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Kat @akumanai 19-she/her | Pls credit

Artist | Manga Colourist | Choso | Usogui | not spoiler free | Insta: @akumanai_ |

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@crownedc1own 👍Did a vagabond Coloring Vagabond manga coloring #Vagabond
Retweeted by KatThe control devil. Makima Coloring #chainsawman
Retweeted by Katim so tired one would be true if i wasn’t mentally ill @crownedc1own :’) @EisakuOtomo true @EisakuOtomo Nah bc i genuinely know SO many INFPs irl and onlinei shouldn’t be laughing at this ✨
Retweeted by KatZenon's New Form #BCSpoilers
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Retweeted by KatNo mfers shake my hand for affection Fushiguro #JujutsuKaisen #呪術廻戦 #mycoloring
Retweeted by KatHo ho ho! #呪術廻戦 #Jujutsukaisen #JJK
Retweeted by Kat @gerberadiasies nah legit it genuinely sucks @gerberadiasies need high hopes out of top spot @gerberadiasies top 2 even @gerberadiasies wait that song was always better than the rest why is suddenly getting top 3?? @xValClover YES IK im joking, also zenon hot @xValClover they died fr『ブルーロック』第⑯巻の表紙はコチラ! 発売は、10月15日(金)です!! よろしくお願いいたします!!!
Retweeted by Kat @xValClover Rest in peace😔- BARYON MODE NARUTO -
Retweeted by Katイダー! ケツ打ったー!
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@gerberadiasies garfield 😭 @SxmEnergy yeay @ponderthisdick LMFAOO @ponderthisdick don’t google it pls @iseyahb EXCUSE ME @numegumii im just sexy with a hand kinkyuhhh it as you will @gerberadiasies AH BEAUTIFUL
Retweeted by KatMarcus's armor Credit: Wira_p
Retweeted by Kat @jonty_sha thank you :)
Retweeted by KatEarly morning #Vagabond
Retweeted by Kat海外画像の雄っぱいガン見する、あの例の画像を暴3人で
Retweeted by KatHappy Birthday to one of my fav gals, Nikaido!! 🥳🥳 #Dorohedoro #ドロヘドロ
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Retweeted by Kat日車さん
Retweeted by Katjjk villains in suits✨
Retweeted by Kat @xValClover wtf @xValClover TUSMBeen working on this piece for my college portfolio and i’ve almost finished it :’) @BoiChocco ty!!Early morning #Vagabond"in any case this is what I wanted" Vagabond coloring #Vagabond
Retweeted by Kat @shadowmegumi summers too! always great for a picnic although you probably gonna get chased by rams @Bread_Devil love that pole @shadowmegumi oh it is! i have one right next to my house onto the moors it’s always so relaxing going up thereThe Eclipse Berserk - Drawing Done by me #Berserk #ベルセルク
Retweeted by KatIT’LL BE A MASSACRE! Been wanting to color this page, finally did it #JujutsuKaisen #jjk #呪術廻戦
Retweeted by Kat💙 #bluelock #ブルーロック #isagiyoichi
Retweeted by KatIsagi’s Luck Blue Lock Ch.147 #ブルーロックFA #Bluelock #ブルーロック #FCBLUELOCK #bllktwt #bluelock147
Retweeted by Katthese kinda skies >> @indikaisen needed to see how my boy was doing very sad he’s dead 😪 @EisakuOtomo OMG YOU LIFESAVERi hate this i am going to be sick @suxipriv Suha this is absolutely beautiful i love the way you’ve done this🥺LOVING these hiromi fanartsjustice
Retweeted by Kat @LocalW_ LMAO- 呪術廻戦 HIGURUMA HIROMI -
Retweeted by Kat @LocalW_ okay take this king’s tiktok too a capybara a good day n all that thoughi had him blocked, but needed to say my piece and just let others know that my account just aint gonna tolerate peo… log off i mean delete your accountman, log off. literally CANNOT penalise people for taking a very serious issue seriously. people just want a safe… @xValClover pls i just read everything and mfer a whole fkin dumbass. i hope you’re okay though ily❤️
Miriko and Hawks. #MyHeroAcademia #BNHA #MHA
Retweeted by KatNoelle, Asta and Yuno. Black Clover #BlackClover #ブラッククローバー
Retweeted by KatTwo pages i did for Color Clovers and didn’t post, and one i did while suspended enjoy! • • #BlackClover #ブラッククローバー
Retweeted by KatOkkotsu Yuta JJK manga coloring #Jujustukaisen
Retweeted by Kat @Bread_Devil cryshe lookin like a whole snack ngl the coloring job on her is magnificentttttNagant looks cool but that’s about it** i been wheezinghow much to have this at your avi? @xValClover @Crain1Art cryingJiraiya - Coloring Done by me #NARUTO #ナルト #Jiraiya
Retweeted by Katشوكو
Retweeted by Kat @drakenzinho Fire forceglow up @xValClover ty @highestbreed @xValClover fuck val what about me my god @bromomentum all of them @gerberadiasies LOL @xValClover i see how it is Birthday to one of the best men to exist, Olruggio 💙 #witchhatatelier #Δ帽子 #とんがり帽子のアトリエ
Retweeted by Kat @EisakuOtomo 😭😭😭 @xValClover yeah im so mad at eric :’)
@indikaisen it really was! i can’t wait for season 4 @indikaisen SO TRUE yeah i loved ruby and otis together and felt really bad for her so i hope she finds someone bc she deserves to be happy😭 @indikaisen HONESTLY Ruby, adam and i loved Cal tooI colored that one panel everyone was coloring😼 #JujutsuKaisen #呪術廻戦
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