just got some important matters to attend to @boodykun @JoshawottYT @VioletsRailgun @mightbeflamy Gonna log out for now see y’all @boodykun @JoshawottYT @VioletsRailgun @mightbeflamy We the same fr @boodykun @JoshawottYT @VioletsRailgun @mightbeflamy No clout I barely have interactions 🤨 @VioletsRailgun @JoshawottYT @mightbeflamy @boodykun Let’s keep it that way 🌚🌝 @JoshawottYT @VioletsRailgun @mightbeflamy @boodykun Lmao josh really have no clue who I am 😭🤣 @mightbeflamy @boodykun @chxrlzie @VioletsRailgun @JoshawottYT Not me as well 🏋🏻‍♂️ @boodykun @mightbeflamy @chxrlzie @VioletsRailgun @JoshawottYT No sir 🏃🏻 💨 @mightbeflamy @boodykun @chxrlzie @VioletsRailgun @JoshawottYT Muting this thread I only see lots of cap I’m surrou… @mightbeflamy @chxrlzie @boodykun @VioletsRailgun @JoshawottYT Nah kid 🤨 @mightbeflamy @chxrlzie @boodykun @VioletsRailgun @JoshawottYT We the same fr un clouted accounts must stick togeth… @boodykun @chxrlzie @VioletsRailgun @mightbeflamy @JoshawottYT Tell this guy 🙏🧐 @boodykun @mightbeflamy @JoshawottYT No sir 😟 @VioletsRailgun @boodykun @mightbeflamy @JoshawottYT Not me as well 🤨🌚 @chxrlzie @VioletsRailgun @boodykun @mightbeflamy @JoshawottYT Shut* @chxrlzie @VioletsRailgun @boodykun @mightbeflamy @JoshawottYT Shit up clout god you dare cap In my presence @boodykun @mightbeflamy @JoshawottYT Not clouted I’m just an RT & interaction account @boodykun @VioletsRailgun @mightbeflamy @JoshawottYT Except for me @boodykun @mightbeflamy @JoshawottYT My other account yes but not this one @rod_flare Have a good day bro ❤️ @mightbeflamy @boodykun @JoshawottYT Okay we move @boodykun @mightbeflamy @JoshawottYT Not spitting 🤨 @mightbeflamy @boodykun @JoshawottYT @VioletsRailgun @mightbeflamy @boodykun @JoshawottYT Not me lol @mightbeflamy @boodykun @JoshawottYT @boodykun @mightbeflamy @JoshawottYT No 😭 @VioletsRailgun @mightbeflamy @boodykun @JoshawottYT Effing clout god 😟 @mightbeflamy @boodykun @JoshawottYT Liar @mightbeflamy @JoshawottYT Just a 1 time thing 💔 @boodykun @mightbeflamy @JoshawottYT Get his ass 🙏🧐 @mightbeflamy @JoshawottYT -505 followers 💔😟 @Dsnothere12 No problem keep it up I’ll be sure to rt 🙏🧐 @JoshawottYT Yessir 🥸 @astrotoofer Morning Theo have a good day bro 😼