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AkosuaMay💕 @Akosuahmay Greater Accra, Ghana

I love God/A Nurse/Fitness👸/Social Media Influencer/The blues💙/ I’m just cool like that💕/ Let’s learn and have fun

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@JesusIsWatchin8 🤣🤣🤣👋 @mensahjonas57 Hmm @BediakoOfficial @oswaldtheson Saa @Kay_360 🤣 @kojo_drogo 🤣 @YayraAnnette Hmm @Hananiah_Mercy No o @valentinejulius 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by AkosuaMay💕 @Wrapstaa23 🔥🔥🔥ChaleyWotey Beatings.. End of year review... 😂😂.. Let's retweet till it gets to Legon Campus 🤗😎 @Akosuahmay
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Retweeted by AkosuaMay💕Oswald too, if you know the odds won’t drop why put it out🙄 @KofiGilbert Hmm asem o @papyslygh Oh🤣 @kwesivocals Oh why did he do that? @Florida73663141 @pizzy_chicha 😂😂😂😂😂I’m seeing tears all over why twɛ anaa me twɛ.... @Akosuahmay @sir_virgi69
Retweeted by AkosuaMay💕 @kukudaka4 @sir_virgi69 Oh🤣🤣🤣🤣💔 @kingxorse22 Aden @fosu_kweku Oh hmm @pizzy_chicha Oh why did you do that?Its ending in tears....😢. I only used my school fees o😔
Retweeted by AkosuaMay💕 @kingxorse22 Aden 🤣 @Images_1 Oh Ad3n @real_Sultan_Abu Tell me erhOswald happened
Retweeted by AkosuaMay💕 @betwayghana Why his bet didn’t come?Hello Oswald, your numbers are overwhelming. We have a big slot for you with one of our brands. A DM might just be…
Retweeted by AkosuaMay💕 @xx_tray @iselmedia @oswaldtheson Eeyi madam 🤣💔 @gurunkz Big man like you , you dey bet🤔Why what happened? @Wavvyboiinic @stonebwoyb @kobbyXX Lol @wrapstaa @stonebwoyb @kobbyXX Lol dear @iRolamps @osei_quahme @gurunkz @JCylyx 😂😆 tag him for me please Let it be Oswald @kwaku_akoi @dwhino_updates @derrickcika Ah Yhh 😂 @kukudaka4 Are you sure about this @kobbyXX Herh🤣Where's my @AkosuaLexeS ? You've been missed. @Akosuahmay
Retweeted by AkosuaMay💕 @kukudaka4 @AkosuaLexeS She’s with her boyfriend currently @MeekPhilGH @stonebwoyb @kobbyXX 😆 she’s good @dwhino_updates @derrickcika I can’t see anything o @NeneLamzo AyooOne more banger before the year ends!? 5,000 retweets....lets go 🔥
Retweeted by AkosuaMay💕 @stonebwoyb @kobbyXX Please can you put Emelia Brobbey on it for me🙏 @boymaison @orunma007 Ah🤣 @Srna_Sena 🤣🤣 @7ringsofay @ttylgrande Lol Whatsup @moneymedia7 @DangoteOfData 🤣🤣🤣💔 @MRlovesME @gyaigyimii @Daavi_aku_ @1xbetkobby @daddys_girlT @CurlyMimi_ @AsieduMends @Akua_Nana_ @Ankamagyimi @theoheretoo @oswaldtheson Eeyi🤣🤣 @Korede_King_ 😂🤣Free burger at Eddys Pizza today. Just buy a plate of Ghana jollof rice and get your free burger!
Retweeted by AkosuaMay💕 @Nii_Afroo @ForLinkin 🤣🤣🤣🤣 what happened there @Aiden_Nsl @Kklazzique Lol Yh @papakwa_mensa Let delete it @asare3448 @kwadwosheldon @sdkdele1 What’s wrong with you Mtweech @AsieduMends 😂😂😂 @Sydney_Talker @kennybrysen 🥇 this’s for you😂😂Twitter people i need 500 retweets. Please ❤️
Retweeted by AkosuaMay💕 @QwekuAce @kwadwosheldon @sdkdele1 Stop this ayoo 😂😂 the day is still young @Lovingasibey @kwadwosheldon @sdkdele1 😂😂 Ad3n what happened? @abe_eku Herh🤣🤣🤣 @AsieduMends Ei Na mub3ka🤣 @BoI_Skillions @FrankDoe101 Hw3 nu😂😂😂😂💔 @Lovingasibey @kwadwosheldon @sdkdele1 What of you personally? @Akosuahmay @kwadwosheldon @sdkdele1 the street doesn't like sheldon.. that simple
Retweeted by AkosuaMay💕Open and vote fast, I want to check something @Lovingasibey @kwadwosheldon @sdkdele1 Just say what you want to say wai @SwagnificentD Saa ong @fyne_fii 3ny3 hwee wai🤣 @sir_Lebtuu @kwadwosheldon @sdkdele1 What have they done erh? @Lovingasibey @kwadwosheldon @sdkdele1 😆 it’s not over yet o @KofiGilbert @kwadwosheldon @sdkdele1 Leave me alone wati ayo🤣 @Lovingasibey @kwadwosheldon @sdkdele1 Who, tell me erh @KofiGilbert @kwadwosheldon @sdkdele1 One must be there la @Akosuahmay aka @MzAdukwei good morning ooooo 😂😂😂
Retweeted by AkosuaMay💕 @Nii_Afroo @MzAdukwei I won’t even mind you people wai🤣New Nam1 oo
Retweeted by AkosuaMay💕 @FEARNOMANBLACK Saa @fyne_fii Kafu ker3me wai🤣😘 @VincentOppong12 Now nahh uv change ur name Eeyi 🤣💔 @EmmanuelAmankus Eeyi 🤣🤣Who will Oswald me this December? @EmmanuelAmankus @Am_Daileyx Oswald too Dm Eeyi koo🤣 @Kojo_blake @nsarko2131 Eeyi🤣🤣 @Ernest_pabi Eeyi saaa @Eric89001496 @QwekuBarcelona He’s giving money for free @BamfiAkyeampong Ah which this music 🤦‍♀️ @b_otabil @kikie__gray @__liptonia @CurlyMimi_ @GKristodea @Loviaass @Naa_Dimples @QueenNessa7 @airbancompany @Ed_kobbi What’s odds?Emelia Brobbeys Director 🤦🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by AkosuaMay💕 @BamfiAkyeampong Why what has he done? @EmmanuelAmankus @Am_Daileyx Tell me erh @CastinBillz @nsarko2131 Eeyi saa @korsogyimi @kikie__gray @__liptonia @CurlyMimi_ @GKristodea @Loviaass @Naa_Dimples @QueenNessa7 @airbancompany @gasconi_nii @Am_Daileyx Why are they talking about him @b_otabil @kikie__gray @__liptonia @CurlyMimi_ @GKristodea @Loviaass @Naa_Dimples @QueenNessa7 @airbancompany